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Found 672 results

  1. Waitingawhile

    Vetassess skills assessment time lines

    hi I wondered if there was any difference between length of time the different types of skills assessments were taking at VETASSESS. Would it be useful to start a list with people if they are willing posting what skill group they were assessed under and for what occupation and how long it took?
  2. Guest

    Vetassess Practical test

    Hi, Has anybody taken the Vetassess Practical exam in London in the last couple of months, can only find old stuff giving information for Electricians, would be nice to see if the exam details are the same thanks guys:wacko:
  3. Hi all, Well..unfortunately I do not qualify (according to ACS) for a skills assessment because I do not have 4 years experience on top of my qualifications ;o( So Plan B!.. My partner will now become the primary applicant and myself the secondary. But we are unsure which VETASSESS SOL she should nominate.... She holds a 4 year degree and an MBA from an university in Australia. She has worked now as a Market Research Analyst for the last two years. However, this is not what her studies entailed. And according to the VETASSESS "Work experience is not assessed by VETASSESS as part of this process." So our question...what SOL should she nominate? Or is it possible to nominate "Market Research Analyst" and include a cover letter and reference stating she has worked as one for the last two years? We are really unsure how to proceed! Any help much appreciated! Cheers G
  4. Guest

    general plumber vetassess

    hello all, has anyone done the vetassess test for general plumber. my question is can you use any books when asked to do a pipe sizing exercise cheers jack
  5. Hi all Just wondering if some kind soul (s) can shed some light pleeeeaaassseeee..:arghh: My o/h is currently filling in the Vetassess form (stage 1, I believe) how much info/detail do you need to give, he has done pages & thats just for question 1? Is that correct or is he going into too much detail, he's been at it for ages. :cry: What kinda info should he be giving etc? Thank you kindly in advance :smile:
  6. Guest

    vetassess costs

    hello all, has anyone else experienced a change in cost for vetassess. i sent mine off authorising payment of $600 for a paper copy application as it stated on the paperwork. this has just come back saying the cost is $650. be aware if you have done the same. if you have, get in there first and download a form from their website and add a further $50 before it delays your application like mine. cheers:confused: jack
  7. i am fuming, i have just got an email from TRU-blue migration explaining that you can do your trade application in seven weeks and do not now need to do a practical and that all you have to do is a technical interview via skype... Jesus what a bloody con Vetassess was, i spent 5 months and about £2000... to do mine as a general plumber, i had to travel 5 hours up from the south coast to Accrington, spend two nights in a hotel and lose 3 days wages just for the practical...:arghh: OH NO NOW you can sit on your arse and do it all from home and if you are not good enough you can blag your technical interview over the internet and if you pass you are as good as me and all the other proper tradies that spent time and money and stress doing the bloody practical.... WELL DONE AUSTRALIA:biglaugh: You moan about getting the quality of migrants and now you have just opened up the door to any chancers that can blag paper assessments and techical interviews over the internet.... I want my money back.....:arghh:No wonder they where rushing as many trades through the practicals...and by the looks of things its the Victoria Tafe( VETASSESS) doing it again.. The Aussies must think that we are just pay money hands over fist and milk us... ME im now just getting a bit sick of it..:arghh: AH BUT DID WE NOT WIN THE ASHES NICK THE GENERAL PLUMBER(CONNED BY VETASSESS):biglaugh:
  8. Guest

    Tra Or Vetassess?

    :goofy:hey having trouble deciding on tra or vetassess. we are applying for a 175 visa hopefully and were about to post our skills assessment application to vetassess but are having oubts as to wheither its better os not. my husband is a plumber/ gas fitter and has 9 years experience in this trade. i am a hairdresser but have been part time self emloyed for the last 3 years. so it could be a nightmare trying to provide evidence to back myself up so we are going down the plumber route. we are hoping to apply ourselves without an agency so if anyone could help then brill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlaura oh meant to say also tra is $300 and vetassess is $600 for first application so whats the difference and why is it double the price. thanks again.
  9. Hi, I am currently filling in the application for the electrical vetassess assessment and everything has been clear so far. However there is one question i cant get my head around, does anybody know what they mean by this. Electrical work practices: Be able to work safely on electrical systems and appliances. How would you set up and perform: CORRECT CIRCUIT TEST??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Earth continuity resistance test? Insulation resistance test? Correct circuit polarity test? How do u document your work? That is the whole question but i am only stuck on the correct circuit test, what is meant by this, as its not clearly explained. Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers Wez
  10. Hi everyone, As a large percentage of people that post on here will have been through the skills assessment process through VETASSESS I am just wondering if they actually contact past and present employers and the people who supplied the references. Thanks, Dave
  11. Hi, assuming I scored 65 or more points under the new system would positive VETASSESS skill assessment still be a requirement? Basically, up until now I never scored enough points anyway due to lack of Diploma etc. However, under the new system I will benefit as I've been in my profession for 8 out of the last 10 years so the new system is good for me. The problem I had previously was that VETASSESS wouldn't give me a positive skills assessment due to lack of equivalent qualifications. But given the new system if I score enough points would I be ok or would my lack qualifications ruin the party again?
  12. Guest

    Vetassess querie?????

    hi guys, can anyone help me have just had TRA passed and have looked on various forums about vetassess and cant seem to work out whether or not i have to the exam or not, seems some people do and some dont? can anyone help answer this for me i am a french citizen if that makes a difference.:unsure:
  13. Hi all, Very annoyed and angry right now. We have been in the vetassess process since January, my oh passed stage one. The next practical assessment for his trade isn't till late May. We are trying to get a technical interview booked, but they are just bloody useless!!! They can't book it with us until a venue has been confirmed etc..... its taking forever. Just spoke to the person arranging this, she can't tell me when, she said the people are hard to contact, no idea when she will have an answer for us. Plus she sounded like she really couldn't be bothered to even speck with me. They have already taken over £900 for stage 2 but really can't help with when this can happen....whats the *******point then if they don't know or can't do anything!! We are in race against time because of July changes, and the only thing holding us up applying for SS is vetassess!! We are also paying them the privilege of this too!! She said she might know something today or Monday, but I think she was just trying to get rid of me....I don't think they will ever know anything, the practical assessment late May might be quicker afterall....but still too late for applying for SS before July changes....so angry:arghh: Sorry for rant...had to get it out:cry: The dream could be nearly an end
  14. young2682

    Spray painter and VETASSESS

    Hi all, We are a young family hoping to move to Oz, we are using an agent who is dealing with everything. My oh is 32 and been in the car body repair business for 16 years as a paint sprayer, I am a beauty specialist and we have 2 children 2 and 4. We submitted my oh application to VETASSESS at the end Feb, we were told by our migration agent that they would receive the documents after 5 days or so and then take the payment 5-7 days after that. Well we are still waiting and are trying to keep the money in our account (you know how it is!) Has anyone else had experience with VETASSESS? We have to wait for them to approve our documents before my oh can take his practical exam, we need this test done before July because of the possible changes that may take place! Also my oh is taking his IELTS test on Saturday and is DREADING it to say the least, he has been holding a spray gun for the last 16 years not a pen! Its seems all very confusing because we cant seem to figure out whether he needs to get a 7 or a 6 in the IELTS exam. We attended the Australian expo in London yesterday and spoke to a few people who said he only needs a 6 as he holds a british passport?? Basically my brain is fried and feel MEGA stressed out with all the worry about paperwork, timelines, where to live in Oz etc...... Any advice or anyone having a similar experience we'd love to hear from you!
  15. Hi PIO, I'm getting more and more confused with all the information I'm reading online. Perhaps someone can simplify this for me...PLEASE. :confused: My OH is an electrician and we are hoping to get to Western Australia (medicals and pcc's done....just waiting for a few other bits) 176 State Spons visa. My OH did the VETASSESS for his trade, General Electrician, back in 2009. What we are trying to find out is, what exactly this Vetassess certificate will allow my husband to do, workwise?? I know there's the WA "A" Grade licence that he has to get in order to be able to work in his full capacity as an electrician, but how long does this take to get? And I'm assuming it has to cost a few $$$$'s, as everything seems to. (And I think he will need to be an electrical MECHANIC, rather than FITTER?) Surely this VETASSESS must count for something, else why would he have had to do it? Will he be able to apply for jobs as an electrician, or is he going to have to start at the bottom again ie: as an appy?? If this is the case, what kind of wage will he be earning as an appy? We've seen online job adverts where qualified electricians earn roughly $30/hour plus (depending where you're working) so how much LESS would we be talking? I keep seeing "TRA" mentioned, but don't know how this fits in with relation to Vetassess?? We are a family of 4, so no way we could survive on minimum wages coming in each week. Any simplified info would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance. :biggrin: Px
  16. Anybody got reply from Vetassess?
  17. PEDLEY

    Carpenters - Vetassess!

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to tell somebody, anyone and everybody we found out this morning that we have passed at level 1 for Carpentry and we have book up our practical already!!!!! yaaahhhh! :biggrin: Is there any peeps out there that is in the same boat or booked in for the Carpentry Practical Assessment on the 11th April??? Would love to hear from you. Jo and Nathan
  18. Changes are being announced to the Skilled Occupation Lists with effect from 5 December: Schedule 2 SOL 1. Building and Engineering Technicians nec - 312999 - Engineers Australia has been added to Vetassess as an Assessing Authority. 2. Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor Mechanic (General) - 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Bricklayer – 331111 Plumber (General) – 334111 Schedule 3 SOL Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Schedule 4 SOL Occupations added: Chief Executive or Managing Director – 111111 [AIM 60 points] Advertising and Public Relations Manager – 131111 [AIM 60 points] Art Administrator or Manager – 139911 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Conference and Event Organiser – 149311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Liaison Officer – 224912 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Jewellery Designer – 232313 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Web Designer – 232414 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Food Technologist – 234212 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Biotechnologist – 234514 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Education Reviewer – 249112 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Network Administrator – 263112 [ACS – 60 points] ICT Systems Test Engineer – 263213 [ACS 60 points] Fisheries Inspector – 311311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Primary Products Inspector nec – 311399 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Fitter and Turner – 323212 [TRA – 60 points] Snowsport Instructor – 452314 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Occupation removed: :Medical Technicians nec – 311299 [Engineers Australia – 40 points] Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 See http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/all/whatsnew/01C71AD8B74B450ACA2577EC000576B4?OpenDocument&VIEWCAT=item&COUNT=999&START=1 Cheers, George Lombard
  19. Hi, I sent an e-mail to vetassess asking the usual "how much longer is it likely to be" question!! I received an e-mail last night for the assessing officer saying "I am the assessing officer who will be working on your file. I hope to finalise your matter asap." From her wording i'm assuming that means she hasn't yet started working on it but does the fact that I've been assigned to someone mean anything?! Does anyone know if that means I should get an answer soon or is it just a fob off!! Last e-mail I sent them came back with a standard response from the admin team so I guess my file has at least moved from one desk to another!!! Emma
  20. Hi guys, Just wondering if there are any fellow tradies on here waiting on their Vetassess result? Reading some of the messages on here, some people have been waiting forever. My OH did his Bricklaying skills assessment 3 weeks ago and we are waiting on tender hooks to hear as we need to lodge out application before July. Why do they put us through this pain of waiting so long for everything. Good luck Jules and Woody. xx
  21. Hi mates, my OH is Civil Engineer Drafts Person (professional occupation under vetassess) applied on 11/1/2011. Could anyone tell me the processing time in your exp?
  22. Vetassess test Refrigeration and Air-conditioning review Hi I have now completed my vetassess practical exam for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning so I am posting this to help others who will be doing the test with what happened on the day. Ok first of all the test I did was on the 22-2-2011 at North West collage London not bad to get to, not far from wembley stadium. I rang the collage before the test to ask them about parking and found out that the test would be carried out when the collage was closed for the week so we would be able to use the staff car park in the collage for free. this was very good news as the road side car parking looked limited and with all the tools I had to bring I wanted to be close.(well worth ringing the collage before and asking some questions) tools I took with me electronic leak detector, gauges 404a 134a scale , refrigerant compotator, every day hand tools, solenoid puller, multimeter, vacuum gauge. I also took P.P.E. with me safety boots, gloves, goggles, and wore my work clothes. There were 5 people taking the exam and 6 the day before I think the max number is 6 there was 2 English examiners there that worked at the collage and an Australian from Vetassess. First task was to take some readings from systems we were given I.E. hi side pressure, low side pressure, condensing temp, evaporating temp, ambient temp , how much super heat the expansion valve was producing, and liquid line sub cooling. We then had to reclaim the entire refrigerant from the system and record how much we got out then pressure test with o.f.n. and do a leek test using soap spray then recharge the system and re take all readings for the system. Next I was asked to make up a pipe to the drawing given it had a swage joint a few flared joints on it. When made up we brazed the joins using o.f.n. to purge the pipe work and after cut the joins open so the examiner could see the quality of the joint. Then on to the motors (compressors) I was given 2 motors and asked to test them electrically. The single phase one was fine no fault the 3 phase one had 2 windings shorted together then I had to determine the common start and run terminals of the single phase comp. Then draw how I would wire the 3 phase comp in star and then delta. Then I was given 2 plugs a 13a domestic and a 16a 3phase and a length of wire and asked to wire them up. Next came a air con split system mounted on a upright board I was told there was an electrical fault on it and asked to take a look I did not see it but the examiner told me to look at the capacitor wiring where I then noticed that both wires had been placed on one side of the capacitor essentially making the capacitor out of the circuit. Next I was given a system that was not working the evaporator fan was not working so I chased the wire down to the electrical panel where the wire had been removed from the terminal block.(I was not asked to fix either of the faults only to find them) and last a system that I was asked to record the systems running data the same data as in the first test and find the system fault the fault was with the dryer partially blocked causing bubbles in the sight glass a big temperature difference from the inlet to out let of the dryer and after about 10 minutes some frosting on the top of the dryer. All of the findings were recorded in a small booklet I was given when we started which also outlined the tasks we had to do the examiners where helpful and thank god as I asked more than my fare share of questions. There was all so a few verbal question and answers as we were going along like can you describe the triple vack method. The test stated at 8a.m. and finished at 5.30p.m. Hope this helps some people that are going to do the exam good luck :cute:
  23. Sharon taylor

    vetassess evidence of work

    first time on here so please be patient my OH is applying under a 175 skilled migration visa (bricklayer) and we are just finishing the TRA forms, my question is about where it asks you to provide evidence and detailed descriptions of work, what type of evidence is required and how much detail, i understand that more is better but i don't want to over do it thanks sharon
  24. Guest

    VETASSESS disappointment but...

    Good morning everyone, Last night, my husband received a negative assessement of his qualifications.. after waiting 4 months for an answer... Bitterly disappointing... He can however try to apply under another qualification ( project manager) but we are trying to understand how VETASSESS takes their decision. Has anybody received a positive assessement on a job related to their job but not named the same? To explain, he is a grants officer but project manages grants so could he apply for a project manager's assessement? Is it possible to ring someone at VEASSESS and ask what is the likelihood of success? If reapplying under another job do you have to send all the documents again and the pay a new fee in full? Many many thanks for any info you could give us. If this doesn't work, then i will assess my job which should be straighforward but will then have to find a company to sponsor me ( i am a camerawoman, whereas my husband could get state sponsorship). Sophie.
  25. Finally got my vetassess result for my bricklaying practical today. Took 2 weeks to come through. Didn't receive an email just checked into my vetassess account and i was successful. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: