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Found 576 results

  1. Guest

    wanted down under today

    Did anyone see wanted down under today , omg it was bob greaves the news reader off granada news . looks like his wife is going to oz and he is staying here .
  2. Guest

    Wanted Down Under Adelaide

    Wanted Down Under have they never heard of Adelaide!!!??? Does anyone know if they are going to show Adelaide at all ?? :wubclub:
  3. Does anyone else leave the room when the messages from the relatives come on during 'Wanted Down Under'? On the last series, I made myself watch them to have my own reality check and cried every time:cry: . Now that the decision is made and we are defo going, I can't watch them anymore, it's just too much!
  4. Jackboots

    wanted down under

    Happy new year to all at pio, is every one setting the video for a new series of wanted down under started this week, am on BBC1 , if your like us and can't get enough info its very watchable! and its a new series, so up to date, just makes you more restless though.:notworthy:
  5. hi i have just started my new job as a production manager on the central coast at Gosford about 1 hours drive from Sydney , AND HERE IS THE PROBLEM skilled workers , so if you are looking for a job as a sheet metal worker and have the skills and have worked with stainless then please get in touch with me .
  6. Guest

    Wanted down under tv

    Its now on BBCiplayer for those (like me) that dont have sky+. It wasnt before today, but it is now, maybe they've been asked to have it added on! Its the Perth one for those interested!
  7. Woo Hoo! Wanted Down Under starts again on 2nd Jan on BBC1 at 9.15! So excited! It's what enspired us to look in to moving to Oz again...had thought about it a few years ago, but it never got past the discussion stage! It looks like there will be familes travelling to NZ as well as Oz this time round. Here's a link to the listings detailing the programmes: Show times for Wanted Down Under - UK TV Guide Why or why do they put it on when most people are at work!! :wacko:So get you Sky+ or video/DVD recorders ready!! Mags:wubclub: x
  8. Guest

    Just Wanted To Say.........

  9. Hi all Not been on very much recently... so a big sorry to all those who have had their visa's that i have missed and a big Congratulations to you all!!:jiggy: We have been busy this end.... the Qataries have still not given us our PC's..... 10 months now and it's getting past a joke... but OH has been offered a job and the company are now doing a 457 for us to bring us into Oz whilst we wait for our 137. we are moving to perth feb/march now... so it's all systems go... house is going on the market new year - (we shall have to leave it in the hands of the estate agents), cats have had their import permits, OH's bike permit is being done and the removers are coming to check our stuff.... so it's a mad dash to the finish line!!!.... with the help of Ali the boys are enrolled into a local primary and i have sorted a swimming coach, scouts, gymnastics..you name it... so the boys can slot right in when we come. said our goodbyes already to alot of folks we see once a year etc.... so it's just a waiting game for the 457... but what i wanted to say is, although i have been so busy doing other things and will be over the next months or so....i haven't forgotten you lot and i shall pop in now and then.... in the mean time HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND A VERY HAPPY 2008 and may all your wishes come true!! min x:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    Wanted down under!

    Hi everyone still stuck here in the uk, We just read on another forum that the tv show WANTED DOWN UNDER is back on tv jan 4th 2008..... Featuring New Zealand and some families from the previous series and how they are doing. We loved it!!! should be awesome eh Cal N Gary?:jiggy:
  11. Hi Bit of a long shot but thought I'd ask. Any reflexologists in the Forrestfield Perth area looking for work if so I know a salon/spa that are looking for staff. Janette
  12. Hi all we r moving to NSW next year and wonderd if anyone knows anyone who works on the im a celeb set and could poss give me or get me a job working there Many thanks Ron
  13. are the police checks done in australia after visa, or u.k at early stages of visa app. i work in construction and have from leaving school,exp in extensions,brickwork city n guilds ,groundwork ect. is there more demand for such work in melbourne or say perth, what is a 475? visa am i right in thinking when the visa is issued you have a 6month window to travell? is it poss to get a 6month work visa and then extend if a employer is willing to sponser,cheeky i know but.. ok thanks for any advice given.
  14. Guest

    just wanted to know

    hi, we were wondering if anyone knows if the pathway d is opening again. we are getting frustrated, logging on to agencies to try and find sponsorship but have had no luck!!! :wacko: Laura, Nick
  15. Guest

    Advice urgently wanted please

    I am taking documents to court next week for verifying and stamping. Do I also need to take my birth cert passport etc as well as hubbies as he is the one initially applying. Also do I take copies of all the documents or take the originals and the courts do it for me? Your help gratefully received Gilly:wacko:
  16. Hi Can anyone help, we are in Melbourne and looking to rent close to transport links and can travel up to an hour out of Melbourne centre. Real Estate places don't seem to be particularly flexible and now having to wait another week until saturday inspections. Looking at $250 - $300 2+ bedroom, with housetrained cat. Any advice appreciated, until then backpacking it is!!! Any questions let us know thanks Vicky and T:err:
  17. Guest

    New Friends wanted

    Hi we have moved from New Zealand where we lived for 2.5 years, origionally from UK, to the Glass House Mountains in QLD. We have 2 boys, 8 + 3 and a baby on the way in 10 weeks. We are looking for new frieds who understand how hard it is to start all over and meet up for drinks, BBQ etc.
  18. Heya guys thought we'd chance our arm here as well as checking the various realty sites. Looking for a 4x2 with study and preferably pool, plus pets allowed. Tall order I know!!! I'm transfering to the Australian Navy so I can guaruntee the rent income and be on time. Anyone have or know of anyone looking to rent out a property to a tidy professional and family starting mid Nov please shout!!
  19. I got this from the Australian version of Yahoo news. It looks like nursing is going from strength to strength. Labor planning for 9,250 more nurses Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd has announced an $81 million plan to put an extra 9,250 nurses into Australia's hospitals. After touring the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, Mr Rudd announced the initiative which would aim to attract trained nurses back into the profession and provide for an extra 1,500 graduate nurses. ADVERTISEMENT "This is a significant first step in Labor's long term plan to meet the large nursing shortfall that currently exists under the Howard government," he said. "Australia's public and private hospitals desperately need more nurses." The Labor initiative is over five years. Federal health minister Tony Abbott dismissed the plan. Mr Abbott said wooing trained nurses back into hospitals with a financial bonus could cause resentment amongst nurses currently working in the health system. "Giving nurses who aren't currently in the system some sort of one-off bonus to come back in, apart from anything else, that could well breed resentment for those nurses who have always stayed at their post," he said. Mr Abbott, who is campaigning in two marginal West Australian electorates, says he is not surprised by an opinion poll showing a coalition recovery on economic management. "I've always thought that the polls over the last few months have very significantly overstated Kevin Rudd strengths, indicating a very bad result for the government. "On the street there's never been anything like the kind of obvious resentment that would justify the sort of polls we've been seeing." Mr Abbott said the government was very much still the underdog. "The real workers' party these days is the Liberal party," Mr Abbott said. "I think any claims Labor may historically have to represent the workers of Australia are very old fashioned these days." Prime Minister John Howard says it's interesting Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd chose to make a health funding announcement at a hospital run by a community board. Mr Rudd made his announcement at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane. Mr Howard pointed out Mater was run by a local community board. The federal government wants to see more hospitals run by community boards, a plan Labor is opposed to. "That is interesting, very very interesting indeed," Mr Howard told reporters. "I thought boards were bad. "But it's a wonderful hospital, and anything that involves training more nurses I support," he said on the funding announcement. Nurses say Labor's plan to bring 9,250 extra nurses into Australia's hospital system is a step in the right direction. "The plan ... is a move in the right direction," said Royal College of Nursing Australia executive director Rosemary Bryant. "This plan recognises the vital role that registered nurses play in the health system and makes a valuable investment into the education of nurses. "The provision of appropriately qualified nurses will improve health service delivery and thus better outcomes for consumers of these services." But the college, a professional body for nurses, said Labor must also look beyond hospitals to address nursing shortages in other health and aged care sectors. Good luck all you nurses out there (well, every one really) The Tuckers
  20. Hi I wonder if anyone can help us. :arghh: My OH is a mechanic and needs to get references from ex-employers to be used for the skills assessment. He has contacted ex-employers and they ask what he wants them to put because they are just used to the normal reference, who he is, how long he worked for them and that he was a good worker etc. Obviously the reference we need is slightly more detailed, but just how detailed does it have to be? Does anyone have an example of such a reference that they used for their old TRA application or any help with the wording. (we know the rules have changed). We want to make the whole process as easy and straight forward for the ex-employers as possible, so if we have something to show them they will understand what we are looking for. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Julia and Kent
  21. Hi to everyone and what a great site full of loads of info , we are family of 4 who live on the wirral and are now in house selling hell land ! got our visas in july and hoping to be going to brisbane/ bayside area asap. people say this site is addictive and they are right not much done today on day off as been on here for most of it !
  22. Guest

    Just wanted to say Hi......

    Hi Guys, We have just joined this site, we are off to Perth around May next year, we are just waiting on our medicals etc and then we are to sell our house, arrange shipping etc. We are a family of 5 with the oldest child being 5 and a half, then a 4 year old and then an 18 month old.We would very much like help with advice on shipping, what to take with us, which are the best suburbs to look at in Perth and any other advice which you would be kind enough to share. My husband si a carpenter so we are going out on the skilled visa. Our friends think we are mad as we don't really know anyone out there, Kris doesn't have a job to go to and the can't understand why we want to leave Eastbourne as its right by the sea and and a t the foot of the downs. But we are looking forward to it....so if anyone can help us or give us any advice we would be really grateful. many thanks and I hope this is not too long for my first posting!!:smile: Lou and the gang
  23. Hello to everybody, I'm 29 and moving to Perth in a little over 4 weeks. Initially on a 2 year WHM visa but would love to make this a permanent move by seeking company sponsorship. If anybody would like to meet up that would be cool, just drop us a pm or reply to this post. Cheers Sarah :SLEEP:
  24. Dear Poms I am cheekily posting a note on this site from grey old London as I want to speak/meet any Brits now living in Australia who might tell us what it has been like making the big move and how life is now/compared to back in UK. The reason is we have ITV interested (don't get too excited, they have not given us the money.. yet) in a new drama series idea about a group of British friends who all decide to up sticks and move to Australia. So a sort of modern Auf Wiedersehen Pet, but this time everyone does different jobs, and some bring families with them. We have a top screenwriter writing a script (he created Wild At Heart and co-created Life On Mars) who is also coming to Melbourne in October and in order for the show to be as truthful and entertaining as possible, we would love to talk to anyone who has emigrated, and could share some of their hilarious or horror stories of their experiences. As I say, early days as we are only at the writing stage, not the making stage, of the show, but hopefully if we write a good script then ITV will say yes and we will be making a long running hit TV series to be shown in the UK and Australia, all about people like you. So if you fancy dropping me an email, or fancy a coffee with my writer when he comes to Melbourne (if you live there/near there) that we would be hugely grateful for all and any help! Many thanks in advance.
  25. I am the fabrication supervisor of a small marine engineering company, we need good tradesmen in naval base, please ring me if your looking for work or e-mail me at michael@watmar.com.au 0488120880 good terms and conditions for the right people and permenent employment. mick