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Found 861 results

  1. Hi, I got my skills assessed in June 2010 as 2231-79 Computing Professionals (J2EE specialist). During ACS free re-assessment my agent recommended me to request 261399, I insisted that 261313 or 261312 would be best but due to his advice & fear of getting no where if ACS reject my claim I went ahead as agent advised. As requested I received 261399 from ACS but later by reading different forums I found out IT professionals who were given the ASCO 2231-79 (specialization) received any matching IT related ANZSCO code they requested. This fact broke my heart so bad as my letter was very descriptive enough to get me the code 261313(Software Engineer). Later on my agent explained that he wants me to get a state sponsorship and the best way to do so is to be on the SOL schedule 4.:cry: I was further puzzled that IT ANZSCO codes 261313 & 261312 are in both SOL 3 & 4 & getting such code is like getting diamonds & why the hell he doesn't understand! :arghh: I need to have a plan B, and planing to submit a new ACS assessment if all states failed to include the ANZSCO code 261399 (Software and Applications Programmers nec), but I have a big doubt.. When I re-apply (myself or different agent) ACS will check my current ANZSCO code and assessment which I have to mention in the application form, my new documents & old documents will be of few months difference as I submitted the current in April. There won't be any change in my designation (Software Engineer) except few more months of work experience, but there will be a small difference in qualification as I can mention about the master's degree. Based on these facts, will they allocate me the same ANZSCO code 261399? OR there won't be any effect on my new application based on my current code 261399 I'm puzzled please help :goofy:
  2. Good Morning PPL :-D I am in the final stages of getting my defacto visa 820 finalised so I will become a temporary resident. I applied for this in July 2011. So from what I can gather in July 2013 I will move onto the defacto visa 801 if i am still in the de facto relationship. My question is once I hit July 2013 how quickly does the visa 801 get granted? Will I have to wait another 9 months or whatever like I have done for my 820 visa or is it a matter of weeks? Many Thanks for any help.:em3600:
  3. Hi there, Its been a while since I have posted on PIO. Happy New Year to you all. Been trying to work out exactly to make my move to Oz as painless as possible by being organised, hmmm not sure that has worked. Anyway, I am moving to Sydney, flying out on the 27th of Jan, but will spend a month travelling through Cambodia and Thailand and then get to Sydney just in time for the Mardi Gras. My brother is taking on my flat over here, so all furniture etc is being left behind. I am flying with Qantas, and will be using my 23 kilos to carry a few things I will need for my month of travel, but mostly essentials I will need as soon as I get to Oz, eg suits for interviews, some clothes and I will also have in my handluggage my valuables (jewellery, digital slr, laptop). Which means the only things I plan to ship are shoes and clothes. I dont estimate all of this stuff amounting to more than 2 (at the most 3) suitcases worth. And the impression I get is that the more you ship the better the price, economies of scale and all that good stuff. The only quote I have so far is from the excess baggage company. But I figured it might be better to go with someone who specialises in shipping to Oz maybe? Has anyone has any experience of shipping small amounts? I have read quite a few of the threads and would much rather pay more if it means I have more certainty over the arrival date (I think I read somewhere that some companies guarantee dates, whilst others wait until their containers are full) If so I would welcome the names of the companies you used or any advice you can give - as I reckon I can just about get this sorted before I fly out. Thanks
  4. Guest

    ACS Processing Time

    Hello folks, As a comparison and out of interest, how long did those of you having a skills assessment done by the ACS have to wait to hear back? We are praying that we won't have to wait the estimated 12 weeks as we are pushing our timescales with the changes in July. Did anyone email to try and speed things up? We have a password to login to see how our application is progressing but apprarently it doesn't often get updated. Your experiences would be appreciated. Nicky x
  5. hi all just been researching this and seems to be a waste of time??? i am a hgv mechanic looking for deisel fitter work in the mines in w.a has anyone been to one etc etc mal
  6. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post (though I've been a silent reader of this group ever since I started researching OZ). So i am sure someone would be able to help. We are planning to go out next year and my husband would be the main bread winner. We would prefer to go on a PR and in our case it might have to be a ENS121. But reading the timeline for it and because my husband was keen to start work preferably by the Australian winter(next july/Aug) we were also considering applying for the 457 as it would be granted quicker. Does anyone have any experience of applying for both together? Would it save us from having to do two police checks/medicals etc? Would be grateful for any info. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, we're soon to be coming to ACT and all we seem to do is keep looking at the internet at houses and areas to live in and really would appreciate some inside information. We're quite keen on some houses in Forde, Amaroo and the general Belconnen area, but get more confused each time my fingers hit the keyboard and that website is turned opened We would appreciate any guidance on these areas in general and other suburbs, both North and South that we should consider. Commuting time isn't a major issue as anything is going to be better than the daily commute into London each day that we endure at the moment. While our preferences are the more modern home, we want some space around us, so ideally want a slightly older property on a decent sized plot. We ideally are looking for a 4 bed property for ourselves and our six year old daughter. Schooling will be an important issue in finalising on an area. Our budget keeps changing depending on the house we see, but tops I don't want it to be more than $650-700K. Please help or my PC screen will be permanently have a shadow of realestateaustralia:) Thank you.
  8. Hello I am moving to Melbourne next month from NZ to start a job where my office located on the fringe of Melbourne CBD. I am looking at renting a place either in Werribee or Greensborough area. Can anyone tell me what the respective peak / off-peak hour travel time by train is like for Werribee vs Greensborough? (Metro Trains gave the estimates as 34 min for Werribee to CBD and 44 min for Greensborough to CBD for travel between 7.30 to 8.00 am on weekdays). Many thanks
  9. Hi, would appreciate any information on how long the processing time is taking for SS 176 visas for Accountants in WA. Thanks, Richarc
  10. Guest

    visa time scales.

    hello to everyone:biggrin: We are trying to find some time scales as to when we would be notifyed of receiving,or not as the case maybe :cry:, as all the paper was done on the 4 June. We have also heard that the visa lasts 12 months from receiving the visa or 12 months from the date of the medical. Please help as this is getting a bit confusing :confused: many thanks Scott and Sarah in Leicester.
  11. Hi, I reside in India and I am a chartered accountant by profession (auditor in MNC). I have applied for a 175 sub class visa on 25th of June 2011. I have an IELTS score of band 8 overall and have recd my skills assessment from ICAA as 10/10. However i have not been alloted a CO till date. Can you pls let me know how long does it usually take for a CO to be alloted for a case like this and how long will the entire procedure of being alloted a PR take???
  12. bensdad

    The time has come

    Oh well its 00.39 as I write this we leave for the start of our one way trip to Perth at 03.30 thought I'd get an early night. Yeah right what a night to get insomnia on well hopefully I'll sleep on the plane doubt it though never have before. Had a right day of it today saying goodbye to nearest and dearest thought I was shattered and here iam waffling on boring the life out of you poor pio people. Oh well another 3 hours watching nothing on tv Counting down the days!
  13. Hello everybody; I have applied for visa sub class 475 to South Australia and i have some questions and i prefer to get the answer from anybody who immigrated under the same visa in Australia: 1. How long does it take to know if the SA agreed to my applications or not? 2. What benefits do i can get from SA Government under this visa (Like, Health Insurance, Children education, Help to find a job and accomodation thanks
  14. Hi, I have been living in Oz for the last 20 months. I applied for the offshore 175visa 6 months ago as a chartered accountant. My visa runs out mid March 2012 and I know with 175 visa I don’t go on a bridging visa. I have 2 questions; 1) Currently the job I am in now want me to go permanent, If I send the permanent contract offer into immigration along with receipt of my application do you know if they will let me go onto a bridging A visa until my 175 visa gets assigned a case officer 2) My company want to sponsor me, am I aloud go onto a 457 visa while waiting the result of my 175visa I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter??? Thank you
  15. My friend David holds 121 visa and has worked for his employer more than 1.5 year. His employer nominated him and let him get 121 visa. Now David wants to work for another employer. David's questions are as following: 1. Since David was nominated by his boss and the boss submitted a 3-year employment contract to Department of Immigration & Citizenship, David have rights to resign from his boss and do another work before he completes the 3-year contract? What is law regulation about 121 visa work time? 121 visa holds must work for his naminator 3 years? 2. If David leaves his boss in 3 years, his visa (121 visa, a perment resident visa) will be cancelled according to Immigration law? Thanks for your kind help in advance! GEORGE
  16. Guest

    The Time Is Come

    I'd always known that if you wanted to say it more forcefully you'd say 'The time is come'. Today I Googled it and found this little gem: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/England!_The_Time_is_Come_When_Thou_Shouldst_Wean Inspiring eh? Do you also think these words are most apt in current circumstances??
  17. Just caught my daughter having a look at google maps of our old hometown and getting all teary! Says its a phase and she's missing the place. Got me wondering does the hankering after a 'traditional' Xmas make us feel homesick? Is it worse at this time of year? Separation from family and friends feels all the more intense I think. I remember our 1st Christmas here...I was dreading it really and anticipating feeling very upset on the day. As it turned out we had a fab day but I do miss the UK at this time of year for sure.
  18. Just thought i'd share this with you all........our 457 visa application was lodged on Thursday and was approved and granted on Tuesday ( 5 days ) can't believe it......we were told 4-6 weeks.......has anyone else experienced this wuick turnaround ? my head is spinning even more now ! roll on Feb 2012
  19. mapster

    Ielts 3rd December 3rd time

    Got my 3rd Ielts test on the 3rd December....................:mad: Having 1:1 tution this week from the college.........fingers crossed this helps me get the extra .5 in each section I need....:rolleyes: We seem to of hit a brick wall and unless I can get 8's in all sections the dream will be over:mad: The college have told me there are Techniques to learn to help with the test. Hope this extra cost is worth it in the end..............
  20. Guest

    Where Does The Time Go?

    Shocking really, but listening to the radio and it was THIRTY years ago since the Brixton riots. Back then I was a removal operative,:goofy::biglaugh: and my company was charged (among others) to clean up the trash and rubbish during,:shocked: and after the riots. TWENTY years ago Freddie Mercury died,:shocked:, not into icons and the like, but a great loss to the music industry.:yes: So what when looking back are the things that just seem like yesterday to you. Shocking how quickly time goes by and makes you realize at times what life is all about.:idea: Cheers Tony.
  21. Who's yours?For me it has to be unequivocally the erstwhile cretin Phoney Liar!Yep,him with the insincere smirk and with one eye eleswhere(literally as well as physically):yes:Seriously though,has anyone sold his country down the river more so than that Hooooohanker?:arghh:Not in my opinion!:realmad:
  22. Hi I've been told that 1st time home buyers do not pay any stamp duty in WA? Can anyone confirm if this is correct or have i been led up the garden path?:skeptical:
  23. Hi All, My hubbie is waiting for a competency assessment through Engineering Australia. We have been waiting for nine weeks, and we thought it would take about eight. Having checked their website, it now says that it could be up to sixteen weeks! We would prefer to get in our application before the changes in July, although we could apply after if necessary, but can anyone tell me how long they waited in their competency assessment, and also if they were successful. Thanks all
  24. Well its that time of the year again, we are about to witness what the uk does best.:yes: Its going to be even better this time, its globally the best there is .............. Personally i can't wait any longer and i have been suffering withdrawal symptoms, as anyone else? Ita August, its amazing and its Is anyone else as bloody excited as me.:arghh::jiggy: pepin ............ your not welcome on here.:wink:
  25. Hi everyone My boyfriend is Australian and we are currently in Australia and about to embark upon the adventure of applying for a de facto visa for me (British) Can anyone who has done the same tell me how long it took theirs to come through please? And roughly how long after application they were interviewed (if they were)? Thanks everyone!