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Found 671 results

  1. hia

    Where are VETASSESS Docs?

    Good day everyone! My sister applied for VETASSESS 2 weeks ago.One week after which her university sent off her documents to VETASSESS.Now she found out only yesterday that her docs are yet to be recieved by VETASSESS. She was told by an employee there that its very likely that docs take atleast 1 week to be allocated to the respective file numbers as their courier department has got 1000's of application everyday... My question is that is it a usual thing or is it something to be worried about?Should my sis have followup on the matter or should dhe stay quiet for another week?
  2. Hi, Can anyone offer any tips or advice on what needs to go in your paper based assessment for a spark? Thanks Lisa
  3. hey there Al you good people out there... Another question that is bugging my sisters nerves..... She has done BBA(Hons) with specialization in HUMAN RESOURCES from a university in Pakistan. She has worked and is still working in a recruitment agency as a recruitment consultant for 3 years now.. The problem is that after applying VETASSESS, she is a bit worried about the qualification that she has had.Whther BBA (HONS) in HUMAN RESOURCES is the correct qualification for the recruitment consultant ??? Or can they raise questions on even this???? Need help everyone please!!!
  4. Guest

    Vetassess processing time

    Can anyone tell me the normal processing time of VETASSESS?
  5. regan

    Vetassess plumbing

    I have my practical plumbing assessment for vetassess on Saturday. Has anybody already done this that can give me a head start on what's going to happen and how it happens?.
  6. Hi all My sister is going through a confusion!!! As she used an agent to process her VETASSESS application to DIAC, the agent told that we cannot access the log in and password to the application status check.Only they have this right to check the status themselves as when an agent is used, DIAC contacts themmm...Is it true id he faking our with us?????? Another thing , my sister has got her reference num, and she has also emaied VETASSESS but they never replied.Whats going on????? Please help me as my sister has spent alot of money on the application as well as the agent..... Im waiting for a lot of opinions by ya'lll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
  7. I have just logged on to VETASSESS to see my application is reading UNSUCCESSFUL. I now have to wait for a letter which explains why. I feel really gutted, has anyone else had the same experience? Did you apply for reassessment?:no:
  8. hia

    Vetassess Email Address

    Hi there I just searched the vetassess website very thoroughly but cd'nt find out the email id where I can ask abt the status of my sister's vetassess applicaton. She wil be hopefuly lodging it tomorrow so needs the email id where she can inquire that her application has been recieved ... Please someone tel me the email id..thanks in advance. Hia
  9. Hi All, I'm a little confused :wacko: Does anyone know what the difference between TRA and vetassess is. My OH is booked to complete this Skills Assessment this month through vetassess but on the WA SS it say's you need TRA. Please help i'm worried it may be the wrong skills test? OH is a joiner. Thanks Sporty
  10. Hi there guys, I do need some advice from others who have applied for the Land Economist or Internal Auditors nomination to Vetassess. Pls read below my situation and advice.. As per my education background, I have a Bachelors Degree (major in Economics and Finance) and a Masters of Applied Finance undertaken at RMIT and Monash University in Melbourne for the duration of 3 and 1 years respectively. For a nomination as an Internal Auditor - I have about 1 plus years working experience doing accounting work for a small textile trading company - preparing accounts, lodging returns etc in Singapore. This was some years ago and I am wondering what evidence is required to proof that I have worked for the company? More importantly, because my majors in my education background has not been Accounting, would I still be able to qualify as an Internal Auditor? I have done accounting modules however, around 3-4 during my entire education history. So I am wondering if this would still qualify me, please advice. For a nomination as an Land Economist - I have an education background (Bachelors with majors in Economics and Finance), would this put be in a better position having done economics in university and applying for a land economist position. Also with this position, if I own an office space and have rented it out, would this add further value if I can document ownership etc?? Please provide any advice here. Also in general, do people out there who have been assessed by Vetassess find them to be quite strict or lenient? I am trying to apply for a 485 TR visa for australia. many thanks guys!
  11. neily26

    Bricklaying Vetassess

    Hi there i have my technical interview next week in perth wa,has anyone does this and could advise me on what to expect?what sort of questions do they ask?
  12. Guest

    Goverment and vetassess fees!!

    Can anyone please clarify to me what the true costs are to do the vetassess test and apply for a state sponsored visa. I have been told a$1500 for vetasses when i thought it was a$600 and around a$3000 for the goverment fees. Is this right? Any help would be much appretiated, thanks.:eek:
  13. Hi my skills assessment with VETASSESS is currently being processed. I understand from numerous sources that my manager who wrote my reference may receive a call. Is this always a spot check or a guarantee? I've told her to expect a call at some point but she's very nervous as she doesn't want to say anything that may harm my application (very sweet). If so what type of questions may she be asked from your experiences so I can put her at ease! Many Thanks
  14. debbie13

    457 visa- vetassess or TRA??

    Hving a minor panic, could someone clarify for me, whether I need my skills to be assessed by TRA as well as Vetassess. I thought it was just the one (as listed on the SOL) which in my case was Vetassess, but someone has said that for the 457 it needs to be TRA- can't see how that can be the case for all occupations. Needless to say it is enough to make me panic ( at the moment it doesn't take much LOL):wacko:!!!
  15. Heather Law


    I have been told via email from VETASSESS that my skills assessment was released from them on te 12 August to my agent. How long does post take to get to the UK from Melbourne? Should it be back now? Any advice would be appreciated. :mad:
  16. Hi Anyone, My agent tells me that sponsored migration is the best route for me as don't quite make it on points the permanent migration route...What a bummer! Can I ask has anyone out there done one of these test and how fussy were they for the work proof photographs ect. Also how hard did they find it. I am very compitant with my skills ok course. Been doing it for 12 years now but have never been that great in an exam room if you know what i mean. Its like being back at school again! Any advice would be of great help.Many thanks guys...:notworthy:
  17. Hello All, I am in process of applying for skill assessment from vetassess and for that I have got my educational certificate attested from notary in Delhi, India. It has her Signature and stamp with her name and registration no. and another stamp says 'Attested photo copy' but I read in vetassess site that it shoud have the words 'certified true copy of the original'. Does they literary mean that or words 'Attested photo copy' would work please find below excerpts from Vetassess site "Copies of documents Each copy of every page of the original document must be certified separately and must show clearly: •the words 'certified true copy of the original' •the original signature of the certifying officer •the name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature."
  18. PEDLEY

    Carpenters - Vetassess!

    Hey guys, this is for anyone out there that has recently gone through the vetassess process as a carpenter or those that are currently going through it. My oh is a carpenter and would have just submitted our paperwork for the first stage! we would love to hear from anyone that is going through the same excitment, streesful, scary time, and that can give us any advice and info on timelines, practical assessment details, state sponsership and visa info. we are new to this site so any help/pointers would be much appreciated! we are looking to migrate to perth and are hoping to get there jan 2012 ... high hopes but you never know!!
  19. clairerichie


    Hello All, Am still waiting for an assessment outcome after 16 weeks and have priority processing as well, have sent loads of emails and even phoned, this is so frustrating, I feel like given up allready,:mad:
  20. Hi Everyone, Me my husband & 3 girls are waiting to apply for 176 visa SS to WA as soon as his vetassess results are back which may be anyday now. We are off to Perth, im feeling excited, nervous, happy, sad and all the other emotions that come with moving to the other side of the world. Anyone else waiting for Vetassess?
  21. Hi all, Hope someone could give me a little advice. My o/h has got his practical assessment end of November but he's panicking a bit as he's not sure what the test will entail and also he's got the memory of a goldfish so to try and remember formulae etc. is daunting. any advice would be much appreciated.
  22. Hi, Given how very particular VETASSESS are about an overseas degree being "comparable to an Australian Bachelors Degree", hopefully, someone way smarter than me will be able to help out. If I have a BSc (Hons) Occupational Health, Safety and Environment degree that was awarded by the University of Greenwich in the UK but was NOT a full time programme but, instead, was studied via distance learning over 2 years (4 semesters). The entry requirement is the NEBOSH Level 6 National Diploma in occupational health and safety. I have already had my NEBOSH Diploma assessed by VETASSESS on its own and came back negative as it was not comparable to an Australian Bachelors degree which I can understand. However, will VETASSESS assess the BSc (Hons) in conjunction with the NEBOSH Diploma as being comparable to an Australian BSc?:
  23. Hi All, I will be doing my vetassess aseessment in Sept 2011, I'm just wondering is there anybody on this that can give me any tips or pointers? I will be looking to get a 457 visa to work in WA.. I will be greatful for any information recieved. Regards, Jonathan
  24. K8kte

    Electrical Vetassess

    Hi all, Im an electrician in the uk just starting the whole emergration process, and cant help get a bit nervous by the vetassess bit! there is only a certain amount i can swatting up i can do without feeling like im clogging up my head with numbers and equations! im wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction of what i need to study for the big day. Greatfull for any help thanks pete
  25. Hi, As someone desperately waiting to hear about my vetassess (professional not trade so no practical to do) has anyone recently been approved for a professional occupation? If so when did you submit electronically and when did you your docs arrive? Trying to get an idea how much longer mine will be. Submitted online on the 7th Jan and docs received at VETASSESS on the 14th Jan. So it was 8 weeks Friday gone since they had everything. Anyone??!! Emma :arghh: