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Found 153 results

  1. Hello I am trying to find some information with regards to temporary schooling for my husbands 9 year old son. We are hoping that he can come and live here with us for a few months, but he would need to be enrolled in a school. Does anyone know if there are any private international schools that offer the british curriculum? I know that this is offered in some Eurpoean countries but not able to find anything like that here. Or any other alternatives? We live in Central Melbourne. Thanks for any help
  2. Lancashire Lass

    From Temporary Visa to Permanent?

    Someone has told me that if you are working over in OZ on a 457 employer sponsored visa that after two years the DIAC just "give you" permanent residency. Is this correct? If this is right, how does it work? The person I know who is over there is working in a profession that is not on the MODL list. It sounds a bit too good to be true to me. Any ideas??
  3. Hi all, I'm in Australia on a 461 visa (NZ spousal) which is a 5 year, temporary visa. It allows full working and living rights, with unlimited travel etc etc... I am very keen to start a business here in Australia (well 2 actually) and can't find any information around any restrictions that might be in place for this? We own property here now, and seems like I am treated as a PR as much as anyone. I can't find anything on ASIC's website. Oh, we've been here for over 18 months now, and I've been working fulltime for a large business here since day 1 (and paid a lot of tax!!!). Not sure if this has any impact? Thanks in advance for any assistance.:smile:
  4. Hi all, We are relatively new to posting threads but we need some advice if poss? We are hopefully close to getting our visa, fingers crossed!! Firstly, how do families cope without their furniture for 6-10 weeks? As far as we can tell, most families seem to arrive in Oz and stay in holiday accommodation for a couple of weeks while they find a rental house? So what do they sleep on etc? Sorry if this sounds a bit thick and the answer is obvious? We are heading for Brisbane in January 2009, visa permitting, can anyone suggest any reasonably priced temporary/holiday accomodation in North Brisbane? Just needs to be clean and comfortable! Many thanks in anticipation. Andrea x:jiggy:
  5. For those wishing to arrive in Oz and do things most economically, for accommodation this may be useful www.RoomFT.com - Room For Travellers "Rooms for Travellers" including Australia and states.
  6. . . . Like I said before if it was meant to be it would have happened so I'm not too upset as I think to decide and move within 4 months may have been a bit quick for us. However the Australian Embassy have said hubby should be able to get a fast track visa once applied for as he has been offered a job and the company in question take on some one every year and have told us to keep them posted with the visa application and to contact them as soon as it is granted. The only thing that might stop us now is my husbands past medical history, I guess there's always something to worry about. Claire
  7. I plan to work overseas when the decision is made to give me Temporary Subclass 820 Spouse Visa.Once i get visa is it any problem to travel in and out of Oz?
  8. Guest

    Need Temporary Accomodation

    HELP!:arghh: couple and child We are moving to Brisbane and need to rent accomodation for about 7 or 8 weeks whilst we find more a premanent place to stay. We plan to be there from around 1st Oct and I need to be in commuting distance of Fortitude Valley for my new job. Any ideas? Have tired several places but they seem fully booked. We have a 18month old son so ideally we would prefer self catering place with space for our son. Getting anxious now. Thanks Mike
  9. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Some (particularly subclass 495 - ie SIR - visaholders) might be interested ... Best regards.
  10. Claretjon

    Help with Temporary Sponsored Visa

    Hi, New to the forum & my 1st post. We're just (hopefully) starting the process to emigrate and have been advised that we only have the required points to qualify for a temporary sponsored visa and that we would be able to apply for permanent residency after 2 years. Does anybody know if it would be a routine process to obtain permanent residency or is this a difficult process? Thanks for any advice!
  11. Hello All Need a "short term" Rental/Serviced Apartment or similar in Randwick or suburbs................Large family 4Bed/2Bath...............any suggestions please? Just need a "base" to work from as want to pick my own house whilst I'm there for "long term" Do you get me? Thanks in advance for any replies!:smile:
  12. Hi I am starting to think about moving out there on one of these visa's? Just until I have finished my studying for hairdressing on an intense course. Either in Brisbane or Perth. How much are childrens school fees? I know that they wont be cheap considering its not a permenant visa? I have three children they are currently 8, 4 and 4. Many thanks.
  13. Guest

    Temporary addresses???

    What is the best thing to do when you first arrive with regards to what address you use for tax and driving licence, etc. Can you get box number or something or don't they do that sort of thing in Oz? It's just that the first place you lay your hat isn't going to be your permanent address. Help and suggestions welcomed:smile:
  14. Hi all, I have been asked by the company I work for if I would like to work out of the newly opened Australia office for a few years, which I'm really excited about. I would be applying for the 457 Long Stay temporary business sponsered visa but want to know if my past medical history will proclude me from being able to get the visa. I am 36 years old and approx 4 years ago I had a (small) heart attack, I am fine now although on medication and would hate to think this could stop me from getting a visa, even though I'd be taking out medical insurance. If anyone has any advice / experience etc I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Andy
  15. Hi everyone, I've been offered a job in Melbourne on a sponsored visa and I am trying to negoiate around the logistics which I must admit are daunting. The company have included in the contract for 4 weeks temporary accommodation for me and my family in a serviced apartment. My question is, what could we realistically organise by way of permanent accommodation within that 4 weeks? Obviously purchasing would be out of the question but is it likely that we will be able to assess areas, schools and locate and rent a house within that time frame, bearing in mind I will be working during the days? Does anyone out their have experience of this kind of arrangement and if so what would be a reasonable compromise for a period of temporary accommodation that would give us a chance to sort out a permanent residence. I have similar queries on the sponsored visa and relocation fees that they are offering so if you have any knowledge on either of these please search for these under "johnthepom" Thanks guys John
  16. racht

    Permanent v temporary visa

    Please help. My husband and I are starting plans to emigrate. A migration company has advised us we have 130 points for perm visa and so we intended to apply, however, when my husband enquired about jobs it would seem companies are offering 4 year temp visa (he's in IT). Would anyone recommend we do this? Do the temp visas take as long to apply for as permanent ones or are they immediate? I would welcome all advice. Thanks :smile:
  17. Guest

    Australia: temporary shutdown

    Australia will be going off the air for the next hour as the nation conducts some secret equine business. Please try again after 4pm. For urgent matters, please leave a message with New Zealand.
  18. Does anyone know of good tempory accommodation in Canberra? We are heading there beginning of October and need to stay in campsite or something for 8 weeks. We are hoping to stay there while we look for a house to buy. What are the current estimated time scales for the buying process? Been a right pain to complete our house sale in the Uk so dont want to go through all that again!! Any suggestions please?
  19. Guest

    Temporary visa to Permanent

    Hi there I am another new one! Aiming to escape! We are in the throws of a temp working visa application - the 4 year one, and we should soon have our decision. If it all goes the right way (fingers, toes and all crossed!) we should be in Queensland before Christmas. My husband has been offered a job in Brisbane and they are sponsoring him. Now, I understand that this visa is a pathway to a permanent one - and we will have to apply for citizenship when over in OZ. I guess it will be harder to do all the paper work for permenant/citizenship whilst over there - so would there be anything anyone would recommend getting hold of now and taking over there for later use? Appreciate any pointers Lisa
  20. Guest

    Temporary visas and medicare

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone who has moved over to Queensland on a temporary business visa i.e 163 or 165, has any experience about what you are and are not entitled to, with Medicare and do you get reciprical care. Anyones experiences of the above would be greatly appreciated. We are going over early January on a 165 Investors visa, but would like to hear of other experiences on these particular visas. Many thanks Christine
  21. Hi, Hope someone can help. We are hoping to emigrate on a Sponsored Regional Visa subclass 496 which means we are Temporary Residents. My hubby works in the Criminal Justice field. He is not allowed to look for work with any Government agencies until we have Permanent Residency. I have been checking up with Careers Agencies online and they all seem to require you to be a Permanent Resident before you can apply for them. Is there any way we can speed up the process of getting Permanent Residency as it looks like he might not be able to get a job!!! :wideeyed: (He is willing to look in other areas of work, he is Programme Manager at the moment but not IT). Now worried :nah: Hope one of the very kind Migration Agents/Employment Agency people can give some advice on how likely he is to be able to get a job! Thanks folks Gill, Phil and Harry
  22. We have a dilemma... arrived in Melbourne 2 weeks ago and staying in temporary accommodation in Bayswater. We have found a house that we want to rent in Sanctuary Lakes and move out of Bayswater on 5th August. Our furniture and possessions won't arrive until at least 18th August!!! We have 2 small boys so 'camping' down in an empty house is fine for a couple of nights but not sure we'll cope with nearly 2 weeks. I'm aware that we could buy blow up mattresses, a few pots and pans etc. but as I'm sure you'll all understand, we can't afford to be paying out for unnecessary items on top of all the other costs we've forked out for and will fork out for in order to rent our new Aussie home. Have tried to get short term furnished accommodation near Sanctuary lakes/Point Cook but there doesn't seem to be anything. Really want to get over to that side asap so that we can get my 5 year old settled into school and 3 year old on the waiting list for Kinder (I'm told that his name should have been down from the age of 18months!). If there are any fellow PiO friends over in the Western suburbs, do you know of anywhere/anything we could rent for this short term? Thanks, Drea
  23. Guest

    isa and temporary visa

    does anyone know whats best to do if i have an isa here and i have got a temporary visa (461) to get into oz. will the fact the my visa is only temp (renewable every 5 yrs ) mean that i can still keep benefits of having an isa in the uk - or will the oz taxman want his bit?? just wondered as i will never be able to get permanent visa in oz . whats everyone else doing if they have an isa?? thanks
  24. Hi guys, been looking at parent contributory visas both temporary and permanent. I understand about the 2 year settlement period before we can apply for either, but I have read somewhere that it can take 15 months for the 143 visa, but the 173 can be quicker, if so how quick is this?? can anyone help?, also does anyone know, if the 2 year settled period is set in stone or can we apply sooner??:confused:
  25. Hi I am trying to work out the logistics of our move - a nightmare many of you have probably been through! I am planning on staying in a serviced apartment for a few weeks while we find somewhere to rent, but I am them wondering what we do in the first 5/6 weeks in our new rental house before all our stuff arrives e.g. bed and fridge? Any clever suggestions? Anyone rented furniture? thanks