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Found 946 results

  1. HI ! all, great to be here on this forum........(i hold a bachelors degree in business) but i am in my current profession which is of a (welder) since last 4yrs+some months. doing all sorts of work a welder is supposed to perform.....the only thing is that i don't hold any Diploma,Certificate or any other qualification in the welding field yet i am in this welding profession for so long..............i just wanna know whether am able to apply for 457 Employers sponsored scheme or could i be able to apply directly for permanent residency (off-shore,as i am not in Australia), based on my experience in the welding trade which is on MODL list........ also if possible can any one suggest whats the killing time once u have applied for PR (offshore) till u are granted one. thanks in advance.
  2. Guest


    hi i have a british passport but resided in republic of ireland for since i was 15 hence i went school there and i done my trade there which is bricklaying tra wont reconise it even though its irish which pisses me right off lol any help?? should i keep ringing them and fight my case ? because i its not a british trade and iv never worked in england so why do i need to go through vetasse?thanks david ps im living in england now
  3. Guest

    Plumbing TRA question

    Hello everyone. Have had a look at the TRA on-line and from what I can see you need to tick every box, is this true because if it if there are a lot of things in this form that British plumbers don't do, if that is the case then where do I go from there??? By the points system I have enough points but with the TRA I fall short on a couple of areas, its not that I can't do it, more of a case that I don't do it. Any answers/help would be gratefully received! :unsure::confused:
  4. Bpremji

    TRA Application Forms

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to download the 2 pdf's from this link: http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/residenceVisa/Skilled/Pages/Overview.aspx I have been trying all morning without any luck.
  5. Marc the Painter

    tra without an agent

    I'm considering trying to do my visa without an agent can anyone tell me how to find out how to get through tra I don't find there website to helpfull. I need to find a list of the differant evidance they will expect me to produce.
  6. Has anyone successfully completed this and can tell me your qualifications and perhaps is willing to share their application details so we can fill it all out correctly? You can pm me or email me dt1234565@hotmail.com Many thanks
  7. Hi all, Not for me but a relative.... Has anyone recently done a skype interview and been asked to download the live meeting software? My brother in law is about to do the interview but not sure how it is going to feasible on the current contract he is working on, there is no internet access in the building as it is just a shell. How have people got around this??.... Thanks for any advice in advance
  8. Hi People, Just wonderd if you can give me some help, me and my gf are goin through the 457 visa which is nearly complete she has been headhunted from a company over there which now requires me to send off my application, i have done this and the TRA have recived the application but i have now had a reply off them sayin : Thank you for your enquiry to Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). Your application was received by the TRA office on 12 July 2011 and was unable to be processed as you do not have sufficient Australian working rights. A letter has been sent to you advising you of this and how it effects your application Do we need to get the 457 Visa complete before sending this application form off as we thought sending the application form off now would speed things up. Hope you can help us both Cheers Stew
  9. Guest

    Toolmaker TRA - help needed.

    Hi, Just joined this forum after looking through the posts for the past few days. I'm currently in the process of appealing my TRA refusal. They are asking for "independent evidence from my employer detailing the period of apprenticeship to align the apprenticeship training to the sought occupation of toolmaker". I have now got the information they have requested but am now concerned that my apprenticeship was a 3 year one and not 4 years. Does this mean i cannot attain pathway A or B? Not really sure what a "5 year informal apprenticeship" actually is?
  10. leelee 18

    Tra- carpentry

    Where do they do the tests n when? I have been on their web site and cannot find this info? Does anybody know? My oh is lokking to take the test but has no uk papers is that goi9ng to be a prob? Can he still take the test? Any help will be great, thanks guys
  11. Guest

    TRA evidence Question

    Hmmm, I have the problem of not being able to get a statement from my employer. I do have a statement but it's lacking following information: -the nature of your employment (full-time, part-time) -your normal hours of work -your job title (occupation) -a detailed description of the nature and content of the work you undertook, along with the machines, tools and/or equipment you used. I wonder if proving these with pay-slips and a description of the job on a seperate document (my CV) would be accepted. Since getting a Witnessed statutory declaration even seems impossible in my country of residence (Belgium). I wondered if anybody had any experience with this?? Thanks in advance
  12. Wondering whether anyone out there has experienced the same situation I’m in and how they went about sorting the problem out? Here it goes…. I came to Aus on a spouse visa five plus years ago and live on the Sunshine Coast. My UK background/trade is Telecoms and Electrical, and I’m trying to start the process of getting my sparks license in Queensland. Now this is the problem…. I came to Aus without the use of an immigration agent, so have only a vague idea of the process to getting my sparks License. I have no issues with trade skilling tests and Aussie Electrical Rules exams, but what I can’t get info on is where to start this process?? I have been in touch with the TRA, but all they do is send me email links on a basic email format which point back to government websites relating to people that want to apply for a visa on the basis of there trade, well I don’t need no visa as I already have a permanent residence. All I want is the bloody form that I have to send in to them and the details they require to start the process. Anyway….I’m hoping than there might be some Pom or another expat reading this that has been in a similar situation and can kindly point me in the right direction, because they will be doing me a lot more good that the useless bunch of ****s called the TRA!!! :arghh: Thanks in advance……..
  13. Please help, I'm nominating the ff occupation for ACT State sponsorship but it does not belong in TRA's list of occupations to be assessed. 1st option - Hardware technician 2nd option - ICT Customer Support Officer How can my skills be assessed?
  14. janinewhiteley

    Tra ..wow that was quick!

    Hi Tra was acknowledged on 23rd may 2011 And accepted on the 7th June 2011. lets ge tthe visa submitted...woohoo.
  15. boardie

    Drainer Assessment

    Hi, first time posting so please be gentle! My husband is a Groundworker in the UK. His job covers all of the skills under Drainer on the SOL. Unfortunately as he has no formal qualifications (other than machine licences) we are unable to get a TRA assessment. TRA have told me our best option is for him to obtain an AQF III certificate, however the highest you can go is AQF II for Drainer and I can't for the life of me find anybody who will assess him based on 20 years experience. He's not a plumber so not sure a plumbing AQF assessment would be of any use (he'd probably fail). Is anybody else in the same position as us? I've read a few posts on here about this but nothing too recent... Be very grateful for any advice. many thanks Alex
  16. thewaltons

    Tra passed

  17. Guest

    TRA - Finalistion Date

    Hi All Im helping with someone's application. The online checking system is now showing as 'Finalisation Date' as todays date - but no email yet of the actual outcome. How long after finalisation date showing should the email with the decision appear? :arghh: It isnt even my visa, god knows what I'll be like when I can finally apply for my own :embarrassed::laugh:
  18. mdmx33

    TRA Assessments please help

    Good Evening Guys and Girls I really need an agent to help me with my tra assessment. I was in touch with go matilda and they quoted me £600 to help me. Is this price reasonable or shall I look elsewhere. I was confident i could do it myself but now starting to think i would like it checked over because i dont want to mess this up. Do you guys know any good agents with good reputation that you have used and would recommend. Any Gas Fitters out there who have gone though this process would love to hear from you. I've seen the name Glenn Newton thrown around but seems he doesnt operate any more. Any help guys most welcome. thanks in advance:confused:
  19. Thought I would share the news......................:biggrin: Just got my TRA assessment back all fine. OZ here we come.:laugh: Well here we come in about 18 months!!! I'm in childcare and hope to move to Perth. As my job is on the state list We are using an agent and they been a great help so far.... :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::yes::yes::yes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  20. Dear all, I sent my documents to them, after which I have gotten no any response from them, no confirm for receive, no confirm for IP, no confirm of charge, no everything:arghh: same as email and ringing. I called TRA today, but they said they can do nothing with them!!!! What can I do? 1st Jul is round the corner. Any advice is appreciated. My occupation 323112
  21. Hi all I have just been sponsored by an employee via ENSOL and my new boss is already in the process of filling out form 785 I am now preparing to apply to TRA, but before calling them wanted as much information as possible He is filling me through ENSOL as: 313112 - ICT Customer Support Officer What kind of documents should I have ready for the TRA ASSESSMENT? I have copies of my AVCE certificates which are equivalent to NVQ3 or 2 A-levels or a AQF Diploma Can get Police records Can get Medical checks Do I need to supply copies of my p45’s and get written and signed documents stating where I worked and how long I worked there for including my active duties in the role? I have 6 years’ experience across 3 companies Any info on the TRA assessment will be really helpful! Will keep track of this thread from start to finish
  22. Guest

    passed my TRA!!!! yay

    I just wanted to be someone with a happy thread lol, Ive just this minute received my outcome letter from TRA to say my application has been successful. I was paranoid with the documents i'd sent. Im a self employed hairdresser by the way lol. :-))))))))
  23. Hi, OH just received his positive skills assessment but what a bloody nightmare the whole process has been. We are not dwelling on it though just so delighted about the outcome.:biggrin::biggrin: I am now ready to submit our WA SS application (woo hoo) however I am unsure if I need to certify the 3 documents that they request. I have been on WA immi website but I cannot see this info anywhere, it may be that I am having a "brown" moment lol. Could someone kindly advise. Thanks in advance, Gillian
  24. http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/Pages/ChangetoSkilledWorkerProgram.aspx can Does that mean trade course students who can gather 65 points and are confident that they can pass the tra rto assessment need not go through the job ready program and can go for a test and if they pass they can apply for permanent residency based on point system. any info from experts will be highly appreciated. thanks.
  25. abranch

    TRA application

    With reference competing TRA form. My husband is going on skilled route E as he has had to get a AQF111 in Solid plastering and has the required years experience. My husband is self employed so will be providing, staturory declaration, references from clients, suppliers, reference from his brother for when he trained etc, was going to send up 6 years tax returns, advertising receipts, other receipts, letter head. With regards to the required full time hours he works he normally works 5 days a week 8 hours a day as he is self employed does he do a statutory declaration to state hours he works . If anyone has sent up one recently ie being self employed an included any other info please could you let me know. Many thanks