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Found 946 results

  1. Hi all, Im just starting to round up electrical documents and certificates to send off the TRA and wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on what I shouldn't forget to include and of whats to come... Its all pretty daunting to me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Mat
  2. Guest

    TRA check list

    Hi everyone! I think I am nearly there with the TRA papers! Can you tell me what you sent to prove that you worked for more than 6 years in the same profession and that you progressively went up in job position? I thought of employers letters saying that I started in a low and supervised position and achived a position of supervisor. But is the word of my employers good enough or should i send something else? I can't thing of anything on the moment and I am a bit worried my papers are incompleted. Thank you.:err:
  3. Hi guys, after hours searching for informations on the internet here my post. I am a qualified chef in germany and since then worked 5 years as a chef ( 3 years chef de partie in new zealand, 5 months cdp in australia). I want to get a permanent residency visa cause my work and holiday expires in june. i found a sponsor here in rural victoria and was thinking to apply for a 186 visa. does anyone have experience with this visa? is it possible to get pr with a sponsor and direct entry? I am working as well on a skills assessment with tra. turns out they need heaps of informations to assess my skills. i have work references and payslips from the last 3 years but not before that. should be enough though as they write i need to proof 3 years of experience. I am struggling with the letter they want to explain in own words what i worked in each job. does it need to be really detailed? would be a few pages long per employer i guess. any help/experience on the 186/187 visa or skills assessment will be much appreciated. thanks Lucas
  4. Chand

    TRA Employment reference

    Hi I am preparing my TRA skill assessment application for cook 351411. I am reallystruggling what to include in employment reference:wacko:. Is anyone willing to share reference? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Can any one help !!! i am a fully time served maintenance electrician ( jib grade )hoping to go to WA . but i am a bit stuck as to who to apply for my trade recognition before my visa application. i have looked at the list of trades on workplace.gov.au eg general electrician 4311-11 and believe i can apply to either TRA or VETASSESS but don't know the advantages or disadvantages either way. or electrician ( special class ) 4311-11 and i will have to apply to the TRA and not vetassess. can some one tell me what type of electrician a will be in oz or where i can find out for myself and is there any advantage to vetassess or TRA. :wacko: THANKS CRAIG craig ( 33) louise (32) spencer (3) hayden (2)
  6. We are in discussions presently with TAFEs in Australia about workplace assessments being carried out in Australia for certain occupations. In turn this should facilitate an AQF Certificate III qualification (recognised by employers in Australia => increased employment prospects) and a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia under Skill Pathway E. We anticipate that the process will involve individuals with trades skills carrying out an initial assessment of their existing competencies while outside Australia. Assuming all (or substantially all) of these competency requirements can be met individuals would then travel to Australia when a practical assessment would be carried out. Recognising that Australian qualifications are often not the same as UK qualifications any gaps in competencies that are not major would also be dealt with at that time, perhaps requiring an additional 2 or 3 days of tuition prior to the granting of the AQF III. Costs of this exercise are not yet finalised, but are likely to be significantly less than those being quoted by workplace assessors visiting the UK. I would be pleased to hear from individuals with one of the following occupations, who would like to receive more information as we progress discussions with the TAFEs: - Painters and decorators - Plasterers - Hairdressers - Chefs - Welders I can be reached by email via alan - at - gomatilda - dot - com Best regards.
  7. Hello all, After a lot of dithering as to whether to or not, thought it might be useful to start this thread for all those Aircraft Engineers out there who are intending / or have already started / passed their TRA assessment via Victoria University. Our story: OH is avionics with 25 yrs military experience and we're all set to start our skills assessment, but we have been advised that we may be wasting our money as he doesn't hold civilian licenses or an 'official' log book. He's completed the initial online Tradeset assessment with no problems, so as an initial guideline we think this is a positive indication. We personally, and no doubt all others in the same situation, would be really grateful to hear of how your application is going, timelines whether you have civilian licenses or not, log books etc. Any advice you can give really. I do know that clarification on this issue has been been requested by at least one migration agent ( to both Vic Uni and TRA) but as yet a definitative reply hasn't been given from either to say if they are a pre-requisite or not...very frustrating! Our understanding is that under the previous guidelines, before the assessment switched to Vic Uni, that you didn't have to have civilian licenses and that providing a very in depth breakdown of jobs, experience, tools used etc. (all signed off) was sufficient. Is anyone out there in a similar situation or had their assessment application acknowledged /approved without licenses? Thanks, E&A
  8. Hello Everybody, Mt agent had sent in my papers to the TRA this February (ANZSCO 323112). He had received an email from them saying that they got the papers on the 26th Feb and an acknowledgment letter had been sent out. However my agent has still not received it. Does it mean that my papers haven't yet been processed?? Also what is this "March cut-off" for the TRA that i have been reading about? Please, any info will be appreciated. I am almost on the verge of going nuts waiting for any kind of good news. Thanks ​leon
  9. Hey, Im after some assistance in my UK trade & qualifications 'converting' to Australian Qualifications. I successfully completed a; Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Engineering I also have the following; Advanced Diploma in Engineering and Technology (Electrical/Electronic) BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations NVQ Level 3 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Whilst completing my apprenticeship & these qualifications I worked for an electrical manufacturing company for 4-5years so have hands on experience. I am already a Permanent Resident of Australia having been here for 4 years already, I have just recently applied to become a citizen. I have done some digging around on the internet and reckon my trade is similar to a cert 3 engineering:electrical/electronic. I have also found that this trade maybe eligible for a electrical license but thats just going by internet forums. I am completely stuck on what to do and where to go so If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I keep being told to head down the TRA route but Im not to sure on what to apply under as Electrical Fitter is more an Electrician but then think I maybe eligible?!?!
  10. Hi, We're pulling together paperwork for our TRA assesment. My husband has worked as an electrical technician on helicopters for about 13 years. Avionics technician has just been removed from the SOL (which is the most natural choice of occupation title for him) but is currently on the NT and ACT lists for state sponsorship but if possible we'd like to get him in as an electrical engineer technician which is on the SOL and gives us more flexibility about where we move to without the restrictions of staying in a specific state for two years. His qualifications and apprenticeship are all in general electrical and electronic engineering but obviously his work experience has all been doing electrics on on aircrafts. Does anyone have any experience of putting forward a TRA assessment for an occupation that straddles two job titles? Will the TRA literally just check his experience and qualifications against a checklist of standards for the role of electrical engineering technician or do they review him and then pigeon hole him into the most suitable category? It's really tricky as his experience and qualifications would allow him to work on trains, boats, cars etc so in that respect it's unfair to limit him to being an aircraft technician. Our migration agent is going to review all of his evidence and then advise us which occupation she thinks we need to go for but I just wondered if anyone on here had any experience or trying to nominate an occupation that isn't necessarily exactly the job they have been doing? Also, do the TRA speak to your employers too? Would he need to specify a particular person for them to contact as we haven't told his work we're hoping to emigrate as it's such early days in the process. Thanks a lot. Any advice would be really welcome.
  11. stephaniepomroy

    TRA skill assessment. HELP NEEDED X

    hello. were quite new to the who visa applications so pls bear with me! were wanting to go to oz on a 189 were now looking into our first step which iv been told would be to get my partners skills assessest via TRA as there is a back log, hes a plasterer by trade, iv had conversations with the immi in london and was advised to do this first, im rather confused tho, how do we go about this? chris (my partner) does not have a nvq in the trade but has 10yrs experience. where do we start getting this done? all help and advice will be great x
  12. Andy & Kelly

    Anyone passed TRA for locksmith?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has successfully passed TRA for locksmith and wouldn't mind emailing me a copy of what was sent so i have an idea of what i need to do. Many thanks Andy
  13. Hi There I’m wondering if any of you clever people could lend me your brains for just a min.. So, Iwant to live and work in Australia. I'm not sure if I want to go permanently or for a few years... but i think the process won't be that different?? Anyway I work as an electrician and have scored the relevant points to apply. soo.. Can anyone inform me of list of things I need to do, for example. Do i need to express my interest first or shall get my skills accessed by the TRA?? I’m ready to get things moving but im not sure where to start!! Please help : ) Alan
  14. Chardy

    TRA online payment ?

    Anyone successfully used the TRAs EasyPay service ?? Having trouble finding the link to it !
  15. Alan Collett

    TRA Fee Increases

    http://www.innovation.gov.au/Skills/SkillsAssessment/TradesRecognitionAustralia/TRANotices/Pages/TRAFees.aspx I haven't seen this reported already (apologies if it has been): signficant increases in TRA fees for applications lodged from next week. The $300 migration skills assessment fee increases to $1,000! Announced on the same day as the Federal Government's $12bn black hole ... Best regards.
  16. Peaches1990

    One step at a time...

    Hello all, First of all would like to say how awesome is this forum, it has already answered so many of our questions regarding visas and migration. Thumbs up! We're a fairly young couple from Felixstowe, UK - hoping to move to Oz. We went on a recce holiday to Oz and Nz in Nov 2012, and after spending 6 amazing weeks out there we're now 100% sure it's the place to be. My partner James(25) works as an electrical craftsman here in UK and would come under a Electrician (Special Class) on the skills list, therefore he would be the main applicant and I'm hoping to go out there as a partner on his visa. Ideally we want to get the 189 visa, however assuming we get superior results in his English test to get the extra points, we're just scraping away with 60 points, therefore we have also been considering a 190 Visa and here's where I get the first question. For the 190 visa does your skill needs to be on state skills list, because after having a closer look I can find the Electrician (General) but not the special class one. Would it still be worth selecting states for 190 visa when placing EOI? I (23) on the other hand haven't got a skill they need, hence hoping to go out there on James visa, so far so good, but...He has British passport as he's been here all his life, however mine is Latvian as I only moved here in 2005. Would it affect our visa in any way? We've been together for over 4 years and have plenty of proof and stuff. Also my passport expires September, 2013, would it be better to renew it before applying for a visa? Also James has to do a TRA skills assessment, I gather these don't expire so technically he could do it now, but can anyone confirm that I got it right? And finally I seem to get really confused about the medicals. Do you have to do any before lodging your visa or do you just wait till they ask you to do it? Overall we're rather excited about it all, but want to get it right first time round. Oh and we also have a 5 year old Schnauzer cross who would most likely be coming to Oz with us
  17. Hey everyone, My husband and i are hoping to gain a 189 visa and have just began the whole process of collecting information etc. Where I am confused is on the skills assessment? My husband is a carpenter and his assessor is TRA. They require you to send all qualification proof, payslips etc etc and only charge $300 for this with no practical exam,...... but other carpenters on this forum have paid £1000 to VETASSESS to do a practical exam and interview? What i don't understand is why one requires a practical and one doesn't? Do the people who do VETASSESS not have any physical paper qualifications or certificates, hence why they have to prove their skills practically? I just do not want to send of all this paperwork and NVQ's etc to TRA to find out we then have to pay £1000 to be VETASSESS assessed as well? Also once you have passed your skills assesement are you awarded points for your trade to boost your over all points score? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Gemma Bradford

    Unsuccessful TRA Skills Test - Chef

    Hi guys, We have just had a letter from the TRA saying my fiances skills test was unsuccessful. The suggestion they have given us is - If considering a future application, it is recommended that you review sections 2.6.1, 2.6.3, 2.6.4 and 2.8.4 of the TRA migration skills assessment application guidelines in detail regarding the evidence needed to meet the qualifications & employment requirements. Section 2.8.4 of the TRA guidelines states what evidence is required for applicants who have been issued an Australian qualification via RPL. The comparable Australian qualification is the Cert IV in Hosp (Commercial Cookery). They also state that they cannot confirm that our claims of employment have met eligibilty requirements under section 2.8 We did not submit any qualification documents because my partner did not finish his NVQ's in the UK. We have tried to demonstrate that 15 years experience as head or sous chef, should be suffice. I wrote very detailed descriptions under part 8 for each job that he has done and also a general one describing his skills and responsibilities. I also include detailed refs from all his employers My question is, do we appeal? If so, how? What more could they want/need? OR do we start a fresh application? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks PS - We are here on a 457 visa
  19. yeah012

    TRA Cook assessment

    Hi guys, I am new on this site, but I find it very helpful. I hope you can help me. What we need to a successful cook assessment? My boyfriend learnt 5 years to be a cook and has 3 years part time apprenticeship during school. After we moved to the UK, he has been working from June as a cook and we plan here two years more. It will be enough for a positive skill assessment? Thanks, Kiki
  20. juliaoz01


    Hi My partner and I are at the very start of the visa application process and currently weighing up whether to use an agent (most likely the emigration group), or to go it alone...... i was just after some advice from anyone who perhaps has a similar occupation or experience to us. Basically, my partner is 32 and works as a welder, and would be looking to apply as a first class welder. he has worked as a welder for about 8 years, 6 in his current position. He has his own codes which are BS 4872 (i think!), and also the company he works for own the welding codes (he dosent personally own them) but he welds to this standard and they are all asme codes. We spoke with a migration agent and they seem to think that would be enough - would anybody advise him to get his own asme codes or is this just a waste of money? Also, am I correct in thinking that he will need to have his skills and qualifications tested by the TRA which will cost approximately £2,500? Will this be enough for him to pass the skills assessment - experience and qualifications that is? We are both in our early 30's (born and live in UK), and it has been our dream to move to australia ever since we travelled there in 2004. I work as a finance manager and I have just qualified as a chartered certified accountant (ACCA). I have about 7 years experience at a senior level but I dont know whether the only experience that can be used is my post qualification experience in getting my skills assessed. my skills assessment is $300 - so a lot cheaper! I am just wary in case I dont have enough PQE. Ideally we would like to apply under a skilled migrant visa, but as we are looking to migrate to perth we would consider state sponsorship.Heck, i would consider anything to get in!!! I would live pretty much anywhere there I think. I love Cairns but the weather is probably a bit too much for our dogs and i dont know if there is much work for welders up there. I also love sydney, that would be my dream choice but i just dont know how we could afford to live there, and this is mainly about a lifestyle change for us both. :biggrin: We ideally want to apply about june this year, but I am just trying to put a migration plan together and determining if it is worth the extra cost of using an agent, but I dont know whether i could cope with the stress of doing it myself! And if i did something wrong..... I just know this has to happen for us and I will do anything to make it happen, so any advice is very much appreciated! Thank you!! Julia
  21. angelofmercy186

    Becoming a sparkie in Melbourne

    Hey all Looking into coming over early next year. Im a sparkie by trade in UK and using a migration agent to make sure paper work is right first time. Ive been sent down the VET route as we are going over on my general skilled. Ive herd the VET route is a pain (resrticted licence) and some sparks start the VET route and then dont tell TRA and go that route. We are going to Melbourne as we have friends we can stay with for a while. Just want to know what I will need for going the TRA route, what I will need to do at each stage. I am at the stage of getting references for my VET application. Any info will be much appreciated. Nick
  22. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips to give us about the TRA application and the required evidence. I've had a good look through some of the TRA threads but haven't been able to find an answer specific to our situation. My partner is a plasterer and I'm trying to put together his application. The difference we seem to have with most other people in the TRA threads is that we're already living and working in Oz. Steve is a defacto on my student visa and has been working for the same Aussie company since 2009. That means we have payslips, a reference etc to cover that period. So there's no problems for the last 3 years in terms of evidence. He didn't have a UK qualification as he just learnt from 2002 in his stepfathers company, so he recently got the Aussie Level 3 in Solid Plastering through a workplace assessment. This means we now have to provide evidence for the 'informal training period' in the 5 years prior the the qualification and I was wondering if people had any advice on missing evidence. When we left the UK we had no idea we'd need all this stuff, and to be honest I don't know if we'd have been able to locate it all if we did - it's a long time to expect someone to keep everything for, esp someone in their early 20s who was totally unorganised!! To add to this, we have a (somewhat brief) employer reference for between 2006-8, but no reference from my partners stepfather as a. he's retired and b. they've more or less lost touch because of family issues. I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation with having lots of missing evidence and whether the TRA will accept a statutory declaration to cover this period? They seem pretty mean and we're worried that we'll get rejected. Also, does anyone know if already having Aussie experience is likely to go in our favour? The ironic thing is that Steve is a foreman and supervisor of other Aussie plasterers yet we're still having to go to the ends of the earth to prove he can plaster at the Aussie standard!!!! Any advice on this or the TRA application in general would be much appreciated!!!
  23. angelofmercy186

    TRA Electrician route

    Hey all i have been told that you csn no longer go to the tra in South Australia and go the ARTC route to get an A licence.is this true? Do all sparkies now need to do the vet and 12 month gap training?
  24. has anyone recently been assessed by tra? if so what was your registration date? Im trying to approximatley work out what date thay are working on?
  25. It's been mentioned in ANZSCO for my occupation ( ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS) that "In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification". The assessor of this occupation is TRA. I have two questions: in what instances it is necessary to prove 'on-the-job-training'? How long should be the duration of such an 'on-the-job-training'? How should I prove this period of 'on-the-job-training'? Is my contract in which the title "on-the-job-training" has been explicitly mentioned enough to prove my claim? Thank you for your cooperation.