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Found 231 results

  1. OK folks a laugh is all. I know that there are many straight and a few gay people on PIO,:jiggy:. So my question is this. 'IF' you were go to either 'Dark Side', in other words straight people go 'gay' for a day, and 'gay' people go straight for a day who would be your ultimate partner. Strange question I know, but it is a 'IF' question, I'll go first. Too many to mention, :shocked:, but this fella would have done it for me in his younger days. Met him in a pub once in Regents Park, he was having a drink and me and my mate put Ant Music on the juke box, and all of a sudden up jumps Adam and with two forks he joined in the drum section of the track. Come on lets have a laugh is all. No offence meant as I hope you know.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  2. Guest

    The 'Tea Totalers' Thread.

    As a tea totaler I often think we are a breed that is left on then more 'peripheral' of this modern day age. I used to drink, :embarrassed: until I began having a liquid breakfast, lunch and dinner, even with a sneaky 'elevenses' as well.:shocked::policeman:. So now I drink copious amounts of tea, gallons of the stuff a day, and when I say gallons I reckon I have around 20 to 30 cups a day. All well and good until I go to bed and I am like a screaming banshee trying to get to sleep due to caffeine overdose. At the moment I am drinking Twinnings English breakfast tea, (posh ain't I). But have had my moments with PG, Yorkshire, Red Label, Typhoo, and inurmable others, but have to say I have yet to find my favourite. The day they do a specialist tea with the essence of Jack Daniel's I will be a very happy man.:jiggy::jiggy: So come on, fess up, what's your favourite tea tipple? Cheers A clean and sober Tony.:eek::cry::biglaugh:
  3. kellyjamie

    TAS SS Timeline Thread - pls add

    Morning to all you tassie hopefuls! So i thought we could do the same as all the other states and have our own timeline for state sponsorship and visa grants? Dont think its been done yet but apologies if it has, and if so Mods could you merge Thanks kel xx I,ll start altho were just at the start..... Name: KellyJamie Trade/profession: Youth Worker Visa type: 176 Date of SMP Applications: 30 Dec 2010 Confirmation SS received: 5 Jan 2010 Date of SMP Granted: 12 Jan 2010 Onshore/offshore: offshore Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date of Visa application: Nationality: British High/Low Risk: Low Date visa granted: Good luck everyone xx
  4. Guest

    The 'Happy Song' Thread.

    I know these threads have been done before, but I thought I might put a different slant on it. This song to me when I hear it truly makes me smile and think of the many happy days I spent in Australia. It has the ability to cheer me up no end, and very nearly transports me back to Mission Beach, Palm Cove, The Whitsunday's, etc. Just thought with a bit of the old tension running a little high at the moment it may do us (well, me at least) a bit of good to think of happier times.:wink: PS. Still can't put a proper 'link' in,:arghh: so just click the linkish below.:wink: Cheers Tony.
  5. All people have one thing in common. We all want to be liked, don't we? We are an extremely ego driven race, however we have a strong need to have the approval from others. To make people feel good, you don't have to go out of your way and you don't have to even like the person. What do you like to do to make a person feel good? Myself personally I like to understand. If you put yourself in other peoples positions and really understand what they are saying or going through. People feel good when they know someone understands what they are saying.
  6. Guest

    The Hangover Cure Thread.

    Well, its nearly upon us, and with this in mind thought I would start a thread concerning hangover cures (if such a thing exists,:biglaugh:) My own entry would be in the first instance is with every drink you have (alcoholic) try and drink plenty of water at the same time, (this does not include mixing Scotch and water, that defeats the object,:biglaugh:) for every drink you have, take at least half a pint of water with it, generally helps to keep you more hydrated, means a few more trips to the loo during the evening, but better than waking up thinking the world has ended.:embarrassed: Or if you wake up with a stinker, take at least two/three Berocca with plenty of water. Though I don't drink now I always found the old Berocca did the trick for me. So, come on peeps, any other suggestions? All welcome as I can imagine there will be a few in need in the morning.:cry: Cheers Tony.:cool:
  7. Best Wishes to all on PIO for 2011 :hug: Hopefully it will be a good year for us all :jiggy:
  8. OK, before I go any further, I am one of the BIGGEST cricket fans you will ever meet. I have been to several Ashes series, etc, and appreciate what cricket means to many people, BUT. This last test has shown that Turkeys were not the only ones to get a good stuffing over the festive period: http://s1.b3ta.com/host/creative/63724/1232798231/cptpout5s.jpg Ponting has become the target of some pretty awful press releases and utter vitriol. As I said, I am a huge cricket fan and always will be, even though I am an 'adopted' Aussie I will always cheer for England in the cricket, and would love nothing more than England retaining the Ashes with some great victories. I am not and cannot defend what Ricky Ponting did last night with reference to remonstrating with the umpires, cricket is steeped in rules and regulations, and one of those rules is that the umpires word is final, to question him is just not 'done'. But pressure takes it toll on us all in different ways, we all react differently, at certain times. Lets be honest, we have all acted in strange ways when 'pressure' is applied, it just so happens that we are very rarely in the glare of the worlds press. What I am saying is this. That whilst Ponting as captain should rightly take some of the blame, after all as the 'boss' in any field when things go wrong we should be held accountable to what goes on, but. Ponting can only work with the resources he has at hand. The players in the current Aussie side are 'apparently' the best in Australia. It's not wholly Pontings fault if these platers do not perform on the day, it is THEIR responsibility to a certain degree. But what I find really annoying is this. Ricky Ponting has served HIS country well, he at times was and hopefully will be one of the all time great players to watch. A true great in the modern day era of test cricket. Some of the SAME press and SAME supporters of Ponting when things were going WELL, are now using every means at their disposal to vilify, castigate and attack him at every opportunity. Some of the press coverage has been so vitriolic that you would think Ponting was a member of the Manson family many years ago. Bloody hell, I've seen less ferocious attack made against 'real' criminals and arses. I am NOT saying that Ponting doesn't deserve some of the criticism, of course he does. But what is really bugging me is that the SAME institutions and people who once hailed Ponting a great have now drawn their dagger and he must be wondering where the next stab in the back will come from. Again, not saying that he doesn't deserve a certain amount of criticism, I am the first to say that if a player isn't playing well we as the general public should have our right to say what is going on. But the ONE thing that you will NEVER be able to accuse Ponting of is lack of pride in wearing HIS countries jersey. This is what drives the man on, no matter his weaknesses, Ponting has always taken great pride in wearing the jersey/colours of Australia. To accuse him of anything less, (which has been said) is tantamount to treason. The man at this present time is under huge pressure, and we should be bale to highlight that at the moment he has some issues that need ironing out. But the Australian press and to a lesser degree the people of Australia have let themselves down on a massive scale. Memories are short I'm afraid. Have they forgotten the times when Ponting was a true great and showed the way, I'm afraid they have. The bloke at the moment must feel if the whole of Australia is against him, and rightly so. I don't feel sorry for him at all, but I do feel that the way he has been treated over recent weeks is tantamount to cruelty and bloody mindedness. People are to quick to forget what he has done in the past, and the PRIDE he has shown in wearing the colours of Australia. In short, though I long for an England victory, I can't help but feel the press of Australia, and some of the people of Australia have shown their true colours. They should be ashamed of themselves on so many levels. Of course I want England to win, but not at the expense of one mans sanity. Ricky, if you ever get to read this, (which you won't,:biglaugh:) though I would love you too lose this Ashes series I remember the so called good old days when I would watch you play cricket, and you indeed had no competitors. You were at times second to none, and it was a pleasure to see you. It's such a shame that this fella has become the 'whipping boy' of a nation because he is at the moment on a massive losing streak. Certain sectors of Australian society should be ashamed for the way they have acted, and I for one will not forget them. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  9. Happy Christmas All. That's it really, hope you all have a great time with your family, relatives and friends. For those of you not so fortunate, you in many peoples minds and thoughts at this time.:wubclub: I'm signing out now as I have to get in the Christmas 'Spirit', will do my best,:embarrassed::wink:. Just to say, speak to you all very soon, and may your God go with you, (said in Dave Allen stylee.:wink:) Cheers Tony.:wink:
  10. BritChickx

    Another Christmas Thread

    The mods are gonna have a whale of a time clearing up all these Christmas threads in a weeks time :biglaugh: But seriously, like Pablo I don't wanna send an individual message to everyone, so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hope you all have a fantastic day (even those of us who are working :eek:). Best wishes for 2011, make it a good one :wubclub::hug:
  11. Thought we may need a bit of fun tonight, so ladies (and gents if you want to join in) I have a dilemma. Never really been one to conform to any great degree. With this in mind, and my age (47) I was wondering if I should have my hair redone. I had for a few years had my hair dyed (professionally :embarrassed:)silver/white. However, at that time I was often off my head and no grasp of reality.:goofy: But now I have my family back in my life is it a step too far. My plan is to have if fairly short and dyed again silver/white, a bit like the pic I have included, forget Philip for a minute ladies, I'm talking about the hair. Anyway my youngest daughter reckons it would look 'cool':mad:, but my eldest has refuse to talk about it. My better half just nods in the right places, as she gave up a long time ago on me.:wubclub::biglaugh: Bearing in mind it will be a huge change, from nearly black to silver/grey is this a wise path to take. As I said never one to conform and all that. Just want a change is all, but am I too old to get this done? Serious question ladies, your advice would be appreciated.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.
  12. Guest

    The Thread to End all Threads

    I had a reality check a few days ago, courtesy of some fellow Pommie bastards at the cricket. I was part of a group of eight fine upstanding men, of whom only one other lives in Aus (Brisbane). Now these weren't people living in a state of perma-denial. They were here on hols, mostly for the second or third time in Aus. To a man they ALL complained bitterly (:wink:) about: how 'kin expensive it now is in the 'lucky country'. the invasiveness of advertising for pretty much ANY excuse , which devalues the product, the game, the program, whatever the pathetic over regulation of stupid little things, coupled with an oppressive police presence how inarticulate the Aussie fans were (:wink:). OK that was my own 'observation' So then, have chris 955, aldo and even earlswood have been right all this time? Australia is an over priced, over regulated, under-stimulating environment? These 'facts' weren't news to me; but sometimes it takes an outsider to point out the elephant in the room. ENJOY!:wink:
  13. Hi there Is anyone having trouble opening the last page of the summary: spousal visa thread, have tried 5 times and it keeps throwing us out of PIO and comes up with an error, we can open other reads just not this one!! Thanks guys, have we missed something................. Any advice appreciated:confused:
  14. Guest

    another appreciation thread

    just want to thank everybody on pio dont think the is one member on here you as not helped someone in one way or another so good on you ,and i want to thank the gill (gollywobbler) and others like George lombard, and Alan collett who give up so much off the time giving free advise and helping people with the move to Australia . thanks
  15. Guest

    The 'Happiness' Thread.

    Just got back in and on the radio I heard Mr Cameron saying that one of the latest ideas he has is try and make everyone a bit happier in the UK, (who said Quangos were dead, :shocked:), kidding aside I could see what he was trying to say, but I fear it will all be vain. They also interviewed a professor who had a scale of happiness, the scale went form 1 to 10. One being in the pits of despair, and ten being absolutely at peace with yourself and your surroundings. They even interviewed several people who were asked several questions. 1. How loved do you feel? 2. How happy do you feel? 3. What's the first thing you think of in the morning? 4. If all material wealth was taken away today, what would you have left? They were the four key questions that 'apparently' can surmise how happy you are, mmmmm, think it could be a bit deeper than that, but there you go. The vast majority of respondents said that they were relatively happy, and answered the questions as 'honestly' as they could. The professor then went on to mark them, overall they were in the 7's, 8's, 9's and even one ten. Except for one poor bugger who scored 2, no job, no family, etc, and he truly sounded very depressed.:cry: So on a scale of 1-10 how would you mark yourself, honesty now folks. I would do it a bit differently, I would definitely say that I was a ten in relation to the key questions, but the professor made one point that I didn't quite understand. She said that to accept things that you cannot change will ultimately lead to happiness as well, I tend to disagree. It's a VERY personal point of view, but to try and want to change things that are allegedly out of out control can surely be the driving force behind 'happiness'. Some say that to accept certain issues will lead to a life where you can be happy, but is that 'accepting' that things are just the way it is, and that is the way they will always be. So in a rather confused and complicated way I guess I am asking how would you rate your life at the moment, family etc are all important, and indeed if EVERYTHING else went tomorrow I would be very happy, but I would still want to see change bought about. The strange thing is this. That whilst I often crave and clamour for change it truly doesn't make me unhappy, the reverse in actual fact. If I succeed all well and good, but if I fail then so be it. In actual fact I am ecstatic that I hope to raise certain issues, it is the ONE driving force that makes me get up every day. Of course my family comes first, but in all honesty if you don't have a 'realistic' dream that you want to achieve can you ever be truly happy, even if you never get to acheive it. Sorry, long and bloody boring I know, but thought it worth asking.:mad: Cheer Tony.:wink:
  16. Guest

    The B1K3R Thread.

    As we all know BIK3R :notworthy: is a very deep individual, and his replies to posts are really well worth reading, he has made me think long and hard several times, BUT. He used to have the avatar of his actual person, now is it only me. But to me my friends he looks like a very infamous crim from Australia, a man by the name of John 'Chopper' Reid,:wubclub:. Have a look on wiki at his exploits. To me BIK3R is a wonderful, educated, good looking, suave and sophisticated man, not going to say anything different now I know who he IS.:policeman::shocked::biglaugh:. BIK3R, don't go to any dodgy night clubs mate out there, particularly in Melbourne, you are still a marked man mate. Not meant to offend my friend, but you truly do look like my mate Chopper, so come on mate, put your mug back up, it is uncannily like him mate.:notworthy::notworthy:. But you ARE better looking my friend.:wubclub::wubclub::smile: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  17. Guest

    the self centered thread

    i think im luverly--and the best thing since sliced bread--im a demi god to many--and who can argue that fact--im great looking with a fantastic personnality,and so intelligent--my oh my im just so perfect its unreal--gee you guys are so lucky to have me in your lives:wubclub:--i demand heaps of thanks for this thread as your way of realizing the truth:cool:--so why not sing your own praises--you know you want to:wink:
  18. I want to dedicate a thread just for Kate, a lovely lady who is always helping people out and seems to put others before herself even if times are tough. PIO wouldn't be the same without ya! :hug: PS - have you moved yet?
  19. Guest

    another love in thread

    i think andy/pabs/ropey/hoff/addona/ali/aldo/optomist/susie/tonyman/geoffrey/tony/BC/and heaps heaps more,are great guys:wubclub:just thought id say that--im just a softy at heart--so i love you all:cry:shi7 what a wuse i am somedays---ps i put andy first because he is a very sensetive guy--and i do not wish to offend:wink:
  20. Guest

    curry/chilli thread

    to keep certain female members of the HMC thread ive put this thread on--hopefully this will entertain you girls,and boys--and keep the girls of the HMC thread:mad:im in charge of security on the HMC thread--so i hope this helps:wink:me personnaly i like a mild curry (korma) i dont like the hot stuff its hurts me bum in the morning:wubclub:
  21. Guest

    The 'In Betweenness' Thread.

    We all have a view of Australia, some good, some bad, some wonderful, some horrendous. But I thought I would start this thread in the hope that those of us who neither thinks Australia is a Utopia or indeed hates everything about Australia can have their say without being castigated for such thoughts. I am often accused of sitting on the fence when it comes to my views of Australia and indeed the UK, but I see my views as realistic, fair and balanced, IMO anyway, :biglaugh:. Some of the threads and posts on PIO can become very polarised, and never the twain shall meet. No matter the reasoned argument and educated thought some people say that EVERYTHING in Australia is crap, AND EVERYTHING in Australia is wonderful. I am of the mind that Australia has indeed been very good to me, very, very good in actual fact, but am also very much aware that at times I could easily turn around and say I hate the bloody place, and the same goes for the UK as well. Just depends on my mindset, experiences and things I have found to be relevant to me. I just think that it's about time the 'average', 'Joe Bloggs', etc were given the opportunity to let their thoughts come to the surface and be aired in a way that reflects a degree of realism, again, IMO. I often read posts and threads where the opinions become so polarised that I 'think' some members dare not post in case they are slaughtered for their opinion. Their are many people on PIO who are of the 'In Between' brigade, where they have found Australia neither their Utopia or Hell. There is nothing wrong in saying Australia has many faults, as it does positives, nothing wrong at all, just so long as these posts/threads are balanced and are a TRUE reflection of the country. I often see many people view a thread and not reply, maybe they are not interested, maybe they don't feel qualified, but I think to some degree they feel a bit daunted by wanting to say that Australia whilst being very good in many aspects, also has many downsides. I dare say I will be accused of sitting on the fence again, but in all honesty I do try and see both sides of the argument and hopefully reflect this in my thoughts. I have said many times the facets of Australia that annoy the hell out of me, but I think I have also balanced this out with many, many positives. I think the vast majority of migrants to Australia find it a country that suits them, but at the same time they should be allowed their opinion on certain other issues without being labeled a Whinging Pom. Nothing wrong in finding fault with any country, just so long as it is done worth consideration and educated thought. So, I freely admit that I am an 'In Betweener', but at this stage in my life I also know where I would rather be, and that is Australia. Next week that might change, depends on my mood and experiences I guess. Just a thought. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. Guest

    new members thread

    this thread is for new members to chat about things of interest to them,and to ask older members about things on pio--give it a go:wubclub: jump in:jiggy:
  23. Guest

    The top 5 film thread

    Rather than getting out lame dvds from the rental place I thought I would ask everyone's top 5 films ever... Also, it would be therapeutic for everyone to take part in a thread where you don't need to take sides on Oz or UK!! Mine currently are : 1) Jaws - awesome Spielberg action, love Roy Schneider, nostalgia of the 70s. Sadly, led to a laissez faire on shark killing.... 2) The limits of control - film set in Spain - cryptic and a little confusing but the most atmospheric piece of cinematography 3) Inception - recent film at cinema, Leonardo di Caprio (eye candy for the ladies), genius, intricately designed dream sequence with watertight plot. I definitely dream this way! 4) Requiem for a dream - unforgivingly harrowing and beautifully crafted film by Darren Aronofsky on drug addiction. 5) 21 gramms - the body loses 21 gramms the instant it dies apparently - the film is correspondingly bleak but beautiful. Very gripping tear jerker without Hollywood pathos. Any one else?
  24. McKlaut

    Dinosaurs' thread (long wait)

    I think maybe such thread can help those who have been waiting for their visa decisions for a long time (year and more). I mean those from cat4-5 who should be processed but stuck with impediments. We can share our situations and possible ways to move things ahead. At least just moan and cry to each other's shoulders. :wink: As for me now it's been almost 19 months since we lodged our visa application and 28 months since we applied for Australian skill assessment. So, going through our 3d year of "life on hold". Luckily we were wise enough not to postpone our second child birth. And this is the only decision that we could make with no regard for immigration. Every other steps that were taken were affected by our "sunny plans". Ok, here we now have been stuck on external checks since August 2009. Complained to DIAC about this - no results, IGIS - no results, answer "we take complaints only after 6 months from checks beginning". So, I wonder what are others' situations and reasons for delay and what you've done to try to cope with this.
  25. we have several choices for your vote--this is all in fun:wubclub: bearing in mind theres a reputation at stake here