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Found 576 results

  1. rockola57

    WANTED DOWN UNDER.Its changed!

    Me and the wifey poos have acquired access to a load of the latest WDU progs,and have noticed a distinct change in the tone of the series.When we watched this with Nadia Allswell haha a few years ago,it was decidedly positive,portraying a land of Milk and Honey there for us all ,which ultimately resulted in us being here.I am not complaining either,as i like it here.However,the later series with the blond girl presenter,is a different kettle of fish.It seems to paint Australia as a not so attractive place to live,due to the costs involved.The very tone from the outset is negative,like"Would you leave your loved ones"Would you take such an uncertain chance""Could you live with"etc.Then the TV company appear to seek out families who are not seriously focused on emigrating,but are willing to see what it's all about,with the inevitable outcome,given that they are often quite comfortable in the UK.It's all political in my opinion,all of a sudden the emphasis is on Stop the Brain Drain!!!!You can fool some of the people all of the time,BUT!!!!:yes::wink:
  2. Hi We have been here 3 years in West Pennant Hills and my son attends Murray Farm Public School. It's progressively making him unhappy and I need to find a school (public or private) where the emphasis is on encouragement for any success and where the curriculum is taught in an engaging, boy friendly, way. He is so unhappy and considers himself such a failure as it seems all he constantly hears from his teacher is how he does so many things wrong. Any recommendations from you all please ?
  3. Hey guys, ive looked through past posts and not found an answer. I need to send a few boxes or small crates from the UK to Geelong. Who are the best/cheapest and do they go by weight or size? I want my gym equipment over here and its disproportionate for its size. I would just sell it in the UK but you never get what its worth and buying here is a fortune.
  4. MTB & G

    Electrician wanted

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a qualified sparks on the Gold Coast to give me a quote for a job that I need doing now. 1, possibly 2 days work. If anybodies interesed give me a PM ASAP please Its always good to have a few reliable traddies contact numbers in hand anyway! Cheers Martyn
  5. We are a couple, driving from Brisbane to Sydney, and next day flying to US for holidays. It would be awesome if somebody can share their premises ($$) with us for 1 night. We are easy going couple. room for 1 night 10Feb-11Feb close to airport | Short Term Property Rental | Gumtree Sydney Thanks a lot, Sergey
  6. Does anyone have links to the tv series wanted downunder, just so i can show a friend. older ones in particular, prior to 2007 ( i arrived in oz )
  7. Guest

    Ex-Pat New Arrivals Wanted!

    Hi everyone, My name is Danni Lomas; I’m a documentary researcher based QLD. I’m working on a new UK documentary series about Ex-Pats living here in South- East QLD. Check out the info below. Century Films are producing an eight-part, prime-time documentary series for ITV1 in the UK about Brits living in SE Queensland. The series follows the Ex-Pat experience; exploring the lives Brits have made for themselves in Australia and how they fit into life here. From ten-pound poms to new arrivals we'll discover what it is to be a Brit in Oz and the diverse experiences people have had here. Both ITV and Century Films are keen to produce a series with a warm, entertaining tone, but also take an insightful look at Australian culture and how Brits integrate. 

 Since the start of January we’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of Ex-Pats from many different backgrounds and interesting stories of life in Oz. We’re shooting till mid March and now focused on meeting an Ex-Pat, couple or family who’ll be newly arriving/ moving to the South East QLD. If that sounds like you then we’d love to speak with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Best regards, Danni
  8. bennyboy

    Wanted down under series-perth?

    Hi to all, I love watching this programme every morning but i am wondering why Perth is not being chosen as a trial for the families that participate? Perth is a beautiful city and would love to hear from anyone with any views on this subject? Maybe Perth is too expensive, poor job prospects, expensive housing (even in southern suburbs?) I would be interested to read people's views, thank you.:hug:
  9. RobertBurns

    household furniture wanted

    Im going from renting a room in a house, to renting an entire house. Its unfurnished, and apart from the stuff for my room, I dont have anything to put in the house. Im looking for the cheapest (free if possible) method of getting some basic stuff to fill the house.. Suggestions welcome please, or if anyones chucking anything out, Ill take it! Cheers
  10. Guest

    advice wanted

    Hi i have just got back from visiting my partners family in queensland and am thinking of takeing the plunge to move to oz but not sure if i am eligable as i am 44 and my partner 36 i work in telecoms ( BT ) AS A FIELD ENG i have spoke to a bloke who works for Telstra but he couldnt tell me much about the procedures involved i would like to speek to anyone in Telecoms or any one that can point me in the correct direction
  11. Hello! I'm 15 (since July) and moving to Brisbane with my family in July next year. We're looking to move to South Brisbane (Indooroopilly/Kenmore area...) so it would be good to make friends before I get out there who are either moving around the same time as me or who already lives in Brisbane I think I will probably be going to Indooroopilly State High School so it would be really good if I knew someone who goes there too! :cute: I think I'll be joining half way through year 10 which I'm also worried about because I'll be older than most people Please reply/ message me! Elise :cute: x
  12. Hey I'm a young 35 year old and recently seperated from my Husband. We have a great circle of friends but they're all couples and there's always room for more. I'm looking for girlie friends for drinks, friendship and put the world to rights with. Not majorly up for the clubbing scene these days but enjoy a drink or two at local bars. I live in the Northern Beaches and would love to meet like minded people and am looking to sort out a meet in January. Let me know if any of you are up for it.
  13. Guest

    New friends wanted

    I have recently moved to Perth and am living NOR with my husband and 2 year old I am looking to meet up with anyone in the same position. We live near Hillary's so if any one fancy's a coffee in the park one morning i would be more than happy
  14. Guest

    wanted new friends in Point Cook

    :spinny:hello everyone My husband (42) and I (42) move to Point Cook with our son on the 23th November. My son is 13 months old. We would love to meet up with mums/dads with young children to share good times or a least a cup of tea or beer! lol. Also It would be great if anyone can suggest places to take my son i.e. groups, kinder etc. Thanks. Its soooooo exciting moving to Oz.:jiggy:
  15. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone could recommend a playgroup in and around the Hillarys area? I have 3 boys, 7, 5 and 2 and whilst my older boys are enrolled and heading back to school in a few weeks, I'm really wanting my youngest to be involved in some sort of organised activites group for his age range. Also, I see it as a great opportunity for me to mix with the mothers. We've only been out here a few weeks, so still not fully clued up on all that's going on in the area. Many thanks.:cute:
  16. Smith Tribe

    UTE and 4x4 or small car WANTED!!

    Hi, We are moving bk to Brisbane end of Jan and will be looking for a ute for OH, twin or single cab and a 4x4 or small car for myself. If anyone has anything for sale can you post or send me a PM please ta, will be very grateful ) Smiths
  17. tenkipops

    Friends wanted

    Hi myself and my hubby mid forties have now been here for nearly a year and have made a couple of good friends but would really like to widen the circle we have no kids here so ideally people with grown up kids or no kids would be better for us and we live in the Northern suburbs anyone who would like to meet up for a coffee etc let me know. Gilly:chatterbox:
  18. Hey, I've just moved back to perth to settle but i have a shortage of friends, would love to meet people that love having fun and are up for a good night out or grabbing a coffee and a good chat. I shall be attending the cricket in feb sometime i dont really get it just going for the atmosphere and to say ive been to a cricket match if anyones fancies coming along to soak up the rays and maybe have a beverage oh and watch the cricket!!! Kirsty xx
  19. pau1evs

    bbc !!!!

    ok bear with me xxx i have been here a year and cant get any bbc shows unless i pay more money xxx i want to see the programs but all i get is nicky chapman !!!!! talkin about people she has never met !!!!
  20. nurse sue

    Wanted lawn mower

    Hi am looking for lawn mower for my friends who have just moved here they live sunshine coast qld I live nearer the gold coast am happy to transport it to them would have invested in some rabbits but they were happy to find out rabbitts not allowed in QLD:biglaugh: if you have one you want to sell please contact me and i| will relay msg to them thanks in advance
  21. Hi If anyone hears of anything or has anything available please reply to this thread. Thanks Rob
  22. Hi All, I am moving to Geraldton in December and will need house contents Anyone got any for sale in the Perth /Geraldton area? I also will be on the look out for cheap 4x4 Cheers S
  23. Richste

    Wanted Down Under

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been posted, but new series of Wanted Down Under starts Monday 3rd Jan at 9am on BBC1 Rich
  24. Hi everyone I know some of you have probably gone through this already but any advice , encouragement and support welcome We are moving to Oz early part of next year, we recently told my parents who initially took the news very well, however, having had time to reflect on this their emotions are running very high and we had a showdown last night where by my dad is absolutely devastated that we are taking the grandkids away (12 and 9) My parents have and still play a huge part in our childrens lives and it is heartbreaking to see my kids and my parents so devastated. It starts to make you think why are we doing this and then all the positives start to come out.. my 12 year old son is taking this move especially hard Please can anyone give me some advice on how to keep strong and handle this situation Thanks in anticipation hazelxx:sad:
  25. The Pom Queen

    Cars Wanted Australia

    I recently saw an advertisement on TV asking if you had a car to sell. I sent them details for one of mine and they came back with the true book price so it doesn't look like you would loose anything. I thought it would be especially useful for people going back to the UK who were desperate to sell their cars. The website is carswanted - the fastest way to sell your car :wubclub: