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Found 153 results

  1. We have booked our flights and arrive in Busselton late August so we are now looking for some temporary accommodation while we sort out a rental. We know of the stayz site but I was just wondering if there are any other places worth checking. Thanks
  2. Guest

    Temporary Spousal Visa Question

    Hi All Does anyone know if you can set up your own company on a 2 year temporary Spousal Visa? Thanks
  3. Hi, Apologies for the somewhat awkward title. I am currently on a Stage 1 Partner Visa. My 'upgrade' to PR isn't due till March 2012. I am pursuing an employment opportunity that would result in a move interstate as the employer is based interstate. If I get it it'll be the job of my dreams and my partner is fully supportive of me. Obviously for logistical and financial reasons, my partner would not be able to join me interstate immediately. I intend to commute interstate weekly - work interstate during the week, be home during the weekend until he can move up to be with me. I was just wondering about the impact, if any, this will have on my visa? Will the fact that we're not living together, albeit only during the week and only temporarily, be seen as a lack of commitment to the relationship by DIAC? Especially as I will have to rent an apartment interstate to live in during the week and have a different address? If I end up losing my visa it is obviously too big a price to pay and I'll just have to let the opportunity slip by! As always thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. Do you, or any other person included in this application, intend to be in a classroom situation for more than 3 months (e.g. as either a student, teacher, lecturer, or observer) while in Australia? We intend to send our 6 year old to school in Brisbane, but as we do not know where we will live, we cannot name a school. What do I answer with??
  5. Hi Does anyone know of any banks that give credit cards to non-residents (I'm on a temp spouse visa but won't get PR until the end of the year). Thanks Smiler
  6. Hi all I've just come across this article.... http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/cb/2011/cb165283.htm
  7. chloejdudley

    Temporary Short Term Rental

    Hi, Am new to the site so sorry if my question has already been answered elsewhere. I am travelling to Australia in October this year for 3 months, I am looking to rent a unit/apartment for 1 month in the Gold Coast area before moving on elsewhere (accommodation for the 2nd and 3rd month already arranged). Any websites or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chloe.
  8. Hi I just wanted feedback on the processing time period for the permanent residency visa after nearly 2 years married please. I believe Immigration contact you 2 or 3 months beforehand to request a completed application with proof of an on-going relationship, so how long have fellow PIO's applications taken before they have got PR. Thanks Smiler :biggrin:
  9. I'm just going through the 457 visa process at the moment and all going to plan my new employer wants me over there by the last quarter of the year. They will reimburse the first 6wks rental costs, up to $7,000... but I have to pay it out and claim it back so I'm hoping not to have to spend that much... if at all possible. Does anyone have any recommendations of cheap and chearful short term rentals in the Brisbane area? My office is based in Fortitude Valley but I will be covering the whole metropolitan area for work, so I'd be looking for somewhere quite central with parking etc. I would also prefer it to be pet friendly since woof will come out of quarantine after 4 weeks and if we haven't secured long term rental by then he'll have to come stay in short term rental. Any recommendations or advice on places to avoid would be really appreciated... Thanks. :biggrin:
  10. Hi, I was hoping someone could clarify when the time on the two yr temporary visa starts ticking? Does the two year time period before becoming a PR start when you lodge your application, or is it two years from the initial entry date they give you when the visa is granted? I lodged my de facto visa in the UK on 12th April with the plan being that I could work whilst it was being processed (I spent 5 months in Oz unable to work). I have been offered a position but it is a yr long contract. I have had an email stating that the current visa processing time is 5-6 months, so potentially around half of the yr contract could be visa processing time. However, I wondered when it came to the point that my temporary visa could become PR, would it be frowned upon that I remained in the UK for an extra 6-7 months after the visa was processed? My partner will remain in Oz, although he is going to be staying here with me for July and August and then come for 2 weeks next January (this is already booked as it is for our friends wedding). Having discussed it, we have planned that I will go and stay with him for 2-3 wks in November or December (this will then allow me to validate the de facto visa) and then I would move over in May 2012 (assuming they even grant us a visa!). I know the above sounds complicated but just thinking ahead. Don't want to have got this far and then jeopardise our future plans by spending too much time apart for the sake of fulfilling a contract! Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  11. Hi every one.I am new to this forum and was hoping for some advice.I want to join my daughter in oz and am thinking of the 173 temp. then applying for permanent once there.does any one have any experience of this?Time scale etc?
  12. Hi Guys could anyone help us? We seem to be getting confusing info on whether we need to arrange temporary medical insurance for our Visa application. We are UK citizens so there is a reciprocal health arrangement between australia and UK that we can apply for when we get there. In addition, once my husband starts work on 4th July ( subject to visa!) then his firm has family health care arrangments we can buy into.:mask: Hubby's Visa agent is suggesting we still need to arrange temporary health insurance now in order to get through the visa process to cover us until our medicare cards come through. Is this true, anyone have the same experience. Indeed, if it is true does anyone know of any cheap cover that is 457 compliant? Thanks all!
  13. Hello all! I've booked my flight over to Sydney and will be arriving on the 7th May. I'm going to be starting my job on the 9th May (unless anything disastrous happens between now and then) so won't have chance to find somewhere to live between arriving and starting my new job. Can anyone suggest any backpackers or YHAs close to Eveleigh? Or even self-catered apartments? Will need something for a few days until I get somewhere to live arranged! Cheers! Alastair
  14. Guest

    Temporary Visa (subclass 461)

    Has anyone entered Australia on this visa before they received the visa document? By this I mean - has anyone entered as soon as they were notified by phone that their application was approved? I've been here since mid December and my partner has submitted his 461 application yesterday (would've applied sooner but the Irish passport agency have taken 5 months to renew his passport!). He will find out next week as to whether it's been approved but it will take another 2-3 weeks before it's fully processed. Ideally though he'd like to get on a plane as soon as he gets the call rather than wait another 3 weeks. For anyone about to say - what's another 3 weeks....we have a daughter who was 5 months old when we left the UK and everyday he misses counts. Plus I'm pregnant again and would love for him to to be there for the 20 week scan at the end of the month.
  15. Hi, not been on here for a long while as we've been busy getting ready to fly out end of June. We are a family of four looking for a (2 bed minimum) temporary rental in Point Cook before we find our long term rental. Tried the following: Moving to Melbourne, Stayz, Gumtree, Rentahome and don't really want to pay the price of Quest Sanctuary Lakes where we've stayed before, even though it is lovely. Do any of you Point Cook people know of a local friend who might be going off travelling, and need a house-sitter for a few weeks?!:biggrin:
  16. Is there a route to permanent residency from the 457 temp sponsored visa? I haven't found any clear guidance on this route. Would I have to apply for a different visa first, or is there a more direct route?
  17. Wonderingaloud

    JUST dental cover on temporary visa?

    All I want to know is if, as a temporary resident of Australia (on 457) I can get JUST extras health cover ie dental. I don't want the hospital cover, as enrolling with Medicare is enough for us as a young, generally well with no medicals problems-type- couple. Thanks:smile:
  18. Hi, I got my temporary spouse visa almost 2 years ago and will soon have to apply for a permanent visa. Just as last time though I'm getting confused with the info I'm reading.... So my question is, is the cost for applying for a permanent spouse visa (onshore) really the same as the cost for the temporary visa I got 2 years ago? That's another $2,500.... So I'm hoping I got it wrong. Thanks!!!!
  19. Hi all, We're about to book a temporary furnished rental for when we first arrive in Perth. We've pretty much settled on a rental through www.stayswest.com.au - has anyone else booked through them and are they ok? Many thanks, Justine - wife of Adam, who has the 457 visa, and mum to Niamh (8), Seth (7), Aaron (3) & Lola (2)
  20. Guest

    457 Temporary Residence to PR

    My occupation is a Group A professional on the VETASSESS programme. After having lived and worked on a 457 employer sponsored visa for 2yrs, can I apply for PR myself or does my employer need to sponsor my PR? Will I need to have my skills positively assessed by VETASSESS after the initial 2yr period has passed if I want to apply for PR? Basically, I want the peace of mind knowing that I will qualify for PR after the initial 2yr period on the 457 visa. Please and thank you.
  21. Guest

    Temporary accomadation

    we have been looking into temporary accomadation in the rockingham area, for when we land in perth in september, and have found several that are all around the $600 a week mark, is this about right? what we have been thinking is to rent somewhere short term for about 4-6 weeks research areas/ buy car ect then once we have found an area we like, rent somewhere more long term! has anybody who has been through the same scenario got any tips/advice or recommendation. cheers Terry:wink:
  22. Hi Does anyone know if I can start my own business on a subclass 309 temporary visa? I am a health care practitioner and want to rebuild my practice in Oz (if our visa application gets accepted!) and register self employed. I understand that my tax bracket will be 30% on a temporary visa but someone also told me that I could not set up my own business until I had permanent residency :huh:?
  23. RegDwight

    485 - Temporary Residence (TR)

    I am going crazy waiting for my TR to arrive. It has been almost 12 months since I applied way back in February of 2010. I have not received any information from DIAC except for my file status changing to "Already Begun Further Processing" in December this 2010 and then nothing. If you have been granted a 485, could you please share it here with some details to ease my conscience. Thank you