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Found 576 results

  1. Lynne2007

    Just Wanted To Say Goodbye!!!!!!

    Hi all, I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone as i wont be on poms anymore but would like to thank everyone for all your help and support you have given me through & during our visa process but also during the month i was here on my own. You have been a fantastic support in all our up, downs and tough times you dont know just how much it has been appreciated :yes: Good Luck to all you still waiting for your visas and to those got them and making there moving plans etc :cute: Thankyou, Good Luck & All The Best to you all :wubclub:
  2. Hi everyone After being on the Gold Coast for nearly 2 and half years Ive noticed a severe lack of clubs/societies offering regular meet-ups for ex-pats living specifically on the Gold Coast. If anyone would be interested in starting up a regular meet-up maybe once a month for all of us coasties please let me know. Lets get a group going so we can offer support and friendship to one another. Could just be meeting for coffee,lunch at surfclubs, bbq's on the beach, whatever. C'mon I think we need it. Would be nice if we could include all ages too. Lindsey
  3. Guest

    new friends wanted

    hi, we are a married couple Lee 36 yo and Maria 33yo with two children (Matt 2 1/2 yo and Summer 8 mos old) moving to Victoria hopefully on September this year. Very xcited but scared f we r doin d right thing:wideeyed: We have a good life here in UK, good family, good friends, good jobs..but not always happy with the weather:no:. My wife's a Nurse (that's how we got the chance in Oz) and now she's just waiting for a TRN number...........We dont wanna feel alone in Oz, so we thought this is the best place to start gaining good friends:yes:
  4. Guest

    wanted down under

    Hi, just want to say on the wanted down under programme, they never seem to want to go .Wish they would put us in programme we cant wait. They should look on here and find real wannabe poms! wish they would get a move on with our visa. jane:SLEEP:
  5. We will be flying into Brisbane late july and need a furnished rental min of 2 bedrooms, do you know of any good agents or websites other than the ones below? http://www.rent.com.au http://www.domain.com.au http://www.realestate.com.au
  6. Guest

    Dishwasher Wanted

    Well can this be used for "wanted items" I am after a cheap dishwasher cos im sick doing the flippin dishes but cant afford to buy a new one arrrrhhhhhhhh. Gold Coast area can collect. Thanks Em x
  7. Guest

    Trailer wanted

    Hi all, Thanks for your help, we have now found a trailer and are off for a nice couple of long weekends camping! Heather
  8. Gday, havent been on anything like this before but came across it online and after replying to a few threads giving some advice, i thought id say hi to anyone reading this. My boyfriend and I moved to Melbourne in May last year. The move came after Dan got a job in the CBD, we moved after months of planning and waiting for our visa after the paperwork went missing! We arrived with our suitcases, nowhere to live, very exicted, but apprehensive and i was very tearful after leaving my family behind. However fast forward almost a year and were having a fantastic time and its most definatelty the best thing we ever did. We landed on our feet and found a brand new apartment in Malvern within a week and although we would like to be nearer to the beach we like the area. The weather compared to the UK is amazing and weve been loving the outdoor lifestyle and bought a HUGE bbq for many nights outside. For anyone worried about whether to take the plunge and move here, following bits of advice i made up for myself at times when i panicked about moving - Simple but true - 'Life is too short' 'Just think next winter, your sitting in your house in England, freezing, its really dark outside and you have months of grey weather ahead of you - then imagine your life in Oz, gorgeous sunshine, lovely people, sooo much space everywhere, great shops and parks and a wonderful lifestyle....theres no comparison really' and finally ' if it doesnt work out, you can always go home - but you have to try'! Would love to hear from anyone thinking of moving and if you need any advice or tips. Bye for now Lindsay xxx :jiggy:
  9. shaza

    Wanted down under.....

    Does anyone know when its coming back on?? I used to love watching that and have caught a couple of the revisited episodes recently (in the middle of the night) but cant wait for the new series. Anyone know??? :chatterbox:
  10. Hi all, dont post on here much these days........but have made some fantastic friends over the past couple of years.....both on line and in the flesh........Thanx Jo & Paul, Charlie & Gabz for a fantastic weekend at your beautiful home on the Sunny Coast.......even tho' there weren't much sun, we had a blast........I will never let it be said that Melbourne is cold n wet again, got back here to temps of 39 degrees and scorchin sun!! Anyway, back to the point.......just wanted to share with you all that know our story and are aware of the fact, that just 8 weeks after our arrival here in 2006, our eldest son done a runner back to the UK. That was 1 year, 1 month & 18 days ago and we haven't seen him since!! Well the reason I am up at this ungodley hour and sitting at the pooter at 4am on a tuesday morning......actually this takes me back to the waiting for the visa days.....up at 4am to see if that bluddy email had come.........any way....back to my point.......my son is, as I type this, just leaving Singapore and arrives in Melbourne tomorrow morning....wooooooohoooooo...........to say we are stoked is an understatement!! We have no idea what his plans are but I don't care, I just can't wait to see my biggest baby again. For all of you out there, who have left kids behind, you will know how much it physically hurts just to think about them each day so will understand how excited we are. Any ways, thats my bit of news, just wanted to share it with you all. Lesley x
  11. Hello my name is Amy. I am 7 years old. My family are hoping to move to Australia next year. We would like to go to Perth (northern coast of perth) Is there anyone out there who likes horses and unicorns who would like to have a pen friend? :cool::cute::wub:
  12. Hi all, In Jan went out to Brisbane to activate hubbies general plumbers visa. Should have been a permanent trip but hubbie hadn't finished DIY on house so couldn't put on market till this month. Hope to be out there for good in August. Great site will have loads of questions to ask in future. Amelia, Peter, Thomas 7 and Freddie 2
  13. Hi everyone.. I have read through loads of peoples thoughts and experiences, I guess my family and I have all this to come.. We recently returned from Australia as we were one of the families that took part on wanted down under.. We plan another trip in the new year Feb 09 to see friends in perth. We have lots to do and we are confussed about the implication of just packing up and going out to perth next year for one year and rent our house out here in the UK? Any ideas - help - support will be gladly recieved. Kathyw.
  14. Hi All Sincerely hoping someone, somewhere may be able to help? Need a short term let around 7April...... 4bed/2bath in Eastern Suburbs Area NSW! Large Family: 3 Kids: 3 Adults..... Any other info re: solutions greatly appreciated! Eg: House Sitting! Furnished Accomodation etc etc Ideally would love a short term base to do a recce on Areas and decide a long term Area/Home......Thanking you all in advance:yes:PLEASE?!?!
  15. Hi all Just to let you all know we have found wanted down under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revisited!!! Its on BBC1 around 2.30am or 3.30am It starts tonight, or should i say tomorrow!! My Oh was scolling through the sky guide, and came across it. Ive never seen a grown man get so excited about a television programme. He had me recording them last year, and specifically had to out and buy a DVD recorder! For those of you who dont no what its about, its about families who go out to experience tho ozzi lifestyle, work, lifesyle, houses etc, and these episodes show how they are doing 12 mths on. So if you'v got sky + or a dvd recorder, get it set. failing that you'll have to stay up late. Zoe:smile:
  16. Is there any fridge engineers out there looking for sponsorship, I have a friend on the Gold Coast who owns a refrigeration company and is willing to sponsor someone, he also said he knows of other companies who are seeking qualified engineers to sponsor. He is offering $30 ph with a job call out rate of $120, you would also get the use of a ute, so if there's any fridgies looking for a chance PM me with your details and I'll forward them on for you. Good Luck Paul
  17. JAYZO

    Help wanted re sponsership

    Hiya all Just found out the only way we can get to oz is via sponsership (we were keeping our options open) My OH is a 'Floor Layer' (carpet fitter) with 16 years experience, who has worked for the same 2 shops throughout this time. He is also able to hang & fit any kind of blinds & curtains. Full References are available from both companies Does anybody know of any companies in the Brisbane area that would be willing to sponser him? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks Zoe. x:sad:
  18. Hi, I own 2 British Shops in Sydney and am currently looking for people in other States as we continue our rapid expansion. A good knowledge and passion of British groceries is essential. Friendly and Trustworthy people please contact me on 0423296233 or visit the website at osCommerce Glen
  19. MARYROSE02

    Wanted Down Under - Sydney

    Watching today's episode made me realize that Australia for me really means NSW. Perhaps that is as it should be as most Aussies are often more loyal to their state - wait for the 'State of Origin' series NSW v QLD in a few months and see what I mean. I liked this family too and wish I could be as flamboyant as the bloke. He reminded me a little of the bloke in 'Guys & Dolls' (There's a Whole Lot of Loving). I had a three piece suit but I looked like Rodney Bewes in 'What Ever Happened To The Likely Lads' Why aren't hairdressers ever bald? The comparison between Devon and Sydney I could relate to because in the UK I live in a village in The New Forest. 'Outdoor lifestyle' in Sydney also means streets and buildings not fields and hedgerows. Anyway, seeing Sydney was the first time I've felt 'homesick' for Australia and much as I unaccountably LOVE 'the slum that is the UK' (sorry, I couldn't resist repeating that slur) I've got no family here now so it's got to be 'Australia for me' (at least as long as those pesky republicans don't change the flag). Dave ps I've 'found' two gum trees recently as I walk around the villages here. Where do they come from? I cannot resist crushing a leaf to smell the eucalypt.
  20. Guest

    Wanted Down Under today

    Aggghhhh it was all going soo well!!! I was lulled into thinking what a positive couple they were and how well they were settling in and then bang .... all change!! Such a shame they didnt try moving to Perth to be near her sister first before going home. Very disheartning! Just makes me wonder why some people settle and some don't - whats the missing factor and have I got it? Angelcake
  21. hi guys really interested in watching an episode from wanted down under about the midwife who went to brisbane, as ive just been offered a job there. tracy
  22. wattswalkaboutgang

    Wanted down under program moan!

    Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me!! This series of wanted down under i'm finding rediculas and find myself shouting at the TV screen when they show these people around a hugh house well out of there price range(seems cruel if you ask me) i mean what's the point in that! This program is of no help to anyone migrating or not and does give a true representation of what it is we are all trying to do. I mean my uncle went over as a £10 Pom in the 70's with about £500 to his name, it is possible and you dont always need loads of money to fulfil a dream. I just wish the program would be fair and lets face it i don't think the way they are presenting the program this time is getting them any good ratings. One family from the last series i think there name was bristow he was an electrician and they went to Adelaide i have heard that they came home after only 6 weeks as they hated it! i think getting caught up on the crest of the wave in the TV program may have had something to do with it, real shame as they had sold everything and are now back in UK and have to start all over again with 4 kiddies. I mean a week to decide wheather or not to move to the other side of the world is a rediculas thing really! Shame we are all so addicted to it, i still can't miss it and hate myself for boasting the rating of a crap show but you never know one of these days the producers may even get it right. This is all with exeption of the single mum with the 2 boys i wish her all the luck in the world, she is an insperation to all of us. Lets face it if she can survive it then so can we!! :notworthy:
  23. Guest

    Wanted down under today

    Please can anyone comment on getting an house for £220 - £270 k on a annual wage of £20k, is it just me or is this impossable, they never mention how much money they have got to take with them, they would need at £100 - £150 k to get that price house. Regards Tracey
  24. Hi I've just realized that I've been posting on here for a few weeks without ever introducing myself. Apologies for that - I guess the internet has overcome my shyness. If this was a 'real' party, I'd still be hiding 'in the kitchen'. Anyway, my name is Dave and I live in The New Forest just outside Southampton. I first went to Australia in Nov 1978 on a working holiday visa. After renewing it for six months in 1980, the Australian Govt announced an amnesty for anybody who was in the country illegally or legally at the cut-off date. So I applied for permanent residence and then became a citizen on Australia Day 1983. After brief stays in Perth and Adelaide, I settled in Sydney and I lived there till Oct 1996 when I was made redundant from my job at Garden Island Dockyard after fifteen years service. I was very upset but it did give me the chance to visit my parents in the UK. That was meant to be a holiday but now I've been back here for twelve years and working for Royal Mail. My dad passed away in June 2005 and since then I've become unsettled. Should I stay here where I like my job or should I return to Sydney where my brother lives? Thinking about moving back to Australia lead me to Poms In OZ. Contrary to some impressions, I'm not an enthusiastic advocate of returning to the UK by the way. I Like both countries but also like to both criticize and defend them. There are plenty of Aussies who have ended up living in the UK. Perhaps they never, like me intended to stay, but once you've been living in a place for a while, it begins to grow on you, regardless of the weather. Anyway, as other people have said, it's the people you miss not the things. My parents are both gone now and I've got family in Sydney so it's just a question of getting my act together and making up my mind. Regards Dave (the champion ditherer)
  25. Guest

    Wanted Down Under - Revisited