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Found 946 results

  1. I am really tired of searching here and there to find the required information for being assessed as a simple (!) Electrical Engineering Technician (312312). So I decided to create a cozy thread only for we electrical technicians to share our experiences with other colleagues. Please bear in mind that share, share and again share whatever you know as the smallest piece of information may make the life far more easier for someone else. Of course you can ask whatever you wish, but try not to be overload ;-)
  2. I achieved my diploma from a vocational high school in 'Electrotechnology'. After that I achieved an associate degree qualification from a technical-vocational institute in 'Electrical Engineering' (requiring 2 years study and sometimes known as Electrotechnology/Electrotechnicque/Industrial Electricity). After that I started to work as an Electrical Technician (WITHOUT such things as on-job-training, apprenticeship, traineeships ...) Both vocational high school and technical-vocational institute from which I obtained my qualifications are governed by the formal education and training organization in Iran. At present, I have 7 years of full-time paid work experience and my job description conforms fully with what has been mentioned in ANZSCO (312312 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN). 1- Does TRA pathway E suit my circumstances? If no, why and which pathway can be suitable for me? 2- Do my qualifications confirm with the term 'Formal Training'? 3- What is "Workplace Assessments"? Does this term have any relationship with on-job-training? Thank you for your help.
  3. Im trying to find out approx what lodgement date tra is currently working on so, Have you recently been assessed by tra? what was your application lodgement date?
  4. does anyone know the current tra points test advice current processing times???? Ive had a successful skills assessment from tra and I applied for my 176 in June, immi came back looking points test advice so ive applied for that approx 5 week ago!!! I never applied for it with the skills assessment as I was badly advised by an agent who told me I didnt need it!!!
  5. Leach Family

    TRA TradeSET Assessment?????

    Hi All I am looking to get my skills assessed but on the TRA website it says i have to complete the TradeSET questions before i can proceed with the initial application.......however it does not list my job? It says to chose a job which is close to my current job role, but none of them are. I want an assessment as a Childcare Coordinator/Centre Manager but all the jobs listed are for cooks, builders etc theres nothing close to what i need.:confused: Any advice please? Many Thanks
  6. josephcom

    TRA vs Electrical Technician

    First of all this is a brief of my situation: 1999: Diploma (Electrical/Vocational Qualification) 2002: Associate Diploma (Electrical Engineering) 2005: Start working as electrical technician in a company 2010: Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering(without leaving my job)) Now I am going to send my documents to TRA to be recognized as Electrical Engineering Technician (312312). My questions are: Does it matter for TRA from which university I have achieved my associate degree? (it does for Engineers Australia) Do I need on-job-training or something like that? Is it helpful to send my BS degree OR it is better to not mention it at all? Thank you
  7. So I'm doing the TRA Pathway A as I did a 4 year government apprenticeship but I'm not sure what to put in the Formal Vocational Training bit. Is it just the first 2 years of my apprenticeship when I was on day release to college for my ONC or do I put the whole 4 year time down ? In other words is this referring to my college study only which was part time for 2 years or all the training undertaken as part of my apprenticeship ? Very confused ! :huh:
  8. Hello everyone!! I'm new in this forum and I hope to find useful information from it. I was looking information about TRA assessment, because I don't understand a couple of things about it, all over the threads but I couldn't find exactly what I need. This is the situation: I want to apply for the "Electronic Equipment trades worker" assessment. I did an apprenticeship for 5 years and 3 month, working in a University Electronic Laboratory. Then I worked 1 year and 7 month in an Electronic Security company, and now I've been working for 6 years and 7 month in another Electronic Security company. I have all the employer letters to confirm all my statements, but the problem is that I don't have any "certificate" for the apprenticeship I did. My letter says that work was under an apprenticeship program, but without the certificate I feel my application may be refused. In addition, I have 2 years and a half of Bachelor in electronic engineering (I didn't finish it). Does anyone know if I can apply in my situation? How could I complete the different blanks on the assessment form? I hope somebody can help me on this because I really want to move to OZ and I'm a bit frustrated... Thanks in advance!!! Nicko
  9. I worked as an electrical technician for 5 years and got my BS degree after that and ever since I've been working as an electrical engineer. but I've recently been assessed by Engineers Australia as "Engineering Technologist", because they believe my BS degree is comparable to the educational level of the AQF Associate Degree and also my Associate Degree is comparable to the educational level of the AQF Certificate 4. Anyway, for three reasons I'm going to apply for visa 189 as an electrician rather than a technologist or a technician: It's highly in demand according to Skillselect Occupation Ceiling much more than a technologist or technician. This way I can claim for 7 years of work experience rather that 2 years (since it's been 2 years from the time when I got my BS degree which is now considered as Associate Degree). electrician could be found on Occupation List of ALL states and territories which is not the case for technologists and technicians. I mean I could find state sponsorship much easily. My questions: Is it possible for TRA to refuse to recognize me as an electrician just because I'm holding a bachelor degree or what I've done does not match the job description of an electrician or whatever. Does applying for a permanent visa (189) as an electrician means that I will never find a job as a technologist/technician in Australia. Please note that I've been already assessed as technologist by Engineers Australia. Thank you
  10. Hi all, May I foremostly point out, I am brand new to this forum and as such would appreciate any tips/guidance regarding its use within any responses you may give me. My wife and I are at the second stage of pursuing the process of the general skilled migration visa. The compiling of all work experience including all skilled competentcies (as detailed on the ANZCO fact sheet) and employment history etc. I am a bricklayer, who alongside many other lads, has had to adapt to the declining state of the UK economy over the last several years, as such my employment history is a bit erratic to say the least, with periods of both being company employed as well as periods of working self-employed. Due to lack of work, earlier this year I had to settle for a non- trade related employed position working for my local college. And as such have decided to secure a gsm visa now whilst I still have recent experience working as a bricklayer full time. Within my Vetasses application I have included the last two years bricklaying experience that I have, and have a statement of employment from an old employer for whom I worked for as an employed bricklayer within the last two year period. This period of employment only covered the first 12 months of the required 2 year period, for the remainder of trade related work experience I worked as self employed. The question I have, and the main issue I can see preventing the TRA from inviting me to the next stage (practical demonstration) is... Will this single statement from my old employer be enough, or would I be better contacting my personal clients and customers to ask for references etc. ( As I don't particularly want to) I do have official documents such as my certificate of accounts from my accountant as well as all invoices for work I undertook that made up my self employed earnings. Does anyone have or has had any similar experience regarding these skill/work experience issues, if so I would greatly appreciate any advice. We cannot afford the luxury of using a migration agent at this stage and obviously are worried about getting refused. Regards Ben Atherton
  11. Guest

    Statutory Declaration

    Hi all, First of all, thanks for the useful posts from you. Just going through all your posts and they are really very useful for us. Actually my trade is toolmaker - 323412. I have applied for my trade assessment to TRA in Feb 2012 and got an unsuccessful outcome on 31 may 2012. After ringing to the TRA, he told me that he could not find any relation of one of my past employers with the nominated business. Now he is asking me to give a statutory declaration or proof of evidence that his business exists (like business license certificate) kind of stuff. I claimed that I have worked in that organisation from 2007 to 2010. It is a very small industry. To my surprise, the proprietor of that company, today, told me that he had registered his business only in 2010. Though, he is still in the business now. He doesn't have any proofs like telephone bills or electricity bills in the name of the company during my period of employment. Now I am stuck and need an advice to overcome this situation. Could you please help on what to be done next. I have to apply for the review of the assessment before Jul 31.
  12. Hi ,just had by T.R.A. form back,saying that there is insufficient evidence of training or work experience in an occupation assessed by T.R.A.,but they did note my city and guilds and apprenticship.I was wondering what visa options if any where available to me and my family?
  13. Hi folks. We were unsuccessful on our assessment for painting+decorating. Submitted 18.05.12, finalised 29.05.12. We got the letter plus email with outcome reasons yesterday. I sent them every document + certificate we had proving Daves trade but they wanted actual certificate that proved his qualification is equivalent level 3 which we don't have. I've chased this up with all relevant trade depts in Scotland and it seems Dave was never actually sent the blooming letter stating his apprenticeship completed, skills test successful and he has gained svq level 3 in painting+decorating! Argh! We are now getting that so will forward it to TRA as this is all they need to change our assessment to success...I hope. My question is... this will cost another $300, is this refunded if successful this time? Bit confused as I'm sure I read somewhere if they changed the outcome you'd be refunded but I've probably read it wrong. Dave has IELTS on Saturday so fingers crossed that's successful then hopefully by end of month we can submit the extra certificate they need and they change their decision. Will we go to back of queue and wait months again or as its review do we get checked quicker? I'm awfy glad its been something simple that we have missed and we can sort it I personally feel this hurdle is a test of how important and serious our hopes+plans are coz some I'm sure would take this first knock back and walk away but those who are deadly serious will fight back. I hope everyone else who has been unsuccessful manages to overcome this hurdle and get a success on the review. Thank you for all the advise + support over the last 6 months
  14. Guest

    TRA unsuccessful

    Hi All, I got my tra outcome as unsuccessful and yet to receive a letter from tra stating the reason.Please advice what to be done next NAseeef
  15. Hi, I'm currently doing a TRA Migration Skills Assessment. I'm a chef. On the work in your own words, (part 8), it says to include duties or tasks undertaken. I could write a whole encyclopedia on this, so which shall I include. Shall I just use examples from across the board using varied cooking techniques? Is it just examples required?? Now I think I'm obsessing over this:arghh:. Thanks.
  16. mdmx33

    TRA waiting sooooo long!!1

    I submitted my TRA on the 2nd Feb 2012 and have yet to hear the outcome...... I know there is a backlog but this is now nearly 3 and a half months. I leave for OZ on working holiday visa on the 27th May and was hoping I could get my visa application for permanent residency in before i left the UK.
  17. I am 31 years old and looking to relocate to Western Australia from Scotland with my Fiancee and our son. I have 14 years experience in the Engineering & Fabrication trade as a Fitter/Fabricator and plus I have recently been awarded by the TRA a Metal Fabricator Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade (Heavy Fabrication). I have also just completed my IELTS exam and would be looking to come across on a 457 visa. I believe I am very skilled in my trade, take great pride in my work, very reliable and also willing to learn new skills. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me via private mail. Thank you for your time. Mr S Gow
  18. Hi to all hairdressers, has anyone done the TRA application on their own? If so can you give me any advice on what documents I need to send and who needs to sign them? Also how long does it take as we obviously need to get this done ASAP as time is running out,we may even be too late. I'm applying for 176 WA ss,hopefully we'll will get in. I'm just starting out and all I seen to be doing at the moment is researching as much as possible on the best route to take. We will be doing the whole process alone as we need to save as much cash as possible. Any info would be fab Thanks in advance cheryl
  19. Hi Everyone :smile:... Have managed to gather a fair bit of information in the last few weeks/months due to some great contributions here....thank you all for a fantastic forum. Partner & I have decided to try and go it alone without an agent and save some $$ :unsure:. I am a qualified electrician of 18 years but do not meet the current employment criteria having not worked full time in the trade for 4-5 years, due to this and my age (42) we are hoping to emigrate via my partners trade to WA on a SS,she is a hairdresser. We are currently filling in the TRA skills assessment application form and are a bit confused ,if anybody can help on a few points I would be very grateful : 1) TRA application time - Approximately how long are we looking at before TRA assessment ? We are hoping to try and apply for visa before July but realise it could be too late for that deadline. 2) Employment History - Partner has 16 years experience, been in current salon for 8 years. For the previous two years her weekly hours are approx 23 hrs,will these hours count as part-time or full time ? She has had maternity leave - will this matter ? 3) Qualifications - Qualified to NVQ level 2,currently studying for NVQ 3 - is this a problem ? 4) Work history - Does the work history description have to be in-depth and include her complete career or just current employment ? 5) References - Do these have to be in depth and does anybody have any templates which we could show to her boss ? 6) TRA Assessment - any advice on where / how this is taken and what the procedure is ? Sorry for the long post but it seems to get more confusing the more we read...... Thanks in advance for any help :smile: 2by2
  20. Hi. We are currently in Sydney on a 457. Hubby has spoken to his company and they have agreed to sponsor him for PR. So, we have to start getting paperwork together for his TRA, we will most likely use an agent for the visa application, but I would like to get a head start and start to get the TRA sorted out. So I have a couple of stupid questions (although I have been assured on more than one occasion since we got here that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!). I am unsure which of the pathways applies to my hubby. He has a degree, then he had to do a pre-registration year under the supervision of a qualified member of staff, and he also had to sit some professional examinations in order to qualify. He has worked in various places doing the same work for 15 years, all full time except the three years at uni which were part time (Saturday and Sunday work - his degree was full-time three years). I am thinking that pathway C is the one (1800 hours of formal training, a traineeship which I guess would be his pre-reg year, and then at least five years working). He is registered to practice here, the Aus registration board view his qualification as an equivalent to the Aus one. Secondly, is it a matter of obtaining very detailed references from his past and present employers? I presume that the information required would need to detail what he did/does day to day, including all of the equipment used etc and how it is/was used. Are we able to write the references and just send them to his employers for reading through and signing? How far back in his employment history should we go? There is one employer who we don't really want to contact (and actually I believe she is living in Spain somewhere now so would have no idea where to contact her anyway). She employed him to help her start up her new business, then on the day his three month probationary period ended she sacked him without good reason. On the same day, another person who she knew personally who was trained in the same job as dh, but had had to give three months notice started working for her. He took legal advice and raised a grievance against her for constructive dismissal (she employed hubs as a stop gap until this other person could start). She settled before we got to court. That was back in early 2001. Would I need to go this far back, and if so then can we sign a statutory declaration or something instead of contacting her? Finally, the thing I think I am most stressed out about is that dh took a two month break from work whilst we moved here. He had to do this because he had to sell his business at the end of a month (something to do with the accounts), so his last day at work was the 31st December 08. We had to do it this month becuase we had originally booked flights to Oz for the end of Jan (meaning he couldn't sell at the end of Jan). As it happened, because the visas hadn't been granted by mid-Jan, we postponed the flights to 16th Feb. Once we got here on the 18th he had about two and a half weeks off before he started work - sort of a holiday and to allow us to get over jet-lag and get the kids settled, sort out cars etc. I am worried that this two month or so break from work might affect our application in some way. Sorry for the huge post, but I have trawled through trying to find the answers to my questions for ages, but can't find the specific info I need. Thanks!
  21. Well, I've looked at the SMPs, and I've utterly upset for the simple reason that Telecomm Network Engineers have fewer possibilities to move to AU than tradespersons such as Telecomm Technicians. I'm the Telecommunications Network Engineer with more than 7yr experience, however I haven't been assessed yet and no IELTS as well, so I'm just trying to decide for myself, which kind of assessment I have to choose. Let's consider a Telecomm Egineer opportunity, who is represented in two positions in SOL3. These are: 263311 Telecommunications Engineer 263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer Now let's consider the SMPs: in WA SMP (IELTS 7777, 7 year exp) - but there is ONLY 263311 in SA (20k$ cash) - only 263312 I remember ACT SMP has 26331x position, but there are some insane cash requirements also. An engineer must be assessed with the IEA, have an IELTS 6666, and be ready to pay about AUD$500. As well the assessment will take about 5 months. After that the engineer will get just one ANZSCO code. It's very sad. Then let's consider to the opportunity 342414 TELECOMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN, who is just simple tradesperson. You can look at duties here: 1220.0 - ANZSCO - Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, First Edition, Revision 1 I suppose, any professional telecomm engineer knows how to work with cables and with telecomm equipment, so i presume that any one able to be assessed as a tradesperson. Furthermore, lets look at the telecomm technician possibilities and requirements: WA (IELTS 6666, 5 yr exp) VIC (5 yr exp) Telecomm technician has to be assessed in TRA, the assessment will cost about $300, and it will take 1 month. Feel the difference. Well, now is the question. I have a bachelor degree, and I was qualified as 'Physicist'. After qualification I've been working for different telecommunications companies, so my summary experience is more than 7 years as Telecommunications Network Engineer. However, i see that a technician has more possibilities to move out to AU than an engineer, therefore the question is how to be assessed in TRA ? Has anybody an experience with TRA assessment ? May be have you another thoughts? Don't hesitate, and just drop line here. p.s. All of this is relating to the new points test. I don't make delusions to my ability to pass an IELTS more than 6666 or somthing else
  22. Radlam

    Tra & artc

    Hi all, Anyone have an update on the processing times for TRA? Im waiting on an ARTC assessment so I can apply for my refrigeration license in Australia. Thanks Rick
  23. I am trying to discover what date TRA is currently working on. Have you recently been assessed by TRA? What date did they register you? Thanks.
  24. Our agent is about to send my wifes paperwork to the TRA for assessment as a baker, and I wondered if anyone knows roughly how long it takes before you get an answer from them?
  25. Hi all... Really sorry if I'm going over old ground here but I'm just hoping to finally get some things straight in my head after lots of confusion! My boyfriend Craig and are desperate to move to Perth. Craig is a plasterer with an NVQ2 and 8+ years experience. I have a fair few questions so I do apologise in advance but I'd be so grateful for any answers! I don't qualify for enough points on my own, so I'm hoping I can go out on Craig's visa, despite not being married. We've lived together for 2+ years so we've read that we can be considered as a de facto relationship – is this correct? If so, what evidence of our relationship should we start to collate (if any)? Can Craig go straight to the TRA with his NVQ or does he need to get an AQFIII? If he needs an AQFIII, is it better/cheaper to get this in the UK or in Aus? Do you know how much it's likely to cost and can you recommend any companies? We are hoping to apply for state sponsorship from WA, then apply for our PR visa (176 visa I think?) what is the process for this – is it straightforward? We are hoping to do this without an agent to avoid the fees – is this advisable? How likely are we to mess it up going it alone?!! I've read that we will need $20k per applicant plus $5K per dependant (so $25K for us)We're both young (I'm 23) and don't have a house to sell so we're going to have to save the money – will our bank accounts be checked to make sure we have this money when we get the visa (as we may not have it all by then!!)? How long is the whole process likely to take if we start now? Once again, so sorry for all of the questions and massively appreciate your help at this scary / frustating / exciting time!! Thanks, Rhianna