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Found 861 results

  1. Hi all We have been here 7 months now. We arrived on the 29th December 2010. In case you missed it here is our first arrival report: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/reccie-arrival-reports/104518-luvpants-have-landed-our-arrival-report.html Well things are going great. I graduate in 4 weeks and have been posted to Bribie Island as my first posting. The Police academy has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done but I have feel that I have achieved something. I still get a bit jealous when I see a Fire engine but that will pass. I was talking to one of my mates the other day who was over here visiting his sister and he said the UK fire service is in big trouble financially and pension wise things are not looking good. Lisa has decided that she wants promotion and is now doing what she has to do to get on with that. She says that nursing here is different (not better but different) to the Uk and she feels that she wants to go the whole hog. She also gets paid nearly double than what she did in the uk so get in!!! We are moving to a nice house in Buderim in August as it will cut down my commute. So was the move to oz a good thing? FOR US yes. We miss our kids and friends but skype helps a great deal. We are gradually building up a friend base and things will be easier when I get out of the academy as I will be home. We have only had a couple of moments when we were home sick but not enough to make us get on a plane and come back to the Uk. Yes the exchange rate is pants, yes food here can be expensive but we did not come here for that, we came to enjoy ourselves and relax a bit. Also this is a bit of a good bye. I have been active on this board for over 4 years but there are quite a few names on here that I have not heard before and the visa rules are now totally different to what I know and therefore I cant offer any help to anyone who is stuck and needs advice. I think my time here has run its course and so although I may pop in now and again, I am cooked as far as PIO is concerned.I thank everyone on here who has helped me as TBH I could not have done it without you and you have saved me a hell of a lot of money in fees let alone heart ache (Gill in particular). Anyone who has not yet made the move, my advice to you is go for it. If it does not work out, then come back. To those coming back to the Uk, I hope you find what you are looking for. To those staying here and enjoying the life......if you come to bribie island and see a particularly good looking copper, make sure you give me a wave!:cool::policeman: Good bye and thanks. JOHN
  2. I've very wimpily been postponing my departure so I can talk on line to my friend Brigitte in Germany. Even gone so far as to tell her I'd PREFER to talk to her than go to the beach. The acid test will be if I want to go to the pub next time she is on line!
  3. Please clarify? Is it from the day I land in Oz? The day I start working in Oz? (which might be 6 months to 1 year later) The day I leave England? ( what if I go travelling for a while elsewhere in the world?) Reason I ask is once the house is sold in the UK I dont want to feel forced to transfer funds while FX rates may not be favourable? Help appreciated.
  4. Can't get it out of my head at the moment. I wish it had happened to me like that too.
  5. Hi Guys, just wondering if any nurses have applied for 175 and how long it takes? My friend said it would be fast tracked with me being a nurse but I'm not sure if this is true. Thanks Lou
  6. I have a skilled Independant Visa which is valid for another 4 years, but intend to emigrate early 2012. Fingers Crossed house will sell pre Xmas, then the next stage is what to do with poor FX rate. Is there a time limit before Sterling has to be brought into OZ or can I leave it on deposit for an unlimited time until ( hopefully ) the exchange rate improves. Thank you.
  7. Hey guys, new on here well.. joined before I left and lost all the deets haha Just got back from Australia about 3 months ago and now really home sick.. Yup callin Oz home! Had a working holiday visa and I loved every second of it.. Worst of all miss my really good mates and hate the changes back here now. Im after abit of advice, are there any chances of apprenticeships with Sponsorship in Australia, the Ins and outs of emigrating and Im half Canadian and half English.. I used my Uk passport on this working holiday but can or could i use my Canadian to renew for a new working hol visa? Any advice wouldnt go a miss. Peace Cal
  8. Hello there, Not long before we make the awaited move down under, been waiting long enough though. I have completed the OTSR and now have a 176 visa, to which I may be heading off in the next 2-3 months, tried to search on-line with no explained answers to the full package that has to be completed to obtain an A Grade License. Any info on the fastest route this can be acheived in WA and also likely costs? Also any input on the job front at present for a restricted licensed sparky in WA, experienced in the waste/water industry with quite a wide range of electrical experience in maintenance, installation and commisioning. Have registered with BA Jobmail, plenty of jobs advertised daily, but all seem to be asking for A Grade, likely to have any issues on seeking work in this current period? All feed back would be very welcome as this is my first thread and now its time to get busy.
  9. Guest

    676 Time Issues

    Hi, Have any of you guys and gals ever come across the following issue. Having gotten the 676 Holiday visa for an initial 6 month period, my girlfriend then went home to the UK before the 6 moths were up as she would then have been under a bridging visa. When she came back into oz the immigration officials took her to the interview room to question her about why she was entering oz even though her visa was almost up. Once they were satisfied that she had a bridging visa they let her through. We applied to get the working restrictions lifted. Just received the email today and it started off by saying that they accepted it and removed the working restrictions (happy faces) and then followed it by saying that the 676 is in effect until january next year so they have rejected it!! I dont know what to do now, if anything!! Just sick of immigration and all the rubbish they chat. Have been waiting for 857 for 5 months 1 week now and im from a low risk country!!when I rang them they said minimum 8 months until I get a co and then god knows how long after that!! Rant over!! If anyone knows if we have ANY options please please let us know. Be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Guest

    457 time frame?

    Hi everyone.. Had a successful interview about five weeks ago now and was offerred the job, the employer is going to sponsor me and my family on a 457 visa. the employer at the moment is sending me an offer of employment to sign. Just wondering what usually happens next and how long of a wait are we looking at? Just excited to book flights etc, we are hoping to be over in early December. Thanks a million Orla :cute:
  11. My hubby has an interview with the recruitment agency in a week and they said the visa will possibly take 6 weeks! I was wondering if the employers give you a date to be over by? Obviously will ask when we go but I have a house to pack up and 4 kids to take. I'd love to hear anyones experiance whos gone over on 457 :smile: many thanks Libbysmummy
  12. Guest

    Vetassess processing time

    Can anyone tell me the normal processing time of VETASSESS?
  13. I have not yet told my parents of our plans, as i knew it would have upset them greatly, so have always kept it hush. Now to make things harder, we have a little boy who just turned one and they adore him to bits! My question for all of you is... How did you tell your family and how best is it to break the news? Thank you for reading my post and i look forward to your feedback x
  14. Hi John My name is Richard, I have recently moved to Perth from the UK to continue my career and experience life that this wonderful city has to offer. I am currently looking for part time work or causal hours in Perth and I am available to work straight away. I am keen, hard working with a positive attitude and always aims to provide a high quality service. Should you require further information or a copy of my CV please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards Richard
  15. Cost of living pressures have pushed levels of mortgage stress to an all-time high, a report says. The September edition of the Genworth Streets Ahead report, released on Wednesday, found 25 per cent of borrowers had struggled to meet a mortgage repayment in the past year. The result was up four percentage points from the previous survey undertaken in March. 'Current economic uncertainty and increases in living costs have seen stress rise to unprecedented levels in the six months to September 2011,' the report said. 'No previous survey has seen mortgage stress levels hit 25 per cent, not even during the depths of the GFC (global financial crisis).' Levels of mortgage stress have been on the rise since calendar 2010 when interest rates began rising, the figures showed. 'The main drag on homebuyer confidence in this period is the increasing concern among homebuyers about their ability to repay their mortgage in the future,' the report said. 'This, in turn, is likely underpinned by media attention on domestic and global economic conditions affecting consumer sentiment, despite many strong domestic economic indicators for property markets.' Mortgage stress was the primary reason for the Genworth homebuyer confidence index falling 1.9 index points to 94.4 points in September. This represented a two per cent decline from the previous survey in March this year, the report said. I'm sorry but do people not factor in rate increase when taking out a mortgage:sad:
  16. dalejaneaustralia

    Length of time to active visa once granted

    I'm sure this has been answered before but I can't seem to find anything on here or the immigration website. Once we have (hopefully) been granted our visa, what time period do we have to get offer there and activate it? I've read somewhere (but can't find it) that it is do with the medicals / police checks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dale
  17. Do you think we need a speaker? Not for myself of course, being a paragon of virtue and reasoned argument. How many times does the Speaker say 'order'? I bet that becomes his Chinese torture in retirement.
  18. jgt

    time travel

    Hi all can anyone put me straight. Iv just been looking at some of the Aussi rentals and it would appear by the decor that i have inadvertantly travelled back to somewhere in time, poss between 1975 and 1980.Never mind im going to exploit the situation and become a home designer like laurence llewely Bowen or whatever hes called. Strange experience this coz the cost of living has shot into the future. Think Think ill sit down a while.:confused:
  19. Dear members, I have applied for subclass 475 on 23rd July 2010 through a migration agent, i got vetassess skill assessment for the occupation of Counsellor nec - ASCO Code 2513-79 and got the WA state nomination by June 2010 for the same occupation. Once i got the state sponsorship i couldn't apply for the visa in the month of June 2010 due temporary close of offshore GSM visas. When the New SOL 2010 came into effect, my occupation Counsellor nec was mapped into Psychotherapist - ANZSCO Code 272314 and the SOL 3 (Old) clearly indicated Applicants can only nominate an ANZSCO occupation from 1 July 2010 and An applicant with the relevant skills assessment in ASCO Occupation should map it to the relevant ANZSCO occupation. (pls find the attachment) I have been informed by my agent with the below email(from CO) saying my state nomination is invalid and they gave just 28 days to approach WA to consider as off list! I don't know what to do and my agent says we have to apply for SS again and i am wondering how will it be possible to get off list nomination since my occupation is not on the WA SMP?? Really worried and i am not getting reliable response from the agent also :cry: after paying 1800 $ as the agent fee any opinions please share :notworthy: Thank you and the below is the email from CO Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you in regards to the above Skilled migration application. Please be advised that I am willing to accept the applicants nominated occupation of Psychotherapist, ANZCO 272314 , pending provision of the new ANZCO skills assessment. However, please be advised that the WA STNI has not been accepted by the Department and has been deemed invalid as the applicants occupation is not on Western Australia's State Migration Plan and they have indicated to us that they are not prepared to sponsor the applicant as an "off list" application. I am now providing 28 days for the applicant to reapproach WA to ascertain if they will be prepared to sponsor them as a Psychotherapist and under their SMP or as an off list nomination. The applicant can ONLY be sponsored by their nominated state of WA, and cannot provide another state nomination. Please be advised if no state nomination is forthcoming from WA within 28 days the application will be subject for Refusal. Regards, XXXXXXXXX Case Officer, Team X, Adelaide GSM Department of Immigration And Citizenship sol '10-schedule3.pdf sol '10-schedule3.pdf
  20. Guest

    Time to bow out.

    I believe my time here has now run it's course. Anyone wishing to contact me further can do so via my home page at my website. Good luck to those making the journey, in whatever direction. kev
  21. I am on a 457 visa and I'm interested in doing an part time online, global MBA course whilst continuing to work full time on my 457. Is this acceptable within the terms of my visa?
  22. Hello Pomsinoz i think IMMI are really moving fast these days http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm They reached 1st December 2010 with priority 4.
  23. Someone recommended it on another post. I swam at Redleaf and my friend Cynthia wanted to meet me at the Icebergs. She lives at Bondi on the same road where I parked although I did not know it. I was just looking for a place where I could park for free. I walked along the coastal path in the dark - luckily there was a full moon which made made the view over Bondi spectacular with the waves crashing and foaming. The club itself has a fantastic location looking out over Bondi Beach. It must be a lovely spot to sit out on the balcony overlooking the pool and the beach beyond. I signed in as a visitor - all you need is a drivers' licence which they scan in on a little machine - oh and you MUST live outside the 5k limit. Sometimes in those cases they will get a member to sign you in though. Or you can join on the spot. $50 for Icebergs which is dearer than most but I noticed that steak and chips is $15 for visitors & $10 for members I had a chat to the doorman - asked him if he is a local? Yes, born and bred. 'It must be something to have been born in Heaven', I said. He was telling me how to eat oysters - I've never tried them. I was chatting to the young ladies on the bar too, asking them the same questions, 'are you local?, where is your favourite beach?' (yes, Tamarama or Clovelly because Bondi gets too crowded.) It's easy to get on with people really. If I go a few more times they'll recognize me. So, join a club, get talking to the staff, become a 'local'!
  24. paulhug

    892 processing time

    We have been in Qld for 3 years on a State sponsored business owners 163 temporary visa. We bought a business, run it for 2 years and satisfied all the criteria for PR. I then sent all the paperwork off to once again get state sponsorship. That was approved and i have now sent all the paperwork off to get PR. Does anyone know the processing time for getting PR. We were initially given a timeline when we arrived, that stated the processing time was 3 months for the whole thing. I phoned immigration a couple of weeks ago to clarify something and they told me it would take 11 months!!!!!!! Have any business owners been through the process lately? Thanks Paul
  25. hey all u helpful people out there!!!!!!!!! Little info plssss!!!!! What is the difference between Regional state sponsorship and state sponsorship time frames? I hav heard from somwere that regional SS applications ones are moving fast for NT and are not taking 30 weeks???....is tht information true or not????? please present your viewsssssssss!!!! Tc