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Found 203 results

  1. :huh:475 regional sponsored visa. Hiya. I posted my last remaining visa paperwork, police check etc on February 22nd 2009. How long should I have to wait for an acknowledgement? I sent paper copies not electronic. I have tracked the postal service but all it said was passed to oversees shipping bound for Australia, which was of no use at all. Ive tried phoning but dont seem to be getting anywhere. Should I write to my case officer or is this delay normal? Thanks, Martin
  2. Drew&Ang

    Will the State wait 5 years?

    Hi, i know that the 176 visa is valid for 5 years from grant, my question is would the state (Victoria my case) allow you to move in 4-5 years time or would you have to move over in a shorter time? I know they ask for a date you intend to move, if you said 4-5 years would they remove their sponsorship? Has anyone waited/or intend to wait before they actually move to Oz? Cheers Drew:confused:
  3. Well just found out today that we are defo not going to OZ this year!!!! Great!!!! We lodged in Oct 08 on a 176 family sponsered visa and cant change as we have got to lodge a whole new application!!!! not a chance of doing that again and shelling out more money!! So with only being on the Modl list as a Hairdresser, I guess i`ll just have to have plenty of patience which ive not got much of and wait like most people on this visa!!!!:arghh::arghh:
  4. joescan

    Medicals now or shall I wait

    Hi all, Just a quick question, I recived my SSV on 06.04.09 and applied for the visa on 13.04.09. I want to crack on with the Medicals etc but not sure if I should wait to be prompted by DIAC as I havent hasd a case officer yet? Can anyone advise? Thanks Rebecca
  5. Hi just wondering if anyone has gone to Oz on WHV or tourist visa whilst waiting for their PR visa??? If so what is your experience, Pro's , Con's e.t.c. Thanks xx
  6. Guest

    475 offshore-too long to wait

    Hi All, what a great site! I was wondering if somebody can advise or give an opinion on this: I've allready submitted my application on the 475 SA state sponsored visa. I have my trn number so am pretty much just waiting. Immi.gov advised me that the form1100 is all they are waitng for and state sponsorship "should be" relatively quick..... My question is: Can I go to Adelaide on a tourist visa and not work until my Visa is approved or would I have to be offshore to get that done. My girlfriend allready started studying in Adelaide and another 2 or 3 months just seems unneccesary as I have the funds and no siblings, so just need to give 2 weeks notice at work and go. Pretty much living out of my suitcase at the moment and london is so expensive that it almost make sense to stay in Oz untill approved. Any feedback will be great....
  7. Ok I know this will sound trivial compared to what others are going through re: CSL changes and all that, so apologies in advance I had my case officer assigned last week and meds / PCC requested (am still on the CSL thank GOD). Medicals booked for Saturday 21 March but there was a post on this site re: new forms coming into force on 27 March, and any old forms 'lodged' with the department after 27 March will not be accepted. Given that there is a delay of up to 2 weeks between the date of the meds and the docs arriving in the processing centre, there is no way my forms will get there by 27 March. It seems silly to cancel my meds just because of this, but I would hate to be asked to take the exam again just because the wrong form was used. The panel doctor had no idea either, they had not been warned!! Is anyone in the same boat / has been given any advice??? I tried asking my agent but impossible to track her down right now as she must be up to her ears in people trying to switch over to 176s .....
  8. Guest

    And so the wait begins......

    Our police checks came back yesterday with "No Trace" so that was good news. I was very impressed that it only took about 3 weeks from sending to receiving back!! So now the waiting game begins. From my timeline below you can see we submitted online in Sept 08, our agent advised 6 - 10 months for a 176 family sponsored visa. But reading all I have just recently Im not so sure!! The only concern is, our meds run out Oct 08....what happens then???? Oh well, lets just sit back and wait, Patience is a virtue.....so they say!!:skeptical:
  9. Hi all Can anyone tell me how long we will have to wait for a decision on our visa. We had our meds on the Feb 5th and our police checks were sent on he 16th Feb. For some reason mine took longer than OH. Any replies will be helpful. As we feel like we have been waiting 4ever.
  10. Hi all, I thought we should share our news with you all "We have our Visa's Granted today 19th February 2009" We are so happy and relieved :jiggy:
  11. hi there as the title states, we were just wondering if once you have your visa, medicals and police checks in can you go to oz and wait for them to be processed? We have submitted our visa in early december have all the forms for police checks and medicals, plan to do these in february its a skilled 175 visa. we were thinking if we can sell flat could we just fly over on holiday visa (around april time, depending if flat sells in that time). This is only just a thought and just wondered if it was possible? We are both just getting fed up, my sister is in oz so would live there until visa awarded. If we left around april our visas would be in for around 5 months so hopefully it wouldnt be too long before they are awarded. i would imagine that you would have to leave and re enter oz once they are awarded? Just want to know if its possible?!?
  12. megmor

    The long wait over yessssss

  13. Guest

    ACS says we need to wait!

    Hi all, I have just had some bad news and need to get if off my chest. My husband is a PHP/Zend developer and we have just found out that he hasn't got quite enough experience to apply for a visa :-( We are both under 30 but my husband needs over 8 years IT experience to apply and he only has 6 (he does have more but not in full time employment) So we have to wait another 2 years!! I'm really gutted and confused surly if he were to complete and pass the RPL reports that should be ok. So looks like we are stuck in England for another 24 months but on the up side we can save more and also we have plans to visit this year to find the suburb we want to live in plus it gives me time to look more into the schools. Sorry to go on I was just alittle shocked but hopefully worth the wait and we are still going ahead with our dream move. Everyone please keep in touch and me updated with how you get on with the visa process and post lots of pictures :-) Take care Debs x
  14. Advice needed from you all, not sure which would be better deal for us. Do we book car rental from uk before we go to Melbourne or do we wait til we get there and just go to hire a car when we land? Any advice greatly appreciated. :cryxmas:
  15. Hi everyone, I'm a new member here and I wish I have had seen this website a year ago It is so helpful (and also addictive since I have found it a week ago...) About myself, I have been living living in Melbourne for 2years and 3 months so far. I was on working holidays visa then changed occupational training visa 422...for me to gain 2 professional years as graduate architect(my nominated occupation is architect). The visa is still valid until Feb 09(maybe that's why visa 175 is so slow and I also plus from high risk country). Then after I love Melbourne more and more, I decided to apply for 175 ONLINE on 14 Dec 07. I got pretty much everything sent within first month as I already have lots of papers from my previous visas(I got all other visas very easy). I have my med sent in Jan 08. I got old police check from July07 so I just applied for new one this week, which will take roughly a month to get(when I got frustrated.. I try to look for document I should upload in more... haha). It is all so quiet my visa status page info is still on 14Dec as always so I decided to call on 20 Nov and it is like miracle... my status got new item "APPLICATION BEING PROCESSED FURTHER" on that very date but then get back to quiet self again...So last Wednesday I called again. As before they were so lovely and really helpful on the phone. I found out that I actually have a CASE OFFICER! (wow such a magic word) and my health has been cleared even no need to worry(gosh I thought I had to do it another round but it is not my fault I only followed the automatic request). They said that my case officer might be working on other case right now and hasn't got around to change things on my status page... I should be contacted any time soon. (hope that is not about long vacation with my case sitting so lonely on the table) Haha I hope the day will come. The thing I learnt from this is to give a call... long wait on the phone worth it. THe operators know about the case more than your visa status page(mine... everything is still "required" even health) and they can help you putting some note if you have urgent need for the visa. It is indeed very frustrating to wait... This week I check my visa status page 5+times a day (like somone going to update it at midnight). I have planned to be offshore Feb - March09 for the visa and then got to be back to work on time in Melbourne. pfff... wish me luck... :cryxmas:
  16. megmor

    The wait is nearly offer!!!!

  17. Guest

    The Long Wait

    After starting this process in August and gathering references and information for my skills assessment with the ACS I have today lodged my 175 Visa Application. For the first time since I started this process I really feel that I have crossed all the major hurdles now and all I can do is sit back and wait :arghh: Hopefully later on next year I will be on my way to validate and with all being well on the plane to Sydney for good come October 2010 :smile:
  18. Guest

    The Wait is over!!!

    Get them quick, there going like hot cakes!
  19. All the research is done, even down to choosing the Foxtel package we'd opt for, but we've still never been to OZ. My wife and I are planning to visit Sydney in October as the final tick in the box before making our decision to migrate or not. So what's my biggest fear? Making the wrong decision? Nope, I have a no regrets policy so even the wrong decision will make for a richer life experience and some lessons learnt. No, my real fear is that we love it and want to get out there ASAP! I don't 'do' waiting at the best of times, so the prospect of months and months of waiting is truely daunting. So I have two questions really aimed at sanity maintenance: 1) Is the annual allocation applicable for skilled entry? I mean say we apply for our visas in December. Could we tick all the boxes (i'm recognised as skilled and my wife is on the MODL) but still have to wait until the following June/July because of allocation limits??? That would be a nightmare. 2) I've heard that online applications are getting quicker and quicker. If we were super organised and did everything perfectly in terms of paperwork, do you think that we could have visas in 6 months from start to finish (skills assessment > visa in post)? Thanks in advance for any answers/advice. :unsure: Doug
  20. Guest

    Why must we wait

    Done my practical assessment on Friday 31st Oct. They could tell you there and then, but no you must wait 2-3 weeks ......Why.. Darren
  21. :jiggy: Hey Gday mates, yeah cant believe it we have a case officer, only just put a thread on poms the other day complaining that we did not have a CO. And if by magic a mail suddenly appeared!! Hubbie and I applied subclass 175 paper based without an agent. Received app 1st Feb. EMail arrived today and we have 70 days to gain police checks and medicals. ITS ALL GO!!!!!! Cant believe it, we now need to decide what were doing with the house. Do we rent or sell? It just all seems so real now, nervewracking and exciting!!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else there thinking about going to Newcastle NSW or is about to go? Were a youngish couple me 29 and hubbie 36 and would be nice to chat to people who are in same situation or about to move. Oh my goodness were nearly there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:radar:Kirstie and Marc x
  22. Hi All, Upon request our meds and police checks have all arrived in OZ and have been submitted via our agent. Can any one give any info into how much longer we can expect to wait for decision?? Or is it just a case of how long is a piece of string LOL. I keep checking online status page but no changes. Seems an eternity since we started the visa (Sept 2007) process and starting to find it hard to beleive we will actually get a visa. Any insight to timescales for other peoples experience would be much appreciated. Kind regards Tina
  23. Hi Everyone. Question is - we are just having my partners skills assessed by the ICAA in Oz with intention thereafter to apply for skilled independant 175. However, I've been offered sponsorship on a 176 with a company in Perth. Would it adversely affect the 175 application now if we decided to go in the next 12 weeks on a 176? Would the process for the 175 just continue? Assuming her skills assessment comes back positive, we have no criminal record/health problems I think this could be a well calculated risk that will get us out of here? What do you think? All the best, KTG1000
  24. I have been on this site for years now gaining valauable experiences from all of you who have been through this process. My hubby after buying one magazine(which was reccomended on PIO) is treating it like the gospel. what ever issue i rasie the magazine doe not say that lol. So the above is one question. I know it is variable. But on personal experiences would be great many thanks sharon
  25. Just been onto a website which a PIO member kindly sent me the details of. I noticed that quite a few visas which are the same as ours (175 online, frontloaded, MODL) have been granted that were only applied for in April! We applied in May, so I am getting excited!!! Just thought a few of you might want to check it out too.... BEupdate - Timeline Spreadsheet for Australian Visa Applications You can go onto each month to see when people applied and when there are coming through. Gives you a good idea of timescales, if you are an impatient sod like me. Rach x