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Found 84 results

  1. Nice little article here, and a new series on R4 starting tomorrow... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13230881
  2. I am a uk social worker with 3 years exp, 1 of that in child protection. At the mo we are awaiting to hear back from vic re ss, applied 21 weeks ago! Sick of waiting! I see that ppl have got a employer sponsorship in a week!! I've asked if reed ( employment agency) would sponsor me but said no as don't drive! Can't drive due to my epilepsy! Does anybody know if 'oz' sponsor non drivers?? Don't think so but thought I'd ask! How much is a social worker on with over 3 years exp??
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me what the australian equivalent is to a Clinical Support Worker. I have been searching through posts but unable to find anything. Any help would really be appreciated.
  4. Hi all, for those like myself rapidly approaching 45yrs old & undecided, take comfort from a reply from Go matilda after my enquiry.... "The age limit for general skilled migration is still 44. It is anticipated that the age threshold will increase to 49 when a new points test is introduced on 01/07/2011" This may give people like me a bit more breathing space....Paul.
  5. Hi I applied for state sponsorship in South Australia on 03.03.2011 and I am interested if someone else has already applied on this occupation, please share your experience Complete Set of Documents Received by Immigration SA Office 07 Mar 2011 Thank you
  6. wishfulthinking

    school support worker

    Hi just wondering if anybody knows where i need to look for any jobs working in a school as a support worker(teaching assistant we call them in uk)? Does the education board advertise these positions, or do you have to look in the newspapers. Moving to North Perth in Jan 2012. Thanks.
  7. Guest

    sheetmetal worker

    Hi all, I'm a sheetmetal worker (first class in Australia) and hope to have visa sometime this year, are there any other sheeties/welders/fabricators on here to give me any advice on finding work in the Perth area and hourly rate i should be looking for, also on average how many hours overtime are worked?? Thanks for any replies. Gaz.
  8. Andy, Paula & co

    social worker with not enough points ??

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help...i am a qual social worker (2 years) and am finding that I dont have enough points for a 175 visa ( have got 100) as I am 41 . I am getting conflicting info with immi.gov advising that need 12 months work experience in last 24 month. However when doing points test it asks for 3 years experience out of last 4 years. I have looked at the sponsored visa and although less points at 100 they ask for many more years experience. Has anyone come across this or am I looking at this whole thing wrong:mad:
  9. Hi Everyone Are there any Welfare workers out there that can offer me some advice? My OH is currently a Welfare worker ( counsellor) in the UK. We are currently in the process of applying for our State Sponsored (ACT) 176 Permanent Resident Visa. She is ( Ideally!) looking for Sponsorship from an employer in this field of work ( But not essential ! ). Does this sort of thing exist??? If so where should she look? She has looked and looked on the usual recruitment agency sites such as Careerone.au, seek etc for employment opportunities ( not specifcally for sponsorship) and even sent enquiry's to employers themselves that feature on these sites all to no avail. I am wondering why her job appears on the skills shortage list when there appears few jobs that suit her type of work out there? Can anyone point her in the right direction, as to where she should for Jobs or does anybody know anyone in this type of work?? Hope you guys can help. Pottster
  10. Gillard just said it as well as introducing a flood tax - assume this means folk needed for the rebuilding effort. Good news for some??? Added info from Tanner "Can I clarify further that your application has to be a 'DECISION READY' application to qualify for the 5-day processing time. Gillard has also let slipped a few occupations during her questioning time: Bricklayers, tilers and plumbers. So congratulations to all above! (OP - feel free to amend your original post as you did, 'cos people are far less likely to read my post than yours, and will miss out important information)"
  11. Help, we had our application lodged in May 08, had our medicals and Police checks done. I applied as a welfare Worker, did the IELTS the lot now left in limbo. Welfare Worker has been removed from CSL. Welfare Centre Manager is now on there which is what i am. We were told that we should have been given our visa by now. Do i need to submit another application as a welfare centre manager? we are truly gutted about this. Any advice would be great. I have been told that i dont have anyhting to worry about as my application is lodged, we just need a little reassurance. Can anyone help.
  12. madgen

    social worker

    I have been offered a social work job on a 457 Visa to Melbourne, it would be in the Dandanong office doing child protection. Any other social workers in Melbourne that could give me some feedback on lifestyle and work comparison with the UK? Looking to come over end of Sept beginning of Oct
  13. Hi i am currently a supervisor in a care home for adults with mental health / learning disabilities. I am looking for a job with sponsorship, if possible, in rural queensland. in and around the rainbow beach / gympie area!! If any one could help or has any information i would be eternally grateful. I have extensive knowledge and experience with adults with autism spectrum disorders, dimentia and schizophrenia! also learning disability. look forward to hearing from anyone!!
  14. Hi everyone! Right, here goes... Im looking to go over to oz to work and live with a friend who is currently going through visa application at the moment. Im 30 next month and have one child so i know im limited to what type of visa I would apply for. On the positive side, im qualified with a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies but some websites are telling me that is on the skills list, others are saying no. Im in desperate need to talk to an actual human over the telephone, someone that would be able to discuss my position with and how sucessful I would be, which visa, and any general questions. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good contact?? If you do, it would be very, very, very, appriciated!!! Many Thanks if anyone can be of any help x
  15. Hello, I am new here,and I need your help because I am total beginner. I am Serbian girl 26 years old. I finished High school for travel &hospitality and only experience from here is training during high school. I am also 3rd year student of geography but last exam I pass in 2007. I work like nanny 4 years and i was 2 years in USA on aupair program. I have experience where I worked with 1 child to group with 15. Do I have some chance for this visa or other visa? Do I have qualifications for this visa,state sponsor visa ...I am very open for all parts of Australia so I don't care to work in big city or countryside. How much I must to have on IELTS and where and how to do assesment. Like I said i am total beginner and i need help from first steps ... Thank you so much for all information and help Sincerely, Joe
  16. Hi, WE are a family looking to move to Oz, we tried in 07/08 but were impacted by the changes to entry to Oz which meant my husbands skills no longer qualified entry. So here we are again this time using my qualifications (didnt have appropiate experience last time), we used an agency last time and lost a bit of money so going alone. Any information would be very much appreciated, I am starting the ball rolling with applying for assessment with the aasw for my qualifications. Maria
  17. I am from the UK and soon will complete my NVQ3 in Health & Social Care with 5 yrs experience. I am in a senior role at present in the aged care sector and was wondering if anyone has ever had success with finding a company in Australia to sponsor them in this field with the same or similar qualifications?? I have already been to Oz on a WHV and would love to go back again for a while longer. I would really appreciate any help!! Thanks
  18. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can give me some much needed advice. I am 27yrs old and have 7 years experience working as a Social Care Worker here in the UK, working with elderly people with dementia/alzheimers etc. I also have my NVQ 3 in Health & Social Care. I am wondering whether I am able to apply to come work and live in Australia with these my experience/qualifications??? I have been to Oz on a WHV before and would love the opportunity to come back for a period of time!!! I would be soooooo grateful if there is someone out there that can help me, as I am getting lots of different advice from websites and people, but this info has not been that helpful. Thanks again :-)
  19. we are looking for sponsorship over in aus dosnt matter were we are in australia as long as we are there i can send cv with email i have well over 12 yrs expr in my line of work which has mostly been utilites work also have cscs card and plant ticket too ecxuvater and dumper too please pm me i will be happy to forward cv
  20. Guest

    New SOL-Welfare Worker

    I am currently in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa-first year. I have recently looked into having my skills assessed as Welfare Worker to apply for GSM. I understand my occupation most likely will not be on the new SOL. I have not started the process yet, the governing body says skills assessment are taking 10 weeks to process. Is there much point in me going for this? It would give me 2 weeks to get my application in for the 175 (if they allow applications up to 01/07/10. I do not want to waste time and money, I've already had my heart broken here and I've only been here 2 months!! Thanks
  21. :shocked:Hi all this is my first post - I am hoping to get permanent residency via a regional sponsered visa in Western Australia, my nominated occupation will most likley be as a Welfare worker - has anyone already undertaken the assessment under pathway B and if so do you have some tips? I have already contacted the relevant assessing authority for initial advice and they recommended this route given my combination of skills and experience. However another route for me could also be as a Drug and Alcohol worker which carries 10 less points. Both these appear on the Western Australia state skills in demand list. I am interested in other peoples experieces in gaining a positive skills assessment for either of these two occupations and any hurdles problems they faced. The Welfare worker route reminds me of preparing a full NVQ file OMG! (Anyone who has gone through this will know what I mean):biglaugh:
  22. Hi all, could anyone please let me know what the official job title would be for a social support worker. My wife is directly employed by the local government in the UK as a social support worker, her key duties are directly looking after people with severe learning difficulties and physical disabilities. It can also be associated with care in the community. any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Colin
  23. Hi, just wandered if in Oz they had health care assistants or generic workers? Are they known by a different name and would work be easy to find in queensland regarding this? :confused: Look forward to reading your replies Paula x
  24. hillyman

    case worker ahhhh

    Hi PIO, we've been given a case worker who only works part time mon,tue,wed. will this effect how long the visa process takes or is the process automated,we are going on a 457 visa can anyone tell me how long the process normaly takes want's you've been asigned a case worker. many thanks. Paulax
  25. Hi there, hoping someone can help... I have been trying to find out information about whether it would be possible to get a working visa / make a move to oz and have tried to explore different options though I am not coming up with definative answers so was hoping somebody here would know more than me to see if I am legible I am 34 Brit living in London with my career experience being in marketing & advertising. I have tried the option of getting a family member (auntie resident in perth) to sponsor me, though I have heard that they don't allow this anymore - is this correct? Does anyone have any suggestions how to increase my chances of getting sponsored, what i need to do, is it really tough, and what my overall chances are! really would appreciate some advice, a point in the right direction, i realise that its difficult but I would like to try my best for this... hoping for some advice Thanks