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Found 357 results

  1. Guest

    3 weeks to go

    I am counting the days and there are only 21 left before I leave. Unfortunately there are about a million and 21 niggly jobs to be done before I go, never mind the basic big jobs to be completed. The house is not sold so I need to arrange for power of attorney for my sister to start with. I'm worried about not being able to get a phone or internet connection because I don't have a job (or anywhere to live come to think of it) and because I'm on my own I am really keen to have a handy means of communication with family and friends at home. I am in the process of itemising things I am packing up and that is a nightmare, I'm trying to sort out opening a bank account in Australia so that it is ready for when I get there and I have to exchange my savings (about £6,000) for AUD but I dont know whether to use a company like HIFX or just use my bank. What if I can't find a job? What if I never find any friends? I'm not sure that these things are immensely big things or if I am making them into mountains because time is racing and I am beginning to panic. Please tell me that other people are or have felt the same way at this stage. I beginning to lose sleep over the whole thing as you can probably tell as I am posting this in the middle of the night! Rebecca
  2. Hello All, Just to say hello and it's good to read of others experiences, makes us feel quite normal now. We (we - copule with two young boys) are enjoying Brisbane though found it difficult at first having moved here from Ireland. The usual worries, have we done the right thing etc. We hope to be moving into temp accom in Sandgate soon while we house hunt in the area - seems a nice area. We had, and still have, the familiar predicament - Brisbane or Perth but intend to stay in Brisbane and visit Perth at some point (stayed there years ago - nice memories). Just a thought that we have been mulling - Everyone says "Hello" and engages in crap, but enjoyable, chit chat in Ireland but people don't seem to to do the same here in Brisbane. Is it because we are in a city? Heather&Mick
  3. For anyone else waiting for the acknowledgement of the receipt of their application, I have just logged on to find my acknowledgement email. Our application was received in Adelaide on October 30th, so it does seem as if there is some delay at the moment. They took the payment from our credit card today as well.
  4. Guest

    arrived in sydney 2 weeks ago

    Hi there Well, we arrived in Sydney almost 2 weeks ago. We have been very busy - attending interviews, finding a 6 months rental property and just generally getting our bearing. My emotional was all over the place last week, one minute I'm very hyper/excited and the next I'm worrying! However, we have settled in okay now, managed to have a job offer and found a flat for the next 6 months in Neutral Bay. I think we will have fun here and exploring around. The weather have been fab, blue skies and bird singing in the morning. The next thing we have to do is find a 2nd hand car....my husband thinks secondhand car here is more expensive than the UK. He is loving it here and pretty laidback, it helps when you have someone being optimistic. Anyway, is there anyone in their mid 20s to 30. I would like to see how you guys are getting on too. I'm missing my friends in UK. My family have moved back to Hong Kong about 2 years ago, so I guess I'm close to them now (I moved to UK when I was 10 yrs old). It's funny, the guy who interview me next week mentionned my english accent and said it will be interesting when the ashes is on because everyone in the office will be taking the mickey. Catch you later. Rebecca
  5. Hi Everyone I guess this question is more for you guys that are already in OZ After reading lots and lots of comments about different suburbs in Victroia we are still finding it really difficult to decide where to settle, I am concerned we will not have to much time to be driving around looking at all the areas, so please would some one mind telling what are the areas they would recommend. Thankyou
  6. Guest

    arrived in Sydney 7 weeks ago

    Hi to everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone else is in the area. We have a lovely unit in Avalon Beach, (40 minutes outside Sydney), our daughter (13) starts school on Tuesday and Hubby got a job 3 days after we arrived. So far we love it here, would love to chat to any other newbies Karen