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Found 168 results

  1. Guest

    need help with timeline

    Hi guys i have just had a telling off by Mrs K (and rightly so deserved) . I have not update my time line and its not without trying too. No matter how i put it on it keeps coming back with "BB code font is not allowed". Can anyone help me here PLEASE XX
  2. Guest

    Timeline website?

    A while ago there was a link posted on here to a website where people could post their timescales for their visa and where they were upto in the application process. I've done a quick search on here but can't find it so could someone please post the link again. Thanks
  3. The Pom Queen


    Hi All Wow I am struggling to keep up with all these brand spanking new visas a lot of you are receiving, so I just wanted to say if I haven't already told you WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy Oz as much as we do:wubclub::notworthy:
  4. Purplethunder


    I've noticed that people have a timeline one their posts, where do I do this as the signature bit only allows 3 lines? Thanks Debs
  5. Guest

    DIAC timeline - help

    Help!!!! I am trying to find out what on earth is happening with our application. I have today spoken to our agent who confirmed that our application was sent 28Feb08. We still haven't even had an acknowledgement! I have sent the blank email to DIAC and got the reply back but it might as well be written in Arabic! Looking at it, I think we should have at least had something to say that they have received it but I'm not sure. I know that getting the thing processed is still a looooooong way off but at least if I knew that the paperwork and money had arrived and wasn't floating around in space i might be able to settle and not be in limbo quite as much as i am at the moment. Hope someone can shed a little light on this Thanks Sarah:arghh:
  6. Guest


    Hi PIO Can someone tell me how i can do a Timeline, thanks in advance:yes:XX
  8. Guest


    just wondering if anybody with similar timelines to ours have recieved there visas yet. 23 may sent tra 22 june passed tra 26 july application sent 04 jan 08 acknowledged end jan case officer meds and police checks sent 28/02/08 meds tracked and recieved in oz 14/3/08
  9. susan


    sorry if this has been asked and answered previously. we are currently filling out the lodgement forms ans hope to submit them in early June when we saved enough money!! Approximately how long does it take for the mdeicals and police checks etc.. assuming everything goes smoothly. We are going to sell our house and the market is really slow, a friend of a friend has there house on the market for 18 months and no joy!!
  10. Guest

    pio timeline spread sheets

    pio timeline spreadsheets ,have not been able to get on the site for ages , i like to see other peoples timelines is it just me or is there a problem with the site.
  11. Hi guys, just wandering if you could answer this for me, am i right in thinking that from the first date of police checks or your meds is the date you have to get out to oz after you visa is granted so we had our police checks on the 17th november 2007 so if our visa get s granted then we have till 17th november 2008 to move. we waited till our meds and pc were requested and sent them but we are still waiting on a acknowlegement for our meds and pc and looking on here it looks like it a 13 week wait too just get that then have to wait for the answer. i dont mind waiting i am just worried that it will take another 3/4 months to get the answer and we will not have long to sell house and move. any advice thanks lisa and samuel:mask: skilled 136 visa hairdresser
  12. Guest

    Timeline for RSMS visa?

    OK when I started this process a while back my employer-to-be told me it would take approx 4 months to get the visa sorted, this included the nomination paperwork etc. That was back in March. Obviously nothing goes according to plan and my medicals delayed things a little and then there was the HUGE delay their end with the backlog processing medicals. Since everything is done my end and the medicals are have been assessed and finalised how long more should it all take? I was hoping to hear before Christmas but that seems every unlikely now. If we don't hear anything this week I expect they will all be on (probablyly a well deserved) holiday until sometime in the New Year. Do you think I will hear before the end of January or even February? I am starting to freak out and think it is never going to end. I contacted my employer-to-be and asked them if it would be possible for them to follow up on the progress of my visa application and inform them that they want me to start in February (which they do). Do you think this will help or hinder? Thanks again for reading and letting me whine. Merry Christmas :jiggy:
  13. Guest

    Timeline Spreadsheets

    While I've got some spare time to make changes, does anyone have any updates / addition information for the timeline spreadsheets? See the link below to find your months spreadsheet, click on the relevant update or add me link on that page. :yes: http://www.freespaces.com/pomsinoz/index.html Karen xx
  14. Hi All, If you'd like to be added to the PIO visa application spreadsheet which is our very own version of a 'timeline' :yes:please PM me with all your details. Take a look here Karen x
  15. lc2007

    spouse visa timeline

    Hi. Would like to know if poss the timelines of others who have applied for the spouse visa and are still waiting or those that have recently been issued. I didn't use an agent for the application, my medical was done 4th Jan ... results sent to London 17th Jan, havent heard anything yet. Seems so long for a decision to be made. Thanks
  16. Hi all, to put things in perspective for the impatient people on this site, I would like to point out that the assessment of my degree is expected to take 5 months. Yep, that's right, 5 months and a fee of 1050 AUS dollars if you're an architect! Hope this will make some of you feel a bit better... :wink: It is driving me nuts to have to wait for so long, I posted my certificates in early December and am hoping for a response in April-May.
  17. Guest

    Timeline begins............

    Hi everyone Fantastic news and a long time coming but oH TRA has gone off today I cant tell you the sense of relief I feel. Just hope we get positive result on a 136 modl visa {mechanical services and air conditioning} Next week will see us starting the next stage. Anyone still about to start the skills assessment stage good luck and best wishes just bite the bullet and stop saying you will do it tomorrow....Yes you know who you are...well it was us anyway. Best wishes heres to the next bit Kaye
  18. Guest

    Timeline website

    Hope I'm not sticking my nose in, but for those of you who are unaware of it's exsistence (spelling !!), check out the following link. You can compare your progress or check out how long skills assesments or certain visa types are taking etc etc. You don't have to register by the way http://www.austimeline.com Just a great site, Cal