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Found 96 results

  1. Guest

    A visit to Australia.....

    YouTube - Telephone mani song from Indian :fish2:
  2. 3 Piccos

    Visit to the Doctors

    I was quite worried before coming to Australia about the costs of health care. I have a disabled husband who needs to see a doctor every month for treatment. I am so pleased to report that the experience we have had since arriving has been fantastic. We have found there are quite a lot of bulk billing (free) surgeries around the area we are in (north eastern suburbs of Melbourne) and you can actually see the same doctor when you visit if you are willing to wait. My husband woke up yesterday with a very bad rash which was spreading at a rate of knots. I rang an advice line and spoke to a nurse who was so helpful. After lots of questions, she suggested a visit to the doctor. Some of the surgeries around here are open Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 8pm, some to 11pm. We went to the surgery, was seen within 10 minutes, had great treatment from an extremely friendly doctor, who not only gave us verbal information but printed off three pages of information off the internet regarding my husband's problem whilst we were there. Never had that treatment in the UK at a GP surgery!!! I feel much more relaxed about everything now. I am told that some places in Australia, one being Tasmania, do not have bulk billing surgeries. Make enquiries before forking out money to see a doctor. Just because it is free, does not mean you get inferior treatment.:biggrin:
  3. Some learnings from a 10 day visit. It rains a lot in Melbourne, in fact nearly every day I was there we had a serious downpour, anyone who watched the Melbourne Cup horse racing or the rugby league international will have seen it! So be warned!Everyone kept telling me how unusual it was and how much they needed the water, but after ten days it was just more rain to me! Melbourne is still gripped by agressive growth, building is going on nearly everywhere, rental prices are going up still and the cost of living continues to rise with both utilities and interest rate rises announced during my visit. I have a rental strategy I am not buying into the housing market at it's current levels. Anyone moving out there in the future needs to cost in the fact that they will be paying todays rents or property prices, so don't get caught out by others telling you they can live well on $X, their property cost may well be half yours for exactly the same place. The rental market is buoyant and often you will be competing with half a dozwen others for a property and you may have no references, credit history etc, so plan to offer above the asking rental or increase the deposit to secure a property. Cars are incredibly expensive to buy, I am going for a company car simply to reduce the hassle in my first twelve months. Consider taking any luxury car you have owned for more than 12 months, roll on car costs are reasonable. Motorbike import tax is lower than cars. Cost of living is higher than UK for food and clothing. Buy new bedding, towels, curtains etc, all expensive locally. Get the kids new bikes and maybe even yourselves, great cycle paths everywhere unlike here and loads of people cycle for fun. TV will be bought locally, Good Guys and JB Hi-fi seem cheapest, again use the shops on the out of town parks or by the main roads just as you would here. Typical 2 bed 1 bath flat cost is $350-400 pw in a good area with secure parking for one car. Plenty of new developments with dozens of empty investor properties that are easy to secure, but size will be smaller and probably in a noisy location, easy to secure though. Found 3 bed houses with garages in not quite so nice suburbs but not dangerous areas for same or less money. BEER IS EXPENSIVE! £10 for a six pack yes £ not $! In a nice hotel $7-8 for a pint! Eating out is as varied as here, from cheap takeaways to quite expensive Indian/Thai/Vietnamese right through to ridiculous tourist trash at higher than London rates. I spent over £40 one night when I was tired in an Indian and only had two beers and no starter/desert! Petrol is cheaper than here which is why all the older cars are V8s, newer more economical cars are readily available. Locally produced cars are much cheaper than their imported competitors. See www.carsales.com.au Flights: recommend a two stop strategy. Dubai/ Kuala Lumpar or Singapore or Seoul if possible. Breaks flights into 7 hour blocks. Get off the plane and take a shower, if you look hard enough and ask at the information desks they will eventually show you where to go, GO TO THE FURTHEST ONES FROM THE MAIN AREAS otherwise you will not get in before your flight leaves. 5 mins under a hot shower is great. Pack 2 clean t-shirts in your hand luggage and you will feel so much better. Try Air Asia who are doing a lay down bed for around £1000 return at the moment. I was lucky enough to fly Emirates business class which was great but expensive. Also consider booking London to Far East then buying second leg from there. Biggest piece of advice, TRY TO MINIMISE THE AMOUNT OF CASH YOU TRANSFER/EXCHANGE, get onto Aussie $ as quickly as possible, at current exchange rates you will burn up your £ far too quickly and it will be really hard to settle if you are constantly being asked if you realise what things cost because your other half is converting everything all the time. Public transport is widely used because PARKING IN TOWN IS FXXXXING ridiculous!!!! $38.00 for 2 hours in the city or over $72 a day in some NCP equivalents, be ware as we thought the sign said $8 a day!! Driving Licences - advise staying on International for a period while you settle in.....no points on licence as they don't track overseas licences!! Very hot on traffic fines, even more than here according to the locals. No requirement to change for up to a year apparently. I have been offered a job over there and will be taking that up in December so will have more info later from Melbourne. Seems a great city to live in if you can get onto local salary quickly and adapt to the local prices. It's not England with the sun, it's Australia, bear that in mind and do your homework and you won't go far wrong! If you get out quickly enough you may be able to watch us win the Ashes as well, roll on MCG on Boxing Day!!
  4. RonnieRocket0

    176 Validation Visit

    Dear fellow PIO'ers, My family and I are off to Perth next week to validate our 176 visas. We were awarded them back in January and it seems like an age ago. I still keep an active eye on the website and it is frustrating to see that there are some good people out there who are experiencing the problems my family and I encountered during our visa application process. The even more scary thing is when you jump through the hoops to complete the aspects of the application that DIAC request, TRA, State Sponsorship, Police & Meds etc.. 7 months seems like an eternity, and I guess human nature would suggest that we all suffer from a little impatience, which is somewhat ironic that I have waited 9 months from visa award to visit for validation. If I can offer any words of comfort to those of you who are waiting anxiously, then for all of the frustrations of the application process, be it generated by ourselves, DIAC, Migration Agent panel doctor etc, then there are a great deal of good souls out there such a Gollywobbler, David Wilden and too many to mention. That is why this website is a great form of media for everyone to meet and exchange views and ideas, as well as keep spirits up. Anyway a big 'thank you' Ron R and his family for those of you I have communicated with over the past 18 months as well as to the supporters of this website. We are off to next week so I'd better sign off this message now as I have a load to organize such as meeting up with other poms in the Perth area, job hunting and packing the suntan lotion as WA gently glides into Summer. Kind regards to one and all Ronnie R
  5. Firstly, this is aimed at those who want to go back to the UK and aren't sure about what to do - not at those who want to stay in Australia and love it! With our tickets already booked to return at the end of July, we have just taken a trip back to the UK to have a look around and confirm to ourselves that it's the right thing for us to do. Ironically if we'd taken the trouble to do that before we headed to Perth, we would probably never have come in the first place! Anyway, for the benefit of those who are wondering if they are really missing England or are just a little bit homesick, I thought I'd say how we found it after 3 years away. What can I say, we LOVED it! Excitement of a holiday aside, it was such an incredible feeling of coming home it was quite overwhelming. Granted coming through Terminal 3 at Heathrow was something of a shock - given that I couldn't be sure what country we'd landed in - but once we got in the car and drove it was lovely to see English countryside again. I was sure however that we were going to die on the motorway, as the cars (not a Ute in sight) were going twice as fast as they do here in Perth! On my first trip to Tescos I could have cried. Both at the joy of having so much choice, and then at realising how affordable it was - and therefore highlighting how much we pay for so little back home. Not that life is all about shopping, but it was lovely to see good quality products and clothing at such low prices again. Salmon not costing $30 a kilo - what a joy! During our trip we covered a fair chunk of the country, and I have to say it was an absolute pleasure (moaning children in the backseats aside) to be able to sit there and look out of the window. After driving up and down the barren freeways in Perth, where there's nothing to look at but fast food restaurants, car dealerships and scrub land, it was a welcome relief - and everything we'd remembered it to be. The towns, buildings, country pubs, animals, fields - all of it was lovely to see. And that was in the freezing cold weather and rain! The people seemed so much friendlier than I remember. Kids weren't roaming the streets with knives and we weren't pick pocketed the moment we stepped on the London underground. Shop assistants actually talked instead of grunting at us and service was great wherever we went. New shops had sprung up in places where I'd expected to see rows of them closed down. Even the much talked about problem of obesity didn't seem as glaringly obvious over there as it is here in Australia. And I'm happy to admit that all of these observations came as something as a shock to me. I was the first to run the UK down when we left it, vowing never to return to it's shores again! Of course England still has it's problems - the immigration issues, greedy and stupid politicians, unemployment, crime etc - but every country is the same and somethings will never change. I have to say though, that after reading the English newspapers over here and starting to worry that there really was nothing worth going back for, I was relieved to see that most of what they write is nothing more than the media and their sensationalist headlines. Day-to-day life there, certainly for everyone I know, still goes on regardless of the problems with the country. It is still a great place to live, raise children and enjoy a nice lifestyle. So safe in the knowledge that we are most definitely doing the right thing (for us, can't speak for everyone), we begrudgingly got on the plane and flew back to Perth. Luckily we sold our house here the day we flew to England last year, so now it's all about the countdown to going back and starting again, finding a new part of the country to live in and finally getting my daughter's education back on track. All of this doesn't mean we hate Australia - my husband, son and dog are Aussie for a start! It's just not the right place for us. We miss the history, ideas, outlooks, humour and opportunities that Europe can provide. So regardless of whether you've been here for 5 years or 5 months, if you're not sure you want to stay and are thinking of moving back, then I suggest you either book yourself a cheap seat on Air Asia and take a trip back to help you decide, or go with your gut instinct - it's normally right. Life's way to short to sit and moan about a place if it's not right for you. Far better to swallow the cost, pack up your crap and start all over again. At least you'll never have to wonder if the grass was greener. You'll know it never is, except if it's down to that wretched bindi weed!!! Rachel :biggrin: P.S. And the downside to going back? The long and painful flight that will be something like THIS!
  6. Is it just me, or do others who are about to emigrate get all wistful for the places in Europe and just a little further away, that we havent visited yet (and probably wont once we live in Oz!) ? I have always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids and other assorted temples etc., and we might have gone had it not been for our darling daughter moving to Oz and us having to go over there for our hols. Now we have lodged our CPV application it feels like time is ticking and we now cant afford to go swanning off to all those places we meant to go to as we have a rather expensive visa to pay for! Does anyone else feel like this and where did you always dream of visiting one day?
  7. Hi there, Well after 4 years of being here and my homesickness still lingering, I feel it is time to go home. My husband is very supportive and although would happily stay wants me to be happy too. I have two sons ages 11 and 12 who are settled and not keen to leave. I am aware that if we leave it much longer it will become increasingly hard to take them back. How many of you that have decided it's time are actually flying back to check things out before you ship everything back? :confused:
  8. Hi all, I am going back home for a trip and we are leaving Sydney with Eithad Airlines and travelling through Abu Dhabi airport on the way to London. I am going to be travelling with my young son (13 months old) he can not walk yet and is TOO HEAVY (13kg) for me to carry during the transfer period. Does anyone have any experience flying with these guys? Did you manage to get pushchair onto plane ( i have a reasonably small umbrella pushchair)? Did anyone gain access to a stroller at the Abu Dhabi airport? Were the staff nice? I'm very nervous (understandably) I don't even know how i'm supposed to go to the toilet?? Any experience Good or Bad (I can prepare if it's bad) would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Donna. Ps i have no idea how to change my ticker at the bottem here. I've been in Sydney for 2 years and now have a baby too. It's slightly outdated!
  9. Its been almost two years since i moved to australia and in just a few weeks i'm visiting the motherland, i've got these visions of me being shocked by how busy it is, traffic chaos and the general fauna, floura, houses etc looking werid to what i've become used too. How'd you find your first visit back?
  10. What is the best time to visit New Zealand and what are best sight seeing places ?How different is the climate in new zealnd climate from Australia ?
  11. jillgamble

    Familisation Visit

    Hi I am wanting to apply for a holiday visa so me and my husband can travel to Melbourne in two weeks. Our 457 visa is been processed at the moment, but I've been asked to arrange a holiday one... Does anyone know the best website and the approx cost please. Thanks
  12. Guest

    Mt Baw Baw - worth a visit?

    Hello, We're planning our first visit to the alpine areas - me, my wife & 6 year-old son. Not planning on doing any skiing this time, just something Christmas-like I suppose, maybe a bit of toboggan, messing about in the snow. Is Mt Baw Baw - worth a visit? Is it a good resort/town or do I need to drive to Buller? We're in Berwick so Mt Baw Baw much closer for us. Many thanks, Dermot.
  13. Guest

    Insurance for Visit back to UK

    Hi My son and his family are returning to the UK for three weeks on the 28th July. They are having real trouble in getting some insurance cover. Companies in OZ wont insure them as they do not yet have Citizenships. They need insurance to cover them for when they leave OZ to when they arrive in the UK and for their return journey via Singapore. Once in the UK they will of course be covered under NHS for any medical issues that may arrive. They need insurance to cover their travel suitcases, any losses etc and for the 4 days they will spend in Singapore on their return journey. They have tried a couple of sites on Web that have been recommended but they expect you to have a UK home address. Any advice would be most appreciated. Regards
  14. Hi, My Son age 13 who lives with his mum in the UK, usually flys out for his summer hols for about three weeks to visit me in Sydney. This year he doesnt want to fly alone, he usually flys out unacompanied, and I fly back with him. Just wondered if there are any other parents in the same situation and maybe could hook the kids up on the same flights ? Long shot but I thought I would give it a ago ! Thanks Jon
  15. Out of interest would you ever (or did anyone) start the process and emigrate to Aus without every visiting the country??? We want to emigrate there and I would be happy to go with no pre-vist due to just a hell of alot of research and seeing the life of a few friends I know who have moved out there, hubby says because we have never visited he would be worried to do so....the thing is, to save up for a visit would take us a good 18 months, and then that money would be what should be savinging for either a) house deposit here or b) money to live off for if we went to Aus so to me it seems alot to waste (Im estimating it would be £5-£6 k for 3 weeks for the 3 of us on a skinny spending budget) where as I'm not sure he will commit to going unless he goes to the place and decide he loves it!! Im just wondering really what peoples experiences were of just emigrating there without ever visiting first!
  16. skipjack

    Tassie visit this weekend

    Hi all Tassie people. I'm flying over from Vic next weekend (22nd May) for my first police exams. If anyone is around for a coffee it would be good to meet up for a chat and some pointers on suburbs and stuff. Post or PM me. I'll mainly be in Hobart for 3 or 4 days but I'll have a rental car so I can travel. Much appreciated! .
  17. Guest

    Oz Expos: worth a visit?

    Was looking at some old threads and noticed a couple of people who mentioned going to expos here in england. Did a quick google search and found a couple which we could go to. My question is whether people who have been to them think it is worthwhile? We have our visas granted and are going to be leaving here in March 2011. I reckon we're pretty clued up on stuff but certainly wouldn't presume to know everything (well nearly everything, I am a teacher after all:wink:). So in people's experience are they worth checking out???:unsure:
  18. n111kkx

    First ever visit to OZ

    Good Morning, just thought I would give you my first impressions. We are a family of 3 and my sister lives in Manly, Sydney. We have applied for a 176 and are sponsored by Victoria OH is an electrician. We flew with Cathay Pacific and they were fantastic a really good flight and around 22 hours so one of the quickest. My 6 year old was great and kept amused with films and games. We dont seem to have suffered from jet lag (fortunately). Going through customs was busy and we were at the back of the queue which turned out to be fortunate as they pushed us through he Australian passport line. Then onto the next check which was for any food. If you have a driving conviction you have to declare it. On the flight they also told us we only had to complete one landing card per family this is not correct you have to have one each. If you have a conviction you are taken off to a room and have to fill in a form (my OH had a short driving ban). I was also carrying some crisps and chocolate and you have to declare this as well but once again we were at the back and they just ushered us through and took our word. We are staying in Manly just 10 steps away from the beach - wow it is so beautiful. I now get what they mean when they say an outdoor lifestyle. We have had some rain but managed to dodge most if it or it has been overnight. Perfect temperature of around 24. Lovely chilled days on the beach and a nice birthday for me at Darling Harbour. We are all loving it but we are aware that we are on holiday. We are looking forward to heading to Victoria for a proper reccie. The only downside so far is that it is SO EXPENSIVE! the exchange rate doesnt help - for example we had 2 small ice creams and 3 regular and it was $30 - the cost is the only downside at the moment. However, I guess it is all relevant if you are earning here - will let you know what we think of Victoria :biggrin:
  19. When is the best time to book flights from London to Sydney? My mum and stepdad want to come out in October, could be that mum will do 2 weeks in Sydney, a week in NZ and perhaps a week in Washington in the US. Stepdad will just have 2 weeks here. Then my dad and stepmum want to come "early 2011" so that could be Jan, Feb or March. Dad's birthday is in Jan so that might be nice. So any tips for when to book? When are the sales? Should we wait for the sales or just book now and have longer to pay it off? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi again! We got word this week that we are approved for out PR, but, that of course we have to leave the country to obtain it. My first thoughts are New Zealand, pretty close, pretty cheap flights and hopefully not too spensive to stay there. So, if any of you have visited there, where would you recommend we visit? Or if you can think of an alternative place to fly to, let me know. We need to give Immigration peeps the heads up in the next 28 days, although we have until Dec to actually fly out/return. TIA.
  21. tracy123

    Last and 1st places to visit.

    OK A thread that discusses Australia and the UK that we can all post on without fear of it turning nasty. So where will be the last place you want to visit before leaving the UK and the first when you arrive in Australia or visa versa Last in Australia and 1st in the UK. It can be anywhere, anything or anyone.... Mine To do an open deck tour around London soaking in the history and culture finishing off in an old fashioned pub having a warm pint! When we touch down (depending on time) to head to the crown casino and have a meal at the conservatory restaurant, all that fresh seafood yummy....... OK what's yours?
  22. Mongrel

    rRelly Visit

    Hi all My bro and his wife are comin to visit next week ,wonderin any ideas on places to go ,he is a bit older than me (ancient lol) MaLLY
  23. Guest

    Reccie Visit Booked

    June 5th fly to HK June 8th fly to Sydney Drive to Canberra 10/11 nights in Canberra June 24th fly to HK June 26th fly home We know Canberra gets colder in June, but pricing and deadlines mean we have to. Just looking for somewhere nice to stay in Canberra now, maybe a furnished apt or house.
  24. Guest

    Need Help - Visit Australia

    Hello all, My husband is a student in Australia and I would like to visit him for a short period.But his visa is under renewal and he is holding a bridging visa currently.Am not sure when he will be getting his visa extended.So is it possible for me to make a visit during this time.What all documents you need to provide for that ? I would be very much grateful if anyone can help me to sort out this issue........
  25. Guest

    Need Help to visit Australia

    Hello all, My husband is a student in Australia and I would like to visit him for a short period.But his visa is under renewal and he is holding a bridging visa currently.Am not sure when he will be getting his visa extended.So is it possible for me to make a visit during this time.What all documents you need to provide for that ? I would be very much grateful if anyone can help me to sort out this issue........