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Found 153 results

  1. My parents have will be apply for a Contribution parent visa but in the interim have a tourist visa. They want to buy a property in Sydney. They are commited to retiring in OZ. Will they have any problems trying to buy property? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I am moving to Sydney next year with my partner and 2 beloved dogs. Until we are able to buy a house we are thinking maybe we can stay in a static caravan or similar as it will probably be cheaper and easier with the dogs. Does anyone know if there are sites that we can get in touch with. Thanks
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. Was going to apply today for my subclass 476 visa but I have just noticed a problem. Part of the terms to be eligible is you have had to graduated within two years. My problem is my degree certificate has June 20th 2007 in the corner but I actually graduated (had the ceremony) on 31july 2007. Given today’s date I’m running out of time to find out info. Which date do they look at, I’m guessing the one on my degree which means I’m too late but I just wanted to see if there was any hope!
  4. In four years time, when my darling daughter turns 18 and is old enough to go to Uni, me and the missus will be returning to Blighty to live for a short while. I will be 54 the wife 48. We hope to be in a good enough financial position to only work part time while there, and want to spend as much time seeing the UK and Europe as possible. Our kid can go to Uni in the UK or in Aus, up to her to choose, we will support her choice. After 4 or so years, we will sell my UK house, move back to Aus, do a years "grey nomading", then retire somewhere we like by the sea. (Eden is high on our list) The reason behind this is the wife, being an Aussie, wants to experience life in the UK, only fair as I have now lived here for ten years. (If all goes to plan, fingers crossed.) Anyone else planning a temporary return, or has done it and have any tips?
  5. Hi I've been here 6 months now and loving it. However, I've been trying to get an Aussie credit card and been refused by Bankwest and ANZ as I don't have a permanent visa. This is despite having a UK credit card for over 20 years and all of my savings (not a small amount) and current accounts are with these banks. I don't use my UK credit card generally but need it to hire a car and for energencies. I thought UK banks were bad but Aussie ones are much worse. Has anyone managed to get a credit card....prefereably without any rip off charges too?
  6. taffordbark

    Temporary Accomodation

    We are under pressure to complete on the sale of our house and were just wondering if anyone has anything short term which we could rent in the Bury,Rochdale,Middleton area of Manchester,could be for as short as a month or as long as a year,any help would be grately appreciated.
  7. Can somebody please explain to me exactly what a temporary resident is entitled to under the reciprocal agreement? And if taking out private health insurance what sort of thing do we need cover for?:wacko: I have had to buy a policy as it is in my contract of employment that we must have one (otherwise your employer has to meet your health costs-I understand that bit) But doesn't medicare cover us for basic GP visits and hospital treatment anyway? I know we have to pay for prescriptions..but then we did in the UK too..I can't really see the benefit of having a private health insurance policy. Don't really want to be forking out nearly $150 a fortnight if I don't need to Can anyone explain things to me in very simple terms please...many thanks in advance Fiona x PS: Can any of the ladies tell me the cost of contraceptive pills or jabs?
  8. I'm in OZ on a Prospective Marriage Visa which classes me as a temporary resident and allows me to be in the country for 9 months until me and my fiancee are married. Do you think this visa will affect my chances of getting permanent work here (Im an I.T. developer)? Our plan is to stay in OZ permanently after we are marred but I was wondering how employers might view this ...
  9. Hi friends, I am currently citizen of Aus, living in Australia for 5 years. I am only child to my parents who are 62, & 55. Planning to apply for Contributory Parent visa. If some one can advise me over few following questions, it will be of gr8 helpp to us. Option-1: My parents both apply offshore Contributory Temp parent visa (173), and in 2 weeks time they will apply tourist visa(676) noting of the CPV application and ask for 12 months stay. So they travel to Aus and they can extend there stay after 12 months to wait for dicision on CPTV and have quick travel to say Fizi and return. Then I will apply for CPV-143 onshore and that gets me time to save more money for 2nd installment. Option2 : What are chances of one parent apply for CPV and other as spouce visa. Is it complicated? An agent here says he can do this and save me $30,000. his fees are $6,000. Problem is he doesnt explain procedure, and I am not knowing complications in the process. Can you advise me is there any trick like that? & how it works. Option3: If my parents apply for 676 tourist visa, and wait for visa label to confirm the 8503-no further stay condition is there or not? If no condition is applied, they will travel to Aus and cand they lodge onshore CPTV (173)? On other hand if the 8503condition applies they will make CPTV (173) application offshore and 15 days later travel to Aus. What is the best option. If any one knows about his, please guide me on this... Gill I think you can help me with this situation.... Thanking you... Vatnal
  10. Guest

    Prospective to Temporary visa

    Hi all, I am currently in Australia on a prospective marriage visa and am getting married in a month. I was wondering if anyone knew whether I would have to get new copies of my medical and police checks when I apply for the 820 temporary visa. I only got the old copies 2 and 3 months ago so they would still be valid, but I think they were kept by the London Embassy. Likewise, do I need to do the relationship statement again and show the same relationship evidence plus a bit more... Also does anyone know roughly how long the 820 visa takes to process... assuming I have all the info they need ready when I apply...
  11. It seems to good to be true? We only want to go out to Oz for one to two years. We have three children who will be in primary, secondary and college (will be 10, 12, 17 yrs), pref. in Perth. It seems that they can be on 'Schools Sector: Temporary Visa (Subclass 571)' visas and that we can be on 'guardian' visas which means that we can work up to 20 hours per week. For the record we'll be 47 and 57 yrs old. Has anyone had experience of this visa working successfully to let us stay for a couple of years with the children in school/college? Thanks, D
  12. The Federal Government says it expects immigration levels to bounce back to record highs once the global financial crisis is over. This will most probably be only for this year. "We're going to need migrants to keep the workforce numbers up in coming years," Maybe only for 12 months as a big rebound will happen as the Country comes out of it's short lived recession. Immigration cut only temporary: Evans - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  13. Guest

    Graduate Temporary Visa

    Hi, According to the link below: Skilled – Recognised Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 476) It says you have to be under 31 to apply - do you know if this includes 31? As i would be 31 when i apply!! Thanks
  14. Guest

    temporary work visa??????

    Evening All Is there any way you can go to Aus and work whislt your going through the visa process??? We want to go over and spend a couple of years and try the life whilst I keep the house in the UK. I have been contacted about some jobs as a contractor in Brisbane, however these are not jobs that would enable me to get sponsorsip... Any advice... I am 37 and the wife is 36 so we are too old for the holiday visa!! Pitsy
  15. Hi I am sure there is someone out there that can help us. So many of you are very kind about helping out us thickos! We have been trawling the internet for weeks. OH has the skills and the family willing to sponsor us for Queensland. We have looked into this visa - 475 temporary family sponsored but there doesn't seem to be much help concerning the conditions. Would I be able to work, going on my husband's visa? Also we would be emigrating with our 16 year old daughter and I can't find info on whether she would be able to work aswell if she finished school. Now I know it is a temporary visa but when you are in Oz (hopefully) can you apply for permanent residency after a certain time, or can you extend your temporary visa. Can you apply for permanent residency if you are over 45 but were granted a temporary visa when you were 44? OH is 45 in September so we are on a time limit!!!! If you have been working in a job for 3 years, been model citizens and want to stay- will the Government just chuck you out? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  16. Hi, I hope I'm doing this right, as I'm only new to using "online forums". My partner (from UK) and our 3 children are moving to Australia, I am currently already an Australian citizen (registered as their sponsor) as is our youngest. They are arriving on the Temporary Spouse Visa subclass 300. I know I will be entitled to Family Tax Benefits, but are there any other Centrelink benefits we could apply for or do we have to wait till after we get married and her visa becomes permanent to be entitled to anything else? We missed out on the $5,000 baby bonus by 4 weeks!!! (Cut off date was 22nd Feb 09 to apply for our youngest, and they arrive on the 19th March).
  17. Hi, I hope I'm doing this right, as I'm only new to using "online forums". My partner (from UK) and our 3 children are moving to Australia, I am currently already an Australian citizen (registered as their sponsor) as is our youngest. They are arriving on the Temporary Spouse Visa subclass 300. I know I will be entitled to Family Tax Benefits, but are there any other Centrelink benefits we could apply for or do we have to wait till after we get married and her visa becomes permanent to be entitled to anything else? We missed out on the $5,000 baby bonus by 4 weeks!!! (Cut off date was 22nd Feb 09 to apply for our youngest, and they arrive on the 19th March).
  18. David Bottomley

    Shipping Items on a Temporary Visa

    Dear all, This is probably a silly question but please can you help? We are maybe going to Australia on a student visa. Are we allowed to ship our belongings over or not? I don't know if I've dreamt that customs don't release your goods because it shows an intent that you're going to stay. Does that make sense? Any advice will be greatfully received. Many thanks, Di:policeman:
  19. Hi Has anyone any experience of this type of visa application? Further to my earlier post in the 'welcome forum' I corresponded with thisisaustralia.com and they say that the chances of obtaining a sponsor in the present economic climate is quite slim but another option we could consider is a student visa. I understand that we will have to fund the cost of the college course and also support ourselves for the duration. I have seen another thread on here about 'how much money to emmigrate with and the amounts vary considerably. So if anyone has made the move, or knows anyone that has, on a Temporary Student Visa, I would love to hear from them. thanks again in advance Mandy
  20. Guest

    Temporary residency question

    hi all, just a query in regards to the 2 year temp residency. I am currently applying for a prospective visa and am just waiting on my australian police check before it's granted. I heard off a friend who has a de facto with his uk girlfriend that once granted the temp residency, she was not allowed to leave Australia for more than 2 weeks until the permanent residency was granted. Does anyone know if this will be the same for us once we get married. We were hoping to go away for a few months to Canada but don't want to damage the residency application. My friend's partner was told her visa would be cancelled and she'd have to reapply with a black mark to her name if she did...
  21. Hello I am trying to find some information with regards to temporary schooling for my husbands 9 year old son. We are hoping that he can come and live here with us for a few months, but he would need to be enrolled in a school. Does anyone know if there are any private international schools that offer the british curriculum? I know that this is offered in some Eurpoean countries but not able to find anything like that here. Or any other alternatives? We live in Central Melbourne. Thanks for any help
  22. :arghh:Hey guys! Just a quick question to get some feedback from you all regarding change of visa. I am just interested in finding out how long it took people to perhaps decide they wanted to stay in Australia post-arrival in the country on a more permanent basis than previously considered. I guess this post is slightly more aimed at people that had never visited the country before and decided to apply for a temporary visa, perhaps e.g. 457 visa and then arrived in Australia ... and are perhaps now thinking what the process / options are to apply for permanent residency in Australia. I know it is really a personal and rather individual decision to live somewhere on a longer term basis, however I would like to know what made people decide they wanted to stay and how long it took them to make this decision. My husband I arrived on a 457 visa in September 2008, so not that long ago... however we are settling pretty well out here and can potentially see ourselves settling out here longer-term than originally anticipated as we had never been to Australia before. We are both health-care professionals and could either have our employers nominate us for a PR visa or go down the general skilled route. We have been told that being on the critical skilled shortage list can speed up the application process times and we are both on this list so this could work in our favour. For all of you guys that are also members of PIO and moved out to Victoria in September 2008 - How are you finding it and are you glad you made the move?? Hope to get some feedback. Cheers and Happy New Year to you all.
  23. Lancashire Lass

    From Temporary Visa to Permanent?

    Someone has told me that if you are working over in OZ on a 457 employer sponsored visa that after two years the DIAC just "give you" permanent residency. Is this correct? If this is right, how does it work? The person I know who is over there is working in a profession that is not on the MODL list. It sounds a bit too good to be true to me. Any ideas??
  24. Hi all, I'm in Australia on a 461 visa (NZ spousal) which is a 5 year, temporary visa. It allows full working and living rights, with unlimited travel etc etc... I am very keen to start a business here in Australia (well 2 actually) and can't find any information around any restrictions that might be in place for this? We own property here now, and seems like I am treated as a PR as much as anyone. I can't find anything on ASIC's website. Oh, we've been here for over 18 months now, and I've been working fulltime for a large business here since day 1 (and paid a lot of tax!!!). Not sure if this has any impact? Thanks in advance for any assistance.:smile:
  25. Hi all, We are relatively new to posting threads but we need some advice if poss? We are hopefully close to getting our visa, fingers crossed!! Firstly, how do families cope without their furniture for 6-10 weeks? As far as we can tell, most families seem to arrive in Oz and stay in holiday accommodation for a couple of weeks while they find a rental house? So what do they sleep on etc? Sorry if this sounds a bit thick and the answer is obvious? We are heading for Brisbane in January 2009, visa permitting, can anyone suggest any reasonably priced temporary/holiday accomodation in North Brisbane? Just needs to be clean and comfortable! Many thanks in anticipation. Andrea x:jiggy: