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Found 12 results

  1. Dear lord it was a mad house! We had a great time regardless. Took the kiddos to the playground at Darling Quarter. They loved it. Some how we timed getting to the ferrys so we had no waits. I hadn't had a drop to drink since getting here but after today I went straight to get a sixer of New when we got home. Needed to unwind.
  2. Not planning to do this myself as am not brave enough but wondered if anyone else had???
  3. Hi all, anyone know if you need to list all countries you have visited when you have left the UK for 3months+, as my hubby and I have previously been backpacking (within last 5 years) independently for over a year and went to loads of countries between us (some for a week!) do we need to list every one or do we just list the ones we were in three months+? Cheers for any answers!
  4. Hi my question is how long should you leave it before returning to the UK for a visit? I am a PR have been here for 18 mths - came out first on a 457 then secured a 176 - which I flew to NZ to validate. Anyway I have no desire to move back to the UK or even visit. I am under 30 have family in the UK - does this appear shelfish to anyone? My partner an aussie really wants to see where I grew up but if I am honest I would rather remember it as it was. I had a lot of heart ache in the UK and have seen Oz as my new start. Any thoughts appreciated.
  5. How many times have you been to Australia before you emigrated or decided to emigrate? I first visited 15 years ago this month, and it was love at first sight :wubclub:. I have posted on other threads about why I havent been able to move there previously but hopefully this will change in the next year or so. I have a lot of family in WA and also my best friend and her children are in NSW so there is quite a strong pull due to family. But, I just felt 'alive' there - I cant explain it in any other term. I have since visited a further three times for holidays, Ive been to Perth three times and also have visited Newcastle and Sydney and the surrounding areas. I fell in love all over again with Australia when I visited Anna Bay/Nelson Bay in NSW and Sydney comes pretty high on the list also. I suppose we all like different things/areas there. What did you see or do there that made you think it was a better lifestyle (or possibly just an adventure) and decide to emigrate? :jiggy: Do you want to move because family members are already there? Or just because you feel it would be a better place for you and your immediate family? Or did you just move for love? :wubclub: (Human or not :wink:)
  6. Hi All, With only medicals left to do and Form 80 to fill out we are hoping to have everything set for when we get a C.O. I'm a bit stumped on Question 26 which is a log of all visits to other countries within the last 10 years. I know roughly the month and year but will it matter for the exact dates????? There only seems to be America and Mexico that has stamped my passport. European countries certainly don't bother and I have no way of finding out. What did anyone out there put down on their form? Please advise :jiggy: Cheers, Mick.
  7. We have often sat on the beach at Bribie and looked at the faraway land in the distance that is Moreton Island - we never thought in a million years our tiny little old boat would get us there, though. But she did - yesterday's weather and tide conditions were as perfect as they were ever going to be for a reccie over there, so off we went. We had a picnic on the beach, the kids and hubby snorkelled off the Tangalooma Wrecks (for the uninitiated, these are old boats that have been placed off shore in order to encourage coral to grow, which it is doing very well) and we generally had a fine old time. The water is the most gorgeous green-blue and you can see the fish swimming under the surface, it's so clear. Truly stunning. If anyone gets the chance to go, please do...it's beautiful and really deserves a look. I've posted some pics that I took on my profile so you can have a peek if you like ...thank you "Marie" for getting us there:wubclub: Sue x
  8. Hi all, Was just discussing this with Mrs Freebo, she has a hard time understanding how people can commit to move to the other side of the world having never visited to see if they like the place. I know that everyone has read about the country and seen it on TV but it does seem a huge step, after all what if you don't like it? For ourselves we have been fortunate enough to visit twice, have been to all the states (except Tas) and chosen a location to got to (I also lived there for 5 years, many moons ago), so we know what to expect and love the place. Just curious as to how others feel about making the big leap into the unknown really.
  9. Guest

    Visited Last Month - Moving NextMonth

    Hi all - Been reading the forum for a while now and have posted the odd question or two. We're moving to Canberra next month and I was lucky enough to visit there last month so I thought I should post some initial impressions... I really liked the look and feel of Canberra and the visit (a matter of days) really made me look forward to bringing the family across. I was impressed by the range of shops, restaurants (had some great steaks) and bars in the centre and the surrounding areas had lots of greeenery / parks and things to do. I have heard Canberra compared to Milton Keynes but I don't think it's a fair analogy - yes it is a planned city and so has the benefits of a decent layout and road network, but it was not big enough to feel souless like I think MK is. As I'm married withyoung kids my partying days are, if not over, curtailed for a while. But out and about on a Fri/Sat night there certainly appeared to be a lot of youngsters (it makes me feel old just saying that!) having a good time. Lots for parents though too - child soft play areas, outdoor parks and the museums all looked good. Coffee shops all over the place, a decent Borders shop (books expensive though), Cinema was lovely (and I'm told there's a dining cinema too) and all in all a very positive trip. Everyone I met was nice in the way I have come to expect from the Aussies I've come in contact with and there were quite I few invites to look people up when I returned in Jul. I have been warned that the laid back approach to life no longer extends to the workplace though and that process driven long hours are what to expect - we'll see. Any negatives - well if I were God for a day I'd probably drag the city closer to the coast but apart from that not really. Oh, apart from the fact that Canberra too seems home to that ubiquitous breed - the dodgy second hand car dealer. The ones I met mixed a casual racism towards the world in gerneral with an eye for taking me for all they could get! Any advice on buying cars in the city would be gratefully received! Right that's it - flying with 2 kids on 22 Jul - apologies in advance to the rest of the passengers. Cheers Jim
  10. Hi, My hubby and I are taking our two children to Oz on a 'look-see' visit before we finally commit to making the move. Our youngest will be 6 months when we go and will still be breastfed. Obviously, here in the UK I know where I can go to breastfeed her if we are out and about and am completely comfortable doing it either in a coffee shop or resteraunt or on a park bench etc. I am discrete about it and have never really had any negative comments etc from others. However, I am not sure how acceptable it is to breastfeed in Oz. I imagine that Australians are fairly open about it, but I don't want to offend anyone by feeding our daughter where I shouldn't. So, my question is, where is it and where isn't it acceptable to discretely breastfeed a child? Many thanks!
  11. Are we mad we have made a decission to move our family and our whole life to a country we have never seen, we also know nobody to talk off only a few people my oh knew threw work. people who have never thought of anything like this, seem to think we are. We have told both sets of perents and we dont think they will take it serious until fingers crossed we have got the visas to prove it. Its hard enough to just get the papers together to send off for the TRA to be passed how do you cope with this for such along period:chatterbox: you must feel like you going or gone mad by the time you get out there. I wish we could just fast forward 6 months so we where that bit closer Ha im waffeling now, any thoughts would be great. Thanks Tracey
  12. where do i start married with 3 childen husband in printing childen aged 7months 6yrs and 15yrs. Tired of this country,bored of indoor life,where do we start....?