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Found 153 results

  1. Guest

    457 Temporary Residence to PR

    My occupation is a Group A professional on the VETASSESS programme. After having lived and worked on a 457 employer sponsored visa for 2yrs, can I apply for PR myself or does my employer need to sponsor my PR? Will I need to have my skills positively assessed by VETASSESS after the initial 2yr period has passed if I want to apply for PR? Basically, I want the peace of mind knowing that I will qualify for PR after the initial 2yr period on the 457 visa. Please and thank you.
  2. Guest

    Temporary accomadation

    we have been looking into temporary accomadation in the rockingham area, for when we land in perth in september, and have found several that are all around the $600 a week mark, is this about right? what we have been thinking is to rent somewhere short term for about 4-6 weeks research areas/ buy car ect then once we have found an area we like, rent somewhere more long term! has anybody who has been through the same scenario got any tips/advice or recommendation. cheers Terry:wink:
  3. Hi Does anyone know if I can start my own business on a subclass 309 temporary visa? I am a health care practitioner and want to rebuild my practice in Oz (if our visa application gets accepted!) and register self employed. I understand that my tax bracket will be 30% on a temporary visa but someone also told me that I could not set up my own business until I had permanent residency :huh:?
  4. RegDwight

    485 - Temporary Residence (TR)

    I am going crazy waiting for my TR to arrive. It has been almost 12 months since I applied way back in February of 2010. I have not received any information from DIAC except for my file status changing to "Already Begun Further Processing" in December this 2010 and then nothing. If you have been granted a 485, could you please share it here with some details to ease my conscience. Thank you
  5. I've just booked our flights... :err: ... and now we need accommodation for when we land. We're looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Sydney (Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, CBD, Lower North Shore - you get my drift), fully furnished for the 2 of us from 11 Feb for about a month while we look for something more permanent. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. munchbaby99

    Temporary Visa

    Hi all, Quick question, is there a temporary visa that would allow me to work in oz aside from the working holiday for 18-30 year olds? Thanks Katie
  7. Can anyone help me with getting access to temp internet?? In the UK you can buy a dongle which gives you access on a pays as go rate. Is this possible in Victoria? I will have an iphone with 3g which I will put a Oz sim but really the amount I will need the internet I want the laptop working asap Im in rental for 3 months but have been told they wont help with a short term phone line. Thanks
  8. Guest

    Temporary Working Visas

    Hi folks, I'm looking for information on temporary working visas but am having real difficulty finding the information on Department of Immigration & Citizenship. My situation is that I applied for a independent migration visa (175) last year (my skills were on the CSL). Unfortunately my application was unsuccessful as one of my sons has a disability (cognitive & language delay) assessed by MOC as being likely to cost more than the permitted AU$21k over 5 years. After the independent visa was refused I've been looking to find an employer willing to sponsor me (for a 121 visa) but one of my Aussie contacts has also suggested trying to get a temporary working visa so I can pick up a 3-6 month contract to get my foot in the door with an employer. So is applying for a temporary working visa in my situation a possibility? Am I too old (39)? Will my son's disability present a problem in applying? Any help/guidance appreciated....
  9. I have 18 months left on a temp visa (457) and desperatley need a car. I live in Perth and have not yet tried anywhere as i've been told I wont get finance due to the visa. I am applying for perm res very soon (next week, but it takes at least 8 months to come through). Does anyone know where I can try or should I just wait? Thanks:arghh:
  10. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone could provide me an answer to my question. I do intend to take advice from a migration agent soon, but still wondering if anyone has come across this situation. I finished my studies in Feb 2009 from Oz as an ICT Recent Grad and Applied for the 885 visa in April 2009. I managed to find employment as an IT business analyst in June 2009. Its been more than 1.5 years since then. I recently got married and want to bring my spouse in Oz from overseas. However I cannot, as I'm presently on a Bridging Visa. My employer is willing to sponsor me for a 457 visa and that would enable me to bring my spouse to Australia. 1) If I go ahead with a 457 application, will my existing 885 visa application be withdrawn/cancelled by DIAC? Can I have 2 simultaneous applications in process? 2) Since my spouse lives overseas and I live in Oz, do i need to apply for her visa after I get my 457 visa? Or can I add her as a secondary applicant with my 457 application?
  11. Hi, desperatly in need of help. moving on a 457 visa with my partner on 13th December and still have no where to stay. have been looking to something short term for the first few months and still no luck. i managed to be able to access gumtree from the UK and was very close to being scammed so now i wont use that site. were looking to pay upto $600 per week and can commit for upto 2 months but having no luck whatsover. ideally we want Manly or if not anywhere within 45 mins of the CBD. My partner insists she wont share so im not sure what else there is do do. any help would be appreciated thanks Ed
  12. A couple of friends are visiting relatives in Melbourne for Christmas but still don't have a place to stay. They'll be there from 9th December to 12th January and are looking for either a furnished one bed flat or a room in a shared house. They have a grown up son who'd need a sofa bed or similar for a couple of weeks of their stay. Area not important. They know about Gumtree but if you have any ideas or other recommendations , please pm me.
  13. Can anyone answer my urgent question ? I came to Australia with my Husband in august 2009 he is a new zealander and I was granted a visa to Australia. My visa is called "Temporary resident sub class 461" and is re- newable every 5 years. I had been with my husband for 8 years and married for 19 months. I have been living here in Australia since August 2009. I am 54 years old and working and renting in Sydney . my husband and I are now on the brink of seperating and divorce is on the cards . He takes delight in telling me i will be shipped back to the uk . I want to stay in Australia my life is here , I have a comfortable life style with many opotunities for my son and his wife to join me here , but my question is can i stay if im no longer with him? is there some other visa i can apply for? all help and advice will be appreciated
  14. ari000

    temporary 457 via for nurses

    Hi I wondered if anyone could offer some advise on applying for the 457. I think i have a sponsor- refs are just going through.. I know i need a chest xray and not sure about a medical- should i get the chest xray soon as poss and do i have to get someone to report on the xray? how do i know who to get to interpret the xray? secondly i have sent a way for a police cerificate is there anything else i should send away for for the application prior to it being lodged. i already have OZ nurse reg and documents cerified has any one else done this application independentl;y without an immigration agent as thats what im doing as i really cant afford the costs of aimmigration agent. any advise from anyone would be really appreciated. Anyone in a similar position.. im presuming i dont need to provide health insurance due to reciprocal aggreement with thu U.k, i had read on here that if you buy enough health insurance to cover your initial time in OZ this is sufficient- then sign up to medi care but how long is initial time period and does anyone know of any companies that are cheap thanks Ari000
  15. Hello everyone. I am new to Poms In Oz, but it looks like a great place to find out so much info - and from people who have been there and done it! So any advice you can offer me would be great! My partner and I will be moving over to Aus in about May next year on a 475 Regional Skilled Visa to NSW (OH works in air con). We know all the conditions of the visa including having your own private health insurance etc, but just wanted to know what would happen if I was to fall pregnant whilst on the temporary visa? I know you can't exactly be stopped from having children, but I was wondering whether you would be advised to wait until you had PR before considering a family? Any advice anyone has would be great! Thanks :spinny:
  16. hi everyone! this is my first post since becoming a member hope someone can help me and my partner out! me and my partner are preparing to put everything together to apply for the onshore partner visa, im english and she is australian, im currently in the uk after bein in oz on a working holiday for 12months and living with my partner for the full 12 months. when i come back il be coming back on a ETA visa in 4 weeks then we will applying for the onshore partner visa, we are a bit unsure of how much the visa will cost us? is it the $2575 or will it be $300? i hope someone can help us out! thanks holly :biggrin:
  17. Hi all I currently hold a Prospective Marriage (Fiance) Visa and have entered Australia and will get married in two and a half weeks. That means firing in an application to get a Spouse visa. My question is whether the DIAC would have all the information available to them that went with my Prospective Marriage visa or whether I need to create a whole new package of evidence/statements. My fiancee and I have bought a house together (in Victoria) and have a joint bank account - and, of course, will have got married and been off on honeymoon together. Will this be enough additional evidence or will I need to get heaps of documentation and sworn statements from people? Thanks in advance for any advice. PP
  18. charliebhoy

    temporary accomodation

  19. I see a lot of threads on here about people selling their UK property to buy houses the instant they move to Australia. I was under the impression that you needed permanent residency before (without applying for a special licence), you were able to own property in Australia. I agree that rent is dead money but with the UK housing market gradually picking up from its lowest point, the exchange rate of the AUD to GBP being at its weakest pretty much ever and the absence of any ratio between rent achievable and asset price, (about 3% here compared to 5% in the UK) - hence, renting here is cheap... where is the logic anyway? Especially when you can achieve over 7% on term deposits with your cash here! (Although converting large sums seems pretty crazy anyway until sterling bounces) I guess I have two issues... a) Do you need PR before you can buy? and b) Am I missing something with my view that buying here at the current time seems like economic madness? :daydreaming:
  20. Hello, I left Australia in March and left with a Friend (accountant) all of my information so he could fill in and lodge my Tax Returns. I spoke to him in April and he said "they have changed over systems and it takes longer when lodged manually" however he did say he had completed it and said we should hear something back soon. I was just wondering seen as it is July whether this is the normal wait to hear back, seen as its only just been the end of the tax year. Any information would be gratefully received please? Thanks Keith
  21. Hey guys. Read a lot of useful info on here so ive signed up to get my question answered by all you guys. Ive travelled Oz for 8 months, settled in Adelaide, and met someone I really I want to spend the rest of my life with. She feels the same, and we are prepared, although a little rushed, to get married so we can be together. She studies and I actually qualify for skilled visa also, but as this route can take years in some cases we have thought we shall get married then apply for the spouse visa. What I would like to know is from experience will this be ok? or are we throwing our money away? We dont have much and we have been together for 2 months now. It will be 3 by the time the marriage gets allowed to go ahead and on 4 months I would have to leave. Any suggestions? I have already moved into hers and we are in the process of setting up bank accounts. Will a visa be granted? and if so how long will it take? Thanks guys. Welshman.
  22. Just checked DIAC website and it says: Temporary suspension of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) applications – 7 May The Australian Government has decided to temporarily suspend the acceptance of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications. This temporary measure will begin on 8 May 2010 and is expected to remain in effect until the end of 30 June 2010. The temporary suspension applies only to primary (main) applicants for the following visa subclasses: Subclass 175 – Skilled Independent (Migrant) visa Subclass 176 – Skilled Sponsored (Migrant) visa Subclass 475 – Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa. Cannot open the attached PDF though Edit: Can open the attached PDFs now.
  23. Hi, I am a 457 Visa Holder and live & work in perth since Jan 2009. I am due to apply my PR by Nov-2010. I have recently purchased my first home in perth and settlement is due by end of July 2010. Do i receive FHOG? Do i have to pay stamp duty.? House cost is below $450k. Any help would be apprciated. Thanks, Hari
  24. Hi, We are looking for temporary furnished accommodation in the Manly, Freshwater, Fairlight etc areas from July 1 (ish) for 10-12 weeks until our "stuff" arrives. We need 3 beds and parking and want something smart - our budget is $1000 p/w. Any help appreciated. Thanks Paul
  25. Hey all, Just making an enquiry on behalf of my Scottish partner. He's recently had his temporary de facto visa (subclass 309) approved and is hoping to commence an apprenticeship to become an electrician. He's contacted both the Australian Immigration and Education departments to make inquiries whether he's eligible to commence an apprenticeship before his temporary visa "expires" and becomes permanent in January 2012. Both departments have been unsure and directed him back and forth. The confusing detail is that the visa sticker doesn't actually stipulate an expiry date. We've been informed that he's eligible for PR in Jan 2012. Would anyone know for certain whether he would be precluded from commencing an apprenticeship before he earns permanant resident status? My understanding is that Centrelink offers Australian apprentices Austudy during their apprenticeship - we're guessing he wouldn't be entitled to any funds, but can anyone confirm this please? Many thanks and cheers, :confused: