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Found 436 results

  1. Guest

    Brownfamily update

    Hi all, Just thought that I would post a quick update to let you all know how its going!! The house got packed up a couple of weeks ago and we have been living with the bear essentials for the last couple of weeks. The container will be in Australia for the end of June/beg of July. We have serviced apartments booked for three weeks in Mooloolaba, in which time we hope to have secured a rental, which should hopefully co-ordinate with our stuff arriving from England. We exchange on the house today and complete next Frday (day before we fly out)....talk about cutting it fine :rofl: Our dog went to the mother in laws a couple of weeks ago and the rabbit went to friend which was all quite hard:cry: I sat down and looked at the calendar earlier and realised the day we fly will be exactly 3 months from the day that we went to the Emigrate fair at Sandown, and realised exactly what we have achieved in 3 months. Don't get me wrong, we have been talking about emigrating for years, but was told that it wasn't possible due to lack of skills :no: However, we have a found a way (student visa for two years, then hopefully PR) Only another week and a half to go and we will be in Australia :jiggy: I just wanted to say thanks for all the information/tips that I have got from this site. And we will be meeting up with a few of you 'on the other side'!! Heather
  2. Guest

    A New Life Down Under Update

    Hiya found this on another site, thought you all would like to see it Sarahx Hi Every-one..a friend of mine told me about this site and mentioned that A new life down under had a few threads. I thought if anyone was interested that i could give you an update on the Vorsters! I met Steve whilst the program was being shot and decided not to be in it. Shortly after filming finished Steve and i moved in together along with my 3 children and Trevor, Steve`s son. Steph decided to return to the UK and shortly after Trevor followed. They both seem to be happy and settled there and Steph now has a baby daughter. Steve and I recently got married and live in Perth WA. We recently found out that they had tried to find Steve for a follow up program, but as we had moved they had difficulty. Hope this helps Janine Vorster
  3. Guest

    Brown Family Update!!

    Hi all, Apologies for not updating you all sooner, but it's been a bit of a whirlwind here :jiggy: We sold our house to the first person that looked round it last week, and they are cash buyers and no chain involved so it should all go through in about 6 weeks. OH has been accepted onto the bricklaying course in Nambour starting 9th July this year :biglaugh: Visa is being lodged on Monday (have put all the required information together my end) and once lodged we need to arrange the meds asap. Have sold one of our cars (need the other one until we go), in process of selling the caravan. We are having a quote for the shipping next week from Allied Pickfords (and thanks for the tip about 50kg baggage allowance from the CD, it really is true with Emirates) so well worth looking into..... With the house selling so quickly and no chain it means that if we wanted to we can go at the end of May (we haven't decided yet) as you can go 6 weeks in advance of course start date on student visa. But if we did it would give the kids some time off, ready to start school 10th July after the school hols in Oz. Apologies for the long thread but there has been so much going on :biggrin: . I will keep you all posted :wub: Heather
  4. Hello All Well today has been slightly better and my mam (sorry its a northern thing cant say mum lol) she is now not acting as though we have all just died, she has asked a few questions but said did we not fancy just going to Spain cos its only a couple of hours away.......errr NO!! :wacko: OH is back as well, hes been away for few days so didnt really pick the right time to tell her when I was on my own. Yesterday I wavered so much, that I thought I could go through with it (even though as yet we dont even know if we can get in, we're on a wing and a pray). But then I went into town (big mistake on a Saturday) and had an invisable day, you know those days were no-one sees you. 2 people yes 2.....both let go of the heavy shopping centre doors on me, the second time the girl in question didnt even look behind her and jammed my pushchair in the door when she let go of it, the door was so heavy I couldnt get enough force to push it open with the pushchair being in the way, someone did eventually help me out after several people just looked on. That just did it for me, people are quickly loosing any manners at all, isnt it just normal that you would hold the door for someone or even look behind them before letting it go?????........ok feel better for that thanks :biglaugh: Today OH said all that matters is that we are 100% committed to giving our girls a better start to life and I totally agree. I have spent best part of my life doing whats best for my mam and trying to keep her happy so now its my turn to get strong and do whats best for my family. Thanks for the continuing support everyone, I have never been on a forum where everyone genuinely wants the best for each other. You really did get me through the last few days. Cheers:cute: Em x
  5. Well we are finally here, it took us a year but we made it. The last few days in the UK were very hard saying goodbye to all the people we love , watching the kids getting upset saying goodbye to there friends. We asked ourselves so many times were we doing the right thing. We flew with Singapore airlines who were absolutely fantastic the kids were kept entertained all the way here. I was so worried about flying with a 1 year old but I can actually say I enjoyed the flight. Lots of films for adults and children, game consoles and plenty to drink and eat all the way here. We only had a 3 hour stop over in Singapore but it went very fast. We got to Brisbane airport on the 5th January at 8.40 pm, where our meet and greet were waiting for us. It was so nice to have someone at the other end to meet us and to help with all our luggage. We stayed at the Champelli apartments on the Gold coast and for the first few days we just relaxed and took in the sights, I can’t believe how much jet lag can mess you around, we felt sick and dizzy for days. In our first few weeks we registered for our tax file numbers, Medicare, and found ourselves a rental and a car. 3 weeks after arrival my husband started work and the kids started school and my furniture had arrived from the UK and we had some kind of routine back in our lives. My kids love there new school, I’m not so keen on the colour of there uniform though(brown and yellow) They have even learnt the Australian National anthem for there school assemblies. Then after school twice a week they have swimming lessons and tennis lessons they are making lots of new friends. My husband has settled into work really well and he is meeting new people, which they did give him a lot of stick for the 1st week about the cricket but funny enough that has all stopped now. I go once a week to a mother and toddler group at our local church and I love meeting up with my friend for coffee and cake ( I love the cake here) at the Coffee club. I have no regrets about leaving the UK. I speak to my family all the time by phone and web cam who keep me update with all the family gossip. We have settled in really well. It feels like home now. I can walk through my local shopping mal and people will smile and say hello now like they have known me forever. I can take the kids to school now without the help of my Tom Tom, and I am starting to find little short cuts to avoid the traffic. I now have my Flyby card to start collecting my points, and people don’t beep there horn at me so often now. I love the drive back from taking my kids to school where my views are of the hinterlands. I love being woke up by the bird with the happy whistle (don’t know it’s name). We are surrounded by some many fantastic things to do and a lifetime to do it in. There are a few things that don’t change even all the way across the other side of the world. It still rains at 3 o clock picking the kids up from school, and you still have to wait forever in a doctor surgery. Well I’m off to prepare the food for the Barbie tonight, so the husband can tell me again that he cooked the dinner. For all of you about to start the long process of emigrating to Australia, all I can say is the wait is defiantly worth it!!!!! Stacey xx
  6. Guest

    visa update

    Hi I was allocated a case officer on January 22nd I think. Meds and police checks sent a week ago. I sent an e mail that confirmed that they had all the info asked for. I did not have to get it to the case officer until 27(ish )of March!!!I now have a firm job offer and want to be able to take up the position in May. I have applaied for a STNI . I s it worth e mailing again or do they just get fed up of e mails!!!Shall I just wait iit our(and do I have a choice??)I diud mention in my last e mail that I had been offered a job and wish to be in a postion to take it up ASAP. Any ideas???
  7. Lynne2007

    Visa Update

    Hi, thought i would update on our visa progress, we have been awaiting on visa approval for our 457 of which has been help up due to immigration Auditing the company i have been sponsored with, got a phone call this morning to say the Auditing has fineally been done and finished so our visa is being processed once again from where it was left off so shouldnt be long now until we hear, Cross fingers toes and everything lol, god we are sooooooooo excited :lol: x Lynne & Tony
  8. Hi Guys, Whilst still awaiting my visa, I have joined up with an exiting new company - A venture which I intend to set up in Perth........should we ever get there !! From 1 crate to Full Household Removals, please get in touch with me, where a guranteed Personalised Service is Given. PM Me or email any requirements to : chrisn@migrateglobal.com Regards Chris http://www.migrateglobal.com
  9. 2Posh2Push

    TRA Cock-up Update!

    After 5 wks our Agents have still done nothing about our situation! They told my husband not to get in touch with the Assessor as they would speak with him to get a meeting set up - he rang anyway after they didnt get back to us after 2 wks. The Assessor was really helpful and got back to us when he said he would and also said that the Agents had not been in touch with him at all!!! Needless to say we are soooooooo cross and want our money back to go to a new agent , they have been such a let down and disappointing. We are supposed to be getting a call from our agents tomorrow to let us know what is going on but in 5 wks we think its very poor that they haven't done something. The Assessor said we need abit more detailed info to get the trade we want. Feeling fed up, emma :evil:
  10. Guest

    Visa 136 update

    Not happy bunnies!!!! We contacted the DIMIA last night asking for an update with our visa application. We sent it off in November and had the confirmation email on 18th Nov. Initially was told 4 months until medical & police check request as hubby is on the MODL. Anyway, they told us that they are currently working on visa applications received in Sept/Oct and we have been told that we will not hear anything for another 6 weeks!!!! Just hope job offer remains as we thought that we should be out there in June - how wrong we could be eh!!!!! Guess the waiting goes on!!!!!
  11. Guest


    Our chosen agent thinks that we are a go ahead for applying and my skills look good for assessment We need 1 more year experience, but they are happy to take on our case Even at this very early stage it gives you a whole new lease on life