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Found 861 results

  1. JoandJon

    Quarantine time

    First problem = the more I look at the word quarantine, the more I'm convinced I'm spelling it wrong. It just looks wrong, but I digress! I think I've seen on some threads here that some animals are released from quarantine after 28 days - but the information package says 30 days minimum. Or am I just being an idiot and it's 30 days - just trying to figure out when Satch will be free if all goes well!!
  2. :err:Hi, Can anyone tell us if newly migrated people, with PR status, heading for Victoria, having been home owners in the UK, but selling up before leaving UK, will be eligible for new house owners grant? Thanks Tania
  3. Guest

    Time to appoint a CO ?

    Hi - New to the forum - have applied for a subclass 309 DeFacto via AHC in London. Have front loaded everything as advised by my migration agent. Application arrived a couple of weeks ago and the visa payment ws taken on 2nd Sept 2011. I just wondered if anyone knows the typical time to appoint a Case Officer ? Have heard nothing yet and an patient for the long processsing wait, i just want to know that someone is on it !! Thanks in advance
  4. Guest

    Time lines

    :sad: We have just made the biggest decision of our lives and decided to upsticks and move our family to Oz (Melbourne hopefully).:wink: However have just been told by an agency it takes approx 2 years to gain the Visa we will be applying for :sad: My husband is a carpenter and we are looking to gain a skilled migrant visa (hopefully with ss) my husband is only 35 and our children are 6 and 18 months so we are relatively a young family. Does everyone agree 2 years is the most likely time frame we should be working to. I'm sure the 2 years will fly by just wanted to start our new chapter sooner rather than later.:frown:
  5. So we were told to expect approval for our 457 this week -- I've just received an email from my husbands future employers immigration agent asking if we have had our medicals. This is the first time it's been mentioned to us, they obviously screwed up and didn't send the email and the girl in the office has only just realised. How long is this likely to hold up our approval? What do they check and what will it cost? There's only two approved places in the whole country where we can go, so god knows what the waiting lists will be like, not to mention the cost. Any advice, we were thinking we'd be leaving within the next two weeks and now it looks like we have another long wait.
  6. Hello! Been some really useful threads on here already so after the occasional bit of lurking here I thought I'd sign up and say hello! I'm applying for a 175 visa and just did my IELTS on Saturday (fingers crossed) and already passed the skills assessment, should be ready to put in the visa application soon! Oh, and hello to anyone else who was doing the IELTS at the Bede Centre in Sunderland on the 3rd if you are on here! Neil.
  7. I went up to Chatswood tonight to meet my mate Bill for a beer at the RSL club. It was OK in there and I did arrive very late - 930pm - but, after about an hour decided to look for somewhere to eat and the main shopping mall/street was desolate, very few places open for late eats. Could not even find a Macca. It's a major shopping/admin/transport hub and I know it's very busy during the day but I don't care for that desolate feeling. Got a decent pizza at the RSL anyway. Funny, there wasn't a soul on the train back to the city at 1am either.
  8. The trouble is, I'm not joking, reading, posting and replying IS the only worthwhile thing I seem to be doing at the moment. I must write out 100 times, no 1,000 - I MUST GET MY ACT TOGETHER AND STOP BEING A POMMIE BLUDGER. Actually, I would LOVE to be a dole bludger but I don't qualify for it - with an alternative source of income. It's just NOT fair!
  9. Hi there, please can anyone let me know how easy (or not) it will be to find part time work in the above areas in these times of uncertainty. I've been accepted on a Student Visa to SC TAFE and possibly to AICA on Gold Coast for July 09 so we can only do 20 hours, plus we need to fit it around college and our sons. We are willing to do almost anything. Please help if you can as this is the only thing thats stopping me sending my acceptance forms back! Many many thanks for viewing this post. Diane:confused::unsure:xx
  10. June 06, 2011-Filed for visa June 09, 2011-General email from Embassy saying the got it. CO and # assigned. August 24, 2011- Email Asking for more docs related to finances, NOIM, and Emails/Phone logs from CO. August 29, 2011- Phone call from CO. Wanted to discuss finances. Asked me to send letter from current employer and our intent on finances for the first two years. A personal discussion. September 01, 2011- Documents expected to arrive to CO today. Any experience this type succession of events? The CO said that she just need a few final things to fulfill the financial requirement which I have provided and will meet what she wants. How long am I looking at for a decision on my Prospective Marriage Visa? Days, weeks, months? Just a general time frame would help.
  11. Guest

    175 process time?

    Hi anyone got a rough idea how long it is taking to process a 175? Thanks
  12. Guest

    ENS Subclass 121 Time Line

    Job offer in Perth February 2011, APHRA registration June 2011, took 6 weeks to come through, Medicals completed May 2011, Visa Nomination for perminant residency approved July 2011 and main visa ENS Subclass 121 submitted August 01st 2011, Subclass Granted September 01st 2011:biggrin: Perth here we come!!!!!!
  13. This thing is confusing me abit that whther isa 475's are being processed abit faster this year like people are getting CO's soon.Will this processing speed be the same till the year end of 2011? guysss i want yr\ opinions.....doo repllyyyyyy
  14. Guest

    hard time settling

    Hi everyone, my name is Jess. I moved to Adelaide about 6 years ago from a small community in Wales. I was 13 when my family moved (19 now), they had to drag me kicking and screaming! It was such a huge change for me, the culture is very different here compared to where I came from. It took around 1-2 years for our family to settle. but after 6 years of living here it still doesn't feel right. The move made me an incredibly shy person, at first mostly because I had a strong welsh accent and people couldn't understand me. My family life may have settled but my social life sure didn't. I've drifted around groups of friends and can't seem to find people I really click with. It was really hard to leave my close friends in Wales, the people I grew up with and went through school with. I've found friends through school but not like the close bff kinda friendships I had back in Wales. I still feel like that shy foreign girl at the back of the class. Sometimes I think about going home, but I know it wouldn't be the same anymore. Has anyone else had a hard time settling?
  15. Hi, Can anyone please hep on an issue.. I have heard that visa 475 is being processed a bit quicker then before.Is this right and to what extent? What is the basic logic behind quick processing and slow processing as in DIAC website it says it takes 18 to 24 months for this visa and how come the processing speed is going quicker then this time...Touchwood anyway !!! Please someone explain.. thanks
  16. hi Dear All.... Are there any visa processing time differences between 475 family sponsor and 176 family sponsor?.... your reply will be really appreciated.... thanks samk6 :idea:
  17. Hi Guys, I have found a great property I fancy renting in Sorrento, but I wonder if anyone could give me an idea of the travel time in peak traffic to South Perth Esplanade? Would be arriving at work for about 8.30am. Thanks a lot! :cute:
  18. Hi I'm a 44yr old with over 25yrs exp. Clean, fast, reliable and hard working. Preferably looking to join existing gang to learn the ropes or team up and and form new gang. Willing to travel anywhere in Brisbane area. Barry 0479157211
  19. I shall walk the mean streets of Sydney and as I pass each shop, restaurant, cafe bakery, pub, whatever, chant my new mantra - It's not as good as the ones in England. IIf I repeat it 100 times a day I will eventually believe it and hopefully piss the Philistines aka Aussies off enough to kick me out?
  20. Palm trees grow, and rents are low But you know I keep thinkin' about Making my way back Well I'm The Old Dart born and raised But nowadays, I'm lost between two shores Australia's fine, but it ain't home England's home, but it ain't mine no more "I am," I said To no one there An no one heard at all Not even the chair "I am," I cried "I am," said I And I am lost, and I can't even say why Leavin' me lonely still
  21. Hi All My 18 year old son has decided he would like to visit Australia on a working holiday visa. He is planning to go around next June(2012) when his course has finished (he will be 19 by then) We understand he needs to show he has sufficient funds to support himself, which he has. But we dont really know much else. How much would the 12 month visa cost? How long does it take to get a visa? Does he find a job before he gets there? What are his chances of staying for longer that 12 months? Does anyone know the best way to go about this and any useful website addresses? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Julie (Liverpool UK) :biggrin:
  22. nicandjay

    Who has lasted 2nd time round ?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone ping ponged but lasted on the 2nd attempt ? what was so different that made you stay ?
  23. Dec05

    ACS & Full Time Experience

    Hi all, I hope some one can help me on this one ! I am currently gathering my certs & experience for submission to the ACS. However, in their FAQ it says.......... 24. How do you assess Full-Time Experience? Full-time experience is defined as 38 hours or more per week. Please note that we will not scale experience up based on hours per week. Now, I work a 35 hour week - I've looked around the site but cant seem to pinpoint what implication this has for my work experience. Does it mean that to get one years work experience (say 38 hours x 48 weeks = 1,824 hours), I would need to have worked longer ? Any clarity on this greatly appreciated !!
  24. nicandjay

    Is it the wrong time ?

    Well im back ! We moved out to oz last june but due to me and homesickness only lasted 7 months ! I know before everyone jumps it was wrong to give in at the first hurdle, but i also had taken a 12 month employment break in the UK... just in case . Now i can see wrong move !! So my dilemma is we really miss Oz but can we only see the good times and not the bad ? Should we move back or just be thankful for what we have here in the UK ? It seems so much more difficult 2nd time round....
  25. derham

    First time buyers grant

    We are hping to move to Perth early next year, can anyone let us know if moving to aus under a permenant visa will we qualify for ''First time buyer grant''?