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  1. Guest


    HI Can anyone advise? I have on 15months left of my PR visa. I have a four year old child and the father will contest me leaving. Having been to the solicitor today i was told that i would need to line up a job etc before i go. I was a science teacher for 5 years then a pastoral advisor the local ed and now back in science teaching. I have tried to get job before i go but not much happening.. is this dream slipping away.... sar
  2. Hi, I am a primary school teacher and I moved to Australia in August. There are very few primary teaching jobs and very little supply work. I have been round the local schools but with no success. Does anyone have any other suggestions on where to look? I feel I have tried everything but thought someone might have had better luck. I have been considering coming out of teaching but have not had much luck applying for non-teaching jobs as well. Most want years experience or a degree in that field. Has anyone managed to move away from teaching and if so into what career? How did you go about it? Thank you for any help that can be given.
  3. bazzaritchie

    Teaching as a dependant

    My girlfriend has accepted a job in Sydney and we are currently going through registration process etc. I am a P.E teacher and was thinking about picking up some casual teaching work whilst I am over there. I wondered if anyone knew whether I still have to go through the whole qualifications assessment or whether I can casual teach by just registering with NSW authority? I am unsure whether I can get away without doing this as I don't need the assessment for immigration reasons as I will be named on the Visa. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Barry
  4. Staffing Organisation Services is Victoria's longest established and most competitive CRT Agencies. We are currently recruiting enthusiastic and professional teachers for both government & non-government schools, in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat & surrounding areas. If you are keen to expand your Casual and Contract teaching options, whilst receiving the most competitive wages, then contact us directly: +61 3 5256 1963 sostchrs@stafforgserv.com.au Or apply directly via our website: www.stafforgserv.com.au
  5. Could have been a newspaper headline out of one of the UK newspapers couldn't it.....? but no, this is one from the West Australian in Perth. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/10679839/schools-warned-sharpen-up-on-teaching-skills/ Have attached the link, was part of the reason for returning to Uk from Perth. I found the early childhood system and what was available to our son, immensely limiting and very frustrating, with a poor focus on socialisation and independence from 3 yrs old through to 5 yrs, never mind the literacy and numeracy! can't comment past that as we are back now and what a difference in the teaching. I am utterly over the moon seeing him absolutely thriving in his new school back here in the UK. He is slightly behind on his phonics but they have something in place to assist him with that and helps that he only missed the reception year, so time enough to catch up with the right support, which in essence he is getting. What a difference in the teaching method including socialisation things like learning to work on his own, in pairs, in a group, responsibility etc, sounds quite basic, but it just wasnt happening whilst he schooled in Perth - daycare was a hugely worrying start for the early years too, visited so many and had to pull him out of x2 and he was only going x1 day a week and one of them was for a morning when he was 3 yrs! Upped him to x2 days daycare when he was 4 yrs with probably, what was the best in the area, and although we finally got good carer, he spent most days painting and surrounded by 3 yr olds, (that was mid this year) and he was 4 & 1/2 yrs. Understandably he never wanted to go, on those morning, but funnily since being back in UK have not had any resistence to school - they are learning in a fun way, they did bingo last week but I can really see the difference, he is like a sponge and lurving it. Hard to believe that if we had stayed in Perth he would still be only doing x2 days a week till next February. On a positive note, at least they have recognised there is an issue and will I hope be putting things in place to rectify it, though whether it is enough, time will tell......
  6. Hi, we are moving early next year to between Brisbane and Noosa and I would like to get into teaching after 20 years of working in business. Does anyone have any advice where to get information as to what training I need to do, top tips etc. All gratefully received, thanks
  7. Hi I was just looking at the AITSL application form for primary school teacher and wondered if anyone could tell me if the IELTS is needed because in Section H (Evidence of English Language Proficiency) it gives 2 options. English language English language proficiency demonstrated by one of the following: (i) completion of at least one year full-time higher education level study for an initial teacher education qualification in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America or (ii) an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Test Report Form (TRF) with a score of seven (7.0) or more in each component of the Academic version of the test. The IELTS test scores must appear on a single IELTS TRF and be the results of a test undertaken during the 12 month period prior to submitting an application Does a 4 year teaching degree count as option 1?? If anyone could shed any light that would be helpful. Many Thanks
  8. Hi can anyone help me please? I am a qualified primary school teacher in the UK which was gained through the GTP which I know is not recognised in Australia. I am moving out there next year as my family and I have visa's which we obtained through my husbands line of work. However, I would still like to teach when we move over there and understand that I will need to do another course similiar to the PGCE. I have also been told that possibly some of the content of my degree may not be recognised! Has anyone experienced this problem? Does anyone know exactly what I need to do and how much this is going to cost me when I get to Australia?
  9. bazzaritchie

    teaching in sydney

    My girlfriend has just been offered a job as a nurse in a hospital in sydney. I am a fully qualified P.E teacher and will be looking for work upon arrival. I am in the process of applying to have my qualifications assessed for registration and was wondering if anyone knew how easy it was to pick up supply work? Also i was also wondering what the tax situation was as we will be traveling on 457 visa and my girlfriend will earn around $66000. Was wondering after rent thinking $300 - $400 a month, what will we actually be left with after we pay tax and any other fees?health insurance etc? On her confirmation letter of employment it states she must get medical insurance for me and her, is this costly? I have read other threads which mention medacare, blu card, yellow card etc, but simply what is the best option, considering we are both young, healthy and not particularly wealthy!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Hey all, Apologies for yet ANOTHER teaching thread, and the twist here is that I am an Australian who is looking at getting into teaching. I am asking on this forum because it seems to be the most helpful that I have found (if anyone knows of other forums, please let me know). OK, on with my questions... I've spent the last close to ten years teaching English in Taiwan, and I am looking at returning to Australia and what I could do there. Teaching seems to be one avenue, which leads me to my questions. I understand that to be a secondary teacher you need a degree in the field you will teach, but my undergraduate degrees seem to be a bit vague or don't apply(BA in Modern Asian Studies and B of International Business). I am looking at doing a PGCE to become certified, but I doubt any of my previous degrees would make it possible to teach secondary classes? From the little I understand about secondary teaching, I think even with a PGCE I wouldn't be able to do it, so I was leaning towards primary school teaching. My other question is about the work hours. I have seen some horrible posts on other forums about how teaching in Australian schools involves so much extra work that it will burn up your soul and any free time you have. I obviously need someone to provide a balanced view. I realize this is hard to answer, but right now I've literally no idea and anything would help. I've done a fair bit of searching lately and realize that primary school teachers seem to be aplenty, but I don't mind going bush in order to get something permanent. Any info would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.
  11. Guest

    Teaching in Oz

    Hi there could anyone give us any info on teaching in oz. My wife is a secondary teacher and I am a primary school teacher. How do school working days,duties,salary,workload etc compare to here in the UK. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Travelling Nomad
  12. Hi i am hoping someone can give me a bit if advice! I am due to start a level 2 teaching assistant course on 14th sept now we have just got our visa!!we have to be in oz by 18th july next year or go earlier and validate! Depends what happens with the house and if we sell it? Now would you do the course and work harder to complete in say june or should i not do it and may be do something when i get to Oz? Any thoughts would be helpful x Stacey
  13. Guest

    Teaching in Perth

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and seriously investigating moving to Perth with my family. Does anybody know the difference between a primary teacher and an early education teacher? Is there a difference in the qualifications / experience that you need? Also, can anyone recommend a decent migration agent? I want to make sure I get my visa application right!! Thanks in advance for your help!:biggrin:
  14. Hi Guys, I'm currently living in Manchester, UK, and I am about 6 months away from completing my undergraduate degree in Art History. Anyone got any information, no matter how broad, on graduate jobs in Brisbane? Also the housing situation, what would you guys recommend aiming for pricewise?
  15. Hi everybody This is my very first post here, so hello to you all! I have recently moved to Sydney on a WHV with a view to doing some casual/supply teaching. I was just wondering - what kind of demand is there for supply teaching in Sydney specifically, does anyone know? I'm asking because I'm looking for a flat at the moment, and the place I go for is going to depend on how much work is available out there, as I don't want to end up getting a place too expensive for me, but nor do I want a crappy little room the size of a cupboard! I am looking for a place close to central station so that I can go to lots of places, such as Liverpool, Paramatta etc. where I understand demand is a bit higher. Also, does anyone know the minimum pay for a supply teacher? I've only been teaching 2 years so can't imagine I'd get more than that. I've heard it's about $220 a day, does that seem right? Finally, can I sign up to more than one agency to look for work? Or does that breach some kind of law in the visa I have? If anyone could help me out on any of this I'd be very grateful! Cheers, David
  16. Guest

    Teaching In Vic

    Hi, we are looking to move to Melbourne in the next year or so and I was wondering what the Oz curriculum is like are there any UK teachers teaching in Vic now? I am currently undertaking headship qualification but am keen to ensure all our lives have better quality so am reluctant to exchange stressful job in UK (where have family support etc) for equally stressful job in another country. Anyone got any personal experiences they can pass on??? What is job availability? I am considering supply but it would need to be fairly regular and almost guaranteed if we are to buy a property out there. Any info greatly received :jiggy:
  17. Guest

    Work in WA

    At the moment I am working in a college, teaching carpentry and bench Joinery. I teach all ages from 14-??...(school children all the way to diploma and NVQ level 3). I started on a teaching qualification but I have yet to complete it. My wife and I are planning on emigrating early next year. I'm not sure what to do... I can't see any jobs anywhere in Australia for teaching carpentry and Joinery... I have found lots in carpentry and Joinery but not teaching... Would it be best if I went back on the 'tools' or am I just looking in the wrong place.?? I have spent hours and hours searching...:wacko: I love teaching and would really like to carry on with it... Does anyone have any ideas or links to websites that specialise in construction teaching? Thank you. X
  18. My friends want to relocate to Perth -- He's a PE teacher and she's a podiatrist -- and he believes it's difficult to find teaching jobs in Oz that sponsor. Is this true? Can anyone advise the best way to find teaching jobs that actually sponsor you. Thanks
  19. Guest

    Teaching (supply)

    Hello, thank goodness I have found a forum! I am moving to NSW as a teacher and I am hoping to do supply teaching from Feb to Dec next year. I have nearly completed all my paperwork for Teach NSW but feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed with it all. For example do you have to send any original documents with your paper work? As it says originals one minute and then certified copies the next. I don't really know, but desperately would like to know, what else I need to do to be as ready as I can be for the trip. I have tried to look up teaching agencies so I can ask them and try to register with them before I go, but don't seem to be getting anywhere. What do we need to do before moving, teaching and non teaching wise. I have a friend who went out there over a year ago with her partner but they just turned up and began working. Obviously not with teaching but life wise is it that easy? Think I am a bit nervous because I am doing it on my own. Any help would be massively appreciated!!! Thanks
  20. Hi, I'm from Singapore and would like to get some advice from you guys. Recently, I applied for a state sponsored teaching job in Australia. I would like to know if I will be given a choice by the State Education department on whether, I want to teach in the metropolitan areas or the regional areas? Or that I have no choice in this area? I did my degree in Australia and enjoyed my stay there. However, I have some reservations about being posted to unfamiliar regional areas there. It is really not easy to move to a new place, away from family and friends and the comfort of home. At this stage, my application is still being processed and I have no idea which state I will be posted to, if let say, my application is successful. I was told that the interviews, registration and clearance from the state teaching board will takes abt 2-4 mths. If any of you have applied for an Australian state sponsored teaching post. I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences with me.
  21. Guest

    Teaching; Melbourne or Sydney?

    Hello, I have been researching the above, but obviously am remote from the situation and wondered if anyone 'on the ground' could confirm/correct or expand on what I think I know. We are looking to move to Australia this time next year (pending medicals) and originally looking at Sydney. However, it seems that getting a teaching job in areas where you would like to live in NSW is difficult, as I'm a History teacher, not Maths or Science. As I understand it you apply to the state and list the schools you would like to work at. If a job comes up and you are at the top of the list you are put forward for it. Whilst there are some jobs advertised, a lot of these are contracts being renewed so they are not really available jobs. So we then started looking at Melbourne as I understand that there is not a priority points system there, you just apply to the school after getting your qualifications validated by the state. However, this is the bit I am unsure about. I realise it could also be quite difficult to get jobs in Melbourne, but it seems easier than Sydney, given we have a young family so would not be willing to work in the sticks to gain points. Looking at house rental prices, areas around Melbourne also seem more affordable than around Sydney. Before we start really focusing on Melbourne, is somebody able to confirm what I think about teaching in Victoria is correct? Is there anything else I need to know? Thank you very much. A slightly stressed teacher waiting for the end of term and waiting impatiently for this time next year.
  22. Guest

    Primary school teaching on 457

    Hi My girlfriend and I are coming over to Brisbane next month on my 457 visa. She's a primary school teacher (and department head) back in the UK and is keen to continue teaching. She's registered with the QCT and has been told she'll need to do a number of supply days when she first arrives. What else does she need to know about getting a teaching job in or around Brisbane? Is it better to go the independent school route or states school? Is it possible to get a permanent role when over on a 457 visa? Any help appreciated Cheers Brett
  23. Hi My girlfriend and I are coming over to Brisbane next month on my 457 visa. She's a primary school teacher (and department head) back in the UK and is keen to continue teaching. She's registered with the QCT and has been told she'll need to do a number of supply days when she first arrives. What else does she need to know about getting a teaching job in or around Brisbane? Is it better to go the independent school route or states school? Is it possible to get a permanent role when over on a 457 visa? Any help appreciated Cheers Brett
  24. I want to start my teacher training and become a qualified teacher. I am currently a teaching assistant. I do have a small family of my own, and want to move to Australia in the future. Is it better to qualify in u.k and go over on a skilled visa? or would it be better to train in Australia and qualify over there, this is new to me and im a little confused over the different visas. I thought that i could qualify over here and go over on a working visa to see if i like it, but the working visa is for 18-30 and im 32. Can anyone help me and advise me on the best way.:smile:
  25. I have just completed a degree in BSc Mathematics, and will start a PGCE in September to teach secondary level maths. I plan to travel to Australia at the end of my PGCE on a working holiday visa. I was wondering whether its possible to teach in schools on a working holiday visa as an NQT, and if so where do I look and how do I go about getting a job. I know that you can only work for 6 months in one state If this isnt an option is there any other ways of working in schools not as a teacher or in childcare. I would just like to gain experience in the appropriate career area. Anyone got any ideas, websites, places of contact etc... Thanks