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Found 357 results

  1. Guest

    Been back 7 weeks

    Hello All, Sorry I have not been on for so long...and here was me watching out for everyone"s return stories. I always thought when we returned to the Uk I would be on PIO all the time telling eveyone how fantastic the UK is. Untrue cos I have had such a great time I never had chance!! Well we have been back 7 weeks now..and I am so pleased we made the decision to move back...I feel like a different person...The UK is fantastic...so much do to..yeah you pay but what you get is a good entertainement...dont get me wrong Austraila is aa fantistic country but it doesnt compare ..I will make the most of it cos it really is fantastic..Aus really doesnt have that much to offer apart from beaches and sunshine. I have spent the last 7 week with my sister her children, aunties and uncles..ok so the sun doesnt shine but who cares you cant cuddle the sun like I do my niece and nephew....We made the decision to move back...and I am so glad we did...The UK is something special and I am so glad to have lived in both Countries and now I appreciate my homeland so much....I will never leave the UK again xx
  2. SOR , Perth , as near to Canning Vale as poss .........end of March ,start of April next yr ,does anyone need a house sitter ect .......my mum and dad are over for a holiday .....very clean and genuine people ....they would not be a problem ......or any advice to where they could stay ......also father in law and wife coming in Feb ...same thing again.............thanks ....Nick
  3. Here is the link to an applicant who got the fastest visa WOW Got Visa Today!!! : British Expat Discussion Forum I asked him about his priority processing... But most of the guys on BE are amazed by the processing time of this visa application. Yes that guy is on the SOL(Schedule 3).
  4. Guest

    Perth Recci in 3 Weeks!

    So excited, have just booked our flights with Emirates to Perth for 16th August to validate our Visa. We have 3 wonderful weeks to spend in Perth (first visit!), any one got any suggestions of must do/see while we're there??? We have two girls 6 & 9 so need to include them.. ie. Zoo trip etc. Any ideas?? x
  5. mrsindecision

    back three weeks and feeling a little lost

    Just looking for some kind words I think as everything is good being back here - the weather has been good, family and friends have been great. But like when I moved to Oz I am feeling a little lost from time to time. I have no real routine and feel a little needy of my friends who have been used to living their lives without me for the last three years and have things planned and holidays. When I hear that my mum or friends are going away anywhere for a few days I panic. The kids I think are feeling the same - old friends have moved on and they are having to start again which makes me feel sad. I am keeping busy and getting us out and about but absolutely hate this feeling of being rootless. have others felt the same and how did you handle it - any advice to help keep me positive. I am not thinking life in Oz was better at all - but we did have a routine.
  6. rockola57

    Back in OZ after 5 weeks in UK

    Well just got back today after 5 weeks in UK.Nowt much has changed,but i noticedthings a lot more that never really bothered me 2 years ago,like the sheer volume of people out of work,and many who i know have never worked and are 50 and over!Each of them a huge burden on the Country,although a lot of people simply cannot get jobs even though they are willing.How is it all going to end i wonder?The food and clothing are good and cheap,the weather is changeable,and generally the people are not as friendly as was once the case,but that's life!Some things in OZ are much better,but the same goes for the UK.So to cap it all up,i still dont know where i want to end my days!:confused::wink:
  7. Its been 3 weeks since we arrived here in Secret Harbour which is south of Perth and just North of Mandurah. What we have experienced so far is: My OH found a job, indeed two about six weeks before we moved, he had been trying for about 6 months from the UK but quite honestly no one was interested until he had the visa and a definate date of entry, then people were very keen. He works with an all Australian workforce although the owner is British. He has found the workforce really friendly and has had no problems whatsoever. In fact his workmates are bringing their Ute and helping us move this week. We hired a holiday rental for the first month and were concerned as we had heard on here that it is really difficult to get a long term. Well the first one we applied for we got. Its the same rent we were paying in Bristol for a 3 bed terraced house with one bathroom and it is a 4 bed detached with 2 bathrooms and another loo, lounge diner and extra lounge, double garage with up and over automatic door, the usual here! We managed to get a car with low mileage yep a lot more expensive for second hand cars than the UK but its relative as you can sell it for a lot more too. The food is on average cheaper than in Bristol where I come from. You tend to get bigger packs of food and if you have room to store them you can get some fantastic bargains. We have opened bank accounts with no hassle whatsover and have been offered an overdraft immedietly and a credit card after 3 months. Where we live the place is overun with cycle paths and as a cyclist it is very welcome to me.There are some brilliant furniture packages and we have got some fantastic bargain kitchen ware from places like Target and the Big W. When we were in the UK my OH was always moaning about the cost of my wine in the pub, well he certainly doesnt now. I picked up a box of wine from the local bottle shop for $11.99 for 5 Litres and we worked out that it is about £1 per bottle and its really nice and I am fussy with my red!! The school is brilliant my son has gone in smiling and come home smiling and told me he thinks its the best school ever. The parents all say hello and are always smiling. The weather has on the whole been sunny although we did have a week of 0 degrees at night and then torrential rain and thunderstorms but hey it is the middle of winter. My OH has started with a soccer team and already been asked on socials. So far so flipping good I say, now as I said this is my personal experience and I appreciate that many may not have had such a positive experience, but we love this life and wouldnt change a thing at the moment. Oh and yes we came on a meagre budget and have managed very well thanks :jiggy:
  8. Hi, I just wanted to see if other people have been waiting as long as we have for our 457 visa. We submitted the application through our migration agent on 31/5/10. And ever since then we have just been waiting and waiting... We are in contact with the agent, but they dont tell us much. The latest was that we had been assigned a case officer but they were just waiting for it to be finalised and granted (but that was several weeks ago). The strange thing is we havent been asked for any additional supporting documents, and neither has my company. We have (we believe) a pretty clear case when it comes to skills, experience and background checks. So we dont really understand what the delay is. Is anyone else in the same situation? It seems that the processing times vary from 2 days to 10 weeks...why is that?!
  9. philkef

    Arrive in 4 weeks!!!

    Guess we are all getting a little nervous given that we arrive with no jobs and a nice big mortgage however we have chosen to take the risk and I am optimistic that my wife will be able to support me whilst I play golf at the lovely Brookwater course - where we will be living! Kidding - as a secondary history (SOSE) teacherI am quite confident of supply over Term 4 and then, with the new Nat Curric kicking in for Jan, I am hoping that a permanent post will be found! Couple of questions/advice points - cars to buy - look pricey however Hyundai stacks up well and the prices compared to UK are solid - I am no car snob, A to B and reliability are the most important. TV/phone/mobile deals look astronomical - $200 with Telstra for phone, hdtv foxtel and broadband per month. Sky do similar for about £40! Shocking. Mobile pay as you go or contract? We are not big users and will text or call each other occasionally - living in Germany on Aldi pay as you go at 3cents per minute is great - much like Tesco i think. Grocery bills are allegedly horrific - how do you guys keep them down and where do savvy Auissies go shopping. Anytrhing else - advice etc will be gratefully received. Kids are 9 and 7 and are mega excited to be joining new soccer teams and playing cricket for the first time. Schools look ok to us. Excited by Dubai and Sing pore on the way over - the final splurge before 'austerity measures' kick in ..... Cheers Phil :biggrin: Kate:chatterbox:
  10. Hi, We are shipping our items over and then going to follow later on a flight. The idea is to get there shortly before the stuff arrives, rent a house and then the kids will have all their things around them which might help them settle better. The problem is we have been told 6 weeks and everyone I have told has laughed and said more like 10 - 12. Can anyone advise us on their shipping exp. Thanks
  11. Guest

    2 weeks to go, on count down

    hi all, we have 2weeks left in the uk, flights booked for 26th, :biggrin: melbourne here we come Shippers booked 19th. Im packing like mad, finding it very hard, becuase we are not taking our whole house contents with us, still a fair bit though, ive put my oldist son in with the other 2 so am using his room to put all that we are taking, getting very confused, trying to make sure we havnt forgot anything, One minute i think am on track and organized the next minute, i cant beleave how full the house still looks, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.:arghh: We are renting our house out, tenants move in on the 24th, so dealing with that side of things too. We have all kids schools files sorted, told doctors and dentists, but havnt got notes, dont think they are nessesary, (so ive heard, hope im right). I think the hardest thing is that within 1 month of landing we have to pick an area and schools, never been before, narrowed it down to 3 areas at the minute, Berwick, Mornington, or Emerald, 3 different typs of areas, so hopefully we will just now when we see all three. Anyway i could type a book on all the different feelings and concerns im having but dont want to bore you all:confused: Cheers all Tracey xxxxxx
  12. I thought I would post an update after being here four weeks already. We arrived on a cold dark winters morning, after a long flight with Emirates. No complaints about the flight, just wish we had done a stop-over rather than doing it in one hit. We are staying in Torquay, what a beautiful place. Within the first week we had done the usual driving licence, medicare, tax file numbers etc and Paul had managed to secure a job. We also purchased a lovely sparkly new car. The holiday rental has been fine, maybe a little dated but perfectly adequate. So far everything was going great, until we tried to rent a house!! After viewing every three bed property to rent here in Torquay and Jan Juc, applying to live in almost all of them, nothing.....not a single word from any of the real estate agents. They don't even call you to let you know you haven't got the house, I was beginning to panic and started to look elsewhere to settle, although none of us wanted to move away. I went in to see every agent in town every day and just got fobbed off, even the old we can pay 6 or 9 or 12 months rent in advance wasnt working. Then on Saturday (last) we had bit of a breakthrough. We met a lovely lady real estate agent (bit by chance to be honest) who said she was going to help us find somewhere to live and bless her, true to her word, we signed a twelve month agreement on Monday and move in on the 24th July, the best thing is it is right here in Torquay. I don't know why we weren't succesful with any of our other applications (maybe they just didn't like me :sad:) but I did find the lack of communication from the agents really frustrating. Now I feel we can sit back and relax and start to enjoy our new life properly. The last four weeks have gone by so quickly, I dont really feel I have had time to take a breath and let the fact that we are here, living the dream, sink in. Now I'm just waiting for our stuff to arrive so we can really settle down and get on with life. Apart from the agents mentioned everyone we have met has been warm and friendly, even the lady in the bank has offered to take me out for lunch and fill me in on life in Torquay!!! To all the other new arrivals, I really hope you settle and enjoy life here, I have a feeling moving here is going to be the best decision we as a family have ever made, now if the weather could just warm up a little I would be very happy. Tara :biggrin::wubclub:
  13. Moving to Sunbury, Melbourne in two weeks. I would like to rent a 3/4 Bed house furnished if possible. I have been looking on realestate.com.au but they all seem to be unfurnished. Any advice or if anyone has a house they would like to rent let me know. paulatkinson_cls@msn.com
  14. I can't believe it! Really excited, but did have a moment earlier of "what the hell am I doing?!". Its a weird, I don't think it will sink in until the plane lands. Still need to tell my place of work too, need to get cracking with that! Can't believe its 10 weeks!
  15. Dawny

    5 weeks in!!

    Well where to start... We touched down at Sydney airport the early hours of 13th May after a long flight and a 5 hour stop over at hong kong, (we flew with Cathay pacific), Headed onto our holiday let at Toowoon bay caravan park, Good size cabin with amazing sea views, first thing was to dump our stuff and do a 2 minute walk down onto the beach, (just to keep us awake lol) And what a view it was.... Friday morning a good friend of ours collected John to take him to pick up the hire car, Then off to explore the Entrance, Pelican feeding takes place everyday at 3.30 what a fantastic sight this is.... That evening another good friend took us all out for a meal, So far so good... Spent the weekend looking for a car as hire car was getting fairly expensive, Spent the weekend exploring and going into realestate looking for pet friendly rentals, Also sorting out bank accounts and mobile phones , medicare etc, Saturday evening had a Great bbq with friends who live in Narara, amazing birds in her garden, some of which are happy to be hand fed, which the kids loved and keep asking to go there all the time. We managed to secure a 4 bed 2 storey house at the end of the 2nd week,(killarney vale) and have this on a 12 month lease, which is great news as the dogs were due home in less than 2 weeks, We have now been in our rental 2 weeks and the dogs came home last friday, can honestly say things have moved quickly for us and feel so lucky, The two youngest are in their 2nd week of school and loving it, our eldest is just waiting for confirmation as to which year she will be placed, So much has been done in the first few weeks our feet really haven't touched the ground, So much more to tell you but will save it for another time, Will give you a more detailed update regarding food cost, dog rentals etc and other findings, as don't want to bore you lol, Are we happy? I can honestly say Yes we are happy and loving it, and our container is coming this Thursday woo hoo!!! x
  16. rockola57

    Off back to the UK for 5 weeks!

    Well me and faceache are off back to Liverpool on 22 june for 5 weeks,for the first time since we came here 21 months ago.To be honest i can't wait,and am really looking forward to finding out how i will feel.Of course it will be lots of meeting up with Family and friends,but i have this rose tinted view of home,especially in the Summer,lot's of trips to favourite places,childhood places,parks,dawn and dusk chorus and familiarity with what i have known all my life.My wife does not have the same affinity with home as i do,and is pragmatic about it all.To be honest we are reasonably happy here in Oz,but not ecstatically so.This is going to be a very interesting trip just because it is going to help form in our minds whether we are ultimately going to settle here for the foreseeable,or are going to start a slow evacuation from here,perhaps quite soonish..ish..ish!No doubt we will still come back dithering,because we had a good life there(in retrospect),and equally have a decent life here.I'll let yer's know when we get back!....Ouch,just pullin' another splinter out of me asre!:wink::biggrin:
  17. Hi all Just thought I'll let you know how we have been getting on all the way downunder. We arrived on the 15th Dec and spent the 1st 3 weeks in Perigain Springs in holiday mode and looking for somewhere to live. We found a house in Buderim which is a very nice town with everything you could want and it is nice and central. The house is nice and big and backs on to a woods so we get everything from huge stick insects too kangeroos in the garden as well as the dreaded Huntsman in the house. I'm not normanly scared of spiders but they are so fast its not right. Both our girls (15 and 10) have settled in better than we could have hoped for and have made lots of friends and I have not heard "I'm bored" since we've been here. Alice goes out on her friends boat and down to the beach., and we all go out fishing, hunting in the rock pools swimming in waterfall in the park and have not sat about doing nothing yet. I think we're going to Australia Zoo this weekend. Work. I got my visa as a renderer and have struggled to get work. The guy I worked for told us to look for other work last month because he had none. His firm has been on the Sunshine Coast for 18 years and has a good rep; but with so many plasterers under cutting to get work theres no money left in it any more so I have decided to give it up. You can earn more cleaning which is what I am now doing. I got a full time job last week cleaning a hotel. I start at 3am but its good money. On the same day I got this job Sharon all so got a full time job after 6 months of trying as a shop assisant so we have turned the corner thank god. At Easter we at rock bottom and were down to $2 honestly. Do I regret coming? No defintly not. No one said it would be easy and we never expected it to be. We have stuck at it and have met loads of people. I have found the Australians to be helpful and friendly. All the idiots I've met and thats only been 2 have been English. Anyway speak soon Carls (yorkshireclan) arriving next month. Luv Lance
  18. :hug:Hi everyone We have just come back from a short trip to au, and are looking forward to coming over in September. We have $500 per week to spend on accomodation for the first 4 - 5 weeks. We would like to stay anywhere in the south east or the east. We need two bedrooms. Anyone able to help us or tell us of a great place to stay? Many thanks Jenny:err:
  19. Hello Guys, I have applied RSMS VISA onshore appointed agent. I ve been following POMZ which can help me to sort out my issues. I found some people were really lucky to have their visa in a few weeks but not all of them like me. In short my journey (timeline... offcourse) is below: Sponser agree to sponser (jan 09) Agent appointed (middle of jan 09) Application sent to RCB and got approval in a week (early march) Nomination & VISA application sent all together (all docs frontloaded.... march 29). CO allocated & ask form 80 and all crap ( 8th april). 23rd Sep (shock all applicants and put many down and on other hand i was happy like few being on priority list....nothing hasn't changed. On end of sep after frustating mind got a call from agent, ve approved nomination. On asking agent why all this going slow....." CO accidently send a wrong email to agent that we were unapproved and later he made an apolody for his unprofessional manner which gimme a hard time. mid Nov.....still w8ing. ( week 32 or more don't care anymore....being prority is all bull#@#it. Anyone can sort this issue for me or put anylight on me...im losing hope...niether employer nor .i know i need to have patience...but c'mon guys 32 weeks for no 1 on prioirty..... disappointong me.
  20. Guest

    going back after 2 weeks

    hi everyone been here 2 weeks and now going home we have wasted 20 grand doing this and we are not very happy. when we first looked into moving to oz we were told by an agent that work was needed here. my husband was assessed as a general electrician by the tra and passed to work in queensland. when we got here we thought that he would have to do some sort of course but later found out that he would have to do another tra which if passed would be isussed with a blue/yellow permit for a year which would entitle him to work as only a electricians mate and earn low money. in the mean time work at college is needed which is 2-3 courses over that year. you also need a blue card and CPR course to go on site. after the courses have been taken you then have to apply to the queensland licence board to apply for the licence. my husband is a JIB approved electrician in the uk so when we got here you can understand that we were very dishartend. i just want to warn other electricians that its not easy. we left a good life both with bussinesses so thats why we are going home so quickly, that way we can pick up old contacts. good luck guys my journey has now ended xxxx:cry:
  21. Hi Everyone, My day is VERY near, we leave for Sydney on June 2nd!!! woot. One thing that I am confused about is medical insurance. I have my 175GSM which entitles me to opt into medicare but I have read I cannot register until I have been in country for 10 days. Does that mean my family and I will not have health coverage? obviously that is not an option so I may need to see about travel insurance I suppose. Does anyone have any info on this? Cheers, Grant
  22. Hi all Been a regular visitor of this site but first time poster!!I got my 885 granted 3 weeks ago n I didn't even know since I stopped checking my emails realising the fact that no good news is gonna come before 2012/13 lol!! But thanks to ALLAH there was a pleasent surprise waiting for me this morning.. Timeline as follows: Applied 885: June '09 Documents FrontLoaded Non CSL, Non MODL SS: June'09 Transferred to 886: June CO allocated: 15th September 23rd September Debacle occurs- CO GONE Same CO re-assigned: Nov/Dec CO changed due to transition in DIAC: Dec CO changed again: Dec Jan: Started nagging DIAC,Finally got hold of my CO number Jan onwards: Calling to get updated every fortnight Jan: Internal Security Clearances being done,as per my 'new' CO Feb: Started teasing my CO again n again March: Got sick of it n decided to let her stay in peace!! March: Stopped checking e-mails regularly,accepted the fact that I'd be there till 2012 April: CO gives me peace by granting 886 May: Finds out on 11th May, 2010!! Good Luck to all applicants and I wish them good news very very soon!!
  23. Hi Guys, I'm moving to sydney in 6 weeks with work, and i dont know anybody there! So, this is almost like a plea for friends!! I'm 25 into football, cricket gyming, play guitar, and like a drink too.... Any ideas on good ways to meet new people/friends are always welcome, particularly if you already live in Sydney!! My ideas at the moment are to join a cricket team, gym and learn how to surf and hopefully meet people that way! Please get in touch, as im starting to worry I'll be the 'Sydney Loner!!!' Thanks John
  24. Hi We will be going to Perth in a few weeks time staying at Joodnalup. We would like to meet up with anyone who is currently in Perth for a coffee and a chat! Sam and Steve.