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Found 862 results

  1. derham

    First time buyers grant

    We are hping to move to Perth early next year, can anyone let us know if moving to aus under a permenant visa will we qualify for ''First time buyer grant''?
  2. My head hurts trying to find a way to get sponsored in Australia I have been going round in circles. Im 29, I am English, live in London and work as an Executive Assistant in a bank. My work wont transfer me... I have writted and applied to jobs on seek at a rate of about 4 a day. Hoping someone will need my skills. Its really disheartening and I am wondering if im wasting my time? I have no other visa options really as I have used up my WHV rights. thanks all... Loosing the will a bit. :wacko:
  3. Hi All, I am moving to Sydney in November with my husband and 7 month old baby and am looking for part time work. I am looking for something in the evening or weekends so my husband can have the baby. I have done market research previoulsy so wouldn't mind something like that or similar call centre based role as it will allow me to meet other people (probably all students if its anything like the UK) and get some extra income without having to pay out for childcare. Thanks,
  4. Hello Guys I got a nominatioan 07/2011. and then i lodged and paid 856visa 15/08/2011 with decision ready At Melbourne office. and also my country is in low risk. is there any one know that how long it will take to grant or get a CO??
  5. Hi all, Can anyone tell me of the time line for these two visas please Thankyou very much
  6. Hi, my husband has a time served apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering and has his HNC certificate. We are hoping to move to Perth in October of this year. We wondered if anyone has any contacts which would hopefully lead to him acquiring a job, he would consider flying to the mines. Hope you can help. x
  7. Hey guys, i wasnt follow my visa "process" ;-) up for a longer time now. Today morning i was thingink about Australia and checked the forum but i understand.....................nothing anymore ;-) 1. im september 2008 175 applicant 2. received Wa ss end of 2010 for cabinetmaker here are my questions 1. where i am now? 2. in germany the translation from Schreiner to english is cabinetmaker. But "schreiner" is from the describtion and the australian understanding Joiner. Is it possible to change the Job "Name"? thx in advance! Tanjev
  8. I've heard that new PR's are offered a lump sum payment as an incentive when buying their first home. Is this correct? And if so how much (WA) is the incentive and how soon after you arrive do you have to buy to qualify for the payment? Thanks for reading!
  9. ScotsQuine

    Passed blood tests first time!

    Hello... Thought I would share with you guys as when I had looked through PIO re blood tests for our dog I only found info re failing them! Our large (45kg) GSD had his annual vaccinations on the 3rd December 2010, he had also been vaccinated against Leptospirosis as we hadn't been planning a move to Oz at that point. But things changed at the beginning of this year and our visa was granted and the next hurdle was our dog. He had his blood test on the 20th July and the phone call (finally!) came from the pet movers today to say he had passed!!! I was absolutely gobsmacked as I was so sure he would have failed as it had been under 8 months since his Lepto jab? Other posters have had their dogs fail with a longer period between vaccinations and bloodtests? But, while reading through all the threads on 'Failed Blood Tests' I had found some very reassuring information from both Moving2Melbourne and BobPetairUk, so if your dog should fail for whatever reason, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - don't despair!! Good luck for anyone else in the same position! :hug:
  10. Marc the Painter

    175 processing time

    Immi says processing time for 175 is 18months. Anyone know how to speed it up a bit?
  11. Danandclaire

    Average time for a Partner Visa?

    Hi All, Pretty new to this! We are just in the process of filling in the forms to get my husband a partner visa. How long has anyone found these are taking? My brother and partner did it last year and it took 7 months. Embassy reckon 6. Cant believe how much there is to do!!:wacko:
  12. Has anybody had their Skills Assessed by the Australian Computer Society. I just have a concern as they state full-time as being 38 hours or more! However, I work 37 hours full-time! Has anybody had issues with the ACS if your full time employment was less than 38 hours. Many Thanks..
  13. Hi All, We have just submitted 47sp and 40sp for OH's 309 visa. Thanks to the advise of the forum we have now got citizenship certificates for our 2 children and are awaiting their passports. Question - We have received quotes for one way flights to Perth, but are worried that my OH might not have his 309 visa issued by the time we arrive in Perth (end of November so might be tight)! Could anyone advise us what we should do? Our concern being that immigration might not let him through without return ticket. Many Thanks Megan:biggrin:
  14. Hi, Just thought I'd let you know that I had an email from the london office saying that current processing times through that office are 5 to 6 months. :cry:
  15. Hi, We are about to lodge my partners spouse visa 309/100 and wondered if anyone knew what the current time frame we should expect to wait is. I've spent the morning googling but are coming up with answers from 4 weeks to 12 months! I know it's going to be a rough idea but any would be good! Thanks Cara
  16. hi i came into the country on a 457 and moved to 856visa , that 13 mnths on 457 and a year on 856 , i am curently having problems and am thinking of leaving , but now am suffering in decission because someone told me that if i decide to leave the employer now , the employer can report me to immigration and they will revoke my visa saying that it was fraudlent due to the short time i have spend with the company , so my question is how long should someone stay on an 856 visa before leaving for it not to be termed fraudlent , please help , coz its stressing me up :arghh:
  17. Dont know if anyone can help with this, but any help would be much appreicated. My family and I lived in Oz from Aug 2009 to July 2010. As Im now back in the UK, and planning to work in a school from September I need a police check done for the time I spent in Oz. Ive been on the Australian Federal Police website and they state on there that the cost is $43 (which is fine) BUT they want the funds paid by either an australian cheque drawn on an australian account or by a money order by a bank that is affiliated with an australian bank. I spoken to my Bank which according to the Federal website is a UK bank that is affiliated with an australian bank and they didnt have a clue what I was taking about. Before I wait up untill midnight tonight to ring Oz, I wondered if anyone else had come across this before and how they had managed to sort it out. thanks Alison
  18. Gery R

    Our time has come!

    Finally, our time has come! We got the VISA GRANT today! :biggrin: I've been waiting for this moment to come and still haven't digested the news! :biggrin: Thank you PIO for all the valuable information! Good luck to all of you waiting. Yours will come, too! :hug: It wasn't a smooth journey, but it is great that it is finally a successful one! For those who meet obstacles, don't give up! Ours was full of them and we made it! If you are interested in our timeline: Applied for Skills assessment Aug 2010. Rejection Sept 2010. We got lazy and we didn't translate and attach all the diplomas. Apparently the latest diploma wasn't enough. Reapplied with the previous education and got approved Oct 2010. Applied for VIC sponsorship Nov 2010. Waited 3 months to finally receive a rejection. Not particularly high demand for the occupation. Why was it in the demand list then??? Anyway, applied for WA sponsorship Feb 2011. They required 7 years of experience at that time. Heard from another PIO member that the 7 years must be on the job, excluding training. We had one year training within the 7 years. So frustrating. Luckily they changed the requirements to 3 years and we made it! Approved Mar 2011. Applied to DIAC Mar 2011. Got Case officer fairly quickly (Apr 2011) and I must say, a very sufficient one! Submitted all the required documents, except for Medicals and PCC. Medicals - the story doesn't end. Took the exam May 2011. The medical centre could not send e-health, because quote: we were the first ones to require e-health :shocked: in this particular centre. They tried, but they couldn't submit the files. Off we go with paper based. Waited another month to get finalized. PCC - a huge delay. Due to a strike in the postal services! Can you imagine?! How often is there a strike in the postal services :arghh: Anyway, it is now all forgotten! WE GOT THE VISA! This is the second immigration process we have gone through in our lives (first being for Canada some 12 years ago). I must say that I find the Australian one to be more straight forward and a lot more informative. Maybe because long ago everything was paper based and no online tracking was available.
  19. annagilda

    Back on air till 6pm UK Time

    Afternoon/evening/morning! Just thought I'd let you know I'm back on The Voice of North Devon this afternoon. On till 6pm UK Time if you fancy a listen to my very childish voice! :laugh: I know I've plugged the show before, but I love it when new people have a listen. You can check us out at; www/thevoicefm.co.uk and then click on listen live.
  20. Guest

    485 visa processing time

    Has anyone got 485 visa granted recently? If yes when did you lodge the application. Looking at the DIAC's processing. The 485 application hasn't moved further from 22 December 2009? Thanks
  21. Apologies if this is in the wrong thread - please tell me to shift it if so! i'm going to ramble now...thinking as I type Hubby has been offered a job in NSW (North Ryde). Its an EXCELLENT offer (and not going into it blind - lived near there for 15 months back around 2005). Havent made a decision yet, but before I do, I'm floundering over how long it will take us to sort the move out if we go ahead. ( I say 'I', because hubby has already made his mind up - he'd have never come back to UK if it was up to him) We will be given relocation expenses and 6 months accomodation at the other end so thats not such a big worry thank goodness. Over here I need to give a months notice at work. I have two young children both in daycare (1 and 4) I cannot really get much done whilst I'm still working. I have a TON of 'stuff' I'd really want to sell before we (if we) go - which would all need, well, sorting, and selling. Nothing major, just stuff (kids equipment, furniture, tons of clothing, outdoor play stuff, bikes, etc etc. Hassle, bah. I'd also need to do up the house a bit (quite a lot actually) to make it market-ready. Two cars to sell. Just stuff, you know. And I'll have to do it all myself (although hubby will be in charge of the house sale) I'm guessing we'd put the house on the market and leave the country even if its sold or not, I dont know, what do people normally do? I dont think renting is a plan at all, we need the money as a lump sum. I reckon as well as the months notice for work, in which time I'd get very little practical stuff done (my boys are, ahem, demanding) I'd need at least another month where I'd leave the kids in nursery and get things done. I'd prefer 6 weeks though. Anyone else who has done this with a family - how long did you need to really get ready?
  22. angiemalc

    Commute Time from Butler

    Hi all! Can any1 advise me of the suburbs I should be looking at with a reasonable commute to Osborne Park for work?? Was looking at Butler - is that a reasonable commute? any advice to be gr8! Thanks
  23. dalejaneaustralia

    176 Low / High risk time frames

    http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm Hi, slightly confused on the above link (right at bottom) it talks about the new low / high risk processing times for 176 state sponsorship. If you read through the info I believe it is saying a UK passport cannot be used on the ETA system and therefore will be high risk? Or am I just misinterpreting it? Thanks, be good to how others are reading it!
  24. Hi all I just posted this in another forum too but basically we need help in making a decision. Moving to Melbourne as unhappy in the UK after travelling and have itchy feet. We will be looking to start a family in the first few years there and am worried after looking at posts from people than it woul ruin us financially. OH is a Plumber so can earn 60-70 once he has his licence. I am in Public Relations and can get 50-70 depending on the role. So I imagine if we both get jobs at first we would be okay? But what happens when I have a baby? Can you manage on 60-70K? Not much point moving halfway round the world to struggle more is there? Is private health insurance really needed? Are there things not included with Medicare? We have to pay my OH's skills test fees ($2400) this week so want to try and make a decision before we do this. Help needed please xxx:arghh:
  25. ranjeetsingh2010

    How much time for CO to pick up 176

    I want to know how time is usually takes for Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 (priority 4) to get picked up.. I have just opened an application online. I have 120 points and also made the payment. my occupation is in the SOL list. can anybody tell me with their personal experience if it was picked up earlier... the auto email from mgsm.processing@immi.gov.au says Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2010 That is like an year of wait... can I hope for an earlier pick up or this is the actual timeline. is there a way to speed it up.