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Found 502 results

  1. Hi, We are set to send off our GSM application in the next month or so but now i am looking at the QLD regional SS option, simply because it appears a visa will be granted much quicker. So correct me if i am wrong but you are given a list of postcodes where you must live, can you look for work outside of these areas? If so how far? Some of these areas look remote and the chances of finding work in them could be none at all. cheers Carl
  2. Hello everyone! I'm so confused with the visas and criterias so if anyone of you could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it!:wacko: I had my skills assessed a year ago by VETASSES before the SOL List had changed and had a positive assessment under Office Manager 3291-11. When I saw that my Skill was not on the new list, I didn't bother to look at trying again until now. My overall band score for the IELTS was an 8.0 with 7.5 in each band, I also have the Orion Diploma in Business Administration which is AQF qualified and I have a direct relative who lives in NSW who is willing to be my sponsor should I be in luck to be eligible to lodge my papers under the GSM scheme. I did try to get state sponsorship through ACT who had Office Manager on their list but I didn't qualify as I don't have the $40k requirement ($20k for main applicant and $10k each for my two dependants - husband and son). So my question is: what route can I take to apply to emigrate to Australia?? Am I still eligible or is all hope lost?? Thanks in advance for any advice given! :arghh:
  3. Source: Fairfax newspapers http://www.smh.com.au/national/bowen-stirs-up-hornets-nest-over-villawood-detainees-20110426-1dujv.html
  4. jen16

    Global Visas?

    HI all, Has anyone used Global Visas? are they any good? They are the only ones that have got back to me, not sure if this is a good thing or not!! thanks
  5. I am currently in Sydney on a working holiday visa. I have been here since feb and i am already loving it would like to stay long term. I am a graduate architect who is maybe interested in setting up my own building design business. I dont really know the best way of going about this yet so came on here looking for some advice. I am unsure at this stage as to whether my uk degrees would be enough for me to trade as a building designer so if anyone has any advice on this also i would be grateful. I am thinking of 2 different options: 1 would be to do a part time degree in in sustainable building design which start in feb 2012. If i did this would be able to apply for a student visa for that year now? and on a student visa can you work at the same time? 2 would be to set up business now as a building designer, but as i am say im not sure if i am qualified to do this and i dont know what the constraints of a business visa are? is it possible to get a business visa with a business that isnt established?? and what are the time frames of being accepted for this kind of a visa? Hope someone can help me!
  6. Guest

    last remaining relative visas

    hi my partners parents have just become permanet residents and want to sponsor their son from uk (the other 2 live in oz) so he can apply on a last remaingin relative visa. does anyone have any idea how long the applications take? thanks tracy
  7. BenandLou


    Hi wonder if anyone could help me. My partner and i have been initially assessed & approved to apply for a skilled visa. And we are just about to give to go ahead to our agent to start the ball rolling. However my partner has just been contacted by a recruitment company asking if we wanted to go over on a 475 visa sponsorship provided they could find him an employer. Do we start with the skilled visa and can we then convert it to a sponsorship visa or do we hold off for a week of so to see if anything comes back from the sponsorship visa?? Thanks Lou x
  8. I am hoping to file my visa in Aug/Sep Due to various personal and financial reasons we are having to forge ahead with this even though we may not have the money we would liked to have had when the visa is granted. I would more than likely qualify for the permanant Spouse visa, although I say that with an air of caution just in case!! I know that any money and benefit questions on this site always meet with mixed respons but I am hoping that you will be able to give me a good idea. There are always loads of people on here asking about how much money did you emmigrate with, and some huge figures are banded about whilst others do it on a moderate sum. I am thinking that one of the "benefits" of being on a permanant spouses visa is that you qualify for assistance from the state immediately if you require it. That is my understandng of things anyway. Basically as I said we may, and it's by no means our only or first plan, literally have enough money for visa, flights, small shipping cost, rental bond and a few weeks accommodation. Obviously in the time between visa grant and validating we will aim to seek jobs for one or both of us. But should this not prove possible from abroad we would have to go over and look at whether we can survive for a few weeks onwhat we have and claim assitance when this has gone. So crux of the question. Do you feel that going as a permanant spouse you did not need the huge reserve that skilled worker visas tend to, bar the obvious set up costs that are essential for all? Obvious the best answer is to save hard and take loads, but without going into massive detail that isn't going to be possible! I am budgetting about £1500 for the visa all in, £3500 for flights (3 kids and 2 adults) £1000 for shipping and then £1000 + for rental bond. Months rent etc would be avialable and short term let would be paid in advance. Anything on top of this would be a bonus!!!!! (and I am hoping there will be much more than this) Yes I know I'll be called naiive and silly, but this is our way of improving things for ourselves. One final question. This will make me look really stupid!! I have read loads of peoples advice and quotes on shipping and I just can't get my head round what size we'll actually ned. Is there an easy way or website that calculates roughly the size so I cansee whose quotes we fall in line with. Is it as simple as measurin, calulating cubic footage of each item and then adding?????? Thanks guys
  9. Guest

    Visas for new baby

    Hi, my husband, 2 boys and myself were granted our 175 visa last year. We are planning to move over at the end of the year once our house has sold. However, I am currently 5 months pregnant and have found out that I cannot just add the new baby to our visa but have to apply for a child's visa. I have accepted that this is the only way to do it and it will cost me nearly as much as the visa we have for all of us, but am wondering how long it will take to get it if we apply as soon as baby is born? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks Francine
  10. Hi All I subscribe to Acacia Immigrations newsletter. I received an e-mail this morning giving me a link to a new article about Decision Ready Checklists. The link is below: Decision Ready Checklists (DRC) The boss of Acacia Immigration is a man called Mark Webster. The information that he provides in his articles is reliable. Mr Webster is also a senior office holder in the MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) whose website is below: Migration Institute of Australia It appears that if one uses a Registered Migration Agent in order to prepare and submit an application for an employer-sponsored ENS or RSMS visa, it is possible for the RMA to lodge a DRC form at the same time as submitting the visa application. Please note that this is not possible after the visa application has been submitted. It appears that DRCs may only be used in connection with applications for ENS and RSMS visas if the applications are submitted on or after 11th October 2010. As far as I know, though, DRCs can be used in connection with applications for offshore ENS 121 and RSMS 119 visas as well as for their onshore counterparts (ENS 856 and RSMS 857 visas.) According to Mr Webster's article, the most recent applicants for/any prospective applicants for employer-sponsored ENS ir RSMS visa can cut their waiting times very signifcantly if they hire an RMA to lodge the application and the RMA agrees to provide a DRC at the time when the visa application is lodged. Everybody else, who has been waiting for several months for an ENS or RSMS visa can look forward to their own waiting times being extended, probably significantly, whilst newcomers and their agents leapfrog the queues. This means that DIAC are no longer telling the truth on their own website: Migration Agents – Applications & Forms The lofty claims made by DIAC are simply no longer true any more. Therefore DIAC are actively and knowingly misleading the general public. It is absolutely disgraceful for any Government to permit its public servants to tell outright lies in this fashion but that is what the Australian Government has evidently decided to allow its own public servants to do. I would recommend that anybody who contemplates using an RMA in order to leapfrog the queue should make it an express, written, term of the contract for services between the client and the RMA that the RMA will submit a DRC at the same time as submitting the visa application. The contract should make it 100% clear that any failure to lodge the DRC is to be treated as a fundamental breach of the contract for services by the RMA, whereupon the RMA is to refund 100% of the fees paid by the client for involving the RMA in the first place. The contract should state clearly that this refund will be paid in full by the RMA within 7 days of the breach of contract having occurred. The contract should also make it clear that the client both can and will make a formal complaint to the OMARA if the RMA fails to lodge the DRC at the same time as submitting the visa application: https://www.mara.gov.au/ If the client - the consumer - fails to protect himself in the specific ways that I suggest, the client will only have himself to blame if an RMA grabs all his money for the fees but fails to lodge a DRC at the same time as making the visa application. Caveat emptor applies - let the buyer beware. The prospective client is the buyer. Everybody who will inevitably be disadvantaged by their own inability to arrange for an RMA to lodge a DRC should consider making a formal complaint to DIAC, via their Global Feedback Unit, demanding an explanation about why DIAC have chosen to disadvantage themselves and their visa applications in the ways described in Mr Webster's article: Contact Us – Compliments and Complaints – Department of Immigration and Citizenship I intend to complain to the GFU myself, demandng an explanation about why DIAC are telling blatant lies in the claims that they make about the use of migration agents. If DIAC were running their own show even vaguely competently, their statement about the use of migration agents would have been modified so that it tells the truth and a modified, truthful statement by DIAC would have been published on their website several weeks before the idea of the DRCs was ever implemented. Cheers Gill
  11. Hi all! New on here and have been looking into visas for a little while now, but don't seem to be getting much further! I am 29 and my partner 24 and we are a social worker and teacher - I (social worker) am in my first year of practice and my partner has three years experience. We don't have years and years of experience in our professions, but they are both on the SOL. We both earn reasonable wages but don't have masses of savings at the current time, so concerned about the costs involved and whether we would be accepted based on our savings - although we will be saving until we (hopefully) go. One of the things that we are prepared to pay, but obviously concerns us, is the cost of the process of applying for a visa and using agents. Could people advise whether it is best to use an agent, what the costs are like and any suggestions of good agents. Also is there a miniumum amount of savings that are required prior to entering the country on a permenant (as there is with the working holiday visa)? Sorry lots of questions...but feeling quite lost with all of this at the minute and where to start! any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Guest

    Divorced parent visas?

    Hi Everyone I am hoping that someone can shed some light on our predicament. My partner and I are permanent residents, in Australia, for nearly two years and my partners’ parents want to move and live in Australia from the UK. Her father has three children, two from a previous marriage and my partner is from the current marriage. Her mother only has one child, which is my partner. The two previous children, from her father, live in the UK and all children are in the 30s – 40s and are all self sufficient. So the question is, what would be the best approach to getting her parents to live in Australia and get Permanent resident status. Thank you so much.
  13. Guest

    Advice needed please

    Hi everyone, The forum looks great. Some very useful information and I'd like to pose what some of you may consider a basic question. I'm Australian/Irish, been working in the UK for four years and I've recently been offered a position back home. I have a girlfriend that I care about deeply, and I have been considering asking her to marry me and in short I want to take her with me. She's just turned 30 and is prepared to come over but I'm not sure what's the best way to proceed. Is it easier if I'm engage/married to her? Or do we go down the route of her applying for a visa? Any advice would be welcomed. :GEEK:
  14. Hey all, I'm currently on my second year working holiday visa which runs out on the 7th May but don't want to go back home!! If I apply for a regional sponsorship visa (475) will they grant me some sort of temp visa so I can stay until such time that its granted (crossed fingers) My profession is a chef, which I see is on the SOL schedule 4 list. Am I right in thinking this and my qualifications (NQV3), experience(7+) will be enough for me to qualify??? Cheers!!
  15. Guest

    Woop woop we got our visas

    Woo hoo finally after 4 long years we have finally got our visas 11/03/2011, after starting this whole process in 07 and our agent going bust in 09,our 1st medicals expiring in 2010,changing our visa to a state sponsorship we have finally received our visas. To everybody still waiting dont give up hope your dreams will happen. Let the celebrations begin :jiggy:
  16. Hi there We applied for a Partner Visa for me (I'm British), my husband is Australian last October, we emailed our C/O to see if they had any updates for us as we'd not heard anything at all, we were sent an email basically saying that there was no further information needed and they would contact us either if they need further information or when our application has been finalised, which 'could' be mid March given the current average procesing times.. My question is What exactly does 'Finalising' mean?, is this good or bad?, Does 'finalising' basically mean the Decision will be made at that time as to Approval or Rejection / Yes or No OR etc or does it mean an Approval? So stressed, been waiting so long & so if anyone can shed any light on the above accurately we would be really grateful. Thanks :unsure:
  17. Guest


    Hi We are in the process of our 457 visa - we have heard different stories but just wondered if anyone had any idea of timescales etc. We are hopefully moving to Sydney. If anyone is going over at the same time (hopefully end of March) can they please contact us - that woud be great. Taylors:biggrin:
  18. crags

    Visas agency's

    Hi Has anyone ever used Go Matilda (Australian Visas) Limited Which are based in southampton England? I have been in touch with these guys only through email...wanted to see if anyone has used them b4 i hand over money.....Or does anyone have any recommendations on any agency who can help me to find a sponser and help with my visa's Any help i would be very greatful Thanks
  19. Hi we are applying for 176 visa and cant remember the exact dates of previous visits to Oz. Dont have old passports etc, so how can I find out when we visited Oz 20+ years ago???? Thanks
  20. Guest

    February2011 175 Visas

    Thought I would start a new thread for the 175 Feb2011 people who have applied for their visas. Please share info, experiences etc OH - Vetassess passed Jun10, IELTS test passed Jan11, visa lodged online Feb11 :biggrin:
  21. Polkey

    Child visas

    Hi, not long after moving to the gold coast my wife fell pregenant and after much heart ache we came home to be near the grand parents. now hes 2 and its time to think about heading back as we only have until Oct 2012. I brought a business when we came back as I was not sure if my wife was going to change her mind so we need to sell that to. My main question is im in need of child visa info from any one who has been in a simlar position. How long did it take and what was needed regards medicals, is it the same prosess that we went through are selfs. Im guessing it wont take as long but any info would be helpfull. Kind regards, John.
  22. Hi does anyone know how long the processing times are for the 176 visa and do nurses get any higher proirity. I have applied for a 176 and had to apply on paper as computer and scanner died on me and had to be fixed , still has problems now so it seemed easier to do a paper application. I was wondering how long it would take for my visa appliaction to be processed as i know online applications go through quicker. However i am a nurse and the diac site says nurses are usually proiritised. :wacko:
  23. Hi guys This is probably a really silly question and will highlight my ignorance in its full glory! My family and I had originally planned to move to Aus this year when my kids are 13 and 11 years old but for many reasons this will now wait until they finish their A levels. Am I right in thinking that we can apply for the PR (Im a Midwife) in a couple a years and then allow for the 18 months – 2 year handling time, and then the visa have to be validated within 5 years(?) . This way I was hoping that the whole family can travel on my visa rather than wait until the boys are over 18 to apply and they would then need their own visa, is this right?? Thanks for any guidance
  24. I have just started to look into visas with my OH as he is a bricklayer. We have been advised we need to try and get visa lodged before 1st July as changes to visa rules will make it hard for trades to get visas after this time. Does anybody know what the changes are and does this mean we wont be able to get a visa at all after this date? Thanks for any advice as we are totally confused by it all.
  25. Guest

    Sponsorship Questions!

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know the possibility of getting sponsored from the UK in a PA/Secretarial role? I know it's not a specific skill or trade so am unsure if I can still be sponsored but I'm just trying anything to get back to my boyfriend and this is a lot more cost effective than studying! (we can't apply for de facto yet as we have never lived together) If anyone knows of any agencies that could help I would be very grateful, I have several years experience, one of which was Australian employment. Thank you