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Found 85 results

  1. Guest

    Anyone in Townsville!!

    Hi, m husband and I moved to Townsville in October and we would love to know if there are any other Brits living in or around Townsville area? We are finding it harder than expected to settle and make friends (trust me we are not odd!!) and wondered if anyone had any ideas???
  2. been scouring this forum for a week or so now looking for snippets about our prospective new home of townsville, Ive just had a job offer of work in the lady annie mine at mount isa commuting from townsville, 2 weeks on 1 week off. i understand the city is developing and becoming a tourist resort but what will day to day life be like for my partner and kids who will spend quite alot of time with me not being there, I live in grimsby in uk and its pretty damn voilent here... lots of drugs crime etc etc, Oz was meant to be to better our life but been reading on here about tearaway youths on dirt bikes, roughnecks... drunken aborigionals..... do i want my kids to come there ? will me and mine be safe ?? please help... !:frown:
  3. Hi, I was hoping that someone could give me some information about Townsville.We have visited there on a couple of occasions and absolutely loved it.The trouble is I think that only 2% of the British public have ever heard of it.We are looking at the area around Bushland Beach and so any information about schools and housing will be gratefully recieved.We have to activate our visas by the end of August so hopefully we will have sold the house by then to make the permanent move. Thanks, Jackie.
  4. Townsville...can anyone give me any nice areas to live not too far from the beach and good senior schools...am going to hopefully be working at the hospital in Townsville as a midwife...anyone work there? would like to be about 20-30 min away if not closer...Thanks
  5. Parley

    Townsville Earthquake

    There are reports of an earthquake in Townsville today. Are you there ? What happened ? Any damage ?
  6. trace1

    Gold Coast or Townsville

    I am a midwife hoping to move to the Gold Coast, however there are not many jobs in this area at the minute. I have been offered jobs in Townsville but have never been and am not sure about this area. Can anyone give me any information good or bad compared to the Gold Coast
  7. Guest

    Townsville hospital

    HI Does anyone work there and can get me a direct email address for someone in HR or recruitment? or can anyone find it on the QLD health website at all, cos I can only find the general expression of interest form Thanks
  8. Hi everyone My family and I are moving to Townsville(TSV) early Feb and I cant describe the preparation stress that Iam going thru trying to get everything sorted. I am on a 457 sponsorship visa by Mater Hosp. I would appreciate advise from those who relocated to Townsville on the following issues: Flights from london to TSV: I got a reasonable price quotation from LHR-TSV via sydney or Brisbane with Quantas but apparently the domestic flight to Townsville is operated by Jetstar or some Quantas domestic flights which Iam worried may cause changes in baggage limit (different from Quantas international flights) which would strain my very tight budget. Has anyone been asked to pay extra on getting to TSV? Re: removals (Kent to Townsville): any advise on budget companies to use as I don't have a relocation package (got the job via agency)?:mad: I would be grateful for advise re: good places to live perhaps within commutable distance to hospital and schools as I have a teenage daughter I am sorry if the post is long, just shows how stressed Iam. Otherwise, merry christmas to you all.
  9. bowdonius


    Hi We are looking to move to townsville in January with work. We have two children 13 & weeks. ! Looking for people tp meet up with when we arrive for a coffee or beer. Can anyone help with best locations to rent ? Also best high schools for our 13 year old ? Any help would be great Thanks James & Louise :biggrin:
  10. twinkletoes35

    Townsville Surburbs

    Hi all Been offered a job in Townsville and wanted to get people's opinions on the best areas to consider for property? There are quite a few surburbs so really interested in your input Many thanks TT xx
  11. twinkletoes35

    buying a used car in Townsville

    Hi all ok started to look at websites to sort out a used car, budget a meagre $3000, although hoping at a push a max of $4000, I know it will be an old car hopfully not one that will break down every 5 mins!! looked online for places but can anyone give me any ideas?? thanks TT xx
  12. Hi Just a quick one regarding mater health services in townsville, does anyone have or had any experience working for them and does anyone know if its a charity based hospital? Any info would be appreciated, thanks nik and sean :smile:
  13. sarahfromanglesey

    Mater Hospital Townsville

    Hi, Anyone working in Mater Hopspital Townsville? I had an interview last week for theatre nursing, just waiting to hear now if I'll get a job. Just wondering what it's like working there? And how Townsville is to live in, looks really lovely :jiggy:
  14. sarahfromanglesey

    Mater hospital Townsville

    Hi, Anyone working in Mater Hopspital Townsville? I had an interview last week for theatre nursing, just waiting to hear now if I'll get a job. Just wondering what it's like working there? And how Townsville is to live in, looks really lovely :yes:
  15. twinkletoes35

    Townsville RN interview - Advice needed

    Hello All looking for some advice, have an interview booked in early August (in the UK) for ab RN post at the Mater in Townsville, wondered if anyone working there could give me some info on what it is like to work there (anything that the website does not tell you) Also any info on living in/working in townsville would be really fab any info would be great thanks TT x
  16. Guest

    Arrived in Townsville

    Hi Everyone We have recently arrived in townsville, we used this site a lot during the immigration process but didn't post much. Now that we are here we thought that we would say hello and offer any help to others looking to move here and surrounding areas. We would also be glad to hear from others who may be in the twin cities area. Alison and John
  17. Guest

    townsville reccie.

    Hi myself, missus and 15 year old daughter are due to arrive in townsville on or around 27th july, were all very excited, we are planning permanent move mid 2012. it would be great if anyone could reccomend any decent areas to have a look at. pref close to hospital. Any advice on all matters relating to relocation to townsville would be gratefully received. thanks :confused:
  18. Guest

    New to Townsville.

    Hi, My family is moving to Townsville in about 5 weeks and I have 2 young kids and I'm looking for other families who like a drink and a good chat over good meal or BBQ! We will be moving to bushland beach so if your inthe area drop me a line.
  19. Hi all, Just looking for some opinions please!!! We currently live in Pakenham, suburb of Melbourne, and really like it here but we have a great Job offer in Townsville. We are looking at Bushlands beach, but does anyone know what its like? Also, any other comments on Townsville would be great. Thanks!!!
  20. hey guys i am applying for regional sponsored visa. I am looking for info on the areas mentioned or near. whats the weather like (winter/summer?) what is the area like for young families? schools? i have a 6 year old daughter. i am also bringing my 2 dogs a black labradoodle and a white miniature poodle (the mrs!!!!!! :biglaugh: ) please any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Guest

    Camping buddies in Townsville?

    Hey, I'm originally from Jersey but have been in Townsville studying for a masters at JCU in marine biology. Unfortunately as I started mid-way through the year all my uni friends I started university with have now finished and left the area, including my girlfriend :sad: I really am looking for anyone who enjoys camping and getting out of the city - I like Townsville city but its really the nature and countryside that makes this area special. Having said that, its always better to share these experiences so if anyone fancies going on a few camping trips then please get in touch. My idea of great camping involves a few snags, a few beers, playing some music and going out looking for animals (particularly reptiles) and taking some nice photos. If camping isnt your thing then drop me line anyways, I'm always happy to go for a coffee or watch a movie. Hopefully hear from you soon, Kris
  22. Guest

    hi frm Townsville

    Just to say hi , We live in Townsville and been here a year next month , we are from the Midlands...... if i can help or advise anyone regarding Townsville or anything really ...feel free cheers kezza
  23. leenlarv

    Townsville V Brisbane??

    Hello folks. My girlfriend and I attended an expo in Manchester yesterday. We have decided on a move to Queensland (hopefully) and until attending the expo, we had been pretty much set on moving to the Brisbane area. However, after speaking to a Queensland Health rep at the expo, he painted a really good picture of Townsville, suggesting it is really nice place to live. Ive read a few comments on PIO about Townsville, and some of them have been quite negative. So basically, my girlfriend and I were wondering what people's thoughts were, regarding the good points and bad points about moving to and living in both Townsville and Brisbane. Any comments would be appreciated. Cheers:wacko:
  24. Kazzarazza

    Mackay and Townsville - help?

    Hi all. A dear friend of mine is looking at jobs offers in Mackay and Townsville.:unsure: Would appreciate opinions from you good people on both - the good, the bad and the ugly? Work, people, weather, cost of living, social/sports facilities, areas you love, areas to avoid, etc, etc. Thanks to all in advance, Kazza.
  25. HI, My partner and I have recently moved to Townsville...I am from the Mildlands and he is a south Australian. We are loving the weather and the laid back lifestyle Townsville has to offer but would like to know what is out there sociable for new people in town. I like nothing better than a cold glass of sauv, and my partners tipple is carlton draught. Is anyone out there into anything similar???:biggrin: