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  1. Hi All Well I finally sent of my application today after pussyfooting around for long enough. I have a trip to Australia in March and I know that previously someone told me that if you have lodged your visa application, you need to notify DIMIA that you will be in Australia so that they do not continue with processing your application during that time. I have looked on the DIMIA website and the only form I can find is Change of Circumstance, but that relates to job, address changes, etc. Which form do I need to send to DIMIA to inform them that I will be in Australia? Thanks Karen
  2. Guest

    TRA or Visa first

    Hi I was wondereing if its best to get the visa first then the TRA or do you send them both at the same time? Can you help with the 47sp visa,am getting married in april and everytime i read the visa info i change my mind on whether i need to put all my brothers on the form,where it says siblings. :oops: cant understand why they would want this .plus do i have to show all the same stuff as a de facto? like letters joint accounts and the like? john
  3. Guest

    De Facto Visa

    Can anyone help? I am just about to lodge my application for the de facto visa, I have heard so many different stories on how long it could take to process. Does anyone how long I can expect to wait for the visa to be processed?
  4. Hi, We have just received the requests for medicals, so we have booked to have them done all in one day(xrays, bloods and med exam) for the 21st of November. We would like to hear from anyone out there who can give us an estimation of the time it takes from the medicals (ONCE SENT OFF) to a final decision? based on experience. :? THANX !!!!
  5. Can anyone help me...am bit confused about the 'recent work experience' and 'specific work experience' requirements for the 136 visa.. Is it true that you need BOTH 12 out of last 18 months AND 3 out of last 4 years??? I have the first but not the 2nd and have 125 points..I dont need work experience refs for my skills assessment so that isnt an issue If anyone can clarify this I would really appreciate it.... Thanks a million..
  6. Hi Everyone...Happy New Year!! We put our visa application in in Nov and as i am a practicing nurse was told it should go through quite swiftly..!! WE have 3 small kids -does this slow things down?? Oldest child had my maiden name at birth(no fathers name on birth cert) and then latter changed by deed poll to my married name - will this slow things down?? I thought we would have been allocated a CO by now??or meds requested? Anyone have any info re time scale or potential problems with kids on visa, Many thanks Melanie
  7. can you help? Lived in Aus from aged 2 - 13 qualifying for former resident for first 9 out of 18 yrs in Aus. What I need to know is do I REALLY qualify with husband to be and 2 children aged 12 and 7?My dad lives there and in contact with him and about 6 friends also have half brothers and a sister. My mum lives in U.K. It doesnt specify jobs, so WHAT DO THEY LOOK INTO? I can prove all contact etc. IT IS NOT JOB RELATED SO WHAT GOES ON? DOES ANYONE KNOW????????? i am very curious!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou in advance for any answers x
  8. Hi all Just curious if anyone has gone through or going through this process. I've had a verbal offer, awaiting the written version, and wandering what your experience have been. I've heard it takes roughly 6 weeks for visa approval but taking that with a large pinch of salt. Pj (PS, please don't flame me, I know how amazingly lucky I am as we were going through the normal visa channels until 4 weeks ago.)
  9. Guest

    Skilled Independant Visa

    I have been registered with ACS under the RPL route and have lodged the completed visa middle on November. I'm getting very itchy feet given that it's currently -5 outside and life here is ****. Has anybody undertaken this particular route ? if so how did it go and what were the timescale/stages. I would be very greatful to hear any of your experiences. Many thanks.
  10. Hi All, I have now entered my 8th month of waiting for my medical request and my CO. My employer was contacted after 4 months, but I never got a CO letter after that. I believe that between 40 and 50 weeks can be the period you wait. I have also read that they only have 38,100 skilled visa's per year. If I have a reference number is that place held for me. I believe that a MODL approved visa would take my place in the queue. Does anyone know if my visa app would then roll over to the next years allocation, and what date does that start 1/1/06? I have done my meds and my police check, and they are being held for the moment. I do not want to send them and then they got lost in their offices. I would love to hear from anyone waiting for the same length of time as me. It is beginning to stress me out!!!!!! :roll: Happy Xmas to all of you still waiting. Stuart
  11. Guest


  12. Hi My parents want to come to help us move to Oz and stay with us for up to 6 months, they then want to come over each year for up to 6 months. Is there a visa which allows a holiday of up to 6 months? I know that they can get a 3 month visitors visa and then apply to have it extended but we are hoping to cut down on the hassle and paper work. Also, because they want to come over every year do they need to reapply each year? Thanks Jackie
  13. Guest

    Visa confirmation

    Hi, I wonder if any of you guys can put our mind at rest??? We sent our visa application to the DIMIA through the post on 11th November, and to date we haven't received a reply back to say they have received it. Are we worrying unnessarilay, or does anyone think that we should've received an acknowledgment by now???? Thanks. Amanda
  14. Does anyone know if we can travel to Australia on a Tourist visa and then apply for our Temporary Business Long Stay visa while in Australia? My partner has a job offer from an Australian Company who have submitted an application to sponsor both of us to come to OZ - We are now just waiting for them to give us a TRN number in order for us to submit our application. However we are due to fly out of the UK on 2nd December! Therefore if we are allowed, we would rather apply on arrival to OZ on a Tourist visa and then apply to stay while in OZ? Any ideas/comments???? Thanks
  15. Hi all I am arriving in Sydney on 9th Dec on a working holiday visa & just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat as me?? Would be great to meet with like minded people who enjoy having a laugh but also chilling out too. Its a tiny bit daunting going on my own but I've been there before whilst travelling so I shld be ok! Let me know tho
  16. Guest

    got visa need to export the dog

    we got the grant letter now so flights booked on the 21 jan 2006 has anyone used airpets? for our alfie. Terry, penny
  17. Guest

    Visa query

    Hi, We have sent off our visa application on 11th Nov, and was wondering if anyone knows how long they are taking at the mo?? We are applying under the Skilled Independent visa sub class 136, and my husband is a tool maker, which is on the 'wanted' list!! Any time guidelines would be appreciated. Thanks. Amanda
  18. Guest

    Form 80 for 136/137 visa

    On the form 80 you have to put in parents DOB. My partner was adopted and both parents been dead 15 & 20 years. He does not know their DOB. Does anyone know if this information is essential or if we can just put a note on the form to let them know this. Thanks
  19. Hi, Can anyone help me; I am applying for a Skilled migration visa, which seems to be going well. However, I have a criminal record for Theft from 1985 which I was not too concerned about at first but last year I applied for a Shotgun License as I shoot clay's for a hobby, in doing so I forgot to mention my conviction from nearly 20 years previous and received a caution for not mentioning it on my application form. The Police at the time also thought this unnecessary, but obviously had to follow their procedures and issued me with a caution last September (2004). How will this affect my Visa application, any experience etc gratefully received as I am sick with worry and don’t want to wait a year to get refused at the post!! Many thanks....
  20. Guest

    tra and visa

    hi all, i know this sound a bit thick but i have read that much about migrating all the booklets , all the web sites ,i dont know wear i am up to .the thing is we have seant are tra forms off do we have to wait for them to get back to us before we send the visa off? , i know it is somewear in my mind but i have that much gowing on in it ,my minds gone blank .[b :oops: ][/b]
  21. Guest

    Visa Grant !!

    Hi everyone Just wanted to share our fab news OUR VISAS WERE GRANTED THIS MORNING!! Still shaking and very excited Cal x
  22. Guest

    After the Visa is issued ?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me after your visa is issued how long do you have to enter Aus? Presumably it expires after a certan time. Cheers Mike
  23. Guest


    Got the call from our agent this morning after what felt like an agonising wait! We applied for a regional visa (victoria wanted air craft engineers) all our paper work hit oz on 20th june 05 after we had the medicals on 3rd june 05. We have waited since then and this morning we got the final yes! The longest delay we have had was waiting for victoria to stamp a piece of paper to say they wanted hubbys trade that should have taken 3 weeks but it took 4 months!! Moving to geelong hopefully feb/march 2006 with 2 children aged 11 and 8. Any top tips welcome thanks and FOR THOSE WAITING HANG IN THERE. YESTERDAY I WAS AS MISERABLE AS COULD BE TODAY IT ALL LOOKS VERY DIFFERENT. NIKKI
  24. Hi I am due to come to Australia in October. I hopefully already have a job and they are going to sponsor me on a 4 year working visa. My employers say that my girlfriend can come over and work on this, but we too have to prove that we have lived together for a year. That will be easy, but my girlfriend is a bit unsure as to whether she really is able to work on my visa. can anyone help?
  25. Guest

    Fiance Visa's

    Hi! Firstly I just wanna say good luck to everyone using this site -especially when I look out the window of my dullard open plan office in the middle of Leeds on July 25th and it's grey and overcast! What's that all about?! Anyway, I travelled Oz for a year on a working holiday visa and ended up falling for a sheep shearer in a little town where I worked as a barmaid. I got back in December 04 and we've kept in touch with phonecalls but we're both Pay As You Go so there's no record we've ever called each other. I've been looking at various web sites and reading up on Fiance Visa's as we are planning on getting engaged when I return to Oz at the end of Sept for a 3 week holiday but everything I read says you have to have joint bank accounts, have lived together for 12 months, and have boxes and boxes of letters and stuff to PROVE that you're in love...is there any hope for us...? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Is there anything I can start doing now to help me in the future -besides us both getting contract phones?! Do you think we should open a joint bank account when i go back for this holiday? Help please?!