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Found 47 results

  1. Guest

    new timelines

    we are in the new category 3 group, and understand from yesterdays annoucements that we should be processed by dec 2011, if we get bumped up to category 2 which i hope/think we will, then the diac are saying that they will process within a year of lodgement date. How would that work when so many of us have already been waiting over a year, would that mean a year from the date the SMP is announced or would we all be assigned case officers within weeks/days? anyway at least we all have a rough idea of when we are going and can at least plan for the future, instead of drifting along waiting and hoping. good things come to those who wait (i hope) much love applied;may 09, 176 WA ss
  2. Ive looked but cant find one of these apologies if there is one already. We have just sent our 47es to our prospective employer so they can post it together with there nomination application once certification is recieved . So 47es forwarded to employer 06.07.10
  3. Guest

    TRA timelines

    Well TRA stuff sent off by courier at last. Does anyone have any idea whether they acknowledge receipt by email when they (TRA) receive it - and also any idea on how long they take to process and send a response - and - do they give the results by email and post? Thanks - just excited to get on with the visa app and can't concentrate on anything else!
  4. Hi all, from reading some posts there seems to be qutie a few people waiting on 457 visas. I am also waiting on a 457 visa which is being sponsored by a company in Sydney. I am keen to know how others are getting on with 457 applications (i.e. when commenced, where its up to, if accepted, when accepted, any issues or complications they have or are experiencing). My 457 is being dealt with by a 3rd party which the company employs to do all their sponsorships so information I am recieving is limited. All I know is I have a CO appointed. My application was submitted mid april, and thought it would have been alot quicker than this considering we had the medicals done mid march in prep for the app being submitted. hope to hear from all applying for 457s and details of how its going for you
  5. Poca&Dan

    What to do next?!

    I have just been granted 457 which is great news, but am worried about the current climate of things and was wondering what the next best move would be? OH and I are worried that when 457 runs out we will have no option but to return to UK. Do you think it would be advisable to apply for 175/176 (whichever it is I can never remember) as soon as possible or cross my fingers and hope that my employer will sponsor me a bit further down the line for permenent residency? How are 175/176 visa's looking for people with jobs on csl? Also where have people located timelines?! Thanks in advance!:notworthy:
  6. Check this link for more Info What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration
  7. Guest

    Sponsorship timelines

    Skilled visa application is in process 18 months is the indicated time it will take. Me the wife and kids just want to be gone from rainy Wales now!!!! Any ideas how to get sponsored, time scales cost and rules of it please ?
  8. Hi All I believe that ACT is taking more than the stipulated time to process the SS applications these days, processing time lines as updated on the SBM website are : • 176 Applications High priority: 30 June 2009 Normal priority: 7 June 2009 Low priority: 10 May 2009 • 886 Applications High priority: 30 June 2009 • 134/137 Applications Low priority: 12 May 2009 • Employer Sponsored applications for certification High priority: 25 July 2009 • Business Skills visas Normal priority: 9 July 2009 • Number of pending applications: 343 Well does this mean its going to take more time than 30 working days? I assume Normal priority applications lodged on or before 7th of June 2009 are processed as of now .:radar: Can anybody who has contacted SBM recently, share the responses from SBM ? I had applied for SS on 16/06/2009 and prior to that had got my CV verified and accepted in the quota as on 17/05/2009. and my application is well over the 30 working days. I am contemplating to contact SBM advice !!!!!!!!
  9. watneyni

    176 Family Sponsor Timelines

    I am hearing that no 176 family sponsor visa have been processed since the start of the year???....Does anybody know if this is true? or even better, has anybody been allocated a case officer this year in this category. I cannot see any evidence of case officers being allocated in the sticky timelines spreadsheet above. Thanks nick
  10. Hi all, Please find below links to three online spreadsheets (one for each 175, 176 and 475 visas) where you can share your visa timeline and manage it yourself for the duration of the application process. You'll be able to view other members timelines as well as edit your own to relect any changes to circumstances. Before you visit these pages and contribute, please take the time to read the following notes on how it works. Notes: New timeline entries are entered via a form (link number 1 below) Existing (yours and other peoples) timelines are stored in a Google Docs spreadsheet (these can be viewed via link number 2 below). In the spirit of Wikipedia, everyone can edit the spreadsheet (and other peoples entries) without having to sign up or log in. (You can edit the spreadsheet via link number 3). Please do not move any columns from their original location (to the left or right), or insert additional columns. Please do not reformat the spreadsheet or make editorial changes to the spreadsheet. Changes will stop the form from working correctly. Only update your own row entry if you have to. Do feel free to "Hide" columns. You may want to temporarily hide columns so that others are closer together and you don't have to scroll. This can be done by going into Edit Mode, selecting the column you want to hide -> right clicking -> selecting "Hide Column". This change is viewed by everyone, so please remember to unhide the column(s) once you are done. You can unhide the column(s) by clicking on the little icon in between the two visible columns where the hidden column would normally be. If you cannot see a particular column, it is there, but chances are someone has probably forgotton to unhide it. Do feel free to re-sort the spreadsheet in order of a particular column. All columns can be sorted (for example in order of date, in order of CSL/MODL/SOL, in order of Case Officer Date etc), however you need to go into Edit Mode to do this by click on "Edit this page" at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Hover your mouse on the thin bar that is underneath the letter of the column (A, B, C, D...) you want the sheet sorted by and the word "Sort" will appear with an adjacent arrow. Click on the arrow and a small window showing "A -> Z" and "Z -> A" will appear. Do feel free to filter columns. All columns can be filtered i.e. you can view just CSLs (which hides all SOLs/MODLs) or just Carpenters (which hides all other professions), or just Queensland applications (which hides all others states) etc. To do this, go into Edit Mode by clicking "Edit this page" at the bottom of the spreadsheet, then select the View menu -> List View. If you mistakenly make a detrimental change to the spreadsheet, such as deleting the whole sheet, or someone elses timeline, please let me or a moderator know asap by sending a Private Message so that the changes can be undone. As long as you hit the Enter key after inserting text into a cell, the sheet should automatically save. There is no Save button. The sheet is automatically refreshed by Google every 5 minutes and so you may not see your entry until this has happened. Please remember to update your entry if you get a case officer or visa, even though it will probably be the last thing on your mind! Any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Hopefully this sheet will manage itself and we will be able to get a good picture of DIACs processing times. SPREADSHEET LINKS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 175 visa timelines ------------------------------------- Link 1 - VIEW SPREADSHEET Click here to view all members 175 timelines Link 2 - INSERT ROW INTO SPREADSHEET Click here to contribute to the 175 timelines Link 3 - EDIT YOUR EXISTING ENTRY Click here to edit your existing 175 timeline entry (you can also do so by clicking on the "Edit the page" link at the bottom of the spreadsheet) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 176 visa timelines ------------------------------------- Link 1 - VIEW SPREADSHEET Click here to view all members 176 timelines. Link 2 - INSERT ROW INTO SPREADSHEET Click here to contribute to the 176 timelines Link 3 - EDIT YOUR EXISTING ENTRY Click here to edit your existing 176 timeline entry (you can also do so by clicking on the "Edit the page" link at the bottom of the spreadsheet) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 475 visa timelines ------------------------------------- Link 1 - VIEW SPREADSHEET Click here to view all members 475 timelines Link 2 - INSERT ROW INTO SPREADSHEET Click here to contribute to the 475 timelines Link 3 - EDIT YOUR EXISTING ENTRY Click here to edit your existing 475 timeline entry (you can also do so by clicking on the "Edit the page" link at the bottom of the spreadsheet) Any questions, please ask. Kind Regards Drew
  11. Hi everyone, I really need some advice to stop my partner from going crazy. I’m from the UK and lived in Aus for 5 years (on a 457 Visa) until March 09 when I was made redundant and had to return to the UK. I’m returning to Brisbane in July 09 and applying with my partner for De facto - Onshore Temporary - Visa (Subclasses 820). We’ve lived together since we first met in July 08 and have been together constantly (apart from the 3 months I’ve been in the UK). We will be applying ASAP from Australia but I don’t want to be sitting around for months ad months waiting before I can start working. Does anyone have any info on the time taken to process De facto Visas? We have all the relevant info, stat decs, proof of relationship and Police Checks. Any help from someone in the know would be great. Jock
  12. Hello, Though I am still in the very early stages of applying for a PR visa (175), I have some questions regarding what happens after you get it. This is because I hope for the best and I like to plan ahead :spinny: Do you need to move to Australia immediately after obtaining the visa? If not, how much time do you have to do it? If your partner is included in the visa, both need to move to Australia together? Or can one go first and the other later? If yes, does the main applicant need to move first and how much later the other one can go? After moving to Australia, is it possible to come back to Europe to live for sometime here without losing the visa, or there are restrictions on how long you can live outside Australia? These are simple questions but I could not find answers for them anywhere! Any comments welcome... Thanks, Luis
  13. Hi i have been waiting to here from WA about my state sponsorship application since the 25th jan , does anyone have any up to date info on their timeline ?? cheers and peace out Jac
  14. Hi I have just spoken to WA State Sponsorship to establish the current timeline for assessing applications and have been advised that they are currently assessing those received in late November so they are taking around 6 weeks. Just though this may be of assistance to some people. kind regards
  15. Hi, I am about to applying for a 176 visa in IT in the next 2 weeks :-) with Peter from PTLabs and hopefully get the visa in 12-16 months. Parent in-laws are both aged 60 After being in Oz for 2 years, we plan to get my wifes parents to apply for off shore Visa 143 and then hopefully they will get visa in 2 years or so. In the interim, the parents will hopefully be allowed in on long term tourist visa's, however, not sure how many 1 year stays they are allowed while their 143 is being processed? My first choice would be an on-shore aged parent contribution visa, but would delay entry as the parents would have to wait to fulfill the age requirement of them being 65 before they can apply? Am I right or am I missing something. All assistance would really be appreciated? Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you wonderful kind people :-) Nick X
  16. eammon

    CO's, Visa's & Timelines

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who share their news when they receive a CO or their visa and even more so when they include a timeline when they applied :biggrinxmas:. It's really helpful for those of us who have only just put in their visa applications to see how soon (or long) it's taking for visa applications to be approved, although I realise that some visa's come through sooner than others and there is now way of knowing whether your going to be waiting for 3 or 12 months. Denise x:emoticon-signxmas:
  17. drewmck

    e457 Timelines...

    Hi Posting my timelines, wondering if anybody knows what's next - so far, it seems to be very very quick! 17/11/2008 Pre-Loaded all documents, Birth Certificates, Passport, Police Checks, Degree Certificate etc... 17/11/2008 Application received - processing commenced 17/11/2008 Application fee received 18/11/2008 Application being processed further 19/11/2008 X-Rays Taken 21/11/2008 Case Office Contacted and Confirmed 24/11/2008 Medical Clearance Confirmed What next... ??? Any guesses or suggestions?
  18. Guys, If your agent has recently told you to book your meds can you let us know when you lodged and for what type of visa. Our agent isn't currently advising anyone has their meds done until further notice because of the DIAC backlog. I was just wondering what other agents are currently advising. We lodged for a 176 relative sponsored on 8/7/08.
  19. Guest

    Visa Timelines

    Hi all, We've just got a positive ACS assessment back and are now applying for the VISA proper. We've been advised that waiting times are getting longer as there are so many applicants now. Its about 8 months ish now and our agent said it could mover to 12-18 months :no: by the time ours gets reviewed. The new Brisbane processing office should reduce times overall so this sounds a bit pessimistic. Does anyone else have any views on this? Thanks funkzig :jiggy:
  20. Guest

    Visa 176 timelines

    Hi Everyone I am new to this site, well, we have lodged our application on the 22nd of Feb 2008, for visa subclass 176. the medicals and pcc's have been done and now we are just waiting. Does anyone know, why agents only submit your application via paper base and not online. As the online ones seem to go through quicker? Please give any info that you may have and your experiences, as it feels like nothing is moving at the moment! :arghh: Apparently, you can get a case officer appointed, but you may not even be aware of it, unless they need additional info, is that correct?I sure hope so - that would be great - please let me know. Please let me know all your experiences, hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, Gina :smile:
  21. Guest

    The PIO Visa & Skills Timelines

    Hi All I'm doing a big update of the PIO Timeline Spreadsheets - Please remember that they are only truely useful if they're kept as up-to-date as possible. Therefore, please use the links below to add or update your information ... For Visa applicants Add me Update me For Skill Assessment Applicants Add me Update me Thanks Karen xx
  22. I hope this is OK, but I am just putting on a thread to remind people about the timeline that was kindly set up - although I cannot for the life of me remember who set it up:notworthy: This is a really good tool of seeing how people are getting on in the process.. Welcome to PomsInOz.com Application Timelines