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Found 231 results

  1. Guest

    All things Biker Thread

    Rather than Hijack another thread I thought I'd start one where those who are interested can talk about all things Biker. So if you're interested in things of a Biker nature , rev yourself over to this thread :cool:
  2. Guest

    The Vex of the day thread

    Here's a thread to get rid of those annoying things that happen to us during our day. Any little niggles or things that cause us to feel vexation. place your vexes here in this thread & leave the stress behind ....:wubclub:
  3. Guest

    The 'Adrenaline Rush' Thread

    You know when we were kids and we used to do daft things to get a rush or just a buzz, where have those times gone. Jumping from the highest part of the bridge into the local river, putting bangers in cow doo and watching it explode, knock down ginger, the list is endless. As we get older these types of things seem to be lacking, 'responsibility' comes with age, or rather should do, and at times we lose the ability to have that 'rush' that we used to have as kids. So when was the last time you had a real adrenaline rush, one where NOTHING else matters, and for that moment in time, it is YOU, and IT.:jiggy::jiggy: I'll start the ball rolling with my few, they do to this day still make the hairs stick up on the back of my neck and for split fleeting minute or two I am enjoying the thrill of a bygone day. ALL MUST BE PLAYED LOUD,:yes: 1. http://www.soundsnap.com/tags/fishing First sound clip in link, doesn't do the 'buzz' justice though.:jiggy::jiggy: 2. [YOUTUBE]U1YHn9c3AAY[/YOUTUBE] 3. [YOUTUBE]dfmML62x1Oo[/YOUTUBE] 4. [YOUTUBE]oRq6b70zQ5E[/YOUTUBE] Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. Guest

    'Thought For The Day' Thread

    This is NOT meant to be a thread concerning what I am about to say, it is more what are your main thoughts on this particular day. Mine is simple. If There Is A God, pffffttttt, I Would Willingly Kick Him Between The Legs At This Moment In Time And See How He Likes Being Battered When Down.:mad::mad: As I said, that is all I'm going to say as I don't want this to become a rather aggressive debate is all. So at this particular minute what are your thoughts, serious, funny, etc, anything you like as some could do with a laugh at the moment. Cheers Tony.:wubclub:
  5. Hi my name is Nick and im not sure if im an Alcoholic .............:goofy:......i have a drink every night without fail , this has been for the last 24 yrs .....the longest ive gone without a drink is 3 nights ........does that make me an Alcoholic or a social drinker or a chilling out drinker ......if i was a Alky then surely i would want a drink during the day ......i have a very steady hand too as im an exotic welder .....at night i become an exotic pole dancer .....:laugh: i really dont understand why people dont drink in the week and then get absolutely hammered at weekend ,i have the same amount each night and that chills me out and relaxes me ......my wife the same too ,we look forward to the 7 bells ...... so , what are your drinking habits fellow drinkers ...and remember to introduce yourself ......:wink:
  6. Guest

    The Rambling Convo Thread

    This is The Rambling Convo Thread. Inspired by Pablo in his " incapacitated herbally enhanced state" I thought it would be a good idea for a thread, that is NOT possible to highjack. In this thread everyone is encouraged to ramble, muse, ponder & generally converse on varied Topics. Though leave the heavy political discussions & sports topics for their own dedicated threads. Ramble away Pio
  7. Guest

    Classical Music Thread

    I'm not a great one for classical music, don't really know my Bach from my Beethoven, but I often sit through a film or documentary and hear the music and have a look who composed it. The one I have chosen is I 'think' probably one of the better known, but to me virtually every time I have heard it the film/doco that it accompanies is often extremely sad and a bit gut wrenching. Must admit it certainly brings a lump to the throat. If this is because how it is written, or the 'association' I have with it I don't know, but to my mind a great piece of classical music.:notworthy: [YOUTUBE]KylMqxLzNGo[/YOUTUBE] Any more peeps?
  8. tracy123

    Another thread closed

    Yet again another thread is closed by these so called do gooders who are sooooooo perfect, such a shame they can't leave a thread alone so people can get the advice they need without being told how wrong they are......... Well done :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  9. Hi, really hope someone can help. I found a really useful thread on here that had To do lists prior to emigrating, it was split up into "6 months before you go, 3 months befor you go" etc but now I can't find it anywhere! Can anyone help?? Many thanks xx
  10. The Stand Up Comedy Thread Post youtubes of Comedians or sketches you find funny...
  11. Guest

    The Motivation Thread

    Inspired by some people feeling down & looking for a spark to pick themselves up again. Edited to add... This is a thread to uplift & inspire.At times we read posts or know someone is having a hard time.We give hugs & sympathy,but sometimes its hard to say everythig in words.Thus heres a place to show others either anonymously or by dedication that your thoughts are with them..... So bring your pictures,poems,lyrics or songs & show .....You maybe down,but your not out...we are thinking of you...
  12. Go on I dare yer. I know a lot of us don't like putting photos of ourselves up online, but this is a bit different, I think. How about some photos of when we were kids, (ahh, the joy of youth). Bobj got me thnking about this one, he has put a picture up of himself recently, and what a dashing fella he was. Pabs also puts one up occasionally, so just thought it may be worth a shout is all. The one of me below makes me look like a right little know it all, but the rest of the photos in my collection are no better, so the best of a bad bunch I'm afraid. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. :chatterbox: I know everyone has discussed the weather being or not being a major factor in moving to Australia. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was just going to be a bonus, and not too much of a main reason to go. Well... I have just come back from 2 weeks in The Netherlands, where it was absolutely beautiful weather, sunny and warm! The last few days back in Devon have been lovely as well. It made me realize that I'm really not looking forward to when the weather goes bad again. Now I know it's not all Sunshine and roses in Australia, but I have come to realize that my health, both mental and physical is soooo much better when the weather is good! I look forward to getting up, going cycling, going to work. I think I've just figured out that the weather is quite a big deal when it comes to moving, and I can't wait to be warm, and not in pain! So not looking forward to the next few winters in Europe!
  14. Guest

    Helpful links thread.

    I have just copied these links from another thread on housing sites and shopping, hopefully someone will find them helpful. Remember you will be roughly paid about $2.2 to £1, when you get your skilled job in Australia, ignore the current exchange rate, you will be paid in dollars and the cost of things shopping needs to be based on this rate, for you to judge the cost of items, but you can still get things cheaper than Coles. www.realestate.com.au www.domain.com.au www.realestatewa.com.au www.real-estate-australia.com.au Check out grocery prices on: www.coles.com.au woolworths.com.au
  15. Hello, After coming back from our reccie a few weeks ago, we think we are going to live in one of these 3 areas. 1. Kingsley http://reiwa.com.au/Buy/Pages/More-info.aspx?SearchType=RESRENT&prop_no=1&listingid=10067505&listingno=3067674&puid=0 2. Joondalup http://reiwa.com.au/Buy/Pages/More-info.aspx?SearchType=RESRENT&prop_no=9&listingid=1189051&listingno=2810602&puid=0 3. Aveley http://reiwa.com.au/Buy/Pages/More-info.aspx?SearchType=RESRENT&prop_no=1&listingid=10066904&listingno=3067072&puid=0 above, I have put links to rental houses under $500 per week, each area has has it's pros and cons 1. kingley - pros - nice wide green street, central location, safe area.close to the beach cons - don't get as much property for money, older houses 2. Joondalup - pros - central, lots going on in the area, close to the beach, good vibe in the area cons - don't get as much property for your money, older houses, more populated 3. Aveley - pros - new houses, lots of parks, clean cons - slightly cut off, half hour drive to the beach, no public transport there, limited activities all locations are roughly the same distance to the airport. I am drawn to living in Aveley because I love the idea of the nice new houses with the nice alfresco areas, and the theatre rooms. I also believe this is where you will spend most of your time as you are not going to go the beach/ out everyday. My wife, although she like the new houses, is drawn to Joondalup for the location, the fact that everything is there for there for you and it is not too far from th beach. We both quite like kingsley. I know everyone is different, but if you live in one of these areas, or are thinking of living in or know these areas, please can we have your views. thanks, Alan
  16. Guest

    The 'World Around Us' Thread.

    Thought I would start this as I am on the point of hijacking another thread, so best start my own.:embarrassed: It's a thread about the world around us, nature, buildings, and the like. Things that get the old juices going is all. Being a bit of a nature buff I will include some of my favourites, hopefully a lot more will be added and we can get a feel of what is out there.:yes: These are my top five, many more, but they will do for starters.:yes: Cheers Tony.
  17. I often read on here people asking about who is the best airline to use to fly to OZ, I know we are all different, costs, leg room, child friendly all come into it, but hopefully by putting this poll up it 'may' give a better idea to some who are looking at the many different airlines that fly to OZ. It 'may' give a better overview of which is the 'Best All Round Airline'. If I have missed any out I apologies, as I only have the option of ten in the poll. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  18. I have come to the conclusion that I really need to get my eyes checked and maybe need to see my GP as well.:emoticon_doctor_snaI have suffered a very alarming deterioration of sight about a month ago which has not gotten any better and it is becoming a big concern.:frown: I have other symptoms too which may or may not be related to the eye problem.I get chills down my back on a regular basis,my hands and feet feel quite numb at times especially in the morning and when I go to bed. I also get sudden urges:rolleyes: which I cannot seem to control....for example I seem to have the need to sit two inches away from a heater a lot of the time and when getting dressed in the morning I get the urge to don the latest onion layers style!!I make a cup of tea........not to drink but to warm my hands with for gods sake.This is serious!!:wacko: It may be a common illness but what worries me is the thought that it may be some sort of genetic defect,a silent killer that I carry in my Irish blood that aussies don't seem to have a prolem with.How else to explain why they build there houses the way they do???:unsure: You may well wonder what my eyesight has to do with any of this........well........I only rented this place 4 wks ago and for some strange reason[only explained by sudden blindness]I seem to have rented us an Esky to live in rather than a house!!!:eek:See...told ya it was bloomin' serious!!! Any recommended diagnosis or treatment would be welcomed.
  19. Har00n

    The Gamers Thread

    G'Day! Seeing as i'm moving to oz soon, and am an avid gamer, thought i'd see if anyone else out there like to play? This is not a thread abotu PS3 vs Xbox, but it can be used to reminisce about old machines and games, and just general chat about computer games in particular. Im curious as to how xbox live compares uk vs aus. No doubt there will be a different firmware that will ahve to be downloaded, as my current one allows me access to sky etc, which will obviously not be relevenat down there. Also, speaking of games, have just seen the trailer for Modern Warfare3... quite excited about it! i know its the same old stuff, but its great at what it does.... Anyways, feel free to add in your current thoughts/comments. BTW: m,y xbox gamertag is sn0wcr45h, feel free to add me for a game of MW2
  20. Guest

    Absolute Garbage Thread.

    OK, some would say I am superstitious, but my post count is on 4,666 :shocked::shocked:, and being as how I am had to thread to get it off that dreaded number. Seriously though, call me daft and the like, but I won't have a copy of the Exorcist in my house, and though I love Mike Oldfield I won't have a copy of Tubular Bells in the house (theme tune to the Exorcist). Bloody daft I know, but have you any superstitions that you keep to, daft, silly, serious, funny , etc. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  21. Guest

    The 'Arty Farty' thread.

    I am NO expert on paintings etc. I know what I like and thats that. No idea about it really, but often find myself looking at a painting and being transfixed by it. I think we all, often without realising it look at every day pictures and we get a goosebump or two, but then think little else of it. I look at many different pictures, but if I had to pick my top three it would be the ones below, many reasons for the choice, Beauty, Questioning, Class, as I said, a bit of a numpty really when it comes to art, but these three just make me think/smile etc, would be great to see other peoples choices, funny/sad whatever. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  22. Guest

    The 'Apple Mac Lovers' Thread

    OK, I am a technophobe and have barely an understanding of computers etc. But I can honestly say without the aid of Mac products over the years' I would be COMPLETELY dumb when it comes to this subject. I have written several articles on my Mac, several books, and designed several websites, I am not saying I could not have done this on a windows machine, and I admit I am somewhat biased. But this thread is for those of you who love their Mac machines/mobiles/displays etc. Come on, lets put up some sexy pictures of Macs in all their glory, and some advice about Mac products. I know there are loads of Mac users/experts out there, and I would appreciate some sexy conversation and pics,:goofy:. PS. I owe this thread to Dawny,:notworthy::notworthy:, as she got the old juices flowing again about my Macs,:jiggy:. Cheers Tony.
  23. OK, I'll start, I know he's not around, Jim, what a fella, budgie smugglers, I ask you. And if he mentions that exchange rate once more I swear I'll make him eat his week old budgies,:mad::biglaugh:. Love yer really Jim,:wubclub:
  24. Afro Developer

    Thread Killer......

    Ever been the last one to post on a thread, then it all goes a bit quiet or the thread dies. Then subsequently you think.......... was it something i said? :unsure:.
  25. Hi, this is my first post but have been lurking for a while now and already found lots of useful information. My boyfriend and I are hoping to come to Australia this year (he is an Australian citizen). We are both graduating from university in the summer and there has been a lot of discussion about what we’ll do once we’ve finished. We were planning on staying in the UK for a couple of years to save some money before coming over. We’ve realised that this probably won’t happen. There are no job opportunities for us in the UK and if we do stay, I imagine we’ll struggle to find work and earn enough money to live together (our hometowns are 250miles away) let alone be able to save money to come to Australia in a couple of years. If we do stay, I think it’ll take so long for us to get our lives on track that we’ll be hesitant to up and leave only to do it all again. So basically, we decided that once we graduate, we’ll be starting from nothing and in my mind we may as well start from nothing in Australia. After hours of reading previous posts, I know lots of people disagree about how much money the move will cost. I know it is very subjective, but what is the minimum amount of money we need to make the move? Please don’t tell us it can’t be done for less than £20k because that is just not possible for us. We’ll be graduating in the summer with no money and are hoping we’ll have maybe £8k saved by September (which is when we’ll be hoping to go). I know this isn’t a lot of money, but please bare in mind that we will not be expecting a great standard of living and we are ok with that. We’ve lived as students for the last 3 years so having no cash is normality for us! Neither of us will have a job when we go, so I am worried it is a bit too risky with less than £10k saved. However, we are perfectly willing to live in a tiny studio apartment and work any jobs that we can find. What do you think? We are going to struggle to find our feet in either country and I feel like as a young couple in their 20’s with nothing keeping us in the UK, we may as well try our hardest and give it our best shot. Also, we are thinking of living in Cairns as my boyfriend loved it there but we are really not fussy where we go. I’m right in thinking property rental in Cairns is fairly cheap? We basically want to live somewhere that has decent priced rental property and enough job opportunities for us. Any suggestions? My boyfriend will be graduating with a degree in Zoology and conservation, could he find jobs in this field? (I have looked but haven’t really found anything) I’ll be going out on a WHV to begin with so will be happy with any job I can find, bar work, shop work etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Sophie