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Found 671 results

  1. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Hi Everyone, I browsed through the previous topics, but I couldn't find a similar thread. I am a PhD student and am expecting to finish my studies by the end of 2013. My visa (postgraduate research) is valid until 01/12/2014. My goal is to apply for a State Nominated Visa as a Victorian PhD graduate under occupation 234599 (Life Scientist). 1) Am I able to stay on my visa until it’s validity date, even after I graduate? If yes, can I undertake employment as well? I think the answer to this is yes, but I can't find it in writing anywhere. All answers I am able to find are about situations where your visa expires before you finish study, not the other way around. 2) If VETASSESS is evaluating my PhD, can I apply for assessment before I obtain the degree, or do I need to wait until I’ve finished it? 3) If the answer to the above is that I have to finish my PhD first and then evaluate it, what kind of bridge visa do I need to be on during VETASSESS’ evaluation time? I still would not have applied for PR, so I cannot be on a bridging visa. 4) My Bachelors degree is in the same field as my PhD and applicable for the same ANZCO code. If I evaluate it through VETASSESS (because I can do so without waiting to finish the PhD), do I still need to evaluate the PhD as well? Thanks! Nicola
  2. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone have the similar situation and might help me out. I have a metallurgy and material engineer bachelor degree in my home country. Having work experience as a valuer, i would love to have master degree in valuation to know more about my profession as well as to push my luck about finding a valuation related job after my graduation. I need to work for a qualified valuer for 2 years working experience and after than i can apply to Api to gain registration, what i am confused about is vetassess skills assessment criteria which is: Qualification/s assessed at Australian Bachelor Degree or higher degree with a highly relevent field of study and at least one year of post-qualification highly relevent employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years. Let's say that i worked for a qualified valuer for 2 years on 485 visa and then how i will be able to gain "at least one year of post-qualification highly relevent employment at an appropriate skill level completed" when 485 visa would have been expired(during 2 years), to get positive skill assessment from vetassess and then claim for points Master degree for skilled migration? Any expert advice would also be appreciated!
  3. Hi, After 9 months of planning our visa application by sifting through the huge amounts of information I finally decided to take the plunge and start the process to move to perth. I wish to thank the users of this forum for all the advice that I have gained from pomzinoz. I am a plumber applying for a 189 visa, we visited Australia for 18 months on a whv, drove around the whole country and due to no television in the campervan..... 2 became three! Therefore my partner wanted to come back to the uk to be with family for the birth..... but now wants to return! I have a question.......I have sent vetassess all my paperwork to be assessed however a requirement of the assessment is now that you must have a first aid certificate. Has any plumbers on this site had to supply a first aid certificate as part of their assessment.... If so which establishment did you take the course and how many days did it take you to complete? There is a big difference in price! I have asked vetassess for clarity on this matter and had a reply stating that the course can be completed in one day and also three days depending on your location in the uk, however I cannot find a course that specifically covers all the syllabus anyway! My second question is will vetassess complete all the other paperwork without the first aid certificate or just put to the bottom of the pile?! I do not want to book a first aid course that is just going to be waste of time and money for vetassess to reject.... many thanks in advice if anyone can help! This is the criteria.... IMPORTANT NOTICE An applicant who is applying for a Plumbing Skills Assessment is required to provide a First Aid certificate as part of the assessment. The course must have the following contents: • CPR, injuries from head to toe, wounds and bleeding, burns, poisons, bites and stings, medical emergencies, chest pain, asthma, anaphylaxis, choking, shock, stroke, seizures, fainting and diabetes. Without this certificate, the assessment will not be complete.
  4. Hi, Hope someone can help me on this. I am applying to have my skills and employment assessed by VETASSESS as a Multimedia Designer (ANZSCO code 232413) and I'm not clear what option I should choose to relate too. I am currently applying for a 457 Temporary work visa as its only on the consolidated skills list currently and need a sponsor however it may change in the future and be avaiable for Regional/State sponsorship or even General Skilled Migration. If I choose one option now does it mean I can only apply for that visa? E.g. If i choose 457 and apply and its approved and then my occupation is moved onto the list for General Migration would I not be able to apply for it as I have stated that I am applying for 457? Any help/advice much appreciated. Cheers Dan
  5. Hi I have just submitted the paper part of my vetassess assessment for the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning ASCO Number 4312-11 and as I understand it if I am successful in this part I will be asked to do a day’s assessment somewhere in the U.K. I would like to know if anyone has been on this assessment day and what the day involved. How many people take the assessment in one day? How is the assessment done? What tests where you asked to do on what type of equipment? How long the assessment takes is there an exam and did you have to take your own tools? Or where tolls provided? I have had a look on this forum and have found a page that talks about the assessment but it is missing a good break down of what you are expected to do on the day I would appreciate some knowledge of the assessment before I turn up on the day thanks Rick
  6. Hey guys! I am from Bangladesh, applying for 190. Just started my processing with the help of an agent. Haven't got my VETASSESS outcome! I would like to know the experiences of other Bangladeshi applicant's. If you could, then please share your experiences.
  7. Pear

    Advertising Specialist

    Hi I am planning to apply for Advertising Specialist for ACT (190). I am considering the chance of being granted this visa. I would be very much appreciated to hear some of your thoughts/experience. 1. Did you receive the ACT sponsorship for Advertising Specialist at the end?/ Who has been successful in getting a visa via this route? 2. When you apply for skill assessment, did you use agent? If yes, do you have anyone to recommend? If not, do you mind sharing your experience? 3. Do you mind if I ask about your background for those who are successful in Advertising Specialist skill assessment ? I was a strategic planner at an advertising agency before but not sure if my experience can fit into advertising specialist nomination. 4. How did you find the job ad on advertising? I face the same problem in finding them as well. Thank you very much. Pear
  8. Hi All It is my understanding that under the skills select visa system for a 190 that actual work experience is not required, am I correct in assuming this? If you have a qualification from a Uni that is directly related to a category on the SOL and as long as you get the correct number of points for a EOI should this do? Some one I know has submitted their docs to VETASSESS to have the skills assessment completed but VETASSESS are asking for CV info and info related to the last 5 years of work. I understand that one can get points for years of work completed in the field post completion of qualification but has anyone had a positive skills assessment from VETASSESS directly after completing the qualification? Thanks i advance for any help
  9. Hi everyone Is there anyone out there who has recently successfully completed their electrical practical vetassess exam. I have mine at Blackburn College in two weeks time. I've been reading up and trying to revise but it's difficult to know exactly what they are looking for especially around DOL starters. Also, I haven't been informed by Vetassess that I need to take my own tools but I've read on some of the threads that you do need them with you. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks. Greg :arghh:
  10. shellyk666

    TradeSET please help!

    Hi, last night my husband completed the tradeSET questionnaire as a Joiner. He's never used computer controlled machinery so ticked 'no' to this question. He also completed his online skill assessment to Vetassess and paid the $600. Now I'm printing off the TradeSET report and can see it's suggesting that computer operated machinery is listed as 'mandatory'! Does this mean his skill assessment will fail?? He's been a joiner for 20 years and none of the workshops have ever used computer controlled machines (CAD)! Has anyone else not been able to answer 'yes' to all of the TradeSET questions? Did it matter? The report just states it as 'Skills and evidence I may need' and states that if the report indicates gaps in your skills 'please discuss these with the RTO you select to conduct your skill assessment'. They're not open now and are closed for Labour day on Monday. Can anyone help?! Pretty please??
  11. Hi I received an email this morning informing me that I'd passed the first part of the assessment and asked if I could be in either London, Guildford or North Glasgow at 9am next Monday. I live in Yorkshire and it roughly a 4hr drive to any of them places, I understand it's for a Skype interview. I have a friend who managed to get his Skype interview done at home, he's very good at arguing his case! Has anyone else managed this? Does anyone know the exact location of the 3 sites so I can work out which will be best for me if I have to go? Cheers
  12. Hi everyone, Anyone here applied to Vetassess recently after they implemented the new upload system ,, if yes ,, then any idea if I can email them to ask them to upload more documents after submitting the application. Also, How are the status change ,, mine was "submitted" now it is "lodged" is there any difference .. also, I got the email from them only when I submitted the application , is there any other emails to be sent to acknowledge receiving the documents. Thanks :wink:
  13. Hi, Does anyone know whether my husband can book the practical part of his skill assessment (he's a carpenter) before he's received the Employment and Training Assessment part back? Looking at the Vetassess website the practical assessments appear to be every 2 months with the next one being in London on 22nd March. The deadline for booking this is the 7th March however I don't think we'll have received his paper Employment and Training Assessment results by then. Any ideas?? Thanks for any help
  14. pommiegranite

    Vetassess Skills Assessment for Marketing

    Hi I have a chance of a visa under the Employer Nomination scheme, which would be more financially viable for me than the 457 due to school fees. I am thinking of completing a VETASSESS assessment under Marketing Specialist. I have 15 years experience in marketing/marketing management/consultancy, am a chartered marketer in the UK and have evidence of continuing professional development, with awards in digital marketing. However, I don't have a traditional degree. Instead I have a professional diploma awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing which in the UK is considered a level 6 qualification equivalent to a Hons Degree. I am worried that this won't meet the qualification requirements although, Does anyone know if this will be accepted as equivalent to an Australian bachelors degree? Thanks
  15. gjmfl

    VETASSESS Skill Assessment

    Dear all, I worked for an asset management compay for 7 years (after 3rd July 2013), and I applied for Financial Investment Adviser (222311). My career path (i never changed my employer after my graduation of Master in Finance). 1. 2006/7 to 2009/6 Analyst , advice on commodity investment (including future investment strategy, index construction and allcoation idea), plus bond index back test. 2. 2009/7 to 2012/1 Manager, advice on currency trading/valuation/allocation 3. 2012/1 to current, senior manager, provide allocation/strategy to fixed income, design currency strategy, mentor new hire. My questions: Q1, Will I get the occupation done as i applied? Q2, from when (year and month) will they recoganize my occupation? from 2006/7 or else? Thank you for any advice or experience sharing. GJMFL
  16. Dear all, I would like to know if it is possible to lodge EOI for Qld state using positive Vetassess issued in 2007. Vetassess did not state expiry date for the assessment and I have remained in the same position with the same company from 2002 till now. My agent thinks it is necessary to get it redone. Would appreciate some advice and feedback. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello everyone, first post on here. I am away to get the wheels in motion for applying for the 189 Visa so will soon need to do my Migration Skills Assessment. The problem I have is I have no idea what assessing body should do the Assessment. I have a Bachelor of Land Economy (Hons) degree from University of Aberdeen (4 year course). This is a 2:1 in Land Economy: Urban Surveying and Planning. This is a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) accredited course so will definitely be on a par with any similar course in Oz. This would normally fall under VETASSESS assessment (for occupations such as Land Economist, Valuer or Town Planner). The confusion starts, however, because I ended up getting a job in the oil & gas industry working offshore (oil rigs) as a survey engineer/surveyor. This is basically doing directional surveys of oil wells. This would fall under ANZSCO CODE 232212 for Surveyor which is assessed by SSSi. I have 6 years experience as this. So my question is who should I get to do my skills assessment? VETASSESS or SSSi? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Can any one help !!! i am a fully time served maintenance electrician ( jib grade )hoping to go to WA . but i am a bit stuck as to who to apply for my trade recognition before my visa application. i have looked at the list of trades on workplace.gov.au eg general electrician 4311-11 and believe i can apply to either TRA or VETASSESS but don't know the advantages or disadvantages either way. or electrician ( special class ) 4311-11 and i will have to apply to the TRA and not vetassess. can some one tell me what type of electrician a will be in oz or where i can find out for myself and is there any advantage to vetassess or TRA. :wacko: THANKS CRAIG craig ( 33) louise (32) spencer (3) hayden (2)
  19. Helana

    Do I need to assess my PhD ?

    VETASSESS has assessed my Masters Degree positively for the Occupation as University Lecturer- 242111. But recently I have completed my PhD from Australia. And now I want to claim 25 points (PhD 20 points + Australian degree 5 points) for NSW state Sponsorship. Now Do I need to assess my PhD for claiming 25 points ? Please advice.
  20. Has anyone applied to Vetassess for the Personnel Officer occupation under thier CIPD Post Grad Qualifications? I was looking at doing it but was advised that even though they are accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority as a Level 7 Post Grad qualification, therefore higher than a bachelor degree, it would not be considered as equivalent to an australian bachelors degree...................I was somewhat surprised by this so wondered whether anyone had tried it....... :arghh:
  21. villainrage

    Confusing VETASSESS Result

    Hi everyone. I received a positive result for my VETASSESS skill assessment, but I am uncertain as to how much points I can claim for work experience. I applied for assessment for about 5 years work experience. On the summary page however, this is what was written for the duration of employment: "Based on the evidence provided, at least two years of employment is assessed as highly relevant to the nominated occupation and completed at an appropriate skill level in the five years before the date of applying for this Skills Assessment." This is where it gets confusing, because on the other page where it mentions my Skilled employment, they assessed all 5 years of my employment and this is written: "The following claims of skilled employment made by the applicant are assessed as employment of at least 40 hours per fortnight which is at an appropriate skill level and closely related to the nominated occupation." So now I'm really confused how much points I can claim for my application. Will really appreciate if someone can shed some light on this. Much thanks!
  22. Hallfamily

    Do we just give up?

    Been living this dream to move to Australia for many years now, my OH has worked hard to get himself Triple Chartered last year. He has completed his IELTS test early this year, then he started the process with Vetassess at the beginning of June, we are still awaiting results from them. Our dreams were shattered when they updated the Sols list in August to find that my OH occupation had been removed of all lists. I am right in saying this is the end of a dream I guess, I cannot think of any other route to get in Australia as we do not have an employer to sponsor him. Has anyone else had this problem?
  23. Hi All, I'm new in the forum and in the migration process. I've engaged an agent to help me through the process and I can also see that this site is so rich with great advice. I'm just wondering if there's anyone applying for 190 as student counsellor or welfare worker? Pls share your experiences or if you're also still waiting, let's share the moment together :smile: Thanks. MJ IELTS: 21/06/2013 L8.5, R8.5, W7.5, S8.5 VETASSESS Lodged 12/06/2013
  24. Guest

    Vetassess Appeal advice please

    Hello all has anyone appealed successfully to vetassess to overturn an unsuccessful skills assessment result? My assessment was unsuccessful on the grounds of not having 1 year post grad work experience. I achieved my degree in June 2011 and have been in the same job for 11 years and counting, does anyone have a similar story? and appealled successfully? Just seems really daft that i have to wait until next June to get a rubber stamp when everything else is in order:no:
  25. clara111

    Vetassess Questions

    Hello Guys, My husband is going to put in for his vetassess at the weekend but when i was looking through documentation needed i thought that it may help him if he could get hold of his certificates from a 3 year diploma he done in welding and fabrication, the occupation he is going for is metal fabrication. The certificates are £25 each and theres 3 ,so i wondered if its very necessary or not? Thanks