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Found 231 results

  1. Guest

    Where is that thread?

    Guys I saw that great thread with the detailed cost of shipping from the UK from different companies but can't seem to be able to track it down. Could someone send me the link?
  2. pablo

    The best OF thread,uk/oz

    No point scoring thread!(NO oz v uk toffee!) whats the best things from the uk and oz,weather,fish and chips,zz top beards,chavs....just lighthearted,thats all:wubclub: I'l go......Uk, Eating top drawer crispy fish and chips at the seaside:notworthy: Oz?the space!:notworthy:
  3. Hi all, I''m currently in my final year of my degree and have aspirations of visiting and then hopefully moving to Australia. I know you have probably had MILLIONS of daft English guys like me asking about spiders and am sick of people like me, but your honest thoughts would be really appreciated by me. I've got a bit of a fear of spiders, so knowing that Australia have their fair share does concern me slightly! What I want to know is, how often do you get them in your house? I've noticed huntsmen tend to be more 'house based spiders' than other types. You can give me your honest answers, don't hold back and don't exaggerate, just tell me as it is. Also, how have you all found living in Australia? All of your feedback will be a massive help! Thanks guys! -Liam
  4. Guest

    pio be nice thread

    With all the arguing and nastiness that has been apparant on some threads of late i am ordering everyone to be nice to each other on this thread otherwise me and brother pablo will be paying you a visit:mad:
  5. tonyman

    the Posh 'n' Becks Thread.....

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1381834/Royal-Wedding-Victoria-Beckham-wears-minimalistic-navy-Royal-Wedding.html?ito=feeds-newsxml take a look at the Mail online , Posh was so miserable in all the pics during the wedding,it was only till Kate walked in she realized she wasnt at a funeral after all ! Becks was trying to have a laugh and he tried to be clever by wearing a medal he won in a Christmas cracker but he wore it on the wrong side and had to be told to swap it to his left side :biglaugh::biglaugh: Anyone have any good pics of Posh wearing a smile send them in ..................pics of her breaking wind are not allowed as that would be a false smile .........:wink:
  6. I found this thread ages ago on here about how you can watch UK TV. It contained something about either subscription services and/or using software to conceal/change your IP address and a games console to watch it through your PC/TV. My dad is starting to crave the Formula 1 coverage that BBC provide, which apparently far surpasses here so he wants to be able to watch the live coverage online. I can't say I would mind being able to get 4OD and BBC iPlayer either. Anybody know where the thread is and can they link us back please? The Search feature on here doesn't seem to want to help me find it!! :GEEK:
  7. Posted this thread yesterday in Dilemmas, just diverting PIOers from Migration Issues over. So many of us are fixated on Migration Issues and I guess it is the hottest sub-forum on PIO. I've got a Dilemma that's a Migration Issue as well, please follow the link and give your feedback: 176 SS looking for a career switch Thanks:wubclub:
  8. Guest

    The Weight Loss Thread

    Ok, I'm sure I'm not the only one trying to lose weight for future medicals. Thought it might be nice to have a place where we can discuss tricks & tips, and keep the motivation up. (and yes I'm aware being overweight isn't crucial to the medical, but why take chances). So I'll start: I'm apparently 8 stone over my 'ideal' weight, although I reckon I would look silly at 10 and a half stone. I'd be delighted with getting down to 12st, and please getting to 14st. So, my first few days of restarting weight watchers, and I have lost 4 lbs :tongue: Nice start, long way to go
  9. Pablo. As you well know mate, there are many of us on here who appreciate how much you hate flying,:mad:. With this said mate, I did a straw poll and it was decided that in order to help you overcome your hatred the members of PIO have included this link in the hope that it will in some small way 'prepare' you for the long journey ahead my friend: YouTube - Singapore Airlines Flight Journey: SQ981 Bangkok to Singapore Now promise us that you will watch this video (especially the bit where all you can see is the back of a seat,:biglaugh:) over, and over and over again, until you become immune to it. I bet you will find if you do this that the time will fly by when on the actual aircraft mate. As I said, it was a straw poll done in secret, but the membership of PIO are here to help mate.:wubclub::mad::biglaugh: PS. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN Pablo, it will pay dividends in the end mate.:yes: Cheers Tone.:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    serious thread 2

    Thanks for all the replys, ESPN tonight ( WA time ) 10.55pm live I thank you. :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  11. Guest

    Serious thread

    Well nearly, any one know of a pub that has the Englang V Wales game on ???, its not on Foxtel/ESPN/Setanta etc. We are in Port Kennedy. Thanks for looking. ER :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh:
  12. Hi everyone I have been on PIO for over 2 years now on and off and although this is predominently a site for people emigrating to Australia, it is also a site for people coming back to the uk. So for those of us who are wanting to go, or who are going, we obviously don't want to make the same mistakes (no offence meant) as some, who it hasn't worked out for, i think a - what to be aware of thread with tips and good advice from people who have tried to live the dream' but it hasn't worked out for them, these people can genuinely contribute good advice, admittedly it might not be what some of us want to hear, but never the less some of it can be helpful. Also for those lucky enough to already be living in Australia, your tips and help is more than welcome also. I do not want to offend anyone and i would appreciate it if this thread could have posts on it that are helpful and non aggressive and no arguing please. I say lets pull together and post good helpful advice for those who are facing the daunting prospect of living in a different country far away from family and friends. I will start by saying that, i think i have heard on PIO that any teenager who is wanting to go to university in Australia, will have to pay overses fees, unless they get citizenship, or they have been there more than 4 years and have Permanent Residency.......... is this correct and what is the difference in fees?
  13. pablo

    Closing thread alert!

    Wtf!:mad: ive just spent what feels like 2 hours tobeying me finger all round this keyboard(about 700 yards i reckon going on 2 inch movement per letter typed)writing a perfectly normal reply to geoffs thread,a very insightfull and well intentioned one i might add:wideeyed:,on the subject of these pro/anti uk and oz threads:SLEEP:,anyway,abv version...... some threads are banter and "set out to be as an op",so will invite banter and fair do's,OTHER threads are more serious,people pouring their hearts out about difficulties in oz or the uk(and its normally not hard to tell which are banter and which serious)and its these threads where the banter and snarling over which place is best needs to be knocked on the head,its not hard is it??thread and a place in other words Anyway yeah the thread title! there MUST be some kind of way of warning people that the threads closed AS they type:unsure:,thats about the third time in a week! It wouldnt be as bad if the back button hadnt stuck as i pressed it,just as i was having a a chong:goofy:,TOOOOoooo SLOOOOooow to react:frown:all erased and start again,so i typed it twice!!so .....warning or no? i'd sooner gouge me eyes out with spoon than do all that typing for fa again:mad:
  14. northwest

    Hi All! brand new, first thread

    Hi All, Just started the process. Getting all the stuff ready for submitting for the TRA. I am a painter and decorator with all the relevant requirements. Will i still have to do a skills test and does anybody know what is involves in the test for a P&D. Ste
  15. Gone a bit quiet on here, (hushed sigh of relief,:wink:) but thought I would try and make things move along a bit. WHAT IS IT WITH THE BRITS AND SUNGLASSES? Was out and about a bit yesterday and will be again today, and though the sun was out it was relatively weak, and more often than not hidden behind a whispy cloud or two. But as I sat there drinking my 'Flat White', :jiggy:, I noticed how many people had Sunnies on, all shapes and sizes, (the glasses, not the people), black, yellow, blue, big, small, cool, silly , etc. I know at times the need for sunnies is important, i.e. driving etc, but even when these people sat down they kept there sunnies on, wouldn't take then off. EVEN when one or two wen into Tesco, they kept them on. I have nothing against sunnies, but if this sun continues it won't be long before the board shorts are out, zinc cream all over the face, and god forbid the odd budgie smuggler. Just an observation is all, but the sun whilst being lovely to see does make some people in the UK act very strangely indeed. Cheers Tony.
  16. ausdreamer

    The 'wine drinkers' thread

    Every wine producing nation makes its share of dross and, let's be honest, Australia is no exception...but on my last visit to Aus I had a real problem finding a good red...every bottle I purchased and tried was not to my liking! Can anyone kindly recommend some good oaky reds for hubby and fruity for me....
  17. PommyPaul

    another leaving thread

    I love this forum but i'm going to have to leave for awhile, have a few personal issue with a member on here and its hard to post and see thier username. been great hearing all your stories over the years and i will be back hopefully soon when my wounds heal. signed Pommypaul... (abit of an idiot)
  18. Guest

    Recommended Books Thread

    Hoping that this will be a useful thread to share book recommendations relating to migrating to/from Australia. My most recent read has been: Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert The book is a bit of a misnomer as it is not a self-help "how to find happiness" book. It is more about how your brain processes information to make decisions which will affect your future happiness. Veeery interesting reading. Already has helped me look differently at some big decisions. Belonging by Isabel Huggan Memoir of the process of settling into a new country and everything that goes with it. This book left a lasting impression on me. To learn about some of the recent history of Australia, if you like historical novels: The Lambing Flat by Nerida Newton The Secret River by Kate Grenville A really old book I read some time back is called Cobbers by Thomas Wood recording his journey from Essex to Australia in 1930 and then round Australia. I was surprised at how many things haven't changed especially in the remote towns. I think it is out of print but you see copies on ebay, oztion etc. Possibly available at libraries in Australia. It is very light reading and humorous. One thing I wish I'd known more about before I arrived here to live, is Australian history. I think it would have given me a greater understanding of the culture in Australia and some of the attitudes and traditions. Anyone else have any books they recommend? .
  19. firebladebally

    Scuba Diving Thread

    HI all, anything to do with scuba diving and is worth while sharing........Where to dive, what people have seen, special offers on trips, reviews on gear.......anything at all. :jiggy:
  20. So how about this, everyone who sees this thread and lives in australia gives a breif run down of any houses they've rented with details like, the year you rented it, the location and the weekly cost? Give everyone a real world idea of the cost i renting in Australia in different areas? Mine... Caloundra qld - 1 bedroom unit - $300 per week 2008 Pomona qld - 1 bedroom cottage - $280 per week 2009 Nambour qld - three bedroom on acerage - $250 per week 2009/2010 Tumbarumba shire nsw - three bedroom house - $50 per week 2010 Tumbarumba shire nsw - three bedroom on acerage - $65 per week including all bills 2011
  21. Guest

    The 'Flight Saver' Thread

    This one may help one or two. We all know that after certain costs are taken into account one of the biggest expenses is flight cost, to and from Australia, especially if you have a family. I belong to around thirty different airline/company internet sights, or rather I subscribe to them and I often get emails/newsletters about the offers they are having on at any one time. Because they generally let 'subscribers' know first of any deals (I imagine because of guaranteed sales) I have often found a saving, somewhere in between a few quid to a couple of hundred. They are not as rare as some think, and I would hazard a guess I receive around four or five 'offers' a week from the sites I subscribe to. So Reckon if I posted such offers it 'may' save you a few quid, may enable you to spend more in Duty Free,:yes::jiggy:. If anyone else knows of such offers please feel free to post, as I said before, the flights to and from Australia are often a bit pricey, so every penny helps. If I had thought earlier I could have put a link onto Singapore Airlines, as they had a sale of up to 30% off certain long haul flights, but unfortunately it finished yesterday. So in short, I will do my best to keep this thread updated, when I get any alerts etc, but would be good for any other information that may save a few quid on the old flight scene. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. This is our first post on PIO. Reading the CP thread has been most heart warming and encouraging, we wish all the very best to the lucky ones BUT Have I been deceived by a Migration Agent? Last January on returning home with my ‘newish’ husband from holiday with my daughter in Australia, and reacting to a severe badgering to move to Australia I investigated the internet. My main concern was the ‘balance of family’ test. I have 2 daughters, one in the UK and one in Australia where she has lived for the last 18 years, now with a husband and three boys. My present husband and I have been together for 11 years and married nearly 3 years ago. He has two children, one who lives somewhere in UK and another possibly in the USA or SA. An internet site offered an ‘instant eligibility test’ which indicated I satisfied the criteria for a Parent Visa. Since this time we have entered into a ‘Money Back’ agreement with the company, paid them £1,000, completed all the necessary forms including a joint family tree, lodged all the forms with PVC (via the company) and paid the first VAC. We received from PVC an acknowledgement dated 5Jul2010. Since this time we have come to terms with the long wait and started to de-clutter our home. Part of the preparation has been to surf through the PIO thread for tips of money, homes, banking, pensions etc. It came as a shock to come across a post by ‘Gollywobbler’ (No 705 of 30Sep2110) which spells out very clearly that, together with my husband, I do not satisfy the balance of family test. Unless somebody knows to the contrary, it looks like all our plans and dreams and those of my Australian family are shattered. It would appear to be appropriate to write to PVC and withdraw the visa application and demand some form of reparation from the visa agents. Any advise/comments would be welcome.
  23. Guest

    The 'Judgemental' Thread.

    Firstly I will say this, whilst I class myself as being non judgemental, you can bet your bottom dollar that at times I can be, without a shadow of a doubt I will often judge someone without firstly 'KNOWING' anything about them, and secondly because of PRECONCEIVED' ideas, so I am NOT innocent of being judgemental, BUT. And this is not aimed at anyone specially on PIO, but at times I do read some of the comments and have to hold back what I really think. I often read threads about all manner of things, crime, race, religion, smokers, booze, child abuse, schizophrenia, suicide, depression, as I said all manner of things, and to some degree I do see someone else's point of view, but at the same time I read a certain post and think to myself, 'Why don't you just shut the feck up and shut your mouth. Because quite simply you HAVE no idea whet you're talking about'.:mad: I often see the words as well, 'Until you have walked in that persons shoe's', and whilst I agree to a certain extent with this saying, I do think at times certain people would be better off just keeping quiet. If the case was that we should have all experienced certain emotions, then there would be little to discuss would there, but at times I feel the need to 'zip it' should be employed because very simply what is being said is absolute TOSH. I am an open book as you may well know, and I try though very often fail to post if I have some semblance of experience about certain issues, I try, but often fail. But at times I read a certain post and am flabbergasted at the tenure of the reply, because quite simply if they had any real idea of the situation then their post would have reflected that. I have in the past been an alcoholic, tried to commit suicide (must try harder:policeman::biglaugh:) drug addict, 'alleged' wife beater, 'alleged' child beater (my own children) and the worst thing that was ever aimed my way, apparently I was a 'kiddie fiddler' once again my own two children. I make no bones about what went on in a previous life, couldn't care less who knows, really couldn't, because aside from the drugs and booze I was not guilty of the other accusations. The person who made these accusations in now dead, thankfully, but I would willingly wish them back to life so I could torture them very slloooowwwwllllyyyyy and make their death once again as painful and as agonising as possible, I have no shame in saying that, none at all, it is a thought that often crosses my mind, and if I had three wishes I WOULD want them to come back to life so I could carry out my plan.:jiggy: And what must be remembered is the fact that I become reliant on booze and drugs WAS because of the disgusting accusations they threw my way. Having said all that some may my honesty a little worrying and disconcerting, again, don't really care, because I am still here today, and what went on in a previous life has made me stronger. But I will say this, some people when discussing certain issues should remember that some of us have lived the nightmare of 'accusations' that were NEVER based on any fact, none at all. The person involved who did such things to me was just plain evil and for their own reasons took it upon themselves to make my life a misery for several looonnnggg years, but hey, such is life I guess.:eek: I often read things about 'peados', 'alcoholics' etc that beggar belief, ALL should be castrated, or all 'wino's are weak, well WTF, how about learning a bit more about the case involved first, and in the case's of booze and drug addiction try 'imagining' what 'may' have led to this type of life instead of just saying that they are weak and should be 'taught' a lesson. As I said this is NOT aimed at anyone poster, but I do get a tad uptight when I see certain things said with a little thought and compassion being used. Of course some will say I'm 'just' sating a fact, if that is the case, then in my opinion YOU HAVE NO IDEA of compassion, because 'just stating a fact' at times is purely excusing what you are about to say.:mad: This isn't a rant, and I dare say I will get pillared for having to dare say such a thing, but at times I reckon a little more thought and understanding should be included in some posts BEFORE a judgement is made. Because according to some on here, the very fact that I 'USED' to rely on drugs and booze as a means of survival is to be lower than the low, and there will always be those that seem to think that there is no smoke without fire, if this is the case then according to some there must be some truth in the allegation that I beat my wife and children and also fiddled with my two kids.:mad::mad: I also read very often the word 'Never', in relation to I would never do this or that, sorry but that is absolute bullocks. That is to KNOW the future, when in realty NONE of us know the future, so before any of you become a little too judgemental just remeber this. One day, one day you may find yourself in EXACTLY the same position that you are being so critical of now, would you want to be judged in this manner if the wheel ever fell off, I doubt it. 'Eat your words' comes to mind, and 'Their For The Grace Of God'. OK, this has now turned into a rant so I will leave it there. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  24. Have been reading a thread started by one of the many 'Wino's':biglaugh: on PIO. It was put up as the 'Comparision Thread' but has degenerated into a booze festival:eek: So I start this thread in the hope that it will offer 'Salvation'. As some of you know I ha e had a few problems with the odd drink or thousand, and though I am now very nearly tea total I thought I would try and welcome my fellow PIO'ers into the fold, so, after me: 'Hello, my name is Tony, and I am a recovering alcoholic, blah, blah, blah. This introduction is normally followed by a short description of yourself, no need for any great stories, but it would be nice to hear what bought you to this meeting today. :biglaugh: You don't have to use your real name, (promise not to look at your avatar:wubclub: but all the same brothers and sisters step up and cleanse oneself. :biglaugh: Cheers Tony, hiccup.
  25. DannyCoyles

    The reality thread

    Just want to know if anyone who has made the move to Australia agrees with the following statements, from what I have read over the past few months this seems to be the conclusion of most threads: The UK and Australia are different, not better or worse than each other. Both have lots to offer. You only realise what you did or didn’t have when you leave the UK. Some people are just not suited to living in Australia and shouldn’t feel bad if they don’t like it. If you have the opportunity it is worth giving it a go. The amount you earn compared to the UK will decide whether the cost of living is higher or lower than the UK. Finding your happy place in life is more important than the sunshine. Leaving friends and family is hard on everyone and shouldn’t be dismissed as a factor when deciding to move away. Everyone has a different experience of Australia and their opinions should be taken as examples of how life could turn out good or bad not how it will turn out. You really need to be prepared for anything when moving to Australia and take a double dose of reality before getting on the plane. Feel free to add anymore that may help to give a clear picture of Australia to those looking to migrate. The reason I post this is that all my friends in the UK and Ireland assume that everyone is better off in Australia and have no worries and they are all living in the worst place in earth.