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Found 84 results

  1. I am asking on behalf of my sister who is looking for an employer or state to sponsor her. She is a fully qualified social worker, top back ground in social working and all round lovely person. Please contact me for further info.
  2. k8bug79

    Family visa vs Skilled worker

    Hi, We have just started to look at the possibility of moving to Australia. At first glance we thought we would end up moving on a skilled worked visa as my Husband is a Chef. He would have had to complete an AQF3 as he did not train through an apprenticeship, he would have been ahppy to do this but obviously there is a huge cost and he was erified incase he failed. Having spoken about our plans with his father we have found out that his Dad is an Australian citizen. We knew he was born in Australia but did not realise he was still a citizen:laugh: So we think this will make the whole process that much easier. However from my understanding by taking this route what will have to happen is My husband will apply for citizenship and then we will need to accompany on spouse and children visas. But my worry is the cost, I knew that the skilled worker state sponsored Visa was about $2000 but that we would all be included on this. We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children, it looks like if we went down the route of getting my Husband citizenship that we would have to pay $120 for him and then four lots of $1750 for each of mine and the childrens Visas. I am sure that the citizenship route will be the most straight forward but at that cost is it really worth it? Have I done my sums right would we pay for each visa in that way and is ease worth the extra money or should we plump for the cheaper option??? Thanks Kate
  3. Hello everyone...... I have a few questions on applying for the Skilled worker 175. When looking through what i need to do before i apply, i have come across some questions What you need to apply for this visa you are under 45 years of age----------------------------------25 so under you have paid the correct visa application fee-----------------Do i apply when im doing the E-visa? you have lodged your application with the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre (ASPC)------------------ How do i log the application with ASPC? is it done automatically when applying online? you meet the English Language threshold--------------------- YEP you have obtained a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation --------------------------------- Computer Technician which is now on the SOL you meet the recent work experience requirement or have met the Australian study------- over 5 years work experience When do i pay for the Visa? requirement in the six (6) months before lodging your application. THANKS:hug:
  4. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1017221/$100,000-reward-to-find-man%27s-attackers
  5. Hi all, i have been informed, (and after readin AIWCW website) that the occupation of welfare worker currently worth 60 points, will be evaluated and reduced in points, but i dont know whether to 50 or 40?? I find it a little strange considering the job prospects for this occupation over the next 5 years is very strong! if anyone has any info on this id be grateful to hear it thanks kelly
  6. Hi Everyone We are waiting for our 475 visa to be granted , I have been assessed and sponsored by the state as a Welfare worker. My qualifications are equivalent to an Australian Diploma, and my skills and experience are with Learning Disabilities the elderly and some mental health. I have found some websites to look at, but i wondered if anyone could advise me on any organisations that i can check out for employement. Not sure how things work in Perth, but i am thinking about any, private, charity, local authority, agencies etc that i could approach. We are hoping to settle in between Rockingham and Mandurah, but will settle anywhere outside the Perth metro area for work purposes. Thanks:smile: Mand
  7. Hi all, my partner and i have been living in sydney for almost 2 years now, we're here with a 457. We'd like to apply for a permanent now, the applicant would be my partner, he's an architect (profession in demand), working for his company for almost 2 years; i believe the quickest way would be getting sponsored by his office with a 121 visa. Is there someone else applying for this visa at the moment here? We'd like to apply without an imm. agent but i have a few doubts regarding the english test (we're not english) and the skill assessment (which shouldn't be necessary if you've been working in Oz for 2 years already). Cheers, Julia & Stefano
  8. floyd

    6312-11 Child Care worker

    Hi Folks I am just researching into a possible move to Oz. It would likely to be a few years from now but I am looking into the ways in which we could be accepted. I am currently studying to be accountant which will hopefully lead me to be ACCA qualified in a few years. I thought this would be only enrty into oz however my partner is a nursery nurse with around eight years experience as is qualified to diploma level. I came across an ASCO code 6312-11 Child Care Worker, she seems to fit the bill to be accepted under this code. My question is whether my daughter and I would be able to accompany my partnerif she were accepted as a regional skilled visa applicant? Thanjks
  9. kellyjamie

    welfare worker

    hi guys, jsut wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has done the welfare worker course in oz? we are contemplating this option on the student visa for several reasons. and also any idea of job prospects and wages? ive done some research myself just wondered if i get a different info, many thanks kelly x:hug:
  10. kellyjamie

    child care worker

    hi all, i have only recently found the demand lists for each seperate state and on a couple found child care worker, not coordinator. i noted the asco code and searched it on diac but nothing came up? i have a hnc in early education and child care completed a few years ago but didnt give it any thought as it wasnt on the sol, but now i have found it i need the exact description so i can see it fits my quals or not, any ideas where to look? cheers kelly
  11. Hi I am currently a civil servant in the UK and really interested in immigrating to OZ. I am not really sure if my job is on the skilled worker list or not, and also not really sure if there would be similar jobs in Australia. Do they even have jobcentres like they do in England? Sam
  12. the hutchies

    case worker yey!!

    I would just like to congratulate our freinds The Hollands on getting their case worker today they have been waiting yonks!!! so lets hope things start to move a bit quicker for em now Lisaxx
  13. TaniaColin

    Unskilled worker

    :confused:My husband doesn't have any particular skill, at the moment he works in a warehouse, we were thinking if he did his HGV licence and perhaps fork lift licence, this would stand him in a better position, for when we do finally get to Oz, what are other peoples thoughts on this, is there plenty of work for lorry drivers? Thanks Tania X
  14. can anybody help us find a job in melbourne. im 34 with no qualifications but 10 years experience in double glazing,fabricating and genral building. my wife is 30 with nvq3 in caring and as a support worker for learning disabilities. we are looking for somebody to sponser us so we can live in oz and start a new life. we have tried all sorts of routes but with no success. we are coming to melbourne in 3 weeks to stay with my sister in law and partner for 5 weeks,i would love to have the chance to work for somebody as a trail for a few days, to try and get a sponser,the same with my wife. we are visiting st kilda area. any help would be much appreciated. thanks scott and stacey.
  15. yep was looking at jobs as scott is a ground worker and founf out over in aus they call it this well least i know now are there any other guys on here that do this ?:yes:
  16. TheBrammies

    The Perfect Worker

    The Perfect Worker 1 Bob Smith, my assistant programmer, can always be found 2 hard at work in his cubicle. Bob works independently, without 3 wasting company time talking to colleagues. Bob never 4 thinks twice about assisting fellow employees, and he always 5 finishes given assignments on time. Often he takes extended 6 measures to complete his work, sometimes skipping coffee 7 breaks. Bob is a dedicated individual who has absolutely no 8 vanity in spite of his high accomplishments and profound 9 knowledge in his field. I firmly believe that Bob can be 10 classed as a high-caliber employee, the type which cannot be 11 dispensed with. Consequently, I duly recommend that Bob be 12 promoted to executive management, and a proposal will be 13 executed as soon as possible. Addendum: That idiot was standing over my shoulder while I wrote the report sent to you earlier today. Kindly re-read only the odd numbered lines.
  17. hi im looking at Graphic Pre Press tradesperson but i dont understand what the TRA under the assessing Authority means and what does SOL means and ENSOL thank you
  18. Hi a migration agent told me i could nominate as a Dissability Support Worker as its on the skilled occupation list not the Northern territory but i would need to have the eqivelent to a Australian diploma. i Have a GNVQ in Health and Social care and NVQ level 2 in care, does anyone know if this is enough? or if not what would i need? thank you. Rebecca
  19. Hi a migration agent told me i could nominate as a Dissability Support Worker as its on the skilled occupation list not the Northern territory but i would need to have the eqivelent to a Australian diploma. i Have a GNVQ in Health and Social care and NVQ level 2 in care, does anyone know if this is enough? or if not what would i need? thank you. Rebecca
  20. Hello Everyone First post so please, I'm fragile and very confused!!!!:wacko: I want to get an honest answer to a question before we start spending or getting hopes up of moving to Australia. Can anyone tell me what a Construction worker/Foreman/360 Excavator Driver and other plant machinery would come under in list for visa if it does at all some sites say they are rally needed but not on lists. Worked in industry for twenty some years but no paper qualifications so to speak of. Also diabetic although well controlled. Do you suggest we forget it as a winsome dream or anyone got any suggestions on how to proceed. How do you go about finding Sponsors?
  21. Hi does anybody know somebody who is looking for a good sheet metal worker in Queensland / Brisbane area's . We hope to get visa soon and be over next year ,We dont need to be sponsored as we have been by Queensland goverment and we are going on 176 pr visa. Thanks Paul and family
  22. Hi All My husband is a sheet metal worker by trade but has been doing plastic fabrication for the last few years. We are hoping to move to Victoria in the next few months we have our visa but are just waiting to sell our house. Is anyone in this line of work, will he find it easy to find work? I am doing all the panicing and hubby seems to be burying his head in the sand, I think he thinks a job will just drop into his lap!!:skeptical: We are looking at moving to Geelong area. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Dawn
  23. Guest

    Visa case worker.

    Hi, just awaiting my medicals before my visa application is complete. We submitted on line about 8 weeks ago and when we check the status it says its 'progressing.' Can anybody tell me at what stage of the 457 visa application are you assigned your case worker? Hope you can help. Paul.
  24. The new drought — workers - National - theage.com.au Pity they do not have visa for unskilled....
  25. Guest

    sheet metal worker first class

    Hi my agent has just send my 176 visa on line. I am a sheet metal worker ,How long do you think it will be before we are told to take medicals ,And if your job is on most wanted list like mine will it be quicker . I have my tra and sponsorship from Queensland thanks for any answers Paul and family