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Found 173 results

  1. hello i am new to this forum been looking on here for a few weeks and now have decided to join!! we have applied for our visa with diac which is 475 regional sponsored! queensland,townsville just wondered if any other people on here who have applied for 475 visa and how long it takes to process? is there a 475 visa timeline on here i cant find one? great site here :hug:
  2. Hello, I change my mind like the wind with my ideas of how to get over to Aus if Plan A does not work -Plan A, Off - list WA SS - 176.....There is a way I know it, just gotta find it. Plan B - Could I go over to Aus on a short -term tourist visa and while there apply for the 475, (Vic,Melbourne) when tourist visa runs out, apply for a bridging Visa ? Does anyone know much about bridging Visas ? if you have applied for an on-shore 475 would a bridging visa allow me to work whilst waiting for a decision on a 475 ? Would this be a very difficult route ? could it be a realistic option or am I dreaming yet again Any ideas on the time-line for 475 and has anyone been granted one lately and how long it took to get it ? (I have seen no threads or posts on this of late at all) I have been on lots of website for bridging visas but can't seem to find the info I need....can any help. Much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Guest

    485 - Timeline worries

    Hi All, I have lodged my temporary residency file (subclass 485 - online) in Mid Jan-2009. Now, it's been almost 8th month of being on bridging visa:arghh:. Any one here who has also lodge 485 in Jan-2009 and got the TR visa? I want to know currently which month of file is opening for 485 applications. Thanks, tekmis
  4. Guest

    Application timeline

    Does anyone know once you have submitted your application how long is it till it gets approved and also once approved is there a date by which you have to enter Australia?:laugh:
  5. Just got up to check email and today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visa granted!!!!!!! Yay! Our timeline has been pretty quick all things considered so hope this gives hope to other 175 CSL applicants - good luck! Amy and Paul x
  6. Hi all, Please find below links to three online spreadsheets (one for each 175, 176 and 475 visas) where you can share your visa timeline and manage it yourself for the duration of the application process. You'll be able to view other members timelines as well as edit your own to relect any changes to circumstances. Before you visit these pages and contribute, please take the time to read the following notes on how it works. Notes: New timeline entries are entered via a form (link number 1 below) Existing (yours and other peoples) timelines are stored in a Google Docs spreadsheet (these can be viewed via link number 2 below). In the spirit of Wikipedia, everyone can edit the spreadsheet (and other peoples entries) without having to sign up or log in. (You can edit the spreadsheet via link number 3). Please do not move any columns from their original location (to the left or right), or insert additional columns. Please do not reformat the spreadsheet or make editorial changes to the spreadsheet. Changes will stop the form from working correctly. Only update your own row entry if you have to. Do feel free to "Hide" columns. You may want to temporarily hide columns so that others are closer together and you don't have to scroll. This can be done by going into Edit Mode, selecting the column you want to hide -> right clicking -> selecting "Hide Column". This change is viewed by everyone, so please remember to unhide the column(s) once you are done. You can unhide the column(s) by clicking on the little icon in between the two visible columns where the hidden column would normally be. If you cannot see a particular column, it is there, but chances are someone has probably forgotton to unhide it. Do feel free to re-sort the spreadsheet in order of a particular column. All columns can be sorted (for example in order of date, in order of CSL/MODL/SOL, in order of Case Officer Date etc), however you need to go into Edit Mode to do this by click on "Edit this page" at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Hover your mouse on the thin bar that is underneath the letter of the column (A, B, C, D...) you want the sheet sorted by and the word "Sort" will appear with an adjacent arrow. Click on the arrow and a small window showing "A -> Z" and "Z -> A" will appear. Do feel free to filter columns. All columns can be filtered i.e. you can view just CSLs (which hides all SOLs/MODLs) or just Carpenters (which hides all other professions), or just Queensland applications (which hides all others states) etc. To do this, go into Edit Mode by clicking "Edit this page" at the bottom of the spreadsheet, then select the View menu -> List View. If you mistakenly make a detrimental change to the spreadsheet, such as deleting the whole sheet, or someone elses timeline, please let me or a moderator know asap by sending a Private Message so that the changes can be undone. As long as you hit the Enter key after inserting text into a cell, the sheet should automatically save. There is no Save button. The sheet is automatically refreshed by Google every 5 minutes and so you may not see your entry until this has happened. Please remember to update your entry if you get a case officer or visa, even though it will probably be the last thing on your mind! Any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Hopefully this sheet will manage itself and we will be able to get a good picture of DIACs processing times. SPREADSHEET LINKS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 175 visa timelines ------------------------------------- Link 1 - VIEW SPREADSHEET Click here to view all members 175 timelines Link 2 - INSERT ROW INTO SPREADSHEET Click here to contribute to the 175 timelines Link 3 - EDIT YOUR EXISTING ENTRY Click here to edit your existing 175 timeline entry (you can also do so by clicking on the "Edit the page" link at the bottom of the spreadsheet) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 176 visa timelines ------------------------------------- Link 1 - VIEW SPREADSHEET Click here to view all members 176 timelines. Link 2 - INSERT ROW INTO SPREADSHEET Click here to contribute to the 176 timelines Link 3 - EDIT YOUR EXISTING ENTRY Click here to edit your existing 176 timeline entry (you can also do so by clicking on the "Edit the page" link at the bottom of the spreadsheet) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 475 visa timelines ------------------------------------- Link 1 - VIEW SPREADSHEET Click here to view all members 475 timelines Link 2 - INSERT ROW INTO SPREADSHEET Click here to contribute to the 475 timelines Link 3 - EDIT YOUR EXISTING ENTRY Click here to edit your existing 475 timeline entry (you can also do so by clicking on the "Edit the page" link at the bottom of the spreadsheet) Any questions, please ask. Kind Regards Drew
  7. Hello, Does anyone want to take over looking after the spreadsheets from me? I won't lie, you have to clean it up everyday. I'll do one last tidy up and pass it over if anyone is interested? If so, please let me know here. Gill is it worth setting up a google PIO account to transfer the sheets over? Thanks Drew
  8. Hi everyone, Just wondering on your thoughts and I guess definitions and clarity on the folllowing as really not sure on dates and what to put as the story goes - you meet someone, you meet up again to make sure and then you continue meeting, move in and thats that; But how to quantify dates??? q66 - when we met , date - No probs easy question q67. When we began relationship? Is that like the next time you met up or more a when you first consummated??? q68. when you decided to commit to a long term spouse relationship? ( an exact date required) dont get this one ? q69. when did you begin a defacto relationship ? (Is that when you moved in)? Dont get this..... HELP APPRECIATED
  9. Guest

    175 Visa Timeline

    Hi All I've just completed a DIY online application for the 175 visa and I'm wondering if anyone knows the next steps? i.e. Will I get an acknowledgement? How long roughly until I get assigned a case officer? Do I wait for the c/o to request medicals/police checks etc before supplying them? Many thanks! Tom
  10. Yetirat

    Subclass 176 timeline...???

    Hi all, This is my first post so please forgive me if I've done anything silly or ignorant. My girlfriend and I submitted our online application for permanent residence in Oz in January 2009 this year. We applied for the subclass 176 visa with my girlfriend being the primary applicant and myself being the dependent as we’ve been living together for 5 years. We have enough points and my partner has taken and passed the IELTIS test and had her degree certified etc. Her occupation was listed as Business and Information Professional in the end. We are aware of the situation regarding the processing of these types of visas being frozen at present and understand the reasoning. What is most frustrating for us is that we are stuck in limbo. We have no idea in terms of timeline as to when we might actually get to Oz which makes planning our lives quite difficult. I’ve heard the agencies are telling people the processing will begin again in October this year. Does anyone, and I mean anyone at all, have any info they could shed on this matter either relating to timeline or of any other options that might be available to us to speed up this process. I’ve heard suggestions of State Sponsorship but I’m not sure my partner would qualify for this given her “Business and Information Professional” title? Thanks :frown:
  11. briggs

    medical timeline

    Hi, Our medicals were posted out to OZ last friday 26/06/09. This is the final hurdle now. How long does it take for it to finalise? We are on the 475 visa, and everything has been met so far.
  12. Hi All Does anyone know what the timelines are on 310 Spousal Visa are? We posted off our visa application on Monday 15th June and we have still not received a reply, even to inform us that it has been received. We know it has arrived as we tracked it via the Royal Mail. We have tried to make our application as thorough as possible with our police and medical checks included. Is it normal to wait this long before receiving even a confirmation email? Is their a contact number or email address that we can use to see if our application is being processed, or do we have to sit tight and be patient? Any advice would be extremely appreciated Neil and Michelle
  13. Having now been told that our medicals have been finalised, I'm now waiting impatiently for the visa. Hubby is hoping to get a rather timely voluntary redundancy package from the company he works for, and so this does rather start the clock ticking to get packed up & fly off! Our agent has told us that the DIAC don't tend to give out many visas in the last few weeks of June, and they tend to start again in July (quotas, I presume) but I can see on here that a number of you lucky PIOers have got your visas in the last few days. So how long from getting everything finalised to getting the visa? Please let me know, especially if you have had your visas fairly recently, so I can get a feel for how long its likely to be. Also - once you got to this point, were there any last minute questions or hiccups? I may need to be brave & quit my job without having that final confirmation, and I need to weigh up how risky that might be.:wacko: Many thanks J
  14. :jiggy:For any of you deciding to transfer from the RN to RAN, here is my time line so far Jan 08, recieved initial pack and forms from Australia 25th Nov 08 returned completed pack to Australia. (this took a long time because my husband was on a 7 month deployment with R.N, then the labour agreement expired:sad:) 14th April 09, email received with a copy of the Terms of service.( due to fly Jan 2010) 19th April, hard copy of TOS arrived 19th April,applied fro police checks with ACRO 24th April Posted back TOS along with ACRO 29th April TOS arrived in Australia 28th May, meet and greet with RAN personnel( held in Plymouth) 1st June.sent of immigration form 47ES 9th June, visa arrived in Australia and receipt recieved 18th June, email from Immigration, case officer has been assigned to us, and asked to book medicals Meds booked for August 7th, and Immigration informed. 19th June email from immigration to say they are happy with the dates booked for our meds. 15th July Chest xrays for all over 11 years. £100 each at Nuffield hospital Plymouth 7th August family medicals at yeovil. Total cost £510 for 2 adults and 3 children. 13th August-recieved email requesting us to fill in a new employee particulars ADF form and return 14th August, Yeovil surgery sent of medicals to Australia 14th August returned ADF form 27th August...visa granted...
  15. 3go2Perth

    Meds - why its worth chasing!

    Our medicals were done at the end of April and sent off 13th May. Hubby's & Daughter's showed as finalised 21st May, but 4 weeks later no sign of mine being finalised also. After other PIO-ers who had sent their medicals later than us said theirs had been finalised I got on to our agent to ask them to chase. Here was the response they got from the DIAC: I confirm that Mrs J's medicals have now been met and are valid in our systems until 28 May 2010. The other family members were finalised slightly earlier and are valid until 21 May 2010. Regrettably sometimes the checklist doesn't update which obviously raises concerns with clients. Apologies for this and the inconvenience caused. It appears that we were awaiting finalisation of medicals only and once the Case Officer has had a chance to further review the application she will contact you if anything further is required, or when a decision has been made. We thank you for your continued patience. So basically it looks like my medicals were actually finalised on the 28th May, but we didn't know this and our CO didn't know this! :arghh: Given Hubby & I both are leaving work in a few weeks to be able to fly out in August this delay is sooooooo annoying! Should have chased sooner but I had heard it was taking 4 weeks at the moment so didn't think there was any point until now. But on the bright side... Our medicals are finalised! :jiggy: Visa visa, here we come!!! J
  16. anlopa

    TRA Timeline

    HI all, My agent is sending off my TRA today and he has quoted 4-5 weeks for processing, has anyone sent theirs off recently and has a more accurate time for the processing cos I know that a lot of people were getting them quite quick a bit ago. Can't wait to have it in my hands it will be the first hurdle out of the way We are still going down the 175 route for the Visa hopefully by the time we get it the current state of gloom will be over and we will be able to go to Aus with a positive outlook. Thinking of going on a recci in March next year
  17. Wow, had my 119 RSMS visa granted today! :biggrin: ...is it normal to feel excited and very scared at the same time? For those currently applying for 119 visas (and other employer sponsored visas, here is my timeline so you can try and compare where you are. Nomination papers sent to DIAC by employer - January 15th 2009 Nomination approved by DIAC - March 6th 2009 Visa application sent (front loaded with PCCs and form 80) - March 12th 2009 Application acknowledged - March 19th 2009 Case officer appointed - 1st April 2009 Medicals done - 6th April 2009 Medicals arrived in Sydney - 20th April 2009 Meds acknowledged as received - 28th April 2009 Wife's medicals finalised - 12th May 2009 My medicals finalised - 21st May 2009 - still trying to figure out why the difference in finalisation time... Visa granted - 25th May 2009 I'm off to celebrate and expect to have a hangover tomorrow morning! Good luck to everyone. Regards, Scott.
  18. Hi I was working on a work and holiday visa in Sydney for the last year, my company offered me the option to file offshore for a 457 as a web designer in March 2009. I happily agreed. Except now, I'm overwhelmed and panicking as I haven't received any news on my 457. Meanwhile I am without my Aussie partner and still paying rent for an apartment I don't live in in Sydney. Meanwhile my company is holding a job, on the advice from my agent that this would take a month. I am beyond stressed and can't even sleep at the thought that I may have lost my future because the DIAC is over-reacting to the economic climate. I just want to get back to my job and my life. Had to go through the three stages as my company was not yet an approved business sponsor. Stage 1: Company applied for business sponsorship- March 19 Received case officer - March 27 Requested more information to prove 'Benefit to OZ' -April 19 ....I haven't even gotten to stage 2, the nomination or stage 3 my personal application for approval. I was told by my immigration agent that this would all be a quick process. And haven't even received approval from stage 1. Do I receive a different case officer for my personal application (stage 3)? Begging for any hope, guidance or advice?
  19. briggs

    475 Visa Timeline

    Does anybody know how long it takes for a 475 Visa to be approved pleased? Or when likely a CO might be allocated? Thank you
  20. Hi all, Don't you hate it when you just don't know what's going on? I've been following the BEUpdate 175 timelines, but they no longer reflect a true representation of processing times because of the introduction of the CSL. Additionally, if you're on or taken off the CSL, you can't reflect that on BEUpdate. There have been a couple of good forum posts that have tracked peoples timelines, but the problem with that is that the threads keep getting hijacked, going off on tangents, and the owner of the thread doesn't always have time to make updates. It's for this reason that I've created an online spreadsheet where I hope you will be able to show us your timeline. It has categories for the CSL/MODL/SOL and it can be updated if your circumstances change. You don't have to create an account or log in to share your timeline. You can find the links to the new timeline monitoring spreadsheet in my blog here on PomzInOz. You can access it by clicking here or via my account profile. Any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Hopefully this sheet will manage itself and we will be able to get a good picture of DIACs 175 processing times. Kind Regards D
  21. Guest

    Our Visa Timeline

    We got our visa granted today. Its been a very long and very stressful process but it now feels worth it! We're off to Perth on 9th July and cannot wait! Appointed Migration Agent - Jan 08 Vetassess - July 08 175 Application lodged - Aug 08 Meds - Sep 08 Police Checks - Sep 08 SSV applied for - Mar 09 SSV approved - Apr 09 Visa Granted - May 09 Nick 29 Electrician, Chloe 32 Nanny, Poppy 3 and Ruby 1:smile:
  22. Guest

    HOC Timeline

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the current timeline of HOC for processing the meds?? how long does it take them to finalize the meds?? I did my meds last year and it took them about a month. but i have read some posts on the forum and looks like they are doing it really fast now.. in some cases, less than a week. I have recently done new meds so just wanted to know the timeline. thanks.
  23. cartertucker

    Timeline for State Sponsered 176?

    Hi Guys.... If you apply for a State Sponsered 176 what is the kind of time scale you are looking at 'roughly' Ive been reading that they are taking about 8-10 weeks to assess... but then what happens? :unsure: Many thanks in advance
  24. Guest

    timeline for parnter migration

    does anyone know how short or how long a time line must be,does it have to be all facts or can u drift off a bit? mine is 7 pages!!! any ideas or experice would be apprciated? :smile:
  25. Guest

    SA Sponsorship timeline

    Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum, I'm from HR country. I was visiting this forum as a silent guest for months, I'm really amazed from the helping attitude from the moderators and members. I applied for SA sponsorship. It's written on their website that the process takes about four weeks. Anybody applied recently? Does it really takes four months? Anyone got refused? Please share your timeline and experience for SA sponsorship. Cheers, Mariana