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Found 357 results

  1. swifty99

    11 weeks in my report

    Well i know how i loved reading other peoples report after their first few weeks in oz so i thought i would put mine. Left a rainy heathrow may 26th and landed in a rainy melbourne 27th may it was around 9pm so pitch black, was met by my sister that i have only met twice, my brother in law only met once and my niece who i had never met before, was great to have friendly faces greet us as as much as you prepare for that flight, with a 3 year old and bugger all sleep i was feel emotional and knackered. Driving to my sister house i was more that a little freaked out, as it was dark so couldn't see much, the motorway seemed a free for all, and she seemed to live a million miles away. Took us all a few days to settle into a normal sleep pattern, and the day after we landed we went to a family party were i met yet more of my family that i had never met before. Think i spent most of the first week in a strange state, had been so excited about moving over and meeting everyone that i didn't prepare for the tiredness and the feeling of being lost and overwhelmed. Now 11 weeks later i feel totally at home here, have settled in a lovely house in sanctuary lakes, been here for 5 weeks and love it here. Considering it is winter we have had some amazing warm days getting as warm as 22c last week. Have met some lovely people, a few from this forum who have been amazing great sources of information and great to have made friends, so i thank them all for everything so far. My advice is only you get settled get on here and tell people were you are and ask if anyone around wants to meet up, as it is great to share experiences and pick their brains and things. It certainly isn't britain in the sun, we all love it here so much however you will realise that britain is a more progressive and more advanced in certain things, you will also realise that the aussies do not rush themselves to do things. We have been a little unlucky with our house as we have had more that a few problems and our agents response is usually to laugh and try to make light of it, and after chasing and chasing them up you end up giving up and realising that if it gets fixed it will be at their pace not ours!!!! As for the cost this is just my general observation, chicken is more expensive, beef is cheaper, food is a little more expensive on the whole and you do have to learn to shop around and look for the offers, markets like here in melbourne the queen victoria market are great such a vast choice and great prices, i miss the likes of asda and tesco but i am sure after a few years i will be well over it. i find make up and deodorant are way more expensive so stock up before you come over, clothes shops for women are well....... crap no choice we are spoilt in england, however most english shops ship to oz anyway so no worries. People have been very friendly and welcoming and always willing to help. Aussies telly is poop but i think once the weather gets better i wont be watching it anyway. i love the positive feel here the general feeling of happiness and not as stressed and down beat as how it was where i lived. found renting a house very easy to get but this is the west and there are alot of properties available, but like i said before you will find yourself chasing up your agents which they find amusing. Driving is different here, bit like dodgems on the road sometimes feels like there are no real rules but you soon adjust. I have found that food wise there is alot of choice and i could get seriously fat with the yummy ice cream the great crisps (chips) but a former chocolate lover in england have to give it a miss here, but must try the chocolate lounge their hot chocolate is heaven in a cup..... Have babbled on loads but still feel like i have not covered half of it. All i can say is after years of talking about doing it, we are so glad we finally did it, it is undoubtedly very hard very emotional and very stressful but it has so far been the best thing we could have done for not only us but our family, so for us so far our choice is AUSTRALIA :cool::biggrin::jiggy:
  2. motherof2

    Three weeks to go - so why.....

    am I not running around like a headless chicken in a blind panic?! Don't get me wrong I'm really excited but feel very calm at the moment. Our house has been let, my OH is sorting out the paper work and I start detooting the house tomorrow when the skip arrives. Is this normal or am I deluding myself?:wub:
  3. Hi guys, Had big discussion with husband over weekend. Looked at our finances again and basically every month we stay in Ireland we lose money. Husband also got some positive feedback from contact re potential job so things could be moving faster than expected. We are lodging visa app today and have booked medicals for 31st August. From what I can see on the board it is possible that we could get a visa within 10 weeks of lodging app if everything is frontloaded ... Could I ask people if they think that is realistic/probably?? Anyway it seems the best thing for us would be to go over as soon as possible. Only complication is that I am 22 weeks pregnant at the moment! So we have to travel by the first week of November at the latest, which is 14 weeks from now.... Apart from the other complications and challenges I know nothing about the maternity care system in Perth. We have a little girl and I had her in Galway on the public system. I think I would have to go public in Perth too, because, apart from the cost, I understand all public ob's book up by about 8/10 weeks so I would have no chance even if we could afford it. Is anyone familiar with the public maternity system in Perth? Do you register with a GP and then get referred to a hospital or how does it work? I had midwife led care in Galway which was great but had hospital birth with access to epidural which I would definitely want again. Would really appreciate any advice ...a bit freaked out today! : ) Thanks, Kate.
  4. WHOOP WHOOP Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, we are going to Adelaide in approx 2 weeks. We leave Glasgow 2/7/11 and return 19/7/11 (couldn't get nay more time off work - booo!). Can't believe it, thought it best to validate and have a reccie just in case house doesn't sell before deadline date for entering Oz. Anyone else heading over? Lorraine xx
  5. Well guys, About a month and a half ago I posted in this forum my reasons for wanting to go to Oz and my aspirations for when I got there! I just wanted to check in with ya all to let you know how well it is going! Firstly I managed to get in the country which was the first step! Next I managed to get myself a really good job started asap and will be doing that from this coming Tuesday in the CBD. I also updated my blog in the signature below with a more detailed account of my first three weeks down under for anyone that is interested (http://www.livinginsydneyandnsw.com/http://www.livinginsydneyandnsw.com/my-first-three-weeks-in-sydney-australia) Please let me know what you think! Kev
  6. So, thought I would let you all know how we got on since we arrived just over 2 weeks ago in Melbourne. We flew emirates from Glasgow - we have a 3 year old and 21 month old. Payed for a seat for the eldest but youngest was on laps. We managed to get a spare seat on 2 out of the 3 legs so was happy we didn't pay the extra for one. You have to be quick and ask as soon as you get on the plane! Arrived at early hours Sat morn - picked up by the inlaws and all was very emotional. Huge relief to have made it and also left behind all those teary goodbyes ....do not want to have to do those again in a hurry! So excited to get out the airport we left a bag but got it back all safe and sound! Took the little ones a few days to get over the jetlag but they were sleeping in until 11am from bed at 8pm-bonus!! We are living with the inlaws for a few weeks whilst we get a car and camper trailer sorted and then we are doing a 6 month tour of Australia whilst our boys are young and so we can see where we would like to live. So far I have found things a wee bit more pricey since I was last here almost 2 years ago but mostly due to exchange rate I think. Some food is more expensive but I find for what we eat as a family it is cheaper for us. Meat is really cheap and so is veg and also a lot fresher and tastier. It's worth shopping around like in any country. Veges cheaper at the greengrocers not the supermarket......meat depends on offers in supermarket or butchers. Aldi is a fab one for the cheap basics as in UK. Spirits are pretty pricey but wine is very cheap and great choice so am "reluctantly " sipping my way through bottles of wine instead now! Eating out can be same as UK price or some cheaper depending on place but quality and portions are fab, can't be beaten! Loving Kmart for everything else...home basics, clothes, camping gear, the lot! We searched around to get our car (toyota landcruiser 80 series). I know nothing about 4bs but am happy with what we have. In general cars do seem alot more expensive than home. Also got stung with whats called a "motor vehicle duty" when transferring a car into your name as well as a regsitration fee. The duty added about an extra $400 than what we were expecting and works on a % of the cost you pay for the vehicle.....not a nice surprise especially considering my husbands aussie so we are generally clued up but he only ever bought one car when he was 18 and sold it to move to Scotland with me! Took my eldest boy to register as a kindergarten for when we get back from our travels. We live in the hills in the sth east of melbourne so was a lovely local one, friendly teachers and great activities.Huge big outdoor play area - he loved it! He's only entitled to 1 session a week while he's 3 and its $160 a term and then 5 a week when he's 4 but that's government funded. Bit of a shame as back in Scotland he would have started on the 5 a week in August for free and he's redy for it but we have made a good lifestyle choice here so it all works out. Have been looking into getting them both on the immunisation register which you need here to attend creche or preschool and see if there are any they have not received in the UK. Phoned the local child services contact in the council brochure and they are getting back to me. All signed up for medicare which was really easy with just one trip to the office. Just to look into health insurance next. We are just going to go through medibank private and just pay for"extras" ie teeth, physio, eyes etc as from what our rellies have said there is no need to get the rest private as the medicare provisions are pretty good. SO there we go-sorry for the long report but tried to fill you in on all we have learnt! We are having a great time despite the first 9 days here were the coldest Melbourne had had in 60 years! Still seems nice to us after living in West Coast Scotland for 5 years! Looking forward to finishing setting our new lives up and then heading off around the country for a good look and some more sunshine! :biggrin: :jiggy: Thanks to everyone for all their advice that got us this far! :notworthy:
  7. kellyjamie

    25 weeks today!!!

    aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 25 weeks today we will be arriving in Brisbane cant wait so excited now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  8. Hi All Just an update and see if anyone else is flapping big style... This time in 3 weeks we will be sat in an empty house (no doubt eating take away) sleeping on the floor for a couple of hours with an old sleeping bag and blanket before the taxi arrives and some unearthly hour to whisk us off to start living our 6 year dream!! So far I have only managed to do three car boots in the last month... And put a load of stuff on eBay... To de-clutter and earn some pennies.... If like us you hate the thought of Sunday morning car boots with the odd item on eBay - think twice... I made around £350!!!!! I donated all the stuff I was left with today to the charity where the car boot was held as I wasn't bringing it back! I have been lucky that I have sold my car and the buyer has said he is happy for me to keep hold of it until a couple of days before we go!! He's paid a deposit and is very keen... Not many people like that! He must have thought the car was a steel as he saw my little printed sign in the car and drove around trying to find the car - which he found and called me! (just the vespa t5 left to sell!) We did plan to take the car/bike with us but as I have to start work ASAP in Perth we have fast run out of time!! The buyers for our house came over at the weekend and as they are in a chain and have use of another house told me they are due to exchange this week - which is fab news as they now plan to move in on the Monday morning after we leave.. I can't believe that all this planning has been thrown out of the window with the crazy time scale (but not complaining as new boss been very helpful/understanding and prepared to wait for me to arrive) but glad we prepared ourselves last summer with quotes, research etc... The major hic up has been planning for the 40ft and not getting a quote for a 20ft so having to get a re-quote this week and having to sell the car and moped. Flights booked with Singapore airlines as you get 40kg each for an unvalidated visa. So that's us... Anyone else heading out to Perth in the next few weeks/months? If so, how's it all going? Are you like me, shopping like crazy, car booting, flapping and drinking more Aussie grape juice than ever?! :biggrin: :wink: :eek: :smile: :eek:
  9. Hello Everyone, Well we have been here for just over 6 weeks and overall are loving it here in Sunny Sydney. Here is my arrival report, sorry its long winded! After a frantic last 48 hours in the UK which was nothing like we planned (due to my partner breaking her foot!), we finally got the ok for Claire to fly and left heathrow with Singapore airlines. The airline were fantastic with seating, special assistance etc, and the A380 was really comfortable, it made the whole experience go much quicker I thought (may have been due to multiple singapore slings mind you!). We chose to fly with a short stopover only and it was by far the best flight I have had to Oz. Sydney weather was pretty grey when we arrived, I then had to start work with an induction in Melbourne the next day - and was delayed due to fog in melbourne and storms coming back to Sydney...not what I was hoping for but at least the Sun came out eventually and has been amazing an sunny if a little cool for the last few weeks. For reference we stayed in the Travelodge in Wentworth - not a bad hotel and location for the price. We then had a months rental in Bondi, which was nice but not really worth the money....even though the location was wonderful. Rentals are available here but tend to be a bit pricey so realestate.com.au is a must, we were pretty prepared with employers letter and bank statements etc, but be warned if you have no rental history (we own in the UK), this does seem to make a difference. Also we planned for a month in the short term let but 3/4 weeks would be enough if you know the area you want to live in. In the end we stumped for Dee Why and are loving our nearly new apartment, its almost on top of coles and really close to loads of express routes to the city (taking around 35-40 mins), and about 10 mins walk to the beach :biggrin: We have bought most furniture here which was expensive, but used the sales (freedom furniture for sofas, 2nds world for fridge and washing machine), so its not been as bad as we thought. One word of advice for Ikea, if you arrange a delivery as we found they will not enter inside a building of more than 25 metres, what this meant for us is they dumped everything inside the apartment complex ground floor but would not use the lift to the apartment - made worse by the fact they were 4 hours late and claire had to hobble with a broken foot and move things inside (I had to go back to work), luckily some nice chaps helped otherwise we would have been stuck. I did live in Australia a few years ago so cost wise it does seem more expensive (but all places have price rises), I know its said multiple times elsewhere but if you shop around, try and spend in dollars rather than pounds (hard I know if your waiting on salary for the 1st month). Some things are cheaper e.g Steak, Cauliflower (hugh one for 99 cents), and petrol, some electrical stuff etc... We also shipped a lot of kitchen stuff, clothes etc via seven seas, its due to us in about 2 weeks - I would advise if you are coming over its worth shipping at least some things due to the prices and the exchange rate - seven seas were very efficient (hoping our stuff will arrive soon and I am still saying that):wink: Work wise I am in the city and my partner started her new job today after a week of temping, there are plenty of jobs but in my opinion you need to really chase up the agencies when you get here as they can be bad at keeping in touch. In the UK we were big fans of Groupon, well here they have loads of similar sites, Stardeals, Scoopon, Spreetz etc - great deals on eating out, hair cuts, holidays etc, we have had some lovely meals, whale watching and other deals so far - be warned this can be very addictive! So much more to say but I will leave it there, if anyone needs any advice I will try and assist where I can. Have a great week Tracy x
  10. Well thngs are all going well so far - kids passports applied for (1 week wait time) and my husband's A-level certificates on their way. These are the only things we're waiting for before the visa can be applied for. Still on track for flying out 31st August. I'm trying to work out what to pack for the first 10-12 weeks over there before our container arrives. What do you recommend? What did you take and not need? What did you need but not take? I'm guessing a fairly limited number of clothes and toiletries, obviously all the paperwork, identification, references etc, but what else? We are 2 adults, 2 kids under 4, so there's some stuff I know I can't get away without. We'll be arriving in September, what will the weather be like realistically in Brisbane? Will we need coats other than rain coats? What about cardigans/light jackets. Stuff like sun cream and mossie repellent - is it worth buying it over there rather than before we go? Is it that much better or cheaper over there? Also what would you recommend for the plane? We will be having a 14 hour layover in Singapore (probably hire a room in one of the transit hotels for 12 hours and chill out a little bit). Any advice gratefully received!
  11. Hi, thought I´d try and give a bit of info since i arrived a couple of weeks ago. My first ever visit to Oz (not Aus..... been ´corrected´ several times by locals) Arrived Sydney at dawn to get connecting flight to Adelaide... stunning clear sky and sunrise...what hit me was clarity of air. Ive been living in the Middle East and the sky is always dusty, so this is good! Adelaide is really friendly, people are genuinely nice, but as a city is doesn´t blow me away. its pretty in a way but it is a big town/small city and to me slightly scruffy. I´ve driven all over and love the hills, found Norlunga and Aldinga v quiet and slightly feral. But all that said I could see us living here. Medicare, Tax number..... so easy and really straightforward Problem came looking for work.. I had two interviews on the way through from Sydney, within 24hrs of landing in Adelaide I had two offers to work in Sydney....with a great deal of fear I turned them down.... two weeks later, theyve both come back and raised the offers and despite chasing every advert, agent, contact I have in Adelaide.....not even an interview. So I´ve taken job in Sydney. Now this will no doubt attract the ire of the moral brigade, but as I said in another thread... work is money is living.. the option of turning down a job paying close to 200k for the possible long term chance of a job in Adelaide paying 120K means sod sponsorship. So far Oz ok, doesnt blow me away, but this is country 8 in the past 10 years, probably because its all too familiar....but, it pays well, i don´t have to work away from the family and its warm. on the good side, I´ve been taken to some of the kids sports coaching classes like swimming and tennis and frankly this blows me away.....the professional coaching that kids get here is mindblowing..... and that is why we came..
  12. so.. i'm arriving in Perth at the back end of June..and still havent managed to get somewhere to live for the short term i'm looking for somewhere in the CBD as thats where i am working. Just trying to find somewhere for about 4 or 5 weeks.. fully furnished.. that isnt going to require that i rob a bank on arrival to pay for it! Waiting on one place to confirm availability ( studio flat).. but nothing so far.. Anyone know about a studio or 1 bedroom place.. near the CBD for less than say $550/wk cheers Six it
  13. I've spent the last couple of weeks disheartened by the lack of carpenter's jobs advertised on seek, careerone etc. bored of waiting at the computer for new jobs to be added all day i decided to get more proactive. while touring around buderim and moloolaba this weeken, i stopped at any building sites taking the main contractors details off sign boards, later at home i sent nice emails that i was looking for work and was wanting to settle my family on the sunshine coast etc, and attached my resume. Yesterday I coldcalled construction companies out of yellow pages. nobody was pissed off with this and a couple asked for my resume, and i mailed it straight away. After a nice long phone call today i've accepted a nice job for a great looking company (going from their website) and start on monday. Im stoked. I started out too timid, 2 weeks waiting for people to contact me after applying through jobsites. I got pissed off this weekend and went for it, got 2 job offers and an interview in the space of 3 days. Not sure if this approach would work for all but if you're in construction. It seems you have to go to them, the good companies often dont need to advertise for staff.
  14. Guest

    Been in Camberra for two weeks...

    Hi All, Been living in Canberra for two weeks now and wow its a little chilly, not what I was expecting living in Australia I have to say. Feeling pretty lonely and low at the moment and feeling unsure if I have done the right thing moving here... I just wondered if there are any other Pommies in Canberra that do meet up's and if so when the next meet is likely to be and where... really need to have some conversation with people other than my partner and dog..... :err: Any help would be much appreciated.. Thanks Lisa
  15. Guest

    Moving in 2 Weeks

    Hi Everyone:biggrin: We are moving to the Lakelands area of Mandurah, as we have just secured a rental there. There will be myself, Mark, Zac aged 14 and Matthew aged 12. We are already in Australia, but we would like to meet anyone who is down that way, to make new friends for a coffee or bbq when we are settled. Regards Julie:hug:
  16. Please could anyone help, we are a family of 4 incl.2 youngsters we need a furnished rental for approx. 6 weeks around the Brisbane nth area? :cry:
  17. Lynne S

    Homeward Bound in 4 weeks!

    Hi All, I've posted a few threads in the last few months with dilemmas about moving back. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has given us constructive advice - its certainly helped us look at it from different directions. After lots of decision making we did decide in the end to make the move and in 4 weeks time we'll be on the plane. We'll be going back with out citizenship, which has been a really difficult one for me, but we are going to get the 5 year return residence visa before we go (for that just in case) - not that I want to go back with this thought. Anyway we are busy packing up, we've sold nearly everything we needed to sell, so we're now on the countdown....will let you know how it all goes when we get back. Thanks again, this site has been a real soul saver at times, I'm so glad I stumbled across it.
  18. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows who I should email in ACS. I've waited the 12 weeks like it says on their website but my status is still the 4th stage In Progress when I check it online the last email I received was 21 March saying my saying my documents were received. Can I email that person back even though her name is different to the name that is listed as managed by when I check my status online? Also anyone think it's a good or bad sign that they haven't been in touch with me to request more information? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks, Cara
  19. Guest

    Two weeks in Fremantle.......

    Well, we left the snow behind and arrived to hot, hot, hot! People kept telling me that life here is so different to the UK and they were right! Initially I was a bit overwhelmed by how nice and friendly everyone is....lol.......it's lovely! Just secured a lovely rental in Kardinya and will be enrolling my daughter (aged 12) in school on Monday. Hubby, Steve, is using our car so a bit lost at the minute but Fremantle is a great place to get around and see. Hoping to make some good friends to go with the good life, and have met some very lovely folk already. I keep telling myself it is still early days and things will happen at their own pace. Bit up and down at the minute............. Might go back to work once my daughter has settled, but I'll see....... Our container is due to arrive on 7th April, Mum is arriving from Scotland on 28th and my cat will be here on 15th! Can't wait to have my "things" as this should help............. Nikki (44), Steve (36), Mia (12) and Chintzie the cat.........
  20. Guest

    2 weeks to go!!!

    2 weeks to go!!! My husband and i are finally winding down and ready to fly to Brisbane on the 30th April then up to Townsville! It has been a long and tiring process (especially dealing with AHPRA), but now very excited! Dont know if anyone else is waiting to leave for oz... Nik and Sean
  21. As some of you know I have been having a few problems with my internet provider recently (rhymes with Birgin) but eventually after several protracted weeks I am eventually back online, BUT AT WHAT COST. A burgeoning tash, unshaven, hair all over the place, double chin, somewhat paranoid, and wholly unfulfilled. I now resemble one of the great unwashed and was approached by the Sally Army only yesterday enquiring about my health and would I like a hot mug of chicken soup,:mad::embarrassed::biglaugh: Me, personally like the new look, sort of rugged (scruffy according to my two cherubs) but what the hell, new look, new person and you never know if my hair gets any longer I may not be able to use my keyboard,:jiggy:. I'm off now to scare the children playing outside and give King Kong his arse back (as I have been using it as a face) and wax my tash to its full glory. So if any of you are thinking of leaving PIO, be warned this could be you in a matter of weeks, not including the ladies of course, they are always lovely, (I think,:biglaugh:) PS. Forgot to add, the pics below are very recent, the one on the left is after my abscence from PIO, and the one on the right was only taken two weeks ago,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. warren&liz

    Been here for 3 weeks now

    Hi everyone Just wanted to let you know we have arrived. Landed 3 weeks ago at 1 am. We flew with Emirates who we found to be very good. There were plenty of films to watch and games for the kids to play. The food was fine. Got through customs very quickly. Declared a bag of Jelly babies to one of the female officers. She glared at us but then said it was only candy and we were to proceed. We were met by our friend who took us straight home to their house for a well needed cup of tea. Went to bed and got up at 8 am in the morning. We really haven't suffered from jet lag at all thankfully. On the Sunday my cousin came up from Fremantle and we had a barbie. Just getting the lingo right. Monday went and applied for medicare, and driving licenses. No problem there. Next day applied for TFN (Warrens arrived in 5 days I still haven't got mine) and on Wednesday got bank account activated. By the way we didn't bother to get a label in our visa. We have had no problems at all. Took a copy of our visa grant letter with us but have never had to show it. Have been to Freo to the markets and beach. Just loved the market. Kids enjoyed the street performers. Beach was nice. Lovely to chill out for a while. On the following Monday Warren went on to Seek.com to look for a job. He sent his resume to 18 wanted ads. The phone was ringing and emails coming back within 35 minutes. 16 wanted to interview him. Only 2 said he wasn't what they wanted. Next day he went to 6 interviews that he thought would be suitable. Warren was offered jobs with them all. He has taken a job and starts this Wednesday. Gets a phone, laptop and Jeep as well as a good wage. He is a mechanic. Then thought we would need to look for a house, can't outstay our welcome, have to say our friends have been wonderful. We are in the Perth Hills at the minute. Spent all last week looking at houses, some of the cheaper ones were just horrid. Found a nice one in Lesmurdie applied for it but didn't get it. Real Estate agent said she couldn't believe it as she had told owners she thought we would be good tenants. They had more references than us and had rented in Oz before. Next day went to view another house and applied for that. Yes, we got it. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounges and pool. Signed yesterday and get the keys next Friday.:biggrin: Went to Osbourne Park (where Ikea is) yesterday to purchase a fridge. Got a real good bargain in Good Guys there. Fridge was $999 on special. Looked around other shops before we bought it. It was $1699 everywhere else. Also bought steam mop. It was $118 (another sale price) in Harvey Norman we told Good Guys and they gave it to us for $115. Reckon we did all right. Our friends are going to help us out with some things to keep us going until our furniture comes and we should be able to get anything else in Ikea and Red Dot stores. Now we have a permanent address we need to get kids enroled for school. Can't do that until holidays are over. Kids are getting a bit bored now not having their own friends. Will be good for them to get into a normal routine again. Anyway, sorry to have rambled on for so long. Hope it helps someone. Liz x
  23. Guest

    2 weeks to go!!!

    My husband and i are finally winding down and ready to fly to Brisbane on the 30th April then up to Townsville! It has been a long and tiring process (especially dealing with AHPRA), but now very excited! Dont know if anyone else is waiting to leave for oz... Nik and Sean :biggrin:
  24. Guest

    2 weeks in perth...!!

    hi there, Not been on here for a while as we moved over on 4th march....so thought i would do a little report! Flew over with singapore....excellent! Kids were so busy, they forgot to sleep on the first flight...needless to say they were asleep before we even left the tarmac on the second flight! Picked up at the airport by our lovely friends who have been here 3 years...soooo good to see them Drove back to their house in Mindarie, NOR along the ocean road...beautiful. We were very lucky to have secured a rental from the uk, as it was previously being rented by a friend of ours... and we move in their today! Its a 4x2 with a pool in Quinns Rocks. Our boys started school on monday so are finishing their first week today. They absolutely love it! I cried on their first day and my oldest, who's a worrier was white with fear...1 week in, its as if they have been there forever! Lots of friends, teachers have been fantastic and made friends really easy. Hubby started work, who are fantastic and hes loving it....a million miles from the london rat race he was used too! he's already been home twice this week in time to pick the boys up from school, have a dip in the pool before dinner to cool down and go to the beach to watch the sunset all before the boys bed time...amazing! Bought a car on finance, a great Toyota corolla...brand new and while we are waiting for it to come in, they have given us a demo car to get around in for free. everyone is so helpful, kind and lovely...even the lady in the petrol station laughed and helped when i didnt know what bio diesel was!! the only down side is our container has not left the uk but everyone has lent us things to get by....we are very lucky to have people here already. cant wait to move in later and settle down.... anyway, so far, so good.......