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Found 173 results

  1. Hi Everyone Does anyone know how long it will take to get a 175 visa? I am a nurse and my husband is an engineer so both of us are on their priority lists. We are just getting our skills assessed before lodging the form and are hoping to go to NSW. Many thanks Gill
  2. Guest

    cat 2 timeline and dog

    hi if timeline is right we could get our visa early next yr (who nos) we want to take our dog can i ask is there anything we should be doing now with vets or tests or i dont no any help would be great thanks alan
  3. so please refer to this link to read all the subject :smile: Client Service Charter to summarize that : for Visa types ( offshore visas) 119 121 175 176 475 495 496 applications which lodged BEFORE 1 july 2010 ... will be finalized before 31-12-2011 and for applications which lodged on or after 1 july 2010 ... will have the following time-line priority group 1 - will have priority as per ENS / RSMS Ruls ( i think its the fastest types ) priority group 2 - will be finalized in 12 months from date of lodgement. priority group 3 - will be finalized in 18-24 months from date of lodgement. priority group 2 - will be finalized after application in priority 1,2,3 finalized !! i think its very clear
  4. Guest

    New timeline needed

    Hi Whatever happened to the timeline that appeared as a 'sticky thread'? It would be a great if someone who knows how (sorry I'm hopeless!), to set a new timeline up just like the last one so its easy to monitor who has been given a case officer or a visa granted, by each visa type, dates applied etc, we could request a visa type and it all appeared in date order on an excell chart?. Especially with the new priority processing listing out, where loads of people including myself have jumped from priority 6 to priority 3. Can anyone help ???? Katrina Applied for a 175 visa on 18.10.08...........................now on sol schedule 3 :jiggy:
  5. I asked ACS when should I make my review application, whethere there is a deadline for it and here is what they replied .. " As your letter is dated 11 May you meet the requirements to receive a free Review. Please note Reviews MUST be applied for within 60 days from the date of your result letter otherwise you will need to lodge a new application. Please apply for the review of your original skills assessment using Application for Review of PASA available from the Migration Skills Assessment Section on the ACS website ACS (Australian Computer Society) - Membership, Professionalism and Leadership for ICT Professionals and the ICT Community Please note that it is an applicant's responsibility to nominate an occupation that corresponds to applicant's qualifications and experience and is on SOL/ENSOL at the time of application. We cannot offer advice as to which occupation to nominate. If you are uncertain whether your skills assessment is acceptable for a visa application, or have further questions regarding the above, please contact DIAC to discuss your situation." My letter was dated May 11th, 2010. which means I need to apply for free review before July 11th. Otherwise, will have to do full application. As I'm not sure which occupation to nominate ( I have been assessed as 2231-79 ( Unix 0)) I was planning to wait for SMPs to come out and decide which one to nominate. But seems like ACS won't let me to have that opportunity. I need to take a risk by nominating either Software Engineer or Systems Administraor. I'm afraid that I may be seen unsuitable for the first one .. and 2nd one may not appear on SMPs. Thought this info would be helpful for peoples who are in same situation as me. thanks tarini
  6. Hi there anyone has any ideas, when Cat 7 would be moving for application beginning of 2009? lots of us here are falling in this last processing timeline so we feel very far behind from everyone else..so anyone would have a bit of clue..what would be helpful to manage our time and patient to wait.
  7. Application lodged for 886(WA SS): 11/12/08 Occupation: hairdresser(IELTS 6.0) Application being processed further: 20/7/09 CO allocated but removed after 23rd september Visa granted: not yet. does anyone can help me? pls pls pls!!
  8. Hi Poms, This is my timeline Application lodged in May More documents and evidence requested by CO after about 10 days Documents sents a week later Medical sent on the 2nd of June (was not requested yet) Now just waiting and wondering what's to expect next. Does the CO contact you to confirm receipt of the papers and update you on your visa statuts (e.g. met, more docs required, others...) Thanks
  9. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes to get an Employer Nomination Scheme visa processed from the point an employer offers a job and starts the processing of applying to DIAC to sponsor the open position? I just got offered a job but my visa agent is saying that it is normal for an ENS visa (which I thought was Category 1) to take 9 months. That doesn´t sound right! Not many employers will wait that long for someone to arrive. I already have ACT sponsorship and the job offer is from ACT. We lodged our application back in May 2009 and are trying to speed things up!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Michael.
  10. mlsdq

    Category 5 timelines

    Let's Monitor Cat 5's applications. Obviously, this list will be getting longer as you follow the very simple instructions. *= online ???? = mm.yy ____________________________________________________________ Name..... | Visa | Lodgement | CO Date | Meds/PCCs | Visa Grant | State ____________________________________________________________ mlsdq .... | 475*| ...09.09.... | .. ????....| ???? / ???? .|... ????..... | SA ____________________________________________________________ Instructions: TO ADD: 1. Copy the entire updated table and append your own timeline. TO EDIT (Update) 1. Copy the entire updated table and update your own timeline UPDATE: I put dots because this forum hates spaces .
  11. Hi All! We are moving across to Australia 3rd September this year and it’s been a long and confusing (at times) process! One thing that I became slightly disheartened with was the lack of understanding of the whole process – no ‘Agent’ – and, as we have taken a different route t most on the forums, not that many of us to ask at different stages. I have decided that I would post a ‘rough’ guide to our process so far – I do know that different Services have slightly different methods, but this is just a benchmark of our experience: December 05 – Made Initial Contact via email to contact in Canberra. 2006 – Hubby away most of the year on Ship. This slowed things down for us, as contact was limited. July 2006 – received RPL pack from Aussie Navy. Pretty much like an NVQ type format with loads of sections to complete and compare qualifications and experience with certs and reports over whole naval career. It took a week or so of scanning, photocopying and cross-referencing to complete. We went on Holiday for some of July and August, but managed to get it off in the post at the end of August 06. My advice would be, as daunting as it may seem, complete it as comprehensively as possible. This will give them the opportunity to see what’s been achieved and, I think, helps in the decision making process for Rank etc on any future offer. We also managed to get the email of the ‘poster/appointer’ who is responsible for Hubby’s Branch. We scanned the whole Application and emailed it to him complete with supporting documents. October 06 – DCO contacted us by phone to ask the relevant questions – Children? Special Needs? Reasons for wanting to move across? Family leaving behind? All pretty straight forward and not daunting at all. Nov 06 – Hubby opened Bank Account with Commonwealth Bank December 06 – Conditions of Service Letter received via email. Hubby is Lt Logs here in RN and managed to keep rank and seniority for Aussie Navy. Signed and returned. It was over the Christmas period though, which meant that it delayed things a little. I was unsure what to do at this point in time as I didn’t know that next stage. Contact in Canberra applies to Immigration for a Labour Agreement. Not too sure how long this normally takes, but Christmas and New Year were factors with ours. Sold House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 16 07 – Applied for Police Checks. £10 per person – call Local Police Station and ask for Data Protection dept. Once through, explain reasons for needing the check and they send you application forms. These take up to 40 days to return and need to be valid for application – i.e. less than 12 months old on entering Australia. Hubby has to provide another one to take across with us that is less than 3 months old for extra security purposes. This may not apply to everyone though. Feb 2 07 – Received Labour Agreement via email. Gives details of pay and contract etc. Also has relevant reference numbers that apply to your application. Completed the following Visa Application Forms: 47ES – need 2 passport photos for each person on the application and also supporting docs. I think it would have been easier and saved time for the whole process if I had looked at this form earlier in the application. It gives a good head start to what you’ll need to get – Birth Certs – Marriage/Divorce Certs/ Permission from Absent Parent for kids under 18 etc etc All supporting docs have to be signed and witnessed as true by solicitor or JP. 26 & 160 – Meds and Chest X-Ray Forms. Again, one photo for each applicant and one form for each applicant. Keep receipts for everything! It can be claimed back when you get there! Even Photos – ours came to around £20 and it really does start to add up! 1221 – not always advised to complete – BUT fill it in anyway!!! Nothing worse than getting it requested when you’re further down the line to delay things. 80 – Pretty much the same as 1221, but complete it as it ‘may’ be requested at a later date, again, delaying things. It’s to be completed by everyone in application over 16. Feb 3 07 – Received Police Checks! Feb 12 07 – Ordered Full Birth Certs on line. Had small ones, but they need to have both Parents’ names on them. Feb 13 07 – Meds and Chest X-Rays done. Feb 20th – Meds sent by Panel Doctor via Royal Mail International Signed For. Made contact with Australian High Commission – gave address details etc – received comprehensive pack for Travel, Removals and DHA etc. LOADS MORE FORMS!!!!!!!!!! Started to complete and make provisional arrangements for travel across and hotels etc. All of which is confirmed once Visa is granted and posting order had been issued. 28 Feb 07 – Visa Application sent with all supporting documents – copied everything prior to sending (just in case!) 12 March 07 – Meds received at LCU, Sydney – processed and sent to Immigration. 14 March 07 – Received Visa Application acknowledgement from Immigration – Fees deducted and receipt sent. 10 April 07 – Allied Pickfords pre uplift inspection. 27 April 07 – received email from Case Officer. 30 April 07 – Received email requesting form 80 per applicant over 16. (Refer to previous comment of sending it with initial application). We completed forms there and then, scanned them and emailed them straight back to CO. 1 May 07 – Received Visa grant letter via email! 2 May 07 – sent copy of Visa grant to Australian High Commission and Canberra to get the ball rolling! We have chosen NOT to send passports off to AHC to get the pretty stickers put in as we can do this when we go to London on the day we fly – they will do it there and then for us. The story continues with masses of extra paperwork, inventories etc. We have been allocated a DHA Property and hubby has made contact with new boss. In between all of the above, we have also booked the doggie in for her flights and vet checks. The ADF pay around $600 for the dog’s fees (even though the actual cost looks as though it’s in the region of £2,500!) As long winded as it is, it seems to be worth it at this stage! They have shortened the process and taken measures to make it run far more efficiently, so hopefully, depending on the stage you are at, it will come quicker for you! Apologies if you’re bored now, or sleeping, or worse! I just thought it would be good to share my timeline and to let anyone who is interested about the cock ups we made and the head starts we could have achieved if we’d known the process! Very best of luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!! Angie :biggrin:
  12. Hi all, I'm preparing to lodge my application for a partner visa in the coming weeks. Was just wondering what kinds of events and milestones people included on the relationship timeline they submitted? I have some idea about what to include but would like to hear from others too. Thanks
  13. cutiemcprettybobbi

    non csl ss 176 - approx timeline for visa?

    Hi all, any ideas on timelines? I know it perhaps a daft question, but really need some sort of a boost! App 175 family sponsored oct 08, off CSL in March09 (or whenever it was, all a blur now), app ACT ss Sept 09 (after changes), received ss ACT acceptance March 12 2010. Does anyone have an idea on likelihood of getting a CO soon? Meds and PC's not yet done, agent told us to wait until requested from DIAC. I am hoping, perhaps deluded, that as things seem to have started moving for Cat 5's and as our main app was done in 0ct08 that we might be looked at soonish. Also, does anyone know how long it takes to book an appointment for medicals in manchester? Is it booked up way in advance? thanks:unsure:
  14. briggs

    176 timeline

    Hi everybody!! Hope your all well. I just wanted to know, if there were any changes on the 176 Family Sponsor Visa, and also what the processing time is. Thank you for your help. B
  15. The removal company delivers our container tomorrow so i thought i would let you know how long it has taken: booked in November 2009 removal company came in & packed our whole house on 4th December The ship arrived into Melbourne 7th February Customs and Quarantene 19th February Removal company delivers 23rd February 2010 We had a 20ft container for our 3 bedroom semi detached house- we have packed everything apart from a 3 piece suite and we also didn't bring any wardrobes. We were called today to advise us that everything had passed apart from 3 xmas decoration dolls that had sand in their bottoms and feet- we were quoted $353 for them to be gamma radiated (or whatever it's called) or we could have them destroyed (no charge) - guess what we chose!
  16. Hi everyone, I am Category 6(i) Accountant (2211-11) Lodged March 2008, HR Country, Paper based, Agent used, IELTS 6,6.5,6,6.5, Non CSL, Non SS, MODL, CO ?? VISA ?? Cheers :daydreaming: JennyLoh
  17. emmaroo

    De-Facto Visa Timeline

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of how long a de-facto visa takes to process? Thanks Emma :cute:
  18. Guest

    ENS121 - Timeline

    Does anyone know how long it's taking just now to go through ENS121 (CAT 2 I think) I may have an employer ready to sponsor but wants to bring me on a 457. If I can get a ENS in roughly the same time I would like to go that way. I would be changing my GSM176 that is already lodged:idea:
  19. Dear, I have a questions to the agents and users 1. When is the points test points calculated by CO? 2. In the documents checklist if the status is met what does it mean? the documents are validated or the points regarding that section is provided. 3. How much time is needed after all the status is showing met? (previous experience) 4. When do co ask for medical undertaking form (if required)? If all the requirement is finalized? Please give me an answer. Thanks and regards, Shoinik
  20. Guest

    timeline 176 visa

    Hello again, Today we went to the "down under live" expo in Islington, a guest speaker from a migration company said people in a 176 SS visa, not on the CSL, but on the MODL list, could expect their visas to be processed between 12-24 months? This goes against everything we have read saying nothing would happen until the end of 2012??! if this is true then it would be great!! Many thanks
  21. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the Christmas vacation ahead will have any impact on the processing time of applications? They will remain closed but does that mean the pending dicisions will be delayed? Thanks , Rubab
  22. So, here's my plan. Hopefully someone who's an accountant (or in the financial field) can let me know if this is a good "plan of attack". I do welcome suggestions from everyone, though. Take IELTS exam Have ICAA complete skills assesment Obtain VIC SS Lodge application Does this sound like a proper itemization of events? Should I change the order around? Ideally, I'd like to move to Melbourne for PR. I plan on applying for VIC SS to speed up the app process. Thanks in advance. Mike
  23. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could help with some further info on parent visa timelines? My mum and dad are looking into emigrating - my sister is already a PR and soon to be citizen of Oz and we got our PR last week - so they meet all the BOF and sponsor criteria. They were going to do the CPV route, but as it'll be a while before we finally move (probably end 2010 - 2011) and they want to wait a while for house priices to pick up and for Mum to get her pension we were just wondering does anyone have any accurate timelines for doing just the parent visa (non - contributory) ?? Everything we read says anywhere between 7 and 10 years, but just wondered if anyone knows for definite how long the current wait is - or how I can find out?? We just thought they could maybe start down this route now, see how long it takes before we move (they don't want to move before we go just in case we change our minds !!!) and then see where they are in the queue?? Does anyone know if you can swap from non contributory to contributory at a later date if its too long and they do decide to move sooner? I think they'll be best just doing the CPV route once we've made definite plans to go, but just wanted to enquire as to how long the nonCPV is actually taking?!!! Thanks in advance for any help, Kirst xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  24. Hi, my family and I applied for a 175 visa in May this year. I was wondering whether anybody has any useful information on how to find out when the applications will be processed. I've come across a website called Immigration Trackers for USA Canada UK Australia but was wondering if there are any that may be better. Thanks and hope somebody can help.