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Found 46 results

  1. Guest

    RSMS timescales

    folks, once my RSMS is issued, im expecting about July, do i then have 6 months to validate, or a year? Once i have validated, am i correct in thinking that i must then start work within 6 months of validation?
  2. Hi, If all goes to plan & they process your SS application in the time scale they say :skeptical: How long until you actually get your visa? Im just looking for rough ideas please For example: We applied for SS to WA on 23/04/09 they said to expect at least a 3month wait.....So lets say it takes 4months (hopefully worst case scenario)..... How long there after until we would get our visa? :unsure:
  3. Guest

    ACS timescales

    Just a quick query re. ACS timescales. We're on the CSL, but obviously need to get ACS assessed first and just wondered how long the turnaround time is at the moment. I know it's generally 3 months, but wanted to know if this still is about right. Anyone who's had experience of being on the CSL and ACS approved - how long has your 175 visa taken to come through? All replies welcome! Many thanks for your help. :biggrin:
  4. danskitt

    Spouse visa timescales

    Hi all, I am looking to start my application for a spouse visa and would like some advice please. We will be looking to make the move in Jan 2011. 1. How long does the process take? 2. How long is the period from a visa being granted to the date you must enter the country? Thanks Dan
  5. We will have four weeks to find an unfurnished rental once we arrive in Oz. (Hubs employer is providing us with a furnished rental for 4 weeks as part of our relocation package) Is this do-able or are we been totally unrealistic? Many thanks Emma x
  6. Hi Guys Thought I would post a response I got when enquiring about timescales for WA SSV. Their website quotes both 10 days and 30 days (I know which I would prefer!) anyway this is their response: Hello Claire Currently, due to unprecedented demand, the processing for State Sponsorships is 4 – 6 weeks. With the introduction of the new processing priorities by DIAC, we have received more than double the applications we would normally receive. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards Genelle Genelle Surace Senior Migration Officer Government of Western Australia We have been waiting for 3 1/2 weeks but somehow I will not be holding my breath for the 4 week processing time! Claire xx
  7. Just a few questions about the Vetassess process. 1: My partner is already a qualified and experienced carpenter but is currently completing the advanced NVQ Level 3 qualification to improve his CV. However we are in two minds as to whether to wait until this is completed before we submit the application - especially as we dont think he will have his certificate before the next closing date in May. He has enough evidence to submit it now (5years experience, NVQ Level 2, an employer reference and portfolio) but didn't know if the NVQ Level 3 would strenghten his application. 2: Also does anyone know how long Vetasses take to mark the competency based carpentry application and come back to you with the results? It would be great if anyone who has been through it could help. Thanks in advance Danielle and MJ
  8. Guest

    175 class timescales

    Hello All Does anyone know the rough timescale involved from the day you lodge your visa application, sent mine today! Cheers Stixblue
  9. Guest

    visa timescales

    Hi anyone Myself and my family have applied for a 457 visa electronically, under the skilled migration sponsorship programme. We have had all our medicals and all results were up-loaded to the immigration department. On the the visa tracking page it says that all health requirements have been finalised, but we havn't had any correspondance from anypne at immigration. Has anyone else emigrated this way and if so can anyone tell me what to expect next. They havn't asked us for any more information and we are driving ourselves mad traking it everyday to find nothing has changed!!!! Can anyone tell us anything about there visa application process???? Trying to stay positive!!! Sharon
  10. emmaj

    Which Visa & Timescales?

    Can someone point me in the right direction please? Hubs and I want to move to oz (obviously) and if Hubs cant relocate with his current employer we would ideally like to move via a sponsored offer however we know that these can be hard to get. So we are thinking of starting the visa application process ourselves as a back up. Hubs skill set (IT) is on the ‘wanted’ list, so which visa is it that we have to apply for and how easy is it do apply for on your own rather then going via an agent? Also what are the costs involved in gaining a visa? And last question – what kind of time scales are we talking about in gaining this type of visa? Many thanks Emma x
  11. Hi, I realise this is a bit like the thread about the 457 visa stories I recently created, but this thread is more time based for the job offers to come flooding in so to speak........ I would be interested to hear how long people are either waiting for an employer to sponsor them or how long it took people already in OZ to get a job on the 457 visa. This is the route we will be going down next year after we go have a visit and hopefully get some interviews while we are there. (fingers crossed).
  12. Guest

    Spouse Visa Timescales

    I'm an Aussie - our 4.5 yr old is an Aussie, but Husband is from UK. Have lodged Spouse Visa Applic with EVERYTHING (Police, Meds, Stat Decs, etc), here in UK. Does anyone have any idea how long till we get the Yes. We've been acknowledged and told nothing further required at this stage. What are the processing times? Are there any backlogs? I want to book flight next week for Sept. Is this foolhardy? What do we all think?
  13. Guest


    Hi all, First of all I must say that this site has been a great help to me so far and answered lots of my questions, but this is my first post. I am a chartered mechanical engineer and my fiancée and I have started the long application for a visa (under the general skilled migration visa). We have employed an agent to act on our behalf, this is for 2 reasons really, we are hoping that employing an agent will mean we get the forms and documents right first time, also we are getting married in January next year, so it is one less thing to stress about. Anyone got any experience of using agents? Do they make the application quicker? I sent off for my skills to be assessed on 1st June, we have been told that this will take 8 weeks, then we can apply for the main visa, which could take between 6 and 15 months. Has anyone got any experience on timescales? What is the average length of time for the visa application?? I would love to have the visa for Feb 09 so we can emigrate straight after the wedding, but think this is a little optimistic. Another question I have is about my fiancée, she has started the application under her maiden name, but this will change probably before the visa is issued, will this cause a delay? Anyone got any experience of this from their application? Many thanks, :spinny: Bren.
  14. Guest

    Partner Visa timescales

    Hi All! Just wondered if anyone could help.... My boyfriend and i are looking at moving to oz in november 08 he is dual citizenship and is currently getting his oz passport renewed. I'm not sure if i should hang off sending my visa until he has his passport back so i can complete his oz passport details rather than his UK? However, i have heard that visas can take up to 12 months to process to i'm thinking am i best sending it sooner rather than later?? Does anyone know how long a partner visas usually take to process? Any advice you may have would be great! Thanks Julieanne
  15. Guest

    457 timescales???

    Hi everyone, We sent our x-rays off on the 5th Feb by "signed for airmail". The Royal Mail website will only track until they enter Aus. We are checking every day on the immi website to see whether they have marked our status to "received medicals" and still nothing. Has anyone had a similar experience and do you know roughly how long it may take from this point to get the go ahead. Thanks
  16. Hi Does anyone know what the current timescales for completing online visa applications are? Just interested what anyone else has heard/been told by their agents, as ours is anticipating completion by August, which just seems very optimistic to me - I was expecting nearer 9-12 months. Not complaining, but just wondered if mine was living in cloud cuckoo land!!!:biglaugh:
  17. Can anyone help me with the following: 1. Typically, how long does an application for a 457 temorary sponsorship visa take to be processed? 2. How long does it take for a company to be registered as a sponsor and to nominate positions for sponsorship? As I understand it, the answer to '1' is around 2 to 3 months. (Yes?) However, I don't know about '2'. My reason for asking the second question is that I am looking for sponsorship, and a company would like to talk to me, but they are not geared up for sponsoring. In their words 'it is a long drawn out process that can take up to a year' to be able to sponsor. Aaaaggghhhh! Finally get a bite from a company, but they cannot offer sponsorship. I would love some info or a link on this if anyone can help. Many thanks, Andy.
  18. Hi, anybody else applying for Sub Class 175 Visa? Laura and Matt
  19. Guest


    Hi, Any body Know what the timescales are for the replacment Subclass 136 visa. We about to lodge it?? Laura and Matt :jiggy:
  20. Guest

    Spouse Visa Timescales

    Hi Thanks for taking the time to read this email. Does any one know how long it takes on average for a spouse application to be processed from London? The waiting is driving us mad!!! The Hunter Family
  21. Hi all - a question for all those who were accessed by Vetasses application........can you tell me how long it took to receive a reply. Our agents has said to expect to wait 12-14 weeks.....seems a bit of a wait... How long did it take to hear from vetasses? thanks sarahx