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  1. Hi folks. I have a partner visa which is temporary at the moment and due for conversion later this month. Has anyone got any idea how long it takes to get the permanent residency visa? I've started collecting my evidence for proof of an ongoing relationship to help speed things up, warned the Australian rellies that we will need statutory declarations and downloaded the Police check forms. its probably best not to do too much until I get the paperwork from Immigration. I don't think there will be a problem getting the visa but I hope that they are pretty quick, as I have had a lot of trouble getting a permanent job. I'm on short term contracts at the moment but you never know how long these will last or if jobs will be avaiilable. I've had a lot of interviews for jobs but I suspect that my temp visa status is affecting my ability to get a permanent job. I had an interview last week for my dream job and just hope I'm not turned down because of this again. Cheers
  2. I'm aussie and my hubby is english... we live in Sydney, and he is on a temporary residency (permanent due to come through November 2011). We had a baby in December, and i was wondering if anyone knows if this is a factor that could speed up getting permanent residency? It's just that we want to buy a house now, and you can only get the first home owners grant ($7k) if you are both permanent residents or citizens. Hmmm, i doubt they would, but if anyone knows i'd be grateful!
  3. Hello everyone, First time poster, long time reader. I just thought I'd share my experience with my partner visa application in appreciation for all the helpful info I've got off this forum in preparing my own application. First, my timeline: 01-03-2010: Lodged application onshore at DIAC Melbourne 10-03-2010: Mailed in Form 929 to change email address 12-03-2010: Rang up to check if Form 929 has been received; advised by national helpline that a decision has in fact been made and my visa has been granted! 9 working day turnaround!!!! (Monday the 8th was a public holiday in VIC) By way of background, I am a Malaysian citizen (which makes me a "low risk" applicant I believe) who has been studying in Melbourne for the past few years. I met my bloke, an Australian citizen, in Melbourne in November 2008, and commenced our defacto relationship after dating for a few months in Feb 2009 when he moved in with me. What I included with my application: Form 47SP Form 40SP Certified copy of my passport Certified copy of my birth cert (translated) Certified copy of partner's passport Certified copy of partner's birth cert Police clearance certificates x 2 Medicals Partner's last 2 years' worth of tax returns from the ATO Letter from my uni certifying my course completion + letter from employer confirming my full time employment (to show that I'm financially self-sufficient in my own right and we're earning a double income and so won't need an AoS) Domestic relationship certificate (VIC Registry of Births, Deaths, Marriages) 2 x stat decs about the history of our relationship from each of us 3 x Form 888s from friends and family Form 80 Copies of correspondence to each/both of us to the same residential address spanning Feb 2009 - Feb 2010 (NB: we didn't have many things addressed to both our names as we didn't get around to including him on the utility bills when he moved in) Lease agreement + correspondence from real estate agent Joint bank account statements Individual bank account statements with relevant transactions illustrating joint financial responsibility for rent/utility bills/groceries etc highlighted Evidence pertaining to joint purchase of off-the-plan apartment (copy of sale contract, letters from our solicitor) Evidence pertaining to joint ownership of car (copy of welcome letter from BMW addressed to us both, copy of car insurance policy schedule, copy of Citylink receipt) Copies of boarding passes from trips we took together Publicly published online travel review with pics of us both Correspondence from hotel in Brisbane thanking us for our feedback Booking confirmations of upcoming trips (March, May, October, December) Copy of "Acknowledgements" page of my thesis thanking my partner for his support Copies of emails to each other Optus mobile phone bill reports illustrating my partner's phone number as the most frequently dialled number Copies of phone bills illustrating calls made to each other Receipt from restaurant dinner to celebrate his birthday 31 x photos of us: joint travel/parties/major celebrations spanning November 2008-February 2010 I divided the whole pile into 2 manila folders with a cover letter explaining how each piece of stuff we threw in there supported the existence of a "genuine and continuing relationship." No staples used, only paper clips and big bulldog clips. I am soooooo happy as I was expecting the process to take at least a couple of months! No need to worry about bridging visa B for upcoming holidays and work trips. And I can forget about DIAC altogether until we get to the second stage stuff in 2 years. Good luck to everyone else still waiting for their visas, may your good news come through sooner rather than later! Hopefully this info will help others in preparing their application! Getting ready to get home from work and demolish some champers tonight!!!!
  4. Hi I have a partner visa which is temporary at the moment. It should be converted to permanent in the next few months but I have had no luck getting a permanent job despite my visa saying I have full work rights. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm a librarian with many years experience and whilst you do need certain skills which many people do not have, its not rocket science!! I have applied for many jobs which I have plenty of experience and qualifications only to be told after interview that I dont have enough experience or too much. I was told recently, despite having over 10 years experience and proof of it and excellent references. I am finding this extremely frustrating as some of them have been dream jobs and excellent pay which would set us up for a life here. I have not had much trouble getting interviews and been interviewd for most jobs I have applied for but I get the impression that this is just an excuse to racially discriminate. My current contract is finishing at the end of May and so far I have been lucky in only being unemployed for a week but until my permanent residency is approved I fear that I am not going to get any job now and I have no idea how long that is going to take. Trying to get a job in government related fields has been impossible and the APS rules state that only Australian citizens can apply (although they do have discretion to waive them). The irony of this is that my case officer for approving my visa in the UK was neither Australian or British but from somewhere else in the EU, so this policy gets changed when it suits the Australian authorities. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Cheers Mark
  5. it's NSW turn for suspension: Department of State and Regional Development Temporary Suspension of NSW Sponsorship for Some Skilled Migration Visa Classes On 7 May 2010, the Australian Government announced that it would temporarily suspend the acceptance of applications in some offshore visa classes until 30 June 2010. These visa classes include: Skilled Sponsored 176 visa Skilled Regional Sponsored 475 visa As a result of this decision, Industry & Investment NSW will not accept applications for NSW sponsorship in these visa classes until after 1 July 2010. The Australian Government has not suspended visa applications in the following onshore visa classes: Skilled Sponsored 886 visa Skilled Regional Sponsored 487 visa Industry & Investment NSW will continue to accept applications for NSW sponsorship in these onshore visa classes.:yes:
  6. Guest

    Visa Question Temporary or Not

    Has any one on this site applied for 176 and then decided to go for temporary visa for 2 years, whilst awaiting permenent visa...Is this possible??? or does it affect the 176???? Thinking maby of doing this and moving in Jan 2011???? Any advice for a desperate disnosaur?????:daydreaming:
  7. Hi everyone Im trying to get my head around the employee requirements on the subclass 457 Temporary Business visa:- As an employee, you must meet all the following requirements: be sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated position have skills, qualifications, experience and an employment background which match those required for the position demonstrated English language proficiency be eligible for any relevant licences or registration required for the nominated position See: Nomination Eligibility you can apply for this visa while you are in Australia, only if the last visa you held is not a Transit visa (Subclass 771) or a Special Purpose visa. As I read it - the nominated position has to be on the SOL but does your work experience have to be recent (in the last 24 months) and at least 12 months after qualification like the permanent visa routes? If your previous skills and qualifications matched a job specification and an Aussie employer met all of the requirements to able to sponsor you. Would this be satisfactory or does the work experience have to be recent? I know there are changes afoot and certain positions may not be included on the new occupation lists and understand the risks involved in the temporary route but just trying to gauge the differences between the temp and permanent routes Many thanks xx
  8. Hi fellow PIO's! Just wondered if anyone was in a similar position to me. I want to go onto a mobile phone contract eg 24 months or similar to get a new phone and better tariff but I am on a spouse visa so will not be a permanent resident until late next year. Does anyone know if I can get a contract whilst on a temporary visa? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  9. Hi I know that you are not allowed to but has anyone worked while being on a 12 month temporary visa while waiting for CPV? I know that their are consequences if you are caught?
  10. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what's involved in the second stage of a partnership application? I have been on the temporary interdepency visa (826) for the last two years and will be applying for my permanent partnership visa in July. As I work in finance June and July are really busy times for me so I'd really like to start on my application now rather than wait for the Department to write to me. Has anyone else on here recently received their letter from the Department? Can you tell me what the checklist of forms is and what the requirements are? Is it pretty much the same as the first application or are there more or less requirements? There's some things I already know about which I'll list here but if there's anything I need to add/remove from this list I'd really be grateful to know Health Checks Criminal Record Checks 2 x Stat Decs (me and my partner) Supporting Statements (friends and relatives) Proof of Living Together Evidence of Joint Financials Personal ID Thanks everyone, Jimmi
  11. Hya Does any one know which visa to apply for at the end of 457 visa, which is only for 2 years in order to get a permanant residence? many thanks
  12. Want to protect that income while you are in Australia? Here is a good option At least one insurer has extended the terms of its income insurance plans to allow certain temporary business working visa holders working in Australia to take out income protection insurance. Key details for temporary visa holders Occupation groups MP, AA and A Plan type Indemnity only – Income Insurance or Income Insurance Plus Benefit period Two year maximum Waiting period 30 day minimum Commission Level/flat Conditions Temporary visa holder endorsement which includes a return to Australia clause, a plan cessation on leaving Australia for more than 90 days clause and legislative payment offsets Professionals holding a temporary business working visa now have the opportunity to protect their income while living in Australia. This can help ease the concerns and difficulties you may experience when settling in to Australia, away from familiy and support network back in the UK or Ireland. Are there any special conditions? The plan may be initially taken up with a maximum benefit period of two years and a minimum waiting period of 30 days and on an indemnity basis. If the insured ceases to reside in Australia or leaves Australia for more than 90 consecutive days the Plan will cease immediately and benefits will not be payable. There will also be a return to Australia clause where the life insured may need to return to Australia if they have become totally disabled while overseas. This is general information but you should seek your own advice from a professional adviser in your area best wishes Liam
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I found it interesting as many people can share with each others their experience and knowledge on whatever topics. It's really helpful. I will appreciate if anyone could advise me on the following: My family and I have obtained my Temporary Residence status expering Nov 2013 by virtue of visa 457 thru a sponsorship and am wondering how to go about converting it to Permanent Residence (PR) and when is the best time to start applying. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks
  14. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I applied onshore following a WHV on Jan 15th 2010, with police and health checks completed, visa granted today (Feb 16th 2010). I'm so glad it's finally over, good luck to anyone else applying, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I'd love to help. Also, applied without the help of a migration agent, had friends who had been through the same process, studied the website, documented EVERYTHING and ofcourse with the help of all you guys at PIO... Thanks soooo much!
  15. Hi All My son and his family went to oz in Dec 07 via Employer sponsorship. I think he went over as a Training Manager in the construction industry. He originally went over on a 4 year visa. When he went to renew his visa after the first 12 months it was notice that his initial agent had made and error with the paperwork effectively only giving him a 12 month visa. He went to renew his visa after 12 months and immigration noticed the error and they then gave my son a visa for another 4 years, effectively he has ended up with a five year visa. Not sure but think it is a 475. They have settled in well and visited their agent today to start the process to hopefully gain PR. His company is willing to sponsor him and he has got appropriate oz friends to act as other sponsors. He has been told that there are no grantees that his PR application will be successful and he fully understands this. He has been told that total costs could come to about $10,000. My wife and I are willing to pay these costs for them even though we know that their application may not be successful. I also think that his company is willing to contribute funds to the application. I know that there are many variables in the quotation but on average are the chances of him being issued his PR, Good, Average, poor? Regards
  16. Temporary skilled migration halved | Visas Another. Blah. Blah. Why not just tell that this won't affect those who applied prior to 9/09 changes. Whatever blah blah you have, we can understand because we know we can also help when we get there. The thing is, the rage cannot be tamed because your promises were useless. You should not have promised us and expect people for a definite visa grant so your problems would not arise! Those who applied after the changes will understand because they have been told ahead, but those people who applied before can NOT TRY to really UNDERSTAND this whole mess. What if, FSL is introduced one day, and my occupation is not included mainly because they don't have the shortage anymore. SO what will happen to my application? Affected with the new changes again? and wait another YEARS again? Tell me if I have to regret that I applied.
  17. Hi. We are temporary residents of Oz, waiting nearly 2 years for residence visa. no idea how much longer we will have to wait! since the rules changed this year, temporary residents are now allowed to buy second hand properties and we are thinking of buying our first home. Can anyone tell us the disadvantages of buying when only 'temporary resident'? we realise we won't be eligible for the government first home grant, nor the stamp duty waiver. if our visa is refused and we have to leave Australia, will we be hit really hard with capital gains tax when we sell the home? and are there any other hidden disadvantages? thanks!
  18. We have recently finalised our 457 visa application and are moving out to Brisbane in January 2010. As all of our furniture etc is taking 12weeks to arrive we are looking for temporary accomodation (3months) while we wait. We are thinking close to the city would be good for work reasons, does anyone have any ideas?? Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks Kev & Lynz :cool::yes:
  19. Hi I'm on a temp partner visa which should be converted to permanent in Jul 2010 but how long does it take until you get a permanent visa? Has anyone had one refused? Cheers Mark
  20. Sorry to repeat this question which was answered by a kind Pom but for some reason I lost their message (??). Could someone or the same person (Susie) send me the link of the application forms I need to complete for my british partner to enter australia later this year. We are living in London and we will be submitting a temporary partner visa (as I am an australian cit)- I know there are two forms to complete but which are they again???? confused and not very IT literate Helen
  21. Hi all Just posting for a family member who is looking at ways to gain Australian qualifications with a view to apply for the 18 month temporary work visa after with the hope of passing the new job ready test/assessment after 12 months relevant work experince. Family member is a mature student over 30 with plenty of work experience but is not on the lists with current occupation. They would like to follow the HR/Personnel/Training Officer route as has some relevant previous experience (not recent enough). We are struggling which route to follow as it seems a Bachelor degree may be required for these positions. 1) If she transferred to Australian Uni and completed a degree there - which temporary visa would apply upon completion. Shes already completed 2 years of a degree and understands she probably wont get full credit transfer. If this route was followed does it have to fulfil the two year study requirement? i.e. must do a further two years at Oz Uni Or 2) If she studied at Tafe - would the Advanced Diploma level in a relevant subject be sufficient? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  22. Thank you, everyone!!!! I got the mail from my case officer today stating the grant of my Partner Temporary Visa (onshore)!!! My visa has been granted in two weeks!!!! No bond, no interview!! I didn't even get to know the name of my CO until today!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!! I owe you guys big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the help!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help me please? I have recently arrived in Australia on a tourist visa and have managed to secure employer sponsorship (457). My employer had already applied to be a sponsor and had been approved before I arrived. She has sent off the nomination request for my position and I have submitted my part of the visa application. This has been done online as they said it would be quicker?!! I have been granted a bridging visa until a decision is made but I was wondering if I am able to start work under this bridging visa or am I still technically on a tourist visa? Also if anyone knows the time frames for the 457 please let me know. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  24. Guest

    temporary 457 business visa....

    Hi there, Me (an aussie) and my British partner over 30y.o. are currently going through the migration nightmare.. the best and quickest option (correct me if i'm wrong) atm is the temp 457 visa as my partner is a nurse. He has done the IELTS test and we have sent the registration to the nurses board of victoria which is expected to take 6 weeks to process. I thought other than that we would just need to get a job and sponsorship and do the visa........ but today I read that we may need to be assessed by the ANMC also ----- does anyone know if this is necessary for the 457 visa??? Also, went to the ANMC website and after state registration has been completed a modified assessment by the ANMC takes 12-14 weeks (there is a full assessment but it costs more and I assume it would take longer - correct me if anyone knows)......... so me and my partner are obviously a bit upset as we were not expecting the process to take quite that long! We had to wait 4weeks to sit the IELTS and get results back, registration 6 weeks, once registered - ANMC assessment (possibly) 12 weeks, and then getting a job and sponsorship which i estimate taking 8-10 weeks........... so in total 32 weeks........... seems very long for a country looking so desperately for nurses. So if anyone knows whether the ANMC is compulsory for this visa..... or has any better ideas (atm no partner visa as we haven't been together for 2 years) let us know! cheers.
  25. HI Has anyone applied for Partner Visa: Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100) in the U.K.? If so how long did it take? And how long did they keep your passport for!? Many Thanks!