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Found 357 results

  1. Hi all, simon and michelle here,we have been in queensland 4 years now and would love to expand our social circle we are in our early thirties and like pretty much anybody lol so please dont hesitate to invite us to any upcoming events:smile:
  2. The Genie & Ahh bra ads are doing my head in :arghh:
  3. paddygunner

    2 weeks in melbourne

    ok so here goes background - family of 5, kids 10,8,3 from Ireland - receivDe state sponsored PR. never been to aus before - don't know anyone living there. Flight- Singapore airline- will never travel with anyone else after experiencing their customer service. nb- our stopover in Singapore airport was greater that 24 hours therefore had to pick up luggage. We had booked transit hotel but given our lenght of stay I would say it would be better value to book into one of the Hotels near the airport. Singapore Airport is one of the cleanest places I have ever been By pure coincidence we met John and Linda (AKA Revs30) and their two kids at the playground in Singapore airport- PIO at work!! We arrived at Melbourne on time on a Friday morning- we had a bit of luggage so couldn't fit oh and kids in hire vehicle so sent them to Seaford in taxi ($140 for anyone interested) I proudly drove to Seaford without sat nav. We had booked a 2 bed appartment in Seaford for 4 weeks. This apartment is perfect- loads of space - could sleep 7 comfortably. On the Nepean highway so some noise from traffic but not an issue for us. anyone interest in apt details pm me. Jetlag- I totally underestimated the effect of jetlag. For the first week there was at least one of the family getting somethng to eat at 3am!!! It took a week for everyone to get over the jetlag. People - We have been so impressed with the friendliness of everybody- Strangers we met at playgounds have given us their phone numbers and details to ring them if we have any queries etc etc. Housing- Wow - Looking on google earth and researching suburbs online gives you only so much. We had initially thought we would look at south east suburbs of Oakleigh, Clayton maybe Berwick and we also were going to check out Frankston and Mornington peninsula. For the first few days we drove around all the above suburbs and more. We fell in love with Mornington Peninsula and all it offers. We were regular holidaymakers to Vendee in France and the Peninsula is very much similar to it- Beaches, parks, nice towns with plenty of restaurants and shops. So having decided the Penisula was for us we had to go about trying to find a house. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT EVERYONE PREPARES AT LEAST 5 PACKS TO PRESENT WITH YOUR APPLICATION TO RENT A HOUSE. In my opinion the packs should include a letter introducing your family, profession, details regarding existing property or previous rentals. The pack should also include character references, copy of savings accounts, mortgage statements, drivers licence, passport. We started looking in various suburbs around the Peninsula inclusing Frankston Souh, Mount Eliza, Mount Martha and Mornington. We were looking for 4 bed and 2 bath. Frnakston South and Mount Eliza have mainly older properties which in the main give you more space but older decor. There are some new properties in Morngton and Mount Martha on smaller plots but more mod cons. We did several drive bys before the inspection time on properties so we rule some out on this. After a few days of not getting accepted we then got approved for 3 properties within 24 hous. We did offer to pay 3 months rent in advance which I think will be required if you are looking at property/areas that are in demand. Fo those of you who have smart phones domain and real estate have good apps. Also a good webssite which gives you listings of property reduced in price forsale/rent www.refindehouseprices.com. BE PREPARED DRIVING AROUND LOOKING FOR HOUSE FOR A WEEK WITH 3 KIDS IS NOT WHAT THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM IS ABOUT. You have to be considerate of the children and how difficult it is for them. We picked a house in Mount Martha accross the road from Osborne Primary school. This house backs onto a house also recently rented by Alan and Shirley (AKA Fitz sher) who wE also had contact with before we arrived through PIO. It's a small world. So given the location of the house the choice of school was a no brainer- Osborne it is. Before we had the house we also looked at Bentons Junior College - fabulous new school with great facilities and ditto for St McCartans. SO thats all for now- kids starting school on Monday so we need to find some work now. Overall 2 weeks in, the people are extremely welcoming. Melourne is a lovely city with the CBD quite small - similar I would say to Dublin and no way as busy as London. Everybody is into football (afl that is) old ladies have chatted to us on the train enquiring what team we support!! To anyone thinking about making the move and getting those nervy moments when you wonder is it the right thing I would say it is worth it- Just go for it and as Barrack would say - Is fheidir linn!! (thats for our Irish contingent on PIO)
  4. I won't bore you with flight details other than to say we had a stop-over in Dubai for a few days to get over all the exhausting work beforehand and let the kids enjoy the amazing water parks. We got lucky with the holiday let I pre-arranged, it was clean, spacious and economical, (we're just average bods on a sparkies salary). We knew from our reckie last year we wanted to be on the Mornington Peninsula, approx 1 hr from Melbourne. We stayed a bit down the road in Rosebud, but in less than 3 weeks we have moved into our rental in Mount Martha. The kids were already on waiting lists for the schools we previously earmarked and it was a great relief to learn we had got the oldest in, (he's 13). My daughter was a different story, seems Millennium babies are bursting class sizes here to 28/29 (Back home she was in a class of 35). So 2nd choice it was. Initially we hired a larger motor from the airport for all the luggage and with a minimum hire charge of 3 days we organised to return it to the city. Then we walked round the block to a much cheaper hire firm and hired a smaller car for a week and a half. In that time we managed to put a deposit down on a cut 'n shut (to my husbands later horror!). Got our money back the next day, with my husband trying to teach son the top No 1 lesson of Never Be Afraid To Ask For Your Money Back. Luck shined on us the next day though as we found a nice little convertible for me for the summer. Totally impractical but I'm havin fun! Finally work; we concentrated on a base, transport and sorting the kids first and only yesterday did we look at getting a job. Having said that my husbands signed up for a wiring regs course, we also visited Energy Safe again to find out from the horses mouth if there was anyway round the year long practical required. No is the answer. Yesterday we visited the Union and hopefully have a little iron in the fire. The pay appears to be better here but then stuff is dearer. We've got one Ikea sofa the four of us squeeze on, I've got some nice crystal wine glasses (priorities, get them right) and a whole heap of possibilities for the future. Next time it could be you!!!
  5. Just wondering how everyone felt in the last weeks you had here in the Uk? :wideeyed:
  6. Help I sent my application to TRA in Canberra 13th-Sept I've had no reply no conformation nothing I emailed them they replyed saying my email was forwarded to appropriate area on 30th Sept still nothing is this normal?:arghh:
  7. So got a problem...Can anyone help? We have been planning the move etc for months. We got our visa's 2 weeks ago and put the house up for sale thiw week. Houses have been going in 1 to 2 weeks for ages, but not at the moment. So leaving in 3 weeks and not sold house.... So i may need to come on my own and get the family to follow once sold (when ever that is). We are looking for any ideas of low rent for one person (43 year old professional) for short tterm rental, because still need to pay mortgage (by the way we are from UK, but have lived in Canada for 8 years. We have no family in Canada so cannot leave the house for anyone to sell on our behalf) Any ideas, comments or suggestions greatly appricated. thanks in advance.
  8. Guest

    Moving in 3 weeks!

    Right i'm coming over in 3 weeks, on a 1yr working holiday visa but with a view to staying. completely on my own, qualifeid plumber, 25, gonna stay in a hostel for the first couple of weeks as i look for work and somewhere proper to live, does anyone know where i can possibly line something up for before i get there workwise? or maybe construction employment agencies i can ring after i land? ta
  9. Not long since we got our visa and we are trying to plan when to leave?? We are hoping to move out of the flat at the end of march, and then have two weeks to tie up everything with it (final bills etc) and then fly out. Just wondering if anyone has advice about timings? Just wondering when to finish work? As part of my thinks everything will be organised ( as i think moving out of flat, packing will be the biggest job! I could be wrong?)so to work right up until last few days or did people have lots to do in the last week or so? if so what kind of things keep everyone busy? Any advice greatly received :wubclub:
  10. Plan 104

    5 weeks in Perth

    We have been writing a blog and we thought we should share out thoughts on the moving process on here as well as you will read below its all going pretty well!!.... Who would have thought it? We have only gone and actually done it!! Yes thats right we are now proud residents of Perth, WA. From a practical point of view it has all been relatively straight forward. The relocation company took care of so much that actually all we had to do was pack our suitcases and semi pack the house. The removal company came in and literally within hours had emptied the house. Pretty remarkable. The hardest part of the whole moving process was by far the week leading up to leaving. Saying goodbye to friend, relatives, workmates and everybody in between was heartbreaking. Tears flowed on a daily basis and the reality of moving to the other side of the world was becoming more real by the day But on the 23rd Aug 2011 we left Birmingham international on Flight EK25 for Perth via Dubai. The flight was pretty long and arduous but 20 hours later in the early hours of the 25th Aug we landed in Perth International. Customs as ever was quick and painless and with a driver waiting we were whisked to our apartments on Mounts Bay road near the city within half an hour of hitting the tarmac. So what do you do the first morning you wake up the other side of the world? Well we went for the practical approach - bank accounts, mobile phones, grocey shopping all during a bit of a daze but again relatively painless. Brits moving to Oz now is a well trodden road so everywhere we turned it was all quite straight forward. Armed with a UK passport we were able to become real people within hours. We had set up NAB accounts in the UK so that was a short stop in the branch to show our i.d. Mobile phone was a bit more complicated but a very good deal on a pay as you go deal sorted that out. Applied for TFN number on the first day as you have to be in Australia to apply for that (which reminds me mine hasn't come through yet. Need to chase that up) The quickest decision i think i for one have ever made was signing the lease on a flat within 3 days of being in Australia. We had already decided we wanted something in a good 'sociable' location with a short commute to work but being British the beach was also a pull (well lets face it after living in landlocked Birmingham for the past few years who could blame us for wanting a bit of sea air!!) so we landed on an apartment in 'Claremont' although a pretty affluent suburb with rent prices to match we got a pretty good deal. The shopping centre downstairs was also a big pull!! (though a running joke with a few people we have met that if you walk through the shopping centre in Claremont you either have to be wearing designer labels from head to foot or your gym clothes. Needless to say my denim shorts and topshop vests have got some strange looks already!) Living in Perth has got too many advantages to mention. The weather of course it top of the list (though after getting caught in a dress and slip on shoes in a downpour on Friday night i can vouch for the fact it does rain here!!) though waking up on a sunday morning going for a swim outdoors, then breakfast in a cafe on the terrace in the sunshine when its still winter is not bad at all. The way of life here is everything that you think it will be - relaxed, informal and focused on the outdoors. People say hello as you pass them on the street - even when you have never laid eyes on them in your life, people chat to you on the train (and they aren't even drunk!!..well ok some are) there are opportunities every way you turn to make friends and build up a social network again (and anyone who says there isn't obviously is just not trying!!) We have already met several people we get on with, some Brits, some Aussie all of which will think will become great friends. We are already looking forward to summer where the weather is even better than it is now and we can really take advantage of the free BBQ's in the park and even more looking forward to the container arriving with the bikes on so we can get fit whilst exploring this amazing city. So after a few weeks in Perth would we recommend it - hell yes. Does it feel that we have given up everything to move to the other side of the world - not at all. Are we missing friends and family - Well yes of course. That was always the hardest bit but a good internet connection and the wonders of Skype have made that so much easier. Is the cost of living higher? - Yes it is without a doubt however not as bad as people might have you think. Rent/houses are more expensive. Grocery's are a bit more (but equivalent to shopping at waitrose i guess rather than asda) eating/drinking out is more, buying a car is a hell of a lot more, but so many things are less or the same - train travel, petrol, keeping fit (i.e its almost free as you don't need a gym membership etc), entertainment (i would take sitting on the beach with a BBQ and bottle of wine watching the sunset over a night out in the pub any day) The fact that wages are better here i think we are just as well off if not slightly better being here than in the UK never mind the quality of life we are already feeling the benefit of.
  11. Queensland's Floods Inquiry will continue its final days of public hearings in Brisbane today as it races to complete its report by the February deadline. The Commission has just 14 days of hearings to go before it adjourns to prepare its final report. Complaints about insurance companies and confusion over terms used to describe a property's flood risk have dominated the second round of sittings. The Inquiry has heard evidence from many disaster victims who did not understand their property's flood risk when they purchased it. Other witnesses have complained about delays they experienced waiting for their insurance claims to be processed. More evidence on town planning is expected today as the Commission considers whether changes to building guidelines are needed.
  12. My husbands job is probably going to be in Toowoomba. I have 4 kids aged 15, 12, 10(boys) and 6 (girl). Any advice on places to live (rent) near good schools as children will walk to school. Just want a nice, safe family area so kids can play outside thanks Libbysmummy x
  13. dandt99

    6 weeks to go and stressed

    We fly to Perth in 6 weeks and I'm wondering who we still need to let know officially, i.e. tax office, government etc. Spoke to Doctors and they wanted £50 per patient for summary records, so think we'll give them a miss a let the Aus Docs make their own assessment. Daren't ask the denist cos they're usually more costly. Seriously getting stressed too, still got house to sell/let, cars to sell and organising our own leaving party. Family taking a back seat in semi denial doesn't help with the guilt either.......:arghh: Ah well, I'm sure it'll all work out.
  14. Guest

    We fly 4 weeks today

    Hi all, Just thought I'd give a bit of an update. We fly to Melbourne in exactly 4 weeks and am feeling fairly organised! We've had the visa (175) since Sep-09. Validated in Mar-10. Booked flights to Melbourne for Oct-11. Opened a bank account with ANZ and transferred some but not much money. Applied for the animals import permits and Jun-11, received them early Jul-11. Got all animals their boosters. Booked the container to come 19th Sep. We booked a 20 foot sole use container and packed all the furniture ourself. It arrived yesterday and was only about 3/4's full! All went off without a hitch and should be in Melbourne in 42 days. OH managed to sort himself a job, contract will be posted from Oz this week. He has been in touch with loads of real estate agencies about renting with pets, all very positive so far, some have sent us houses to look at already. Got the dogs their blood tests yesterday and the topical treatment applied. A dog behaviourist is coming on Thursday to get the dogs used to crates and to deal with separation anxiety. One car sold and gone, the other sold and will be gone 30th Sep. We have 3 different hire cars booked till we go - we need a big car to bring all the animals to Heathrow. Notice handed in work, we finish 3 weeks tomorrow, our leaving party is next Friday and that's about it. All we have to do now is finalise the animals and bring them to Heathrow and then we're done! If I can help with anything just give me a shout.
  15. Guest

    2 weeks before we go

    Yikes only two weeks before we leave, and heading to Launceston Tasmania. Shippers booked, dog has passed his blood test. house rented out just the car to sell. exciting but nervous. Anyone on the Heathrow to Melbourne flight on 5th Ocotber with Singapore Airlines?
  16. Guest

    2 weeks left - please help me

    Hi there, I'm new to the site and just wondering if anybody can help me stay in Darwin. My situation is that I'm currently on a working holiday visa (runs out 30/09/11), however I made the decision that I want to stay over here so I have a skills assessment in process at the moment, in order to apply for state nomination on the 487 visa. My worry is that I may not get my trade (carpenter) recognised before I have to go home. Therefore, I'm beginning to think I should maybe look for employment sponsorship on a 457 but I'm not sure if i need my skills assessment for this? I would be willing to do any job even away from carpentry so does anybody know of any contacts that I could pester? Any other advice/links/contact no's would be greatly appreciated as I really don't wanna leave paradise!! Thanks for reading, Spencer
  17. Gaskit

    10 weeks in Melbourne

    Hello, I thought I'll do one of those arrival reports as I found reading them so useful when still in the UK. Hopefully others will find it useful too. Anyway we flew Singapore Airline back in June with a 4 days stopover in Singapore as we thought it would be our last holidays for a little while (we are here on OH 457 visa so will take him a little while to build up annual leave). Singapore was nice , we visited the zoo, markets etc. 4 days is plenty to see the main tourist attractions. We then flew to Melbourne (each flight was an overnight flight as easier for the 3yrs old daughter). Going through customs at 7am took ages (1hr), then got the shuttle bus to our hotel in the CBD. OH started work within a week of arriving and the hunt for a rental then started. The whole rental process is really not a pleasant experience and is very very time consuming. We also probably made the mistake of trying to do everything by public transport which is possible but it would be much more efficient with a car to drive around places first. Anyway as others said on here have all your paperwork for the application scanned and printed (passport, birth certificate, bank statement etc and an introduction letter). At the end we got really tight for time with our container about to arrive so took the next property that we did not dislike too much !! But we have really seen some horrors! We just thought we will stay here for 12 months and then we will have a much better feel for the areas we want to live in. Container was delivered within 2 weeks of arriving in Melbourne - custom inspection was done within a week but we then had to wait a week for them to issue the paperwork to release the container. Anyway we are quite happy where we are. We found a nice nursery for the little one - they seem to be having so many activities planned there : music , sport and various visits (fire station last week !). Now with regards to cost of life here, I think it's pretty much as we expected reading other posts on here. Some stuff are more expensive and others cheaper! Transport is particularly cheap : petrol is cheap, you can park free in most places (except obviously in melbourne CBD) and the train/tram/bus is only $3 for the day at weekend ! a bit of a shock compared to london ! In any case you have to shop around for things to get the best prices. I'm now going to be testing the whole Medicare system as I found out I was pregnant just as we arrived and all private health insurance have a 12 months waiting period before you can get cover for antenatal care. The money you get back from the rebate seems to be quite variable so far. I can't say we have seen much of Melbourne yet as we have been too busy trying to settle in. But now that spring has arrived, it feels the right time to start exploring what Melbourne has to offer! :yes: Anyway no regret so far ... even the little one keeps saying 'it's beautiful here!!' when she sees colourful parrots flying off in the garden ! and the 100's of playgrounds available here are helping too !! Good luck to all of you who are about to do the trip - it's 6 months of hard work but hopefully worth it ! Happy to help with any questions :cute:
  18. Hi all, Our (me & my wife) 457 visa has arrived & we are booked to land in Sydney the 29th September! We are going to be living in Canberra which is where my new job is based, and I have living arrangements & car over there sorted through my new job. We are still keeping our house in the UK but renting it to a close relative just incase... Here is my checklist, is there anything else I need to consider for when we start our new life! Australian NAB acct setup. Moneycorp acct setup for free money transfers. Pickfords booked to move furniture. Health insurance payed for first month (as part of my 457 app) although im gonna look for a cheaper version once Im over. UK driving licence. (im assuming you need this to validate driving in Oz) Am I missing something? :eek: Cheers Ben
  19. For so long we have been looking forward an "fantasising" about our new life in Perth, and now were all booked up to go, the worry is starting to set in, were asking ourselves have we done the right thing ????. did anyone else go through this ? Any advice ?
  20. Please help, we are due to visit in 12 weeks for a 3 week stay specifically to attend a wedding. We booked this in Feb have remortgaged our house to pay for the trip, and despite asking about visa at the time of booking and the fact that I have a criminal conviction I was told you get an ETA visa one month before. Being organised I have started early and realised this is not the case at all, I am now panicking! I was convicted 21 years ago for section 20, unlawful wounding and was sentenced for 15 months of which I served 6 months. It appears that I will have to apply for the Tourist Visa 676, but has anyone got any advice, on whether I am likely to be approved, or how long this may take and what information they will need. I am now 46 and will be travelling with my wife who is now distraught.
  21. Guest

    ACS- 14 weeks and still waiting

    Hi there, im new to this so please bear with me :wubclub:. I have just a quick question...my husband (i say my hubby but we have actually gone through an agency to help with lodged an application to the ACS on may 19th. It changed quite quickly to stag4 and had sat there for weeks. We are now approaching the 14th week of waiting for a result and this morning when i logged in to do my daily check and track the application (if im to be honest one of my many daily checks,lol) , it has gone back to stage 2 and says "awaiting reply". Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone know why this has happened/ is it a bad sign? , and what should we do now? I have send our agent an email but as you can imagine, im pretty frustrated as we are passed the 12 weeks when it was at stage 4 it said it was " with assessor " . Im very sorry for rambling on , im just a tad upset and very frustrated :arghh: and desperate to lodge our visa application. Sarah
  22. Good evening folks... So.... we have arrived and are settled in..ish. Chris arrived 8 weeks ago, I followed him out 5 weeks later and in three weeks we have got a house, furnished it, bought a car and been on a few wee adventures. We have also spent a lot of time and money in IKEA! If anyone feels homesick, go to IKEA, cos they all look the same and you could be anywhere in the world! We are living in Hope Island, lovely area, dead quiet. Bit like a retirement village, lots of older folks driving about in golf buggies.....and us! Just wondered if anyone else not receiving a pension lived in this area??? Also if anyone has any ideas about what to do on weekends when its raining, any ideas would be much appreciated. We have been to Moreton Bay and did a whale watching tour, great to see the big guys, but if you get sea sick (like I did) I wouldn't recommend it. Went to Australia Zoo also, it was good to see but if i'm being honest, Chester Zoo in England was much better!! We are currently trying to plan some weekend breaks, Noosa and Byron Bay look good and not too far to travel. Loving the rain at the mo.....feels like home!! Debs and Chris
  23. Dear company :biggrin: Is anyone moving to Brisbane in near future and taking belongings with them in a container? If so would they care on poss. sharing to keep costs down, i don't have a great deal to take but if anyone would consider pls message me.... I'm in Ireland at present but not a problem for me... :biggrin: :notworthy: :wubclub:
  24. So we emigrated 5 weeks ago and have been living in Terrigal and we LOVE it! In general the people are so friendly and way more relaxed than back home. It feels like every day I come home with mobile numbers of other mums I have met at the park or in a coffee shop, which just wouldn't happen back at home. We have been on the beach most weekend both at Terrigal and Avoca, my and my OH even swam in the sea yesterday!! Our 3 year old goes to day care for 2 days a week (which he loves) and then ice skating & gymnastics at Erina where we have met more nice people. We viewed a house in Terrigal on Monday and fell in love with it, 5 minutes walk to the beach, so we put our rental application in, there were another 5-6 families looking around at the same time and it was a slightly awkward situation as everyone seemed to be very keen and I didn't think we would get chosen by the Landlord, but we did (yipeee!) and yesterday we signed a 12 month rental agreement, we move in at the end of July and are so excited. Our container should arrived around the same time and I can't wait to see all our stuff again. We did wonder whether the Central Coast might be a little "sleepy" for us at first, so we went for a look around Wahroonga (near Hornsby) nice & leafy, great schools, coffee shops, but just too far away from the beach, it just felt like a Cheshire suburb and we have lived in one of those for the last 10 years and we wanted a change, so its the beach life for us! All the beauracy i.e. car rego, tax file numbers, medicare, opening a bank account, childcare rebate, etc have been so straight forward and all the staff we dealt with couldn't have been more helpful. We're not as homesick as we thought we would be, Skype really helps and we talk to friends or family almost every night. My Dad is due to visit in 6 weeks which I so looking forward to. So all in all, it has been a great move, feel very settled and very happy. So a big, big thank you to all the PIO's who have helped us along the way with your advice, etc - it has helped us ease through everything so well. :hug:
  25. Guest

    2 Weeks In Scarbourgh, WA

    Hi All :spinny: Apologies for the long post. Spent 2 weeks in Scarbourgh recently validating our visa. We flew from Glasgow with Emirates and had a fantastic flight, service was excellent. Collected car from Red Spot at the airport Holden Barina which is similar to a Vauxhall Vectra £441.24 for 12 days which included additional insurance. Picked up vodafone sim card $29 for $150 worth of calls and internet dongle $49 for 3GB with dongle also from the airport. we bought Start 10 Tom tom with Australia map from ebay before we came (can purchase from Dick Smith $99 Australia) it was fantastic and took us every place we wanted to visit without any stress and very easy to use. We visited the marina north of Scarbourgh which was lovely and loads of nice palces to eat. Went to Hogs breadth in Mindarie recomended by fellow PIO member (thank you) call and book always busy. Perth city is a nightmare to find parking best to take public transport $8 dollars to park for 2hrs, lovely view of swan river from Esplanade. Kings Park had fantastic views of the city and parking was free. Fremantle markets had loads of character, great parks and lots of places to eat and shop. The atmosphere was wonderfull when the markets were on. Its was cheaper to park on the street than in carpark buildings. Great places for cheap gifts. Fremantle Prison night tour for family of four $72 last about an hour 15mins well worth it. NAB banks or redi teller no charge at the cash machine if NAB customer also cash back is available from most shops Whiteman Park, Caversham Wildlife park could spend all day there, pinic areas, large park free parking entry to see the animals Adult $22 Child $9.50, can feed the Kangaroos and get pictures took with the animals using your own camera Petrol $1.44 per litre 4cents of a litre with a receipt from coles or woolworths at a participating petrol station. $40 to fill a tank which we did three times during the trip but travelled all over with the car Scarbourgh beach wonderful sunsets all free Great indoor shopping centre SOR Gateway shopping centre in cockburn. I found woolworths cheaper than coles. Also had target and K Mart which were all reasonably priced. The reject shop was cheaper for washing up liquid, sweets and nic naks Processed and snack food alot more expensive e.g canned soup, ready meals, pringles however meat and poultry cheaper. If you can get to butchers and fruit & veg markets at Hammond Roads SOR a lot cheaper (Jack Daniels Fillet steak thick cut $10, chicken fillets are huge cut into at least two portions. Feel free to ask any questions Good Luck to everyone making the move