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Found 672 results

  1. clara111

    Vetassess Questions

    Hello Guys, My husband is going to put in for his vetassess at the weekend but when i was looking through documentation needed i thought that it may help him if he could get hold of his certificates from a 3 year diploma he done in welding and fabrication, the occupation he is going for is metal fabrication. The certificates are £25 each and theres 3 ,so i wondered if its very necessary or not? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I just registered here but wanted to ask for peoples advice / experience since my past dealings with DIAC has suggested to me that I'll get given about 4 different answers (or no answer) to each of the questions I have! I'm currently on a 457 visa which expires in at the start of Sept. I'm only on a temporary contract with my work and despite my attempts I haven't been able to find another employer in my profession so far and the short time remaining on my visa is beginning to hamper the job search further. Rather than getting kicked out of the country in September and be forced to head back to Scotland, I've been looking at the 189 visa. Can people advise how long they've typically had to wait to have all the information required to lodge an EOI (VETASSESS etc, do I need an IELTS if I'm from the UK?) I've looked at the points system and reckon I'd have between 60 and 70 points, depending on what score I get allocated for the English language ability test. What I'm wondering, if I get everything done and submit an EOI, what are the chances of being invited to apply before my visa expires in Sept? I know there's no set time limit or guarantee of being invited, but I'm looking for advice on how long others have had to wait in similar circumstances. And obviously I don't want to waste a lot of money on putting everything together if I'm unlikely to be invited to apply. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone, I have a positive assessment issued by VETASSESS for Mathematician in December 2009. Their assessment criteria changed in January 2010, but as far as I can remember, the previous assessments were still valid. Also, the stipulated validity period was 2 years, I believe. Can anyone confirm the above facts please? Moreover, has DIAC come up with any new policy which says the pre-'09 assessments are no longer valid for new visa applications? I am asking because, when I asked VETASSESS to reconfirm the validity period (2yrs as opposed to 1yr, just to be safe, as I am nearing the one year point), they seem to have got cold feet about something and told me to ask DIAC!....which needless to say, is an absurd reply, given that it is VETASSESS that issued the assessment. Chandi
  4. I am 60, but I have the qualifications and experience to go for State sponsorship.
  5. Hi, I have a positive vetassess assessment outcome as Diesel Motor Mechanic and it was what I used for my 457 visa application 9 months ago. I am now working in WA and planning to apply for PR as my company doesn't have any plans of sponsoring me for a PR visa in near future. Question is, can I use my vetassess outcome letter in applying for a PR visa (190)? Has anyone ever tried this path? thank you much!
  6. Hi Everyone, im an electrician waiting to do my practical vetassess exam in February, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what to expect and what to revise? especially for the theory part?. ive worked in perth for 2 years on a holiday visa on 2 mine sites, also i have a WA and a SA electrical licence, so if i can help anyone with information i will....
  7. juliaoz01

    Vetassess Weld Test

    Hi We are at the start of our visa application and my partner has to do a welding assessment for vetassess - he is applying as a first class welder. Has anyone undertook the asssessment and do they have any idea of what it involves, or what they are typically asked to do? It is more to remove the element of surprise than anything else! Thank you! :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Carpenter Vetassess

    Hi, My name is Gary and I have been a joiner/carpenter for 8 years. I am fully qualified and am currently working for a bespoke joinery company currently specialising in museums. At the moment I am working as a benchhand joiner and have been doing so for 18 months. I have completed the paper part of my vetassess assessment. I am now looking at sitting my practical assessment. If anyone can give me any information or examples of what I am required to do, I would be very grateful as the information on this seems to be very dated and inadequate. Cheers
  9. Hi All, Sorry if i have created a duplicate thread with the same inquiry. My agent had submitted the Vetassess applicaiton on 29th October 2012 and the Documents where uploaded on the 10th November 2012, Still awaiting response. The occupation is Call or Contact Centre Manager – 149211 state Canberra. 1. Need to know if some has filled for the same occupation and got any response till date? 2. Please advise, as my agent is asking us to wait for the verrification call that my employee referance may receive for verification by the DIAC and only then i may know if my application is getting processed - Id this true and there is no other way to find out the status? 3. Also need to know what is scope of a call center manager getting a job in Canberra - is it difficult to obtain one and what are the usual requirements. Given IELTS on the 12th Jan 2013 result awaited by the 25th Jan2012. Refer to the earlier thread: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/act/174980-vetassess-submitted-november-2012-a.html
  10. amitmal18

    Vetassess submitted in November 2012

    Hi All, Sorry if i have created a duplicate thread with the same inquiry. My agent had submitted the Vetassess applicaiton on 29th October 2012 and the Documents where uploaded on the 10th November 2012, Still awaiting response. The occupation is Call or Contact Centre Manager – 149211 state Canberra. 1. Need to know if some has filled for the same occupation and got any response till date? 2. Please advise, as my agent is asking us to wait for the verrification call that my employee referance may receive for verification by the DIAC and only then i may know if my application is getting processed - Id this true and there is no other way to find out the status? 3. Also need to know what is scope of a call center manager getting a job in Canberra - is it difficult to obtain one and what are the usual requirements. Given IELTS on the 12th Jan 2013 result awaited by the 25th Jan2012.
  11. Hi there just started the visa process wondered if any other carpenter / joiners can tell me what to expect in the trade test I have to do. just filled the first lot of vetassess forms in and sent them back no idea whats next but know I have to sit a trade test.:unsure: Got a job in Perth so just want to get there and start. Any advice appreciated. Any time lines for a 175 carpenter/joiner
  12. Hi All Just to say that we have received a letter from Vetassess, and it confirms that I have a successful outcome, and may proceed to apply for my visa. An 'offshore record' will be sent to me shortly and this is for presentation to any future employer. We're now in celebration mode for the new year!!! :jiggy: Practical Assessment If you are due to do a practical electrician assessment with VETASSESS, it will take place in City College, Birmingham, and will be over 2 days. It is your responsibility to find accomodation in Birmingham (I did £49 Holiday Inn Express)! A practical assessment is outlined, and you are provided with an individual work bay in the college. You are provided with info on what is required -ie cables run in conduit (saddle bends etc), surface mounted, distribution board, accessories etc. All materials are provided (eg switches, cable, d/b,mcb's, conduit). At the end (allowed 3hrs) you will need to test the electrical installation (IR and continuity), record results, and finally make the inst. live. I recommend you take your IR/Cont tester (make sure it's calibrated!). After a brief lunch, you are then given a 3 page written test, and this covers questions such as resistors in parallel, series, units of measurements etc. The type of thing you learn at college.... There are another series of practicals. One of them is to wire a DOL starter from scratch with a remote on and emergency stop. After completion and working, a fault is made on this, and you have to carry out full test proceedures to rectify. After all this, you are then given a series of technical questions verbally, and then this is followed by a technical interview. I was absolutely knackered at the end!! Everything is explained very well to you by the assessor. You are under constant supervision, and throughout the practical assessment you will be asked technical questions, such as expected readings on inspection and testing work, expected earth fault loop readings etc. This is from memory, and you are not allowed any books such as BS7671 on site guide etc. You are required to wear PPE clothing etc as required by the college. You will then find out if you have been successful by receipt of letter from Vetassess. The assessor is not able to provide you with the outcome. It's worth all the hastle, because at the end of the day you are assessed here and not in Oz, and you are able to apply for provisional licence when you arrive in Oz. The assessor is from Box Hill TAFE, which is one of the organisations that carries out assessments of migrants in Oz. Hope this helps anyone going down the electrician route with Vetassess. Happy 2008!!! Bernie the hubby
  13. Im in a bit of a predicament, more info on this post. Currently on 457, doing a ENS 186, and current employer lodged me as a Mgmt Consultant. Due to some issues around my employer lodging this when it was the 856, and me applying on my half when it was the 186, the only option I now have is not to be on the temporary migration stream, but the direct stream. So. I need to get my skills assessed as a Mgmt Consultant with vetassess. This is in the Group B field for skills: The truth: I did a degree in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) I spent 3 years in the UK as a GIS Analyst, 2 yrs as a GIS Consultant (didnt manage people, but some project mgmt) Came to Oz on 457 as a Mgmt Consultant, but essentially been working for 3.5yrs as a GIS Senior Consultant. Am I eligible? Vetasses state: source Q1 - Is my qualification in GIS highly relevant to my nominated occupation as a Mgmt Consultant? Yes, I am a GIS Consultant, but its not like my original degree was in how to be a Mgmt Consultant. Its like someone having a financial degree, but then goes on to become a Mgmt Consultant for a Financial firm, same Q applies. It goes on to state: I dont want to fork out $650 to then fail the assessment. The even more annoying factor, is that there is a more suitable occupation (Cartographer) which my employer should have put in, as I would have no problems passing this test. This was not initially an issue as I was under the impression that I would be going into the 186 temporary transition stream, which did not need my skills assessed. From talking to DIAC, I believe that trying to convince my case officer if I can change the nominated occupation will likely result in the application having to be cancelled and no refund, and start over again. Not entirely sure my employer would also want to start another application. Any ideas, or experience from those that have done skills assessments with vetassessas a Mgmt consultant? Its quite a vague role.
  14. bonza2211

    Who was your assessing authority?

    Hi Guys, Some feedback please? For Skill select (ENS186) / EOI 1. Who was the assessing authority? 2. How many years of your work-ex was assessed by the authority? 3. In relation to #2 for the 3 years work-ex requirement for DIAC, does that have to be assessed or you can submit the original employment letters regardless of whether it was assessed or not? Thanks Bonza
  15. DIAC The following link : Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) Says that for the Direct Entry stream If you apply for the Direct entry stream, you must: provide a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation provide evidence of at least three years of relevant work experience have competent English. For #2 above : Are original letters from my overseas employer / payslip / contract letters sufficient? For the 186-Direct Entry will DIAC consider 3 years work-ex even if it wasnt submitted to VETASSESS (it is relevant to my nominated occupation) Previously I used this work experience with DIAC to approve my 457 which I assume they have on file. No assessment was required for the 457. Now the next question : VETASSESS I understand what the skill assessment requirements are from VETASSESS. at least one year of employment completed at an appropriate level over the last five years in a highly relevant field to the nominated occupation is required for all nominated occupation. To speed up the process I've thought of only submitting my 18 months Australian work-ex (Marketing consultant and I just completed a Master of Marketing prior to that @ Uni Syd). So the educational qualification and work extremely tightly related. I also have a reasonably high salary bracket and I am employed by a very reputed firm that operates in my specific industry and I've also consistently been a top performer (certificates/awards to prove this). So what I specifically need to know is if DIAC will only consider the same work-ex submitted to VETASSESS or the 2 can be independant!
  16. bonza2211

    Vetassess October 2012

    Hi guys, About to embark on a skills assessment for the 186 ENS visa. Highest Qualification : Masters in Marketing (sydney Uni) Work experience Post Qualification (Masters) : 19 months fulltime - Marketing / Advertising industry (1 year 7 months) Proposed docs : Skill assessment form Master degree certificate Masters degree transcripts Statement of service / employer reference Tax return Payslip Employment contract Originals (if copies then notarised by justice of peace) The above clearly demonstrates I am in the industry and job closely linked to my area of study. Do I need to submit my undergraduate study/work experience PRIOR to Masters(highest qualification?) I don't want to slow down the assessment with unnecessary information that is redundant. Cheers Bonza
  17. Guest

    Failed Vetassess :(

    We are absolutely gutted. My husband did the Vetassess practical (Electricians) in October. We waited 6 weeks for the results which was the most awful wait, only to check online one morning to find he'd FAILED. He passed on all the practical parts, including the parts that everyone had said were a nightmare, but failed on the Health and Safety part because of not documenting it fully. He actually asked the assessor if he was doing it right just covering the H&S of the work he had just done and was told yes he's doing it right. It turns out he wasn't and he failed. Basically because he'd failed to document it on the first bit, the rest was going to be a fail no matter what. This is such a low point for us. He has now re-booked at great expense to re-sit the test in the other side of the country. Well, there goes Christmas then! I'm really losing hope now. The person who had previously offered him a sponsorship is now not returning our calls/emails and it just seems we've wasted thousands of pounds and over a year to have still not got anywhere near an answer. Sigh. I really need some glimmer of hope right now. Time is ticking. He turns 40 in April and we desperately need the points for state sponsorship now Ok, done. Perhaps I'll feel better now I've written it all down? Thanks for reading, if you have! :cry:
  18. Oh well, was hoping to have heard back from Vetassess by now so I can pay for practical! Looks like it'll have to be October now if successful. Nevermind, only sent paper assessment on the 10th May so was pushing it abit... Anybody in the same boat?:arghh:
  19. WHAT TO DO NOW with Vetassess success after 17thMay2010? Having been advised wrongly last year & been turned down by Vetassess a lot of hard work & study = achievement with Diploma of Project Management. Is anyone in this bitter sweet predicament after 17Th May - now with a recent successful Vetassess submission accepting BSB 51407 Diploma of Project Management. Oh yes! Using ASCO code 3292-11 (now only apparent on the Canberra SOL’s list!)
  20. Guest

    VETASSESS Pending...........

    Hi Guys Just wondering, I submitted my General Management Skills assessment with VETASSESS via the internet on the 29th June 2011 and paid the assessment fee at the same time. Took me a few weeks to get the required documentation together i.e. references etc and then certified. Sent that off over 2 weeks ago using Royal Mail's 5 day international signed for service. Yet when I keep looking at my application status online is remains as "pending" is this right? Should it say documents received or something or am I just worrying for nothing. Royal Mail can only track the documents within the UK so cant ask them to confirm receipt. Someone help!!!
  21. Hi everybody, Vetasess received all our documents for Office Manager in 8/November/2011 and till now (17 weeks 1 day) we have not heard any response from Vetasess. Then we sent an email to ask about the progress and here is the answer from an assessment officer: "I am currently assessing your case. The guided processing time is about 12-16 weeks; however, it may be longer or shorter in the reality. We try to finalise your case as soon as possible. Thank you!" I have no idea how long it will take to finalise my case and there is no way to ask for urgent request now. The migration are going to have a big change in this July and we are really hurry to able to submit State Sponsor in West Australian.
  22. Hi guys I submitted my VETASSESS assessment 2 weeks ago and I am giddy with excitement and nerves.:jiggy: I was just wondering if anyone knew, do VETASSESS email you to confirm they've received your application? Or is it just a case of wait, wait, wait for the final result? Also, I heard it takes around 12 weeks to get the result. Is this true in your experience? Really hoping to get to Adelaide, SA :spinny:
  23. Hello there, Am relatively new still to this website - so forgive me! I am sitting my IELTS this week, thereafter if everything goes smoothly, am ready to apply to Vetassess. My occupation is Office Manager, and I have told and recently looked at their website, they are State Sponsoring this occupation. Has anybody any advice on this as I want to make sure that my forms are filled out correctly. I am doing this on my own - so no agent as they seem to just rip you off! I believe the process as follows: Sit IELTS Have skills assessed Apply for State Sponsorship - is this directly then on the WA website? Apply for Visa - (if Sponsorship granted) directly to DIAC on website CO appointed Medical Police checks Is this right? Any help would be brilliant!!!! Thanks so much!! :biggrin:
  24. Red13sc

    Vetassess - Office Manager Help!

    Hi, I am about to send my skills assessment to Vetassess for Office Manager. I really want to get this right first time so any help or experiences from people who have applied as an Office Manager would be appreciated. I have 3.5 years experience as an Office Manager and a NVQ Level 4, however this is in accountancy, would this be classed as a relevant field? I do have to carry out financial duties as part of my role as the Office Manager and my employer felt this was the best qualification to enrol me on, I completed it this year (2011). Also does anyone know what the 'Transcript' is in the required documents? Lastly how many payslips do they need? I can only find my last 6 months and would only be able to gain printer copies from my employer if they need more. Has anyone has a successful assessment? How long did it take? I travel to Oz in December and would like to have it all wrapped up and passed by then so that I can try really hard and find a sponsor whilst on my WHV. All help appreciated.
  25. Hi, I am STILL collating all of the information to submit to vetassess for my husband to apply as a spark (seriously how long do people take to respond to reference requests) and I was wondering if because of the new changes to the way visa applications are processed and the forth coming changes to the licencing regulations if there was likely to be any changes to the way vetassess assesses the applications. (I live in hope that it is going to get easier)