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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, on the 6th of April I received the notification of nomination refusal for a visa 187. My employer decided to appeal for merits review to the AAT. My question is: while filling the appeal application form online, which option should he choose for the point "Select the decision to be reviewed"? 1) visa refusal 2) business sponsor approval refusal or variation 3 refusal of nominated activity or position Thank you!
  2. Hi! Our case is a little different. Any Advise would be helpful, because this mental stress is becoming too much to bare. 186 nomination filed March 2020, nomination approved 8th February 2021. Visa refusal 5th March 2021 on the bases of not given ielts. Our MA suggested educational documents proving 5years of English education should be sufficient. And now Our visa is refused on the bases of not having the Ielts document. Can we still give ielts and appeal to AAT?? Do we go offshore and reapply the visa(since 186 nomination is valid till July) is that feasible given the covid situation? Do we have any hope left? Has anyone been in a similar situation? This stress is too burdening. Because of the damn agents mistake we’re suffering. We have a young child, who’s practically been in this country all her life. It’s too traumatising to think of the consequences. Any help please, any suggestions?? Quote PREV 5 NEXT Page 5 of 5 Reply to this topic...
  3. Hi All, We applied for a 143 Contributory Parent visa and have received a letter from immigration last week, detailing my Mother has not met the health requirements due to her chronic bronchiectisis and the cost this may incur on the Australian community services/health care system. Specifying the applicant does not meet PIC 4005 (1) (c) (ii) (A) in schedule 4 to the Migration Regulations. Immigration have given us 28 days to comment. Her ongoing medication is of little cost, she’s sees her respiratory consultant once every 6/12 months and has been admitted to hospital in England only once in the last 10 years. Any advice? Any Immigration agent/lawyer recommendations that have helped others form a response? Thanks in advance.
  4. authentikate

    Visa Refusal - Do we have any options?

    Hi, My fiance and I are at a loss right now of what steps to take next. I'm hoping that someone here has some kind of insight into what our next move can and should be. For reference, I am a Canadian citizen and my partner is Romanian. He is the primary applicant and is sponsored through his work. I came to Australia almost 4 years ago on a working holiday visa, and my partner came on I believe, a 407 visa or something similar. Some kind of internship, 1 year visa. Yesterday, we were refused an RSMS 187 visa based on the fact that he had not successfully passed the IELTS test until 2 days after the migration agent (that was supplied from his work) had put in the application. While she states that she had no choice but to put in the application at that time due to time constraints, we still had about another 3 weeks remaining on our previous 12 month visa that we were on at the time. She could have waited the 2 days just in case, but told us at the time that it would be fine even if he passed the test after the application was lodged. Obviously, this was not the case. We have been attempting to apply for sponsored visas through my partner's employer for going on 3 years now. Every time we have tried, something has been done incorrectly by various registered migration agents that has further complicated the matter. First, it was a 457 visa submitted under the wrong job heading. We were denied the nomination for that one. Then, upon applying for the 187, we were told to plan our wedding immediately to ensure that they could not say we were not together lawfully. We planned our overseas wedding with all of our family, only to find out months before it that as we were on a Bridging C visa, we are not eligible for a Bridging B visa. While we were granted priority processing in the hopes of making it to our wedding, we still had to cancel everything and lost all money we had put into it. This priority processing led to an accepted nomination, but a sped up refusal. We know have 35(?) days to leave the country and have no idea what to do. The migration agent and his work has suggested that we "go, hang out somewhere for about 6 months" out of country while they reapply for the 187 for another approx. $10,000. We would then come back and try again. It would take another, at this point, 22-25 months to go that route and this is after 6 months of either not working in my partner's country (language barrier) or paying to bring him as my fiance to Canada, where he may not be able to work for up to a year, and then trying to come back. We could just give up and go to Canada, but our life is here after almost 5 years in Australia. This is home. We don't know what to do. We have been told that appealing through the AAT would just be prolonging the inevitable refusal, so it's not worth the attempt. We don't want to spend another 2 years or so just waiting to be refused again. I have also been told through my work that I could apply for the 187 as an office manager, but from what I have read, lately a majority of those have been refused. And it is again, another $10,000 and 22-25 months of waiting and hoping that we are not refused again. Do we have any options? Any insight at all would be appreciated.
  5. Architect1


    I have applied for a partner visa by myself without using an agent. In April 2018, I have received a Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal from VACCU. I have contacted 3 immigration agents for help. 2 out of 3 recommended to me to contact Richard Gregan at Overseas Immigration in Edinburgh. The third one did not even know what I am talking about but was willing to take my case for a certain amount of money (she told me that she would have had to drop all other cases to spend all her time on my case). I contacted Richard Gregan and after the first conversation I knew exactly what I can expect from him: what my chances were, how much it would cost me, what did he need me doing and what would he do. He was honest, straight forward and guided and informed me step by step all the way through the whole process in this very stressful period of time for me and my partner. He did put lots of effort in my case, many nights I have received e-mails from him at around 11-12 pm. I have never tried any immigration agents ever, so I do not know others, but I am sure that my visa would have been refused if I don`t get his help. My visa was finally approved in May. I would definitely recommend Richard Gregan and I am glad that I have used his services. And I can honestly tell that if my visa was refused, it would not have been his fault as I was feeling all the time that he was doing his best as he promised at the beginning. I would also like to add, that if my case had been easy, the other immigration agent (mentioned in the beginning) would have taken it, and would not have directed me to someone else...