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Found 168 results

  1. Guest

    Feb 2011 timeline

    what are your timelines? We had the March email and are now excitedly awaiting a CO
  2. Hi there, May be having a blond moment, but was wondering whether anyone has started a thread showing the progress of SA SS applications? Did a search and there are ones for Vic, WA etc, but can't find one for SA. Just wanted an idea of how quickly the applications are being processed! If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great, or if there isn't one started... Many thanks :huh:
  3. Guest

    RSMS timeline

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the timeline that the application is usually with the RCB. We lodged ours on the 20th Oct 2010 and we still haven't had it approved. I kept on phoning them and I was just being told that there were people in front of me!!!! They have asked my employer for further information a couple of weeks ago and we still haven't heard........
  4. NickiB

    Partner Visa Timeline

    Hi All, I haven't posted a lot on this forum but have found it so helpful when putting together my visa application! I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to in any previous threads.....I know the processing time for Partner Visas lodged in London is about 5-6 months at the moment but was just wondering if this is from the date you lodge your application or from the date they have all the info they need (medical checks, police checks and any extra info they request etc) I am lodging my application on Monday (without police check or medicals) and am hoping to move end of September so am cutting it a bit fine. Any help you can give me would be great! Thanks in advance! Nicola
  5. woodymcfc

    How do you add your timeline ?

    Hi All, I know i've seen it somewhere on PIO before but cant find it, how do you attach your timeline to the bottom of your posts ????...................Thanks
  6. Guest

    Visa Timeline

    Hi guys, I have been following this forum for ages and have gotten some great info...thanks! I have just lodged an application to the Aus High Commission in London for a temporary defacto visa which will lead to perm residency. I lodged the app through a visa agent but it is quite difficult to get info from him! the application was received in London on March 1st ( I think) and the case officer came back on Wednesday requesting an updated police clearance cert from the UK because the one I gave in will be out of date at the end of April this yr. I thought I would be waiting longer for a case officer. Are they usually that quick in London? Anyway my main questions are... Is it a good sign that the case officer only asked for an updated police cert and no other information (yet)? How long are people waiting for their defacto visa's at the moment? (I front loaded my app with medicals and police checks) thanks so much for you help... Laura
  7. Guest

    SA state sponsorship timeline

    We have just lodged our 176 state sponsorship and just wondered if anyone knows how long this takes?
  8. Guest

    PLz add timeline on spreadsheet

    Plz add your time line on this link so we have latest info Only for CAT 2 applicants:wink: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=trvSLEeXO8luhhU03UkoI8g&hl=en#gid=0
  9. paulswin

    WA SS timeline??

    Has anyone heard yet on how long it might take to get SS with WA yet?? I know asked before and someone kindly said they were told February but do you think thats a bit unrealistic??
  10. kellyjamie

    TAS SS Timeline Thread - pls add

    Morning to all you tassie hopefuls! So i thought we could do the same as all the other states and have our own timeline for state sponsorship and visa grants? Dont think its been done yet but apologies if it has, and if so Mods could you merge Thanks kel xx I,ll start altho were just at the start..... Name: KellyJamie Trade/profession: Youth Worker Visa type: 176 Date of SMP Applications: 30 Dec 2010 Confirmation SS received: 5 Jan 2010 Date of SMP Granted: 12 Jan 2010 Onshore/offshore: offshore Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date of Visa application: Nationality: British High/Low Risk: Low Date visa granted: Good luck everyone xx
  11. Guest

    Timeline for a 175 visa

    Hello everybody! I just want to ask how long is the processing time for a 175 visa with this priority processing, i know i've read it somewhre cant find it though. Thanks! SMP's took so long to be release, im considering another option which is 175:) thanks again
  12. Hey guys, I am new here and thought I'd start a new thread for the new priority processing timeline for the skilled migration? I think it will be beneficial to everyone, to somehow better "understand" how the processing priorities have changed. So here goes: Date of Visa application: Nationality: Trade/profession: Visa type: Pre-14th July 2010 Category (If applicable): Post-14th July Category: Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date visa granted:
  13. Can anyone that has applied from uk for a defacto subclass 309 and 100 offshore tell me their timeline? We are about to apply but his visa for the uk is expiring end of april, thats 5 months away!! Thank you
  14. hi all, i was just wondering how long it's taken everyone else to be assigned a case officer for an onshore partner visa? the letter we recieved from immigration said the waiting time would be 6-8 weeks but its been about 3 months now and we havn't heard anything! i've called immigration twice since but they said i'm still on their waiting list so i just wanted to hear how long a realistic timeline would be. thanks alot Smeeta
  15. :eek: Hi i thought i already had this worked out, but i have one more question regarding working as a tradesman. I will be applying for my TFN (tax file number) soon as i arrive in oz, this can take up to 28 days. I will also need my ABN (australian business number) also, which can take up to 28 days. Apparently applying for both at the same time is not advised, so really this sounds like you could be waiting up to 2 months to be able to start work. Have i got this right? i have trailed the appropriate website but with no real answer to this. Any help or advice on this matter would be much appreciated :cry:
  16. As with many questions before. I applied to VIC for 176 State Sponsorship as a Secondary School Teacher on 5th November, first of all does anyone know how long that should take to get a decision? Then if that was to come through successful and we were to apply for a 176 State Sponsored Visa, which I believe is priority 2, does anyone know how long that is likely to process? Thanks for any help here. Ally
  17. Guest

    ACS Timeline

    Hi friends My name is Abhii, i applied to the ACS for my degree to be accessed on 29th August 2010. Its been nearly (12 weeks), i have not received any further notification or information on the status of my application. The online portal shows the following for three months now Given Name (My name) Date Received 29-August-2010 Event Type PASA Status To be allocated Managed By Helen Martynyuk Registered Post No What should i do? Should i get in touch with someone asking them about my status. What can be the possible cause of delay. My friends doing the same course from the same university have got it approved a month ago. Kindly advice Cheers
  18. Hi All, I have lodged online 176 VISA application as primary applicant . Primary applicant should attach IELTS report within 28 days of the VISA application. As primary applicant, I already attached IELTS report. For secondary applicant, is there any obligation to submit the IELTS report within 28 days of the VISA application. Can I add the IELTS report of secondary applicant later and when should the secondary applicant need to sit for IELTS. BR, Morshed
  19. All Onshore applicant please shate your timeline in this thread..... Name:Abu Ratul Date of Visa application: 05-08-2009 Nationality: Bangladeshi Trade/profession: Accountant Visa type: 885 Onshore/offshore: Onshore Pre-14th July 2010 Category (If applicable): 4 Post-14th July Category: 3 Medicals submitted: redid on 03 Septemeber 2010 Police check submitted: resubmitted on 25-AUG- 2010 Date CO assigned: Not yet Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date visa granted: not yet DRC- 03-09-2010 (2nd Attempt) ABPF- 30/07/2010
  20. here r some visa & Skill assessment time-line update website i hope... it may help someone... BEupdate - Timeline Spreadsheet for Australian Visa Applications Timelines | aussietimeline.com | Australian Visa Application Timeline Tracker http://www.austimelines.com/
  21. Guest

    Visa 457 Defacto Timeline

    Hi Guys, When I first submitted my Visa I was checking this website for timeline details, which were very helpful but not specific to myself and boyfriend. Hopefully this will help others!! My boyfriend was sponsored by his jobs counterpart office in Perth, they put us in touch with an immigration agent to sort both his 457 Business Long Stay visa. His visa documentation was sent over to the agent from UK on 12th July, the agent then submitted electronically on 15th July. Visa was approved 23rd July!! My visa was a little different, because I'm on defacto (457 Business Long Stay Dependant), for that we had to prove we lived together for 6 months, with lease, joint bank accounts, telephone calls, emails, holiday tickets - we sent as much in as possible to prove defacto relationship. So 1st Oct was the 6 month date, and we sent Visa documentation from UK on 1st Oct, Agent submitted on 12th Oct - Visa was approved today!! 21st Oct. Good luck! xx
  22. Guest

    RSMS Timeline anyone

    OK, time is running out for us. We came over to Oz on a WHV and we have 7 weeks left. My wife found employment with a firm 3 months ago and they offered to sponsor. Our only option was the RSMS visa with a regional employer, we are now in Canberra. The employer sent off for certification of a nominated position from the regional certifying body in ACT and after about 5 weeks we got the all important stamp of approval!! Two weeks ago they sent off the certified nomination application and we have heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement of the application, nor have we been issued with a reference number. So, what we would like to know, is how long does this 2nd stage process take? and is it normal not to hear from them. I know they received the application cause we sent it express with a signature on delivery. Also after this stage, (presuming it is sucessful) how long does our visa application part take. many thanks for any answers richie
  23. Hi Guys, Just thought I would let everyone know how my visa application is coming along: Put in Application on 16th September 2010 Today (20th September 2010) I got an e-mail saying I have been assigned a Case Officer!!!! This was despite the guy at the counter saying I might have to wait 6 MONTHS to be assigned a CO. I'm trying to figure out if this is a good sign?? I frontloaded everything except my police check from Singapore, which my case officer has requested, and is the only thing he has requested. So I'm trying to figure out is this good news that he hasn't requested anything else apart from this?? Feeling really excited/nervous at the moment!!!!
  24. Hi, I'm looking for anyone who has recently been granted an offshore de facto spouse visa. We have applied for our's on Thursday and received an email confirmation of the application this morning. In the email it says it takes 3 to 4 months before a decision is made, I was wondering if that is the usual timeframe or if it could take shorter, and they say a longer time to cover their backs, so to speak? We've provided a load of evidence of our relationship; receipts, photo's, writen testimonies, so hoping this will help speed things up. Just hoping someone here could let me know how long from applying to getting the decision it took them. Many thanks to you.
  25. Guest

    GSM Onshore applicants timeline

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there are any onshore (885 and/or 886) applicants on this forum? I have copied Pilon's timeline (thanks), so that we can start an onshore applicants timeline because most of the timelines on here are for offshore applicants. This is mine. Date of Visa application: 15th June 2010 Nationality: Mauritius Trade/profession: Chemist Visa type: 885 State sponsorship (If applicable): N/A Pre-14th July 2010 Category (If applicable): 7 Post-14th July 2010 Category: 3 Medicals submitted: 15th June 2010 Police check submitted: 28th June 2010 Date CO assigned: Nope Date of employment verification (If applicable): Does that apply for onshore? (Not yet) Date visa granted: Fingers crossed soon