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Found 76 results

  1. Has anyone had experience of using BDH Sterling to transfer a UK pension. Are they a good choice?
  2. Hi, just wandering if anyone in the process of transferring from the R.N to the R.A.N.. We are in the process of doing it ourselves at the moment, and was just wandering if anyone else is out there in the same boat. :jiggy:
  3. Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked before but I don't seem to be able to find a thread about pension transfers as yet. What I am wanting to know is whether or not myself and my wife would be better off transferring our NHS pensions to a similar scheme in Australia or leaving them here? We are moving to Melbourne in August and I have a job in a hospital in Melbourne. I'm not really sure what the pension/super scheme on offer is or really what we should do for the best. We have been in contact with a pension agent but not yet comitted to anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Steve
  4. Anyone out there willing to share their experiences about them going over by joining the Army. Our process has been pretty quick and now just waiting for the labour agreement to start the ball rolling again. Seems to have come to a stop after initialling getting an email two weeks before selection interviews. What happens when you get the labour agreements, costs involve. If we have submitted bloods, CRB etc already to the OSLTB we will need to re-submit them for DIMA? Lump Sum will it be taxed? Would appreciate a good ole chin wag with anyone, we are going to Wagga Wagga. I'll stop waffling now Thanks Marie and Paul
  5. Hi there! I am looking for some advice/ recommendations/ information about exchange rates, transferring money, tax, recommended companies/ financial advisers to approach, etc etc etc... Our situation is that we are in the process of emigrating to australia. We left the UK early in December but have still yet to touch down in oz as we are taking the opportunity to do a bit of travelling on route. Therefore, we are not yet Australian residents (visa 176) - but, it appears, that we are also no longer UK residents which is making things very difficult! The exchange rates seem to be moving alarmingly in the 'wrong' direction (given that we have our savings etc in sterling and want to transfer to aus dollars). We also have worries about tax etc e.... what can we do/ who can we speak to? Having looked at a lot of websites it seems that we are already 'too late' having already left the UK... is this true Please help!!! All advice gratefully received.
  6. Hi Everyone We've recently moved from Wiltshire to the Gold Coast (loving it so far, been here 1 week!), and are looking at moving money from UK to Oz. We sold our house before we left, and cars, so it's quite a good sum of money, and our whole nest egg/ security/ deposit for house in Oz. Have registered with Currenciesdirect, as they seemed to offer a good rate and fast transfer time (2 business days), but getting slightly cold feet as know of people who have lost their money when going through a broker rather than bank... Does anyone have any experience of using Currenciesdirect? Or can they recommend another company? Is it safe transferring money this way..?? Thanks
  7. Hi All, I was thinking about my options to transfer my savings (Euros) to Australia. After I have read some threads I think there are a few good agencies like moneycorp, worlsfirst & currencyslolutions etc. I can transfer my Euros to their bank account in the UK/France/Germany and then they can convert those Euros to AUD and transfer to my AUD account in Australia. However there is another option that came to my mind but no one has talked about it on this forum. If I open a Euro account in my bank in Australia & then transfer my savings in Euros directly to my Euro account in Australia. Then whenever I find the rate reasonable I can convert a chunk (or may be all) of my Euro savings to AUD. The reason I am thinking about this option is that my current Euro account is in a bank outside of the UK. So, I will have to pay the transfer fee to my bank if I transfer to an agency in the UK (moneycorp, worlsfirst & currencyslolutions) or even if I transfer directly to Australia. My concern is that when I am paying the bank transfer fee in both cases then why should I involve an external agency? What can be the drawback in the second option? I need your opinion guys because I want to make a decision to minimize the financial loss :swoon:
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to Pomsinoz so please excuse any "simple" questions! :-) I am moving to Sydney in January after recently accepted a job offer, which is very exciting, but not left me with a huge amount of time to research. I will be looking to save as much money as possible during my time in OZ, and after recently setting up an account with NAB I wondered how much I would be charged for transferring money back to my UK account? Typically I will need to do this for my student loan, but I am also just keen to save money for my potential return in 2-5 years time. My UK account is with Yorkshire bank, and with them being part of the NAB group I half expect the fee's to be less? Thanks in advance for any replies! :-) James.
  9. just tried to open an account with moneycorp, recieved an email to say that they can't transfer funds due to strict regulations in Australia??.
  10. Guest

    Transferring a 457

    Can anyone give me an idea of how long it takes to transfer a 457 visa from one employer to another (the new employer is already SBS registered)? I'm assuming that I should wait until I have it before I hand in my notice!
  11. Hi I don't know if anyone can help me. We were meant to be moving out to Australia with a residency visa. Unfortuanately we have had to put our plans off for the next year. My daughter has a new passport, does anyone know what to do to transfer the old visa over to her new passport? Thanks Sue
  12. I have a skilled Independant Visa which is valid for another 4 years, but intend to emigrate early 2012. Fingers Crossed house will sell pre Xmas, then the next stage is what to do with poor FX rate. Is there a time limit before Sterling has to be brought into OZ or can I leave it on deposit for an unlimited time until ( hopefully ) the exchange rate improves. Thank you.
  13. Hi all Just wondering if anyone can help...have been in WA 2mths now on 176 PR visa and went to transfer my Irish licence over to a WA Licence and the lady behind the counter advised that I need a visa label or visa stamp in my passport but I advised her that we don't get them as it is done Electronically. Can anyone please advise if they have transferred licence over and if so did you need a label or stamp or how did you do it? If I need a visa stamp or visa label, how do I go about doing it. Also anyone need any help or advice about moving over, jobs, cost of living etc, please let me know. Many thanks Sue xx
  14. johnosmad

    Transferring driving licences!!

    I'm not sure this is a Migration issue but its not really a job advert either but anyway.... I noticed that on the SA website for transport we can transfer our UK driving licences, simple!! However it also says that if you hold HGV then you will have to take a test, Has anyone else transferred their Cat C + E licences and if so is it an actual driving test or more of a formality where someone will take you for a spin to ensure your competent, safe etc. I would be a bit gutted if I had to sacrifice them as it will not be a priority and wont have time initially to go through prep for a full on test!!
  15. Hi all. I'm new to the forum and to the whole concept of relocation to the other side of the planet! I'm planning on Trasferring from the Royal Navy to a similar specialisation in the Royal Australian Air Force and would like to know if this has been done before. If so, any advice would be really useful. If not, I'd better have a 'Plan B' :wink: Thanks
  16. Hi all, I'm looking at transferring a large sum of money back to my UK bank account. I've already paid tax on it here in oz. Does anyone know if we will be liable to pay anything when it goes back into the Uk? My accountant here says no yet my accountant in the uk says we may have to. Confused!!!!!! Help someone.... Cheers Philpot
  17. Hi all - I am hoping someone knows the answer to this question...? I have been in Australia now since Jan 09 on a sponsored 457 visa which expires in Oct 2012. I am currently employed and sponsored by employer (A). I have been offered a new role with a new employer which I will call employer (B). I currently receive LAFHA from employer (A) which will end if I stayed with employer (A) in Oct 2012, at which point I would either need to become a perm resident or leave Oz. My question is that if I join employer (B) they will transfer my 457 and my LAFHA will expire in Oct 2012. However I want a new 457 from employer (B) which they have offered, BUT will I get LAFHA for another 4 yrs or not?? I have heard that I may need to go back to the UK to apply for a new 457 visa with Employer (B) in order to get LAFHA again? I hope this makes sense and I hope someone knows the answer? Thanks
  18. Hi I was hoping somebody out there could shed some light on the process of switching to PR(887). The online version doesnt let me progress since I'm 1 year and 11 months in the country. The paper based forms seems to ask for ALL the details I provided the first time(475) to generate points. Do I need to collect all past documents(copies of birth certificates, education, etc) to apply for 887 or is it simply proof of living and working in a regional area for two years? Any help will be great. Thanks
  19. Hi, I have been living in Brisbane for around 6 months now, here on a 4 year 457 visa - sponsored by my current employer. In short, I don't want to stay working with this employer, and when my tie-in period ends (if I leave before 12 months I have to pay back all visa costs etc), I want to move elsewhere. Has anyone done this on a 457? Is it easy to transfer sponsors? Thanks!
  20. Hi Not sure if this is the right spot to ask - but here goes anyway. My present Laptop is creaking and groaning so a new one is on the ASAP list - so what is the best way to transfer my files/folders etc from my old knackered Laptop to a new one? Thanks David
  21. Hi all. Has anyone gone through the process of transferring an existing 457 visa from one sponsor to another? I'm interesed in processing times for: a) The new employer submitting a nomination to be a sponsoring employer b) The employee (me) having their visa switched from the old employer to the new employer The job detail is approximately the same, it's just the employer thats changing. Any experiences that anyone could share would be appreciated. Paul
  22. scmercer

    Transferring Oz Super to UK

    I have read conflicting information on this and I am still not sure. If I return to the UK is it possible to transfer my Australian Pension to a UK fund or will it have to stay in Australia until I reach pension age? Thanks in advance.
  23. so im assuming Moneycorp dont do this for the goodness of there health so where do i lose money/ where do they make money. If im transferring £20000 at a 1.60 rate will all that still be mine or do i lose it to money corp or the bank, im with westpac
  24. Question please do you actually have to transfer AUD10000 to WA for state sponsorship or do you have to just submit balance accounts, and if you do where do you have to submit to Thanks in advance for any help from a little confused!!!
  25. we've been talking about moving to oz for the past 7 years and the time is now to get moving. oh has finally sent off his application to the RAN after doing his 24 yrs(2 boys time) in the RN. if all goes to plan we'll be heading for WA. we have 2 kids 5 and 1 and a big dog. so i'm looking for a buddy(s) in the same position as me. to share news and info on the move to oz or any advise that anybody would care to share!! need all the help i can get!! cheers jen x