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Found 674 results

  1. Guest


    HI has anybody done the vetassess practical test for plumbing yet? If so what dose it involve? SPLASH:cool:
  2. Wendy Robinson

    tra or vetassess

    Hi, First timer needing help. Finally decided to make the move and already confused.:twitcy: My OH is a maintenance electrician and we can't decide which skill assessment is for him. Can anybody please help . Thankyou.
  3. Hi Every One Just Wanted To Know , If Anyone Has Any News Or Results To The Tests Taken In December, And Whats Involved, I Have Read One Post And It,s Supposed To Be A Bit Of A Nightmare. Any Information Would Be Much Appreciated.
  4. My OH is going to take the Vetasses Plumbers practical in April. We would like to hear from anyone who has already taken it to give us some information as to what it entailed. Understand that the test is based in Accrington, so will he have to take his tools with him from London, or are they provided? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Guest

    vetassess electrician

    Has anyone done the vetassess general electrican ? What is the assessment like ? many thanks matt
  6. Calling all experts - well you are to me if you managed to get around this immigration process ! Getting a bit confused over this, can anyone shed any light.......... I believe as of Sept 2007, Plumbers now are under VETASSESS. On their website it lists examiner reports such as Plumbing Water Supply Theory and Plumbing Gas Fitting Theory The thing is, Im not a plumber. I'm training as a gas fitter. It will say "Gas Installation" on my certificates from the UK, no mention of plumbing whatsoever, so when applying under skilled migrant, I will be aplying as a gas fitter not a plumber. So who assesses my qualifications ? AND this VETASSESS also talks about having 900 hours expereince, this equates to about 7 months full time employment as a gas fitter. I have also heard mentioned on other sites, 1 year, 4 years and 6 years experience required. Aaaaaagh, which one is right ? Love some answers mates. Lee and Barb :arghh:
  7. Guest

    Vetassess query

    Hi Can anyone tell me the answer? If you apply to Vetassess for an assessment to be an Office Manager, do you have to have a formal qualification or can they take into account work experience, ie like doing an RPL for instance. My sister has been provisionaly offered a job on an ENS visa but has no formal qualification,:arghh: but a really good CV of work experience. :smile: Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks everyone
  8. Guest

    Vetassess - HELP!!!!

    Hi Can anyone tell me the answer? If you apply to Vetassess for an assessment to be an Office Manager, do you have to have a formal qualification or can they take into account work experience, ie like doing an RPL for instance. My sister has been provisionaly offered a job on an ENS visa but has no formal qualification,:arghh: but a really good CV of work experience. :smile: Any help would be appreciated. She's email them but got no reply Many thanks everyone
  9. Has anyone done one yet? I am looking at doing a Vetassess test - on top of my TRA pass so I can start work straight away when I arrive in Oz. I just want to know what is involved - especially the practical side of it.
  10. Dear anyone,I have just started the application to Vetassess for a practical skills assessment but I am confused already!Part of the evidence they need is 'business materials'?:unsure:Does this mean letters from suppliers?(OH is a joiner)All the Baileys and beer over Xmas has turned my brain to mush:wacko:Sarah+++
  11. Guest

    Vetassess Practical Test

    Hiya, I'm looking for some information on the 2 day Practical tests for the Vetassess application. "Electrician". Would be very greatful for any information on what to expect. I have put my application on hold until I have the confidence that I can pass. My trade is Electrical Maintenance and I'm hoping to work in the Perth area, Came back from a 3 week holiday recently and we loved the place. Appreciate any advice. Steve:smile:
  12. Hi..any one out there done the December tests for plumbing yet? If so what is expected?? Glenn
  13. Wishing you all the very best of luck for 2008!! I have just had a successful result from Vetassess (see other post) Electricans and Motor mechanics -assessed at City College, Birmngham (2 days) Plumbers -assessed at London (2 days) Carpenters -assessed in Lancs (not sure where) Hope this helps all fellow tradesmen!! Bernie :radar:
  14. hope2

    How long Vetassess valid for?

    Hi The title says it all really! How long is a positive skills assessment from Vetassess valid for provided you are in the same employment when you lodge the visa? Thanks:)
  15. Hi again, any other electricians doing the practical in December? I have mine at the Birmingham City College December 10th, nice to hear of anyone else going then too! Phil ANYONE DOING THE VETASSESS AS AN ELECTRICIAN, NOTE THAT THEY ARE ONLY DOING THE TESTS IN BIRMINHAM. We were under the impression from their websites that there are different centres and you go to the nearest to where you live, BUT it seems after receiving an email from them that the test centres are geared up to a specific trade! Hence Phil going to Birmingham when we live in the South East! (correct me if this is wrong). Bernie
  16. Guest

    Passed Vetassess Part 1!

    Hi we passed the first part of the Vetassess, so was great news after all the trouble with the TRA etc! The practical is in December but it's the first 'yes' we've had so far so the ball finally feels like it's rolling! :jiggy: Bernie
  17. Guest

    PICKING UR BRAINS (vetassess)

    Hiya ALL! Just picking your brains to find out if anybody has experianced the vetassess test for plumbers :err:I could really do to find out what the test involves. I know i'm a constant PAIN IN THE BUM! but I need H E L P!! Just like most of these routes, experiance is everything and being a smart a.. counts for nothing. Plz, Plz reply. Since I joined this web site I think I'm going mad! But hopefully soon I'll b going DOWN UNDER xxxx Adele
  18. Guest

    The new Vetassess

    Hi I have a visa with my family but my boyfriend is trying to get one he is an electrician . He did a tra in the summer applied under apprenticeship and he failed on this but passed on formal training. He failed on classificaton for apprenticeship as the college he did the apprenticeship with was not a governing body and thats why they classified him as formal training however as he had not completed the 5years needed he failed on this part as well as he had only done 4years.:arghh: Now the vetassess has come out ,I want to know if the years of experience now don’t matter as we were going to wait until next year to reapply because he would of completed the 5years next summer or can he reapply now or is it the same as the tra ?? :wacko: any idea thank Becky
  19. Yipppeee We have passed the 1st hurdle on what seems like a long long journey. Just found out my OH Vetassess trade evidence has passed (Bricklayer) so now we can book him onto the practicals in December - Any one else in same position ??? Great to here from you - especially any bricklayers out there. A bit scary to be the first people to take the new practicals as its hard to know what to expect. He is going on a Work Elevated Platform Course tomorrow though as apparently Aussie Bricklayers need to use these and it is something which will be assessed.
  20. Guest


    Hi all. Just about to start the looong road to OZ. Now can anyone tell me the order to do things..... 'official things' I need to do a vetassess practical test, that im sure of, but is this the first application form i need to be filling in.???
  21. Guest

    Bernie, Vetassess gone today!

    Vetassess going today after going through TRA and pathway D being removed etc we are hoping this time round will be okay, especially as it costs more! Just wondered if anyone else is waiting on the new trade skills assessment with Vetassess? Hubby should have the assessment in December if all goes well, so who knows he may end up bumping into one or two of you :cool:. Can relax for half term now :spinny:...Bernie
  22. Guest


    Has anyone applied using this route? If so any tips were you successful? Thanks Gilly:goofy::arghh:
  23. patsmec

    New Vetassess Tests

    Hi Everybody I don't know if you might find this useful but this link explains in more detail the new tests that are due to replace the TRAs from September 1st 2007 for some trades.:err: VETASSESS - Vocational Education Training and Assessment Services Hope it's of some use..... Pat
  24. Greets to everyone, Its my first post, hope some kind person out there can help me.......:notworthy: I have a question about skills assessment with VetAssess for a skilled migrant VISA as I am getting ready to kick off my VISA application process before too long. Does anyone know: How long before applying for your VISA is it OK to get a skills assessment ? I was thinking of going ahead and getting VetAssess assessment now, but I'm worried that if I apply for my VISA 6 months after, my assessment might have 'expired' by then. Thanks ! capo