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Found 671 results

  1. Hi My husband is a Joiner and we have passed the first stage of the Vetassess application, however we have come to stage two and there are no available dates for a practical assessment in the UK until Feb 2012!! We have looked at possibly doing the technical interview but we are not sure what this involves or whether you still need to do the practical - any advice!? We dont want to wait until February to get this sorted! Thanks Lisa
  2. Guest

    vetassess joinery test

    I have been informed today that I have passed my paper based assesment for the carpentry/joinery. I must now do the practical test in july. Has anybody done this or know of anybody who has done it and what is involved? been in the joinery 20 odd years and still nervous when tested. I have a job sponsor in Perth. Paul:arghh:
  3. Hi everyone, I am newish on here. This is my first post, anyone wanting help with Vetassess on the Air Conditioning practical, contact me and I will be glad to help having done and passed this in June 08:yesxmas:
  4. Hi All, Just starting the process..mega excited! Going it alone (no agent) so ill be relying on you guys for help. My question is: Does VETASSESS contact my previous employers? The reason why i ask is i worked for a company for 2 years (2008-2010) and i decided to leave but they didnt make this very easy and i ended up leaving on a bad note n(i wasnt sacked - i left) I am not going to approach them for a reference but i have my contract, payslips, P45 and P60 will this be enough eveidence or will VETASSESS contact them? If this is the case i will not include them on the application. Many thanks in advance :cute:
  5. Guest

    Please help me on Vetassess

    I need to prove that I am overseas to Vetassess in order to get assessment through providing either certified Statutory Declaration or Affidavit saying that 'If you selected any option under "Applying from overseas", you will need to provide an original Statutory Declaration or Affidavit stating in exact words "I am not in Australia at the time of lodging my application". Please help me....... :arghh:
  6. Hi my sister has applied for VETASSESS for recruitment consultant....fingers are crossed and this wait always kills me....Is there anyone else who has applied this Sept 11 for vetassess? Share yr experikences!!
  7. Paul and Louisa


    I spoke to vetassess last night as I posted documents and signed application off on the14/11 but haven't heard back yet. No documents received by vetassess as yet (nightmare) and there are no more courses planned (for carpentry but I think it's most) until feb maybe early march 2012 ( double nightmare). On a more positive note I can email my documents through to them so they can start my OH application checks while I post them again. Not great news for us as we have an age deadline in June which would take us under the points needed but hopefully he will be on a course in feb. I think normally vetassess are quick to process and get back to you once they receive your docs so if you haven't heard back after 2 weeks phone or email
  8. regan

    Plumbing vetassess

    Hi guys I have my plumbing practical for vetassess on 24th September. Has any other plumbers done this recently that can give me an insight to what goes on and what they ask you.
  9. :biggrin: Hello just wondering if any peeps will be there and got any sound advise on passing first time??!! seen alot of stuff on the net, is there anything that needs brushing up on?
  10. Guest

    electrician vetassess form

    help what is meant by how would you set up and perform a correct circuit test and also electrical apparatus does this mean appliances ? thanks guys girls and felow humans lol
  11. My husband is a fully qualifed plumber with over 10 years time served experience. has been thinking of getting a 457 visa as we do not qualify for 175, 176 or 475 because his lowest score on IELTS was 6 and he doesnt not have accounts for the last 12 months as we were on a year out travelling. He does have accounts from his self employed period between 2004 right up to 2010 but we have been told he will get knocked back by the immi.gov as he is unable to provide the previous 12 months accounts if he was to apply for a 175,176 of 475 visa. Would this still apply if he had a job offer on a 457 visa? Our thoughts were to get his Vetassess done and then apply for jobs or even flying out to Australia and basically try and get interviews lined up and maybe a job offer out of it as an employer is unlikely to take him seriously without having his qualifications recognised. We are therefore wondering whether Vetassess will accept his application for skills assessment without having his 12 months accounts/work history? We have all the required documentation except for this 12 months accounts. It would be a crying shame to be knocked back just because of this. Has anyone else been in the same boat and been successful/unsuccesful? Totally stressed over this!!
  12. derham

    5 months for VETASSESS

    My agent has told me that my skills application through VETASSESS couyld currently take up to 5 months, has anyone else heard this?:wacko:
  13. Guest

    VETASSESS Help please!!! :)

    My hubby is a carpenter (no papers but has been in business for 18yrs), so needs to get his skills assessed with VETASSES and he also needs to apply to VETASSESS to get extra points for the 176 visa application so needs a points advisory note. I think we have finally compiled all the documents needed for the skills assessment ie: certified copies of passports, training certificates, licenses, registrations, business references, 8yrs worth of pay slips, P60s, tax details etc....) My question is .. can we send all the items needed for both applications at the same time or do i need to duplicate EVERYTHING for 8yrs to send again or does VETASSESS keep everything on file for cross reference?? Help!
  14. Hello there, Would appreciate some help on this - collating all documents to send off to be signed by my solicitor. I am a bit confused on this form, basically I won't be able to attain any information regarding my current employment as evidence as I don't want to tell them about my plans, let alone lose my job!!! So, have been told that you can fill this form in - went onto their website: http://www.ag.gov.au/statdec - form on the right hand side. Is this going to cause any problems with a solicitor signing it as it's an Australian document, and also is this the correct form to fill out? Thank-you :-)
  15. Guest

    Vetassess results

    Hey all! Did anyone on here do their vetassess in October this year and have results yet? I know it's not been that long yet but the suspense is killing me! So much is resting on the results as my husband has a possible job offer in Oz and we need to know what's happening! This has been the longest 14 months EVER and feel like we've got no-where so far! Lucy
  16. Waitingawhile

    Vetassess nominating new occupation

    hi has anyone asked for a reassessment having nominated a new occupation, within the 90 day period from the original results letter- even if their original skills assessment was successful? if you have does this mean your original assessment becomes invalid or does it still stand?
  17. Me again :smile: I have taken the plunge and made step 1 - apply to VETASSESS to get my skills assessed! :jiggy: Right, just a couple of questions I can't seem to find on the website.... I am feeling a bit foggy headed though, so forgive me for being a bit thick! The Certifier. Who certifies your docs (eg passport, marriage certificate etc)? I hardly know anyone round here and don't have a clue who to ask. Your passport photo. What does the certifier need to write on the back? The Affidavit. I've read on forums that I don't need one if I've only given one UK address as my residence. But, I can't see this anywhere in the small print. Do I just send my forms in without this? And one more thing. I filled in the form and paid online. Do I just omit these from my the application pack in this case? Hope someone can answer these questions. I'll probably be back tomorrow with a heap more questions! Thank you all! :notworthy:
  18. jem32

    Question about Vetassess

    Hi, I do not have a degree but have been in ICT Sales for over 6 years. Reading it I think it seems ok as 5 years work experiance over rides the need for a degree. The problem is I do not want to waste money. The ICT Sales is in class B., Any help would be great. Jason
  19. Guest

    Vetassess timings!

    Hi all, I just wondered how long it is taking to process the skills assessments (roughly) Many thanks :-)
  20. sohc

    Fax Copy from Vetassess

    is it Ok to submit the fax copy of my wife skills assessment result from VETASSESS? Can't wait for the paper via post, though we choose Express Courier International. We want to submit an application to DIAC asap. Please advice, thanks.
  21. Hi All, I am new here on the forum, and am seeking some opinion/ advice. My qualification is Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and in my 7 years of work experience, the last five years are more relevant to Occupational Health & Safety Advisor role then hardcore engineering job. Though all this OSH experience is in Engineering/ Construction and Manufacturing companies. Some of my latest job roles are EHS Engineer, HS Auditor and EHS Coordinator. My question is that is there anybody out there who had a similar situation, and can thus guide me how to proceed. Should I apply to Engineers Australia or I can try my luck at VETASSESS. I used VETASSESS advisory service and there advice was completely vague about this. They said that though this is not a highly relevant degree, however this is evaluated at VETASSESS on a case to case basis. Also, is there anybody with similar situation who might have applied to Engineers Australia, who can guide me.
  22. Proview220

    14th April 2009 Vetassess practical

    any one taken trade test for carpentry on this date up at accrington, trying to find any lads who was on this date.
  23. Hi all, I've just heard from my agent, and he has put the feelers out with Vetasess about whether or not they are likely to pass me on my qualifications. In a nutshell, I have an NVQ level 4, which my governing body recognise as a degree, but Vetassess may not. As he didn't actually show Vetassess my CV, and therefore they are unaware of other courses, depth of experience etc, would you think it's worthwhile still putting an application in? What exactly do they look at? I need a degree for my job type (according to the visa), so will Vetassess just strike me off straight away, or will they consider other factors such as experience etc? My agent was only giving me his informed opinion, of course, he wasn't saying outright that they would fail me, but he didn't want me to spend money only to find out that they will. I just wondered what peoples experiences are of Vetassess........?
  24. Hey everyone! Perhaps this is a silly question, but at what stage should we be sending our application for state sponsorship? We are aiming for South Australia. My husband has his IELTS results back which are fine. He has to do the VETASSESS on 22nd October (he is a sparks) I have been reading lots of posts and it seems some people apply for the state sponsorship and put their forms in before doing the tests. We are in a hurry as my husband turns 40 in April and we need everything sent off as quick as poss now! If he gets offered State Sponsorship, then does that mean we get extra points, meaning we should apply now? Sorry if this is a silly question! Cheers! Lucy
  25. Guest

    Faxed copy of vetassess results

    Hi, I just received a faxed copy of my results.. Do you think that I can use it for applying for a SS or it is better to wait another week for the originals? (on the copy there is written on it COPY, of course) :arghh: