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Found 59 results

  1. Hi I have just moved to Forest lake and dont know anyone here. I have an 18yr male cousin staying with me and as I have 3 small children he is getting quite bored. I was hoping that someone would be willing to show him around especially in the evenings even if its to just hang out. Thanks Jennie
  2. Hi, We are off back home for 5 weeks soon to see our family.Anyway we will need a car.Was thinking of getting one off Ebay with auction end just as we get there,C.O.D.Or do the Rental companies do deals?Any suggestions,as i will need one right away.:huh:
  3. hey- mum and dad are visiting us for a month maybe longer and are concerned about the cost implications if they need to visit the doctor or require medicine while they are over here-mum and dad are both 69 and generally good health apart from mum's asthma at times (but not recently). they would have travel insurance but asked if I would check in advance. They are both UK passport holders Thanks in advance for your help
  4. Guest

    visiting Canberra soon.

    Hi everyone, my wife and I flying out this sunday(17th jan) with Singapore airlines Heathrow to Sydney on our validation/reccie trip,we will be meeting up with rellies from Brisbane and spending a week in Sydney and the Blue mountains,then onto brisbane for a week at the rellies place to do a bit of socialising and more sightseeing - gold coast, lone pine koala center etc. The third week me and wifey are flying down to Canberra (3rd Feb) to have a good look around at housing and employment prospects, we have car hire arranged and will be stopping in the Barton area ( I think) or somewhere near there - hard to tell on the map. If anyone in Canberra is interested in a meet up for a drink or a bite to eat, and generally give us a few pointers in the right direction, it would be much appreciated,would be good to hear how you got on with settling in to the lifestyle in Canberra. We are both 45, I work in construction and my wife is in Healthcare, we don't bite and would enjoy the pleasure of meeting someone whilst we are there. Thanks, Martin.
  5. Hi, I hope i'm posting in the right forum area. My family and I are currently awaiting our visa decision for a 175 visa (applied in May 2009). I, as the primary applicant, managed to get 120 points (happy days, i think!!). However, my sister and her family have their heart set on moving over too. She is an IT professional but has been a housewife for around 4 years. Therefore, my understanding is she won't be accepted if she is the main applicant. Her husband is an engineering professional but has not got the required qualifications from what we can see on the 'Engineers Australia' website. Me and my wife are planning to go to Oz sometime this year to make sure it is really what we want to do. Does anyone have any advice on whether my sister and her husband would benefit from coming with us? Will recruitment agencies/employers be willing to see people who do not hold an australian visa? I really hope somebody can help as they don't want to spend a load of money to find they have no chance of getting there. Thanks and hope to have a reply (or 2) soon.
  6. I'm looking for some advise: How can I inform the DIAC that I'm in Australia on a Touristvisa, while I'm waiting for a skilled visa, and do I have to inform the DIAC every 3 months when I go offshore and onshore the same day to extend my Touristvisa for another 3 months?
  7. Hello everyone, well im new here *Gives a quick wave* Ive been told about this site from another one so thought i'd give it my best shot. Well, ive got some questions about homes to rent, car hire, good places to visit and some other bits .. Especially visas! I visited Australia 3 years ago and I want to return to visit family. When I went last time, my mum took me so I didnt really control much of the stuff that went on, aside from that I was only 15. So i'm after some advice/tips from here please.. * What kind of visa do I need? I have had a look on the net but im not very computer friendly so im pretty useless at searching.. We will be visiting for around 4-6 weeks, max. Work commitments unfortunatly :mad: * How do I apply for 'said' visa? * We are looking at renting out a place for the duration, around Rockingham/Hillman/Warnbro etc areas, are there any really good websites which will give me an up-to-date list of places with contact numbers? My family out there will be booking/paying for it with money we transfer over so we've no chance of getting ripped off at all because my brothers mum is very hard up :biglaugh: * We will be wanting to hire a car out, now last time I remember we did this and we hired out a Hyundai Getz (Sorry cant spell) , me and the other half would be looking at hiring out this size of car again, are there any invaluable places to hire from who offer a second to none service? * How much money in £ would you advise taking? The last time my mum took about £1500 but needed a little more, bear in mind she was supporting herself, her partner, me, my sister and my niece on this so it did pretty well but me and my partner was thinking of something along the lines of £2500 for the 4/6 weeks duration? We will have our 2year old to support aswell. * Just any general info you can share? We will be booking our flights at a later date, speaking of going around late 2011. We will have my brother to drive us from Perth Airport to 'our place'. What are the temps in different seasons? The cheaper tickets are available in March - August time, is this colder? I'd prefer colder weather, with a child but not stormy rain! The last time we went October to November and the weather was just right. General places to visit, within reasonable drive. Be very greatful, and thanks in advance to any replys. xxxx P.S; Sorry if my post is abit rambled, I just cant seem to write much tonight, or this morning to you already in Australia (Lucky!!)
  8. Hi there, i live in Sydney (been here for 6 months now). My mum is visiting in a few weeks for a month. Anyway we wanted to visit Melbourne with her also as myself and my husband are thinking about moving there next year. Anyway my mum is really nervous about going to Melbourne because of all the swine flu outbreaks there. I know it is alot worse that NSW but it can't be that bad? Is it ok to visit at the moment? Thanks!
  9. LukeM

    Visiting Universtiy

    Does anybody know, if I go to Australia in August, how I would be able to get into visiting a university in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area and how I'd get some kinda invitation to do this?? Any help ASAP would be appreciated Thanks, Luke.
  10. We are busy planning to move to melbourne as soon as the house sells and so I have made some enquiries with secondary schools about visiting whilst we are on our validation trip. I have researched what schools we would like our sons to go to and emailed the schools directly about visiting but they said they do not do personal tours of the school!! why? how are we supposed to make a good decision on a school without looking round it and how is our son going to get a sense of belonging if he can't even walk round it. surely there is more to a school then their performance figures. they are happy to give an information prospectus and website info but not for us to visit. is this normal for victoria? would appreciate some help from those in the know. Bonnie
  11. Hi all, My family and I are hoping to emigrate to Adelaide next year when I qualify as a radiographer. Can anyone tell me if they emigrated without visiting first? Are we mad to think about it? We just can't afford the cost of four return flights and then four one way flights when we've decided to go. I am never one to just jump in and not think of the consequences, but something tells us that we will love it and that it will be the best thing we ever did. Timing is crucial for us as our eldest son will be finishing his GCSEs before we go and our youngest will be finishing primary school. I will be qualified (positive thinking) and my husband will have finished his plumbing training. We have spoken to lots of people ( a good friend of mine is from Adelaide ) who think we should just go for it, and lots of people say its a stupid thing to do... what do you think? :huh:Thanks!
  12. So, I have had this crazy idea. We are in Sydney, hubby is working very hard doing long hours but has 4 days off over easter weekend. As he is opening a new business in end June/beginning July it will probably be his last bit of time off for a couple of years as he will be working 6 day weeks for a bit. Our two dd's love animals, so I was just wondering whether it is a viable option to hop on a plane, and visit Australia Zoo. I have heard some fab things about it but wondered if it was worth the effort it would take to arrange as a surprise for them. So I have a couple of (probably stupid) questions about it. Would we fly to Brisbane and then hire a car and drive there? Where should we stay? Is there anything else to do nearby so that we could stretch the visit over the four days? If anyone had any ideas, reviews, experience etc I would be very grateful to have them. I really fancy the idea of giving them a surprise and seeing a bit more of this wonderful country.
  13. Hi, Hope someone can give me some advice ? I moved to Oz in 2006 and hold permanent residency. I have an extremely close relationship with my parents who have been visiting since our arrrival using the 676 visa. Up until receiving their latest visa they have been granted a stay each time of up to 6 months but this time we were able to get them a stay of up to 12 months with mutiple entry. They have had confirmation from the immigration department that this visa allows them to stay for up to 12 months at any one time, they have also been advised that if they leave Oz and then return before the expiry of their visa in Oct they will be entitled to a further 12 month stay which is great. Problem we have is this is the only way that they are going to be able to keep visiting Oz as they will not qualify for the aged parent visa due to the balance of family test. My Dad was married previously and had 4 children who all reside in the UK. Subsequently he and my Mum married and had myself and my brother. My brother has since died but apparantly the children from my dad's marriage are taken into account. This seems such an unfair disadvantage as my dad has no contact with his previous children and their life is totally dedicated to myself and their grandchildren who are now living in Australia. I am sick with worry that they will be refused the tourist visa at some point but what other choice do they have. My Dad is 68 and my Mum is 60. They do not have the money to come in on the investor retiree visa which requires $750,000 to be put in a designated investment as well as having to show a further $750,000 plus proof of annual income of around $60k. The visas they have been granted to date have all been done by me on line and the last one took longer to process and required proof of their savings etc. Am I worrying unnecessarily as the thought of them not being able to visit me is worrying to say the least? Any advice from people in similar circumstances would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Guest

    visiting or perm visas?

    Hi there everyone. I am just after a little info from the visa gurus on here if possible. We are going out to oz in june on permanant resident 175 visa and are wondering about parents coming over. My mother would like to stay for as long as possible and im unsure about how long she is allowed to stay for? So does anyone know what the max visiting length is and could anyone shed anylight if she was allowed to migrate for a longer period of time? Just to note she has no investment cash to put into the country as I have seen that visa somewhere. thanks in advance al
  15. My daughter emigrated in November and is now living with her two children including a new baby in Port Kennedy. I am visiting from March to May and would like to hear from anyone who has relatives visiting at the same time, people who might like to join up or go off travelling somewhere else for a couple of weeks, or just meet up to compare notes, ideas of places to go for people in the approx 45 to 55 age group (or where that age group is welcome), whether there is any chance of my getting to move permanently, in fact anything useful that would help me to enjoy my trip. I am still 27 in my head so not ready to sit in the old rocking chair yet! Love theatre, walking, youth hostellling, books plays and poetry, wildlife and conservation, meals out, bars and talking, very friendly person, not ugly either inside or out! Any useful information would be gratefully received by a Mum who is missing her family but who also wants to get out and do something useful and/or have fun and make the most of her holiday. :smile:
  16. As we have a 175 visa application in, but no sign of a CO and having not done meds etc, there is not much chance of the Visa being granted soon, is it necessary to inform the DIAC that we will be visiting AUss for a holiday in a few weeks time? We have just renewed our visitors visa's without any trouble (online).so there was no issue there, Thoughts?
  17. Guest

    visiting from uk

    hello, visiting oz in april and staying with family in brisbane. Plan to visit adelaide with view to possibly live ther in near future, not been before. Would like advice on where to stay and what to visit to get true feeling for the place. Married with two kids aged 6 and 2. Plan on staying 3 to 4 days. please help ryan
  18. My parents and three siblings live in brisbane and i am trying to get out there, I am having to wait another two years before i can apply in my own right as you need 4 yrs exp afer you have qualified, i already had a working visa 8 yrs ago and looking for a company who will sponsor me i have 5 yrs experience and currently am a manager of a salon in leeds ( U.K). I am visiting my parents for 3 weeks on the 9th of feb and would be willing to meet anyone interested in what i have to offer.I would be willing to pay all sponsorship fees etc if anyone would be willing to give me a chance. All responses welcome i know this is a long shot. Thanks
  19. hi everyone, i havent been on pio for a month or so as i have been sooooo busy, the store at beaudesert is opening around the 15th-18th dec i have had alot of hours and by the time i finish i am too knackered to do anything. Me and stef the other pommie girl and the assistant manager are setting up the beauy store and we have been told that the store assistants dont get to do this so we are very priveledged and we cant wait. So the britts triumph again lol.... well today we went to australia zoo and had a good time all i can say is terri has commercialised the kids too much......... we had a cuddle with the koalas and the kangaroos were soooo idle we had a cuddle with most of them they drank from the bottles. And the elephants were lovely. the boys are enjoying school well they have broke up now for 8 weeks, both are working. hubby still has bad days and wants to go back but we dont, we have a mortgage broker coming tomorrow to sort out how much we can get, as we start paying rent in jan and would like to buy soon. does anyone know of any other good places to go near us. And does anyone know where steve irwins dads zoo is he set another one up.... dogs are panting well but are coping at the minute especially with the air con on lol...... the storms are amazing the lightining is ace. i do have bad days and seem to think of home when i see a plane. I speak to mum once a week. i have alot of friends and we have girlie meet ups regulary. I am happy here and wouldnt go back for anything, to all those that are coming over enjoy and to those still waiting, spend as much time with the people you are leaving behind. xxxxxx
  20. Guest


    hi everyone , i'm thinking of coming over in the next few months with wife 2 sons (16 & 18 ) & daughter 14 to have a look to see if we fancy it . if we like it , can we stay and get jobs ? do the paperwork then?
  21. Hi there, My husband Danny (30) me (30) and our daughter Matilda (10 months) are coming over to Oz for Christmas and we were hoping to meet up with some people who are based on the Central Coast as we are planning to make the move next summer and would love some advice about the area. We are staying in The Entrance from the 18th to 24th December before heading over to Melbourne for Xmas and Sydney for new year. I have stayed on the Central Coast a number of times, but this will be the first time we will be looking at it as an area to relocate to, so any advice would be a huge help. I am a teacher, so would be interested to meet anyone who works in education and Danny is in sales. I know that Christmas will be a busy time for everyone, but if anybody out there has a few hours they could spare a few poms desparate to be down under, we'll happily buy you a beer in exchange for your words of wisdom! Thank you!! Sarah:yes:
  22. Hi, My Husband, daughter and I will be arriving in Sydney a week on Saturday and will be there for 3 days. We would really like to go somewhere for a really special dinner on one of the days, but they would have to accept children as we have a 21 month old.Ideally we would like somewhere with great views of the harbour etc.Also if anyone has any other ideas on things we can do and family friendly places to go/eat that would be great.
  23. We have an on-line application in for a 175 Visa. I understand you have to be out of the country (Auss) when the visa is granted. What happens if you would like to visit Auss for a holiday/reccie etc during this time, especially if it is near the time when the visa may be granted? Do you have to wait till you have a CO and notify them of the dates you intend to be in Auss?
  24. Hello, I'm new to this forum so i would just like to introduce myself as Ben. I have been in Oz for almost two years now and am going through the migration process. I am curently on a bridging visa awaiting residency status. I want to go back to the UK for three weeks on holiday and to visit family as my nan is sick. Where do I stand with doing this? Can I do it? Any advice would be greatly appriciated.
  25. As the title says....The immigration website/paperwork etc says that you must be offshore/out of the country when the Visa is granted. So once you have submitted your visa application (175 - online) what happens if you wish to visit Auss? Presumably before you have a CO it is no problem, once you have a CO then would you have to notify him of your intended holiday dates?