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Found 173 results

  1. rehanonline83

    VIC SS Help...

    I have applied for VIC SS in end of August 2011 and waiting for the outcome. My agent is handling my case and told me to wait. I know the probable time frame for VIC SS is 12 weeks but in some threads i have seen people getting VIC SS in 1-2 weeks. I am from Pakistan and i am not sure if my nationality would affect the time period of my application. Does it really matters despite of having a strong case? When probably i can hear about the outcome of my application? Any professional comments/advice will be highly appreciated Cheers
  2. Hi everyone:biggrin: Can anyone tell me about processing timeline for 176 Visa (SS-ACT) seeker from Bangladesh (high risk country)? Does police verification take very long time? Cheers!! Nazmul
  3. Guest

    DIAC Help 176 visa timeline

    Hi I just got this reply from DIAC. Can someone help me decode this. I applied for a Subclass 176 in Feb 2011. Here is the reply I got for a question about where is my application. Your application has been batched for allocation. We are unable to provide you with a timeframe, however you will be notified in due course. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Does it just mean that you are in an infinite queue? cheers
  4. hia

    NT REGIONAL SS timeline

    NT REGIONAL State sponsorship timeline anyone? Hi Everyone!!!! Does anyone have any idea how long NT REGIONAL state sponsorship is taking currently?? Looked around various threads but couldn't find any updates on this.... or is everyone just avoiding going to NT???? Share your info with us so we can all breathe a sigh of relief if state sponsorships are coming through fast. Take Care Hia
  5. Guest

    119 Visa Timeline

    Can anyone tell me how long it takes approx. to get a 119 RSMS Visa.I have been sponsored by a company in Cairns and sent off my application to DIAC in June.Got an e-mail from our migration agent on 29th of July saying that the DIAC received payment and are now processing the application. Our migration agent said the process should take 6-8 weeks.Its almost 4 weeks gone and still no news of a CO.Has anyone been through the same??Its really frustrating as my kids are due back to school soon and I don't want to fork out dead money on uniforms and books. Any advice would be great, Jason:biggrin::biggrin:
  6. path2aus

    South Australia SS timeline

    Hello All, Does anyone know the processing time for SA for Nomination. I am currently awaiting my ACS results but would want to know how long it takes to receive nomination from South Australia. Thanks
  7. nellandged

    Timeline for AHPRA

    Hiya, wondered if anyone got a rough idea how long takes from applying to AHPRA to registration being granted? I've contacted them to be told it takes as long as it takes! They received my application in June - as a British trained nurse, and i move in October, and obviously want to start applying for jobs as soon as i can, but cant do that without AHPRA number. So any rough estimates much appreciated!! Nell
  8. Good morning to everybody! My husband has 2 sons from the previous marriage. His ex-wife refused to let the children undergo the medical tests. Fortunately for us, she didn't refused to make a notarized statement. We also attached a letter from our family doctor, stating that the children are healthy. Now we have a case officer who asked for the children's birth certificates and one more statement from the mother, explaining why she objects to the medicals. I have a question to the people who was in the same boat. After you submited all the statements and declarations requested, how long have you been waiting for a visa? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  9. londonengineer

    457 Nomination Timeline

    Hi All, I'm currently on a 457 as a civil engineer. I have a job offer that I've accepted with another company. They are a well established company and have lodged a nomination for me before easter. Two years ago, my nomination was approved overnight. Has anyone any idea how long nominations are taking at the moment? I've been checking the status checker like crazy. Does anyone know how often it's updated? Thanks.
  10. We are lucky to have recently gone under offer. The shock tofay is that our buyer wants to complete by end of month :err: So we move out later this month :shocked: Our plan was to move to Australia early in 2012 (anticipated the sale of the house would take 6 months - not 6 weeks or less!). October is possibly the earliest we could go. Id prefer when I move from my house my furniture go straight into the container and sent to Oz. If we arrive in mid October, hows is that for timing? How long does stuff take to ship and should I be getting the quotes from shipping companies in now? Silly question I guess And the time from August to October - homeless and no furniture...did you move into a serviced apartment or stay with family? All of a sudden this is all moving a million miles per hr. This time last month my house was sat and noone wanted to buy it...sheesh (not complaining!)
  11. Anyone received approval for an onshore Defacto 820 recently...Can you share your timeline please. Sumitted frontloaded application 24 January 2011 in Brisbane. Still waiting to hear, DIAC said 6 - 9 months but would like to know how everyone elses' applications are progressing. Maybe I just want some light at the end of the tunnel...... :goofy:
  12. vbulsara

    Timeline For PR Visa

    Priority Group Number Visa Subclass Processing Time 1 RSMS (subclass 119, 857) Skilled Regional (subclass 887) Low risk – 5 months High risk – 8 months 2 ENS (subclass 121, 856) Low risk – 5 months High risk – 8 months 3 State Migration Plans (SMP) (subclass 176, 475, 487, 886) Low risk – 12 months High risk – 24 months 4 Nominated Occupation on the SOL – Schedule 1 (subclass 175, 495, 496, 861, 862, 863, 880, 881, 882, 883, 885 and 176, 475, 487 if not SMP) 18 months 5 All visas listed in priority 3 and 4, that are not SMP or Nominated Occupation on the SOL – Schedule 1. Assessment will commence when all cases in priority groups 1-4 are finalised.
  13. hello, has anyone recently recieved a state sponsor from WA and if so how long did it take. submitted 15/04/11 cheers jack
  14. Kimanda

    VISA Timeline

    Hey all, Would it be worth us setting up some sort of dedicated PIO timeline spreadsheet (maybe through Google Docs) to keep track of ANMAC or 175, 457 or 176 visas? Something like this: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?pli=1&hl=en_GB&hl=en_GB&key=tliAX3A8Puf6BpfgJtipKYA#gid=0 Ive made it public for now, so everyone can access it - it can be made private later though - what do you think? I reckon it may be helpful to everyone on PIO. Any suggestions welcome....
  15. Hi all Every 2 weeks (sometime 3) registered migration agents hwo are also members of the MIA receive an update on the progress of medicals at the HOC. I have put below the latest one I have received and am happy to post each time I receive this if thats okay with the moderators? 'Below is the Health Operations Centre weekly update for the week beginning Monday 29 September 2008. We are currently processing medicals completed OFF-SHORE: 1. Urgent cases (457 visas) not requiring MOC's assessment received on 24th September 2008. 2. Temporary cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 12th September 2008. 3. Permanent cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 10th September 2008. 4. Urgent cases (e-visas, adoptions, 457 visas) requiring assessment by a Medical Officer received on 26th September 2008. 5. Other cases requiring medical assessment by a Medical Officer received on 17th September 2008. The case officer processing your visa application should be your first point of contact regarding any inquiry in relation to the application, including your health assessment results. If directing an enquiry to HOC, please note that if you are not the authorised contact declared on the visa application forms, then the HOC cannot release any information to you.' Hope this helps everyone who is waiting on medical results. As per the immi one for visa status it may not be entirely accurate but so far i have found it to be roughly right. :cute:
  16. fivetogo

    475 Timeline?

    Hi all, We are almost ready to submit our visa application. Now I was wondering about the processing time of the 475 Visa. All of you who applied bevor, how long have you waited until the visa was granted? It would be great to hear your timelines! Thanks! :wubclub: Kind regards, Sandy
  17. pommysteve

    101 timeline?

    Has anyone recently completed subclass 101 visa for a baby? We've redone our done police checks and got her UK passport. Now wondering how long it might take from application?
  18. Guest

    Typical timeline for people

    Hi All, Me and my fiancee have recently decided that after four years we are going to head back home. We are just about to start a family and can't see any other way as we don't have the support we would have back home. We have had a fantastic time over the four years, and we will be going back with citizenship secured. We are thinking about going back in March. We have to go back for a wedding then. I am then thinking of coming back out by myself, selling our apartment, giving in my notice, arranging for the removal of our furniture back home, then moving back myself. Just wondering what had been peoples experiences with doing the same, what things you hadn't considered that maybe caught you out? How you went about renting/buying back home? We will have about 100k in equity going back the UK, but I am concerned about securing a mortgage with having no history back there. I am also interested to know about shipping and storing? has anyone shipped a reasonable amount of furniture and been able to store is for several months back in the UK? Any advice, tips would be great. Thanks, Darren
  19. Hi my OH is currently waiting to do a technical or practical interview for a 1st class welder through vetassess, so far the dates are the 21st and 22nd of may (the dates are not confirmed though) but we are on a deadline to put our visa 176 application in by july the 1st. How long has it taken anyone to get their success letter and certificate through after passing? just wondering what kind of time frame we are on for it as the time frames vetassess give us are not very accurate.
  20. Guest

    Visa Nomination Timeline?

    Can anyone please tell me how long the nomination process will take? My husband's got a job offer in Melbourne and his company send the nomination for 457 Visa in about 3 weeks ago now. We are still waiting to hear back. Is it anything to worry about? The people that works with these type of thing told us the visa will take 6-8 weeks, but we still need to apply for the E-visa online, and cannot do this until we have the nomination back. We've scanned all our documentation in with the police that certified it all. How long will the E-visa take to get approved? We dont need to go for medicals or police checks. Anyone been in the same situation? Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Hi Everyone!!!!:biggrin: Does anyone have any idea how long ACT state sponsorship is taking currently?? Looked around various threads but couldn't find any updates on this.... or is everyone just avoiding going to ACT???? :chatterbox: Share your info with us so we can all breathe a sigh of relief if state sponsorships are coming through fast. Take Care Zack
  22. Guest

    Timeline for vetassess

    Hello anyone who can help, I have sent my vetassess application of to Australia. any ideas on a timeline for a decision for me to get a date for the practical. cheers Jack
  23. Mizzmp

    176 timeline

    I saw another post on here saying 176's lodged before April are being processed within 2 weeks. Does that mean they should still be taking 2 weeks or are we gonna be unlucky and have to wait the full 12 months? We lodged our 176 online 15th May, WA confirmed SS with DIAC 2 days ago. xx
  24. Guest

    HOC timeline?

    Hi, I had medicals done last Friday. The result was delivered to HOC by courier. Just wondering know how long it takes HOC to start processing a paper-based case currently. Is it much longer than using ehealth? Thanks
  25. leethesparks


    Hi feel really daft asking this how do i share my timeline??:biggrin: