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Found 406 results

  1. Guest

    Sale, Country Victoria

    We have lived in Sale for the past 3 years and found it a very unforgiving place for us "Brits". My husband has managed to get a really good job at the "local" private school but if you are looking for a job in town with an english accent then you don't stand a chance. I have 15 years experience in admin but they prefer their "own" to fill the jobs, my sister in law/uncle has got the job. The local "private" school is not as good as the state schools in the uk, you just have to pay. Now moved on and so glad we did. The "local" private school (junior) has a shocking head of school and the teachers are not qualified.
  2. Guest

    Skiing Victoria

    Hi, Ok I know were a little bit away from the snow season but Im looking into finding a ski club that I can join! I loved skiing, always went to France form the UK. Sadly my better half hates skiing, I always went with my brother so am looking for some people to go with as I left my brother in the UK. Is there anyone here that is in the same situation of knows of a good group I can join in Victoria. Im in the eastern suburbs! Thanks
  3. Hi We recently applied for state sponsorship with Victoria and have today received an email asking us to confirm our financial assets. Does this give any indication of how far our application has progressed, so in other words should we expct a decision in the next days, weeks, months, or is it fairly open ended? Thanks
  4. Thought if anyone was looking for an event for the kids on this long weekend, the Diamond Valley mini railway is having a 'Spooky night train' for the kids on Sunday 13th March. :arghh:Diamond Valley Railway Home Page, Eltham,Victoria,Australia
  5. Please excuse my ignorance, but would anyone happen to know where the Victoria Uni carries out its tests/exams in the UK please? I cant seem to find it anywhere, Im based in Essex & I assume my o/h will have to travel miles away??? Cheers:err:
  6. HI All, Hope someone can help or has been in this situation..we had our 176 visa granted and activated on on recent trip to australia, we first wanted to go to victoria so we applied for state sponsorship,this was granted and the visa issued. we now want to live in WA and i have a potential employer fixed up in Rockingham.... can we just move to WA and take up employment when we have signed the sponsorship agreement in Vic. any thoughts
  7. Dear All Though I had done quite well with the whole visa lark. Have got my hubby skills assessed by Engineers Australia as a Mechanical Engineer, whch is on the SOL. BUT he is in the Army and this posting has him working in bomb disposal as opposed to mech engr. He also qualifies as a Engineering Mnager (but we have not skills assessed a it was by CDR and we thought we would go for the easier acacdemic swap for mech engineer). As the jobs are 'closely related' we thought we would be fine for the employment criteria of 12 of the last 24 months. So we come to look at the criteria for Victoria and it seems to be saying that you cannot use another occupation on the SOL if you have nominated a 'trade'. your job has to be in the exact occupation. Is Engineering a profession or a trade??? We are now not sure how to proceed as Perth's criteria is 7/10 years and we could prove this as we would just ignore his bomb disposal job (he has been in army nearly 18 years and always in Royal Engineers). Also we do not want to tell his boss that we are planning to up and leave so are not sure how to get the offficial reference without upsetting the apple cart. Anyone had any experience of using 'closely related' occupations... Any kind comments welcome. (Not loud gruff ones as hubby already thinks I am making it all up by the light of the candle when he goes to bed as I spend hours on the forums and every time he comes down to breakfast I have got something else to tell him....):sad:
  8. Hi all This is only me second post. I was just wondering has anyone used Victoria University for their skills assessement. My oh is a plumber and we have been told that he can only use vetassess, but after searching the web I have found that this is not true. We really want to get the ball rolling before the changes in July. Getting a bit worried now as Vetassess take quite a while and I dont think there are any more dates available at the min for practical assessement. Any help would be great. Thanks:confused:
  9. Guest

    Victoria state sponsor job list

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get the skilled list for victoria to sponsor you, tried the visa burea but can't seem to get any further, any help would be brill :v_SPIN:
  10. richselina

    Victoria SMP Timelines

    Hi, we lodged our SMP (accountants) application on 1st November 2010 for Victoria and wondered if anyone has had their application granted since this date. Initially, I was informed it could take up to 2 months, so I just wondered if anyone has had their application granted since submitting in November. Thanks.
  11. Hi,:err: We have googled and found small unhelpful maps, can anyone recommend a place we can buy one from please. Many thanks Tania
  12. Hi All Just a reminder that there is a lunchtime meetup in Melbourne on Friday 4th March. Everybody is welcome. It's a chance to have a chat over coffee or lunch and maybe even link up with people that you didn't know were living round the corner from you. We are aiming to make this a regular event - first Friday of the month. I do need RSVPs though to make a booking. Take a look at the Events and Meetups for further details. Cath
  13. Kimbodia

    Cost of living in Victoria

    Hi All My husband and I have been giving thought to a big move down under, we are looking at Victoria based on his work background, Mechanical Design Engineer/Draughtsman with a state sponsorship. We have an 18 month old daughter and hope to have another child in the next year or so. We live a comfortable and happy life in the UK, own (mortgaged) a lovely home and generally enjoy life but love the idea of an adventure and a crack at a different lifestyle, we don't want to grow old having never tried something different, we would like to think of it as a longterm move. We'd love to try living somewhere with a better climate that the UK (I know Victoria isn't Queensland weather but its still warmer than the UK and may be the only state available to us for now). We currently live off my husbands sole wage whilst I take a career break to be a fulltime mum, I plan to be off work for the next 4 years or so. We are looking for help/advice on the cost of living, we've read very mixed reports about Australia, some saying its a great place to be, others saying its painfully expensive compared to the UK and not to go! Can anyone give their thoughts on this? We're not looking to be rich, but don't want to move to the other side of the world to struggle with everyday life.
  14. Hi Guys!!!! I'm a software tester with 8 years experience, planning to get the SS from Victoria. Just want to see whether any one got SS from Victoria for software tester thanks in advance
  15. :biggrin:Hi I havent posted before but have gained valuable knowledge from reading eveyones posts so thank you :biggrin: just a quick question ....... I have applied for state sponsorship as a carpenter on 17th december 2010 and have had the email saying they have recieved my online application and it may take 12 weeks to reply, do i have to send of any paperwork through the post or is the online application all they require ? Just got a bit scared after reading about the sa state sponsorship application post where they recieved an email requesting hard paper copies ? Any advise would be gratefully recieved.:biggrin:
  16. Guest

    Migration advantages of VICTORIA

    :biggrin:Hi friends, What are the migration advantages of VICTORIA for living rather than the other Australia's states as a newcomer? Regards, Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  17. Guest

    Victoria Park

    Hi, I have been looking at a furnished appartment in Victoria Park, Perth to rent during our reccie in June. Can anyone give me a information about the area. Thanks Suz :chatterbox:
  18. Hi all,:laugh: After a bad start to our SS nomination request (OUR FAULT!) we got our SS today with Victoria. We lodged our application on the 6 August 09', had also lodged with WA, and Victoria responded with an e-mail saying we only consider applicants who are committed to them and them alone. Panic, as Victoria was our first choice... We had to send a new commitment letter to them and a copy of our withdrawal letter to WA. Then we got, what felt like daily e-mails requesting proof direct from WA, a couple of docs. we had already sent (uploading these documents originally did not run smoothly though so we understood why) and we responded within 24 hours to each request. So all in all it has taken 14 DAYS from 6th August to 20 August. Now we need to sell our house, our first viewer coming today at 2pm, fingers, toes and anything else crossed PLEASE.You never know they may just want our house.Thanks to all who have helped and we will be back for some more advice sooooooon. :hug: Ley x
  19. I think I have read that its normal not to have had an acknowledgement once the SS form had been submitted - can anyone please reassure me ??? Also, can I jump ahead and do the 176 application or do I need to wait for the SS ? And if anyone with a crystal ball is around can you look into it and see when I will be off??? Are there any other sparks out there applying at this moment in time?
  20. Hi all, I have applied for state sponsorship in 2 states: SA and Victoria. I did not meet Victorian sponsorship requirements due to inadequate experience (less than 2 years) in my job. SA reply is pending and I am crossing my fingers about it. I have 18 months of experience as a registered nurse and wonder which route will be the best for visa application. Any thoughts?
  21. Hi guys, I was wondering what the situation is with the availability of seasonal work in Victoria? I know there there are peak months, but is there generally work available year round? I'm particularly interested as I would want to work towards my second WHV, and I would be eager to get it out of the way as soon as I possibly could Cheers, Dan.
  22. Guest

    Cheapest cities of VICTORIA

    :biggrin:Hi friends Which cities of Victoria are the cheapest for living? Regards, Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  23. Dear friends According to my profession as an Agriculture Consultant, How can I get piece of information about the most demanding city of Victoria for my profession? Best regard Thanks a lot for your time and consideration Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  24. calNgary

    Victoria - Floods

    I have just been catching up with the news after having no power most of the day and i truely hope any of our members in Victoria havent been caught in the floods down there. The pictures on the news showing the houses half under water is just tragic ,especially so soon after the Qld disaster. Stay safe everyone, and if anyone has the magical ability to control this weather- Please Give Us A Break ! Cal x
  25. Channel Ten news reports that a likely surge of interstate tradie migration, chasing rebuild work in Qld, will lead to a raising of higher skilled overseas migrant numbers in Victoria and NSW. kev