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  1. Hey all Just a quick question to anyone who has recently done a skills assessment; I am just getting everything together in order to prepare for our application and hve a couple of questions: 1) It asks for you current eligibility to teach (registration and/or employment) - on the application form it asks for eligibility to teach and to provide your registration card number, but then in the checklist it mentions employment references - do you only need the references if you are using work experience in an english environment or do you need them anyway - it's just the OH isn't ready to tell the school his plans (especially seeing as we have no idea how long it'll take!!!!) 2) If you give your type of teacher qualification (PGCE) and your certificate, do you need to give a list of every module included in your course? As the 'transcript' only gives marks for the written assessments done during the course.:mad: 3) Not for skills assessment but for the application form - it asks about work experience, now do we have to put all work done over the years, or just relevant to the nominated occupation? IT's just that OH is 40 and has only recently become a teacher, about three years ago, before that he did a couple of degrees, travelled, did other jobs that weren't relevant, and so I am not sure if we should put all that on paper or just put the teaching stuff?? Ok, well I dont know if anyone will actually know, but I thought it was worth putting out there!!:goofy: Thanks guys, China xx :hug:
  2. Hi there We are just starting out on the road to migrating! My partner will be the main applicant as he is a Secondary school science teacher - the 2 problems we are having are 1) the question of agent or not to agent??? Any advice on this??? 2) The main problem is with the skills assessment, the assessment authority is having a change over and the website is not really giving any information - has anyone lodged an assessment application during/since the change-over? I can't even work out who to contact now. Any help, advice is much appreciated!!! :goofy: Thanks China
  3. Hello my boyfriend will be finishing his post graduate course in Primary Education in a couple of months and we were wondering what the chance of finding a job in Australia is? is it hard? where are the best places to search? (we really like the Gold Coast but we read that teaching jobs in Queensland have a lot of problems at the minute). We probably won't be going until a couple of years to give him some experience before we go, but what is the pay like? Also I am in the last year of a BA Geography degree and really interested in working in something to do with AIDS, Poverty and Third World Development, Australia's equivalent to Amnesty International, Tourism etc. and wondered if anyone knew anything about the demand for jobs in those sort of areas and if any exist? Sorry to sound stupid, its just I know very little about employment in Aus.

    Housing for teachers

    Hi in the uk teachers get priority housing and shared ownership is there anything like this in oz?
  5. Hi All, I am posting this in the hope that there are some teachers out there ( or just people in the know ! ) who have an understanding of the main differences between UK and Oz schools. We are hoping to move to Brisbane next year. We have three kids ( 6,9 & 12 ) and they attend great catholic schools here but one gripe we have is that our eldest daughter who is a bright kid, has just started high school seems to get an awful lot of homework; too much in our opinion ! - She copes but it is getting her down. I am hoping that Catholic schools in Oz may be a bit more relaxed towards homework. Are there any UK teachers in the PIO community who now teach in Oz who could give us some opinion on any fundamental differences between UK and Oz schools. Not just about homework obviously but the general approach to education, sport....anything really !! Thanks All Iain H:rolleyes:
  6. Greetings! I was wondering if anyone could kindly offer me some advice. I am planning on applying for a 175 visa. I have done the points self assessment, and it seems that I would get 125 points. I am on the CSL and MODL. I am about to apply for my skills assessment in the next few days. My wife is also on the CSL and MODL, so it seems we could get an additional 5 points if she also gets a skills assessment done, which would take me to 130. Is it worth doing this, or is it just a waste of time/money, as the pass mark is 120. Also, my wife is a Secondary School Teacher but she would not be working for the first two/three years if we go to Oz. I understand that if she obtained a skills assessment to go along with our application it would only be valid for two years, so she would need to redo it later on if she wanted to register as a teacher. Alternatively, would the best thing for her to do would be to get the skills assessment done now, and for her to register as teacher on arrival (even if she will not be teaching) Is this possible? Any advice would be most appreciated! Kind regards Tom
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  8. Hi Is anyone a Primary School Teacher in Brisbane or QLD? From what I've heard it sounds very competitive.... I am worried that I wont be able to find work as a teacher:unsure:. Please could you tell me about your experiences of job hunting and getting a job? I am emigrating to Brisbane in October. I am a qualified Primary school teacher I have a degree in Business I.T (three years course) and a PGCE (one year course) but only two years experience. Thanks
  9. Apologies if this is not in the correct place to post. My wife is an Aussie, but like so many Aussies prefers the UK. Glug. However after 16 years of living here I have finally convinced her that for my sanity and the kids future, Australia is a better place to be. The UKs economy will be screwed for 20 years thanks to Crash Moron Brown and his crew of thieves so its time to leave. Anyway, back on message. My wife is a teacher - well qualified (NSW, UK etc) but specialising in dealing with "problem" kids in secure units or exclusion units. She really likes doing this job (no idea why, its depressing to see how some kids are treated IMHO). My question is are there likely to be any roles in this specialisation in Melbourne? I know its a specialised question, so I'm not sure if a general posting area is the right place for it. Any help would be very gratefully received. I work in a specialised part of IT and although my skills are in demand, I am expecting it to take 2-4 months before I get work. Would be the same in the UK at present, maybe longer. Either way, I am convinced the Australia offers a better long term future (short term we'll be worse off for sure I think). Hope I'm not deluding myself.
  10. Has anyone out there actually got a permanent job through the state pool system? All the perm staff I meet when doing casual seem to be either: a) baby boomers coming to the end of their careers or b) have landed on their feet by being in the right place at the right time - never the same tale twice. Everyone else seems to be on one of a range temporary contracts for various time-scales. I know that NSW DET advertises a few posts it can't fill on its website, any top tips ?? (other than getting known around the local schools for casual & hoping to land something temporary!)
  11. Hi there, I am moving to Sydney next month, but have some reservations about teaching there (becoming registered, etc). Has anyone been through this process and is willing to share any pearls of wisdom? I know that the independent sector is much easier (in terms of paper work) to find a job. I am a secondary business studies teacher, qualified to teach economics (but never actually taught it), could teach commerce and have 1 yr experience teaching ICT (Key stage 3). Do I have a resaonable chance of finding a job (either public or private sector) do you think? Is there anything I should know when applying for teaching posts in this subject/linked subjects? Many thanks in advance, Darling number 1
  12. Hi There I am a primary school teacher with 10 years experience. I have full VIT registration. Have applied for about 10 jobs on the government website, answered all the KSC carefully and each time have received a rejection email. :arghh: Would like to know where I am going wrong? Is there anyone who has actually gone through this process and been offered an interview, or indeed a job? Advice please..been trying for 6 months now!:arghh: thanks Sally
  13. Hi! I'm just looking for some advice on the above. My husband & I are hoping to retrain completely, so we're talking a long time before a possible move, but just wondered.... My hubbie is hoping to train as a policeman :policeman:in the UK (part way through application now), but wanted to know how much experience you need to be taken seriously to get a position in Oz... Likewise with teaching - I have a place on pgce next year - could I get a job in Oz having reached QTS only or would it be better to get several years experience? Also, we will be going to Sydney next year to visit father-in-law and to do some research as this is an obvious starting point for us but is it easier to get a job elsewhere? Thanks for any advice! :biggrin:
  14. Guest

    Calling teachers?

    My husband and I are emigrating in August - we both are teachers - but there seems to be no jobs and we have already booked our flights and handed in our notice. Can anyone advise us on gaining teaching jobs and if not what other jobs we could apply for - we will do anything and desperately want to settle in OZ. We have a permenant visa which we have not been able to use yet as to family illness and bereavement but have been planning our move to Oz for years. Please can someone advise us on the work situation as we keep getting mixed messages with regards to teaching - we will teach anywhere. My husband is a deputy head and I am a head of performing arts.any adivice much appreciated :laugh:
  15. Hi everyone I'm a teacher from the UK looking to migrate to Brisbane in the near future. Any advice on securing employment (full-time, part-time, short-term contract, supply, private tuition etc) would be welcome. Any personal experiences? Thanks.
  16. Luella2

    Any Primary teachers out there?

    Hi just wanted to ask what the work situation is like for Primary teachers? I have 10 years teaching experience and have been thinking about WA as have heard its difficult to get work in other areas. Has anyone gone out and managed to get a permenant job? is there much supply work about? Thanks
  17. I am a primary school teacher looking to make the big move from Brighton to Sydney. Any advice about applications, job hunting, best areas, visa's just about anything! I would be forever grateful!
  18. Hi All Have spent the last few months researching Adelaide and SA as we were told by a migration agent that they were the only state sponsoring secondary teachers. We have now been told that WA are sponsoring teachers for regional positions and are completely confused. I have spent the evening trawling back through websites and now I am tied up knots. Does anyone have a definitive list of sponsoring states to put me out of my misery:arghh: Thanks in advance Saz W
  19. jonnosuzie

    Teachers New Training

    Hi everyone, Does any one know the process for registering as a teacher outside of NSW and if this process is different from NSW? NSW would have you do 2 weeks training and then place you into a school of their choice. Just wondered if any of the other states was slightly easier to register - mainly as we are not too bothered which state we live in! Thanks!! Jonathan
  20. Hi All, I'm currently a science teacher in the UK at a High school with 70% A* - C passes with a real mix of catchment, (the good, the bad, and the very very ugly!:wacko:). I wondered if teaching is massively different out there, is there as much paperwork, OFSTED(Ouch! did I really say that!) etc. i.e is it better or worse in your experience. I know that this can depend on which type of school that you go for. I'm hoping that you guys can give me the benefit of your experience. All comments are welcome, both good and bad!) Cheers!:smile:
  21. Anyone out there? New the site - came across it in our search for info on emigrating. Anyway we're really excited about the prospect of moving to Australia but have loads of questions at this early stage. Please - can anyone help us. My husband and I are both primary school teachers (me 12 years, him 3 years). We would be looking for him to work full time initially with me possibly getting part time work once we are settled. Our questions are: What sort of salary could my husband expect? How much tax etc do you pay ie How much can we expect to live off? What are the hours like - is teaching more relaxed? Husband currently leaves home at 7.30 am returns around 6 pm and then does an hour or two marking/assessment/prep etc. Works all day Saturday preparing for the next week and often much of the holiday. Please tell me it's better in Oz. How difficult is it to secure a job? - we aren't set on any particular area yet but would like to live somewhere coastal and within a couple of hours drive of one of the main metro areas. Hope there's someone who can help - Any info on teaching in Australia gladly appreciated. Also have 2 sons (7 and 2) who will be needing good schools!
  22. Hi this is going to sound pretty silly, but my agent confirmed that I need to have been registered as a teacher for 12 months before I can apply for my TA assessment, which I already knew from this forum. However, I have just been going through my paper work and my QTS certificate is dated 1st August 2008. Does this mean I can apply from then or do I have to wait until September? I need a reference from my head, I am leaving my current school in April so should I get my reference now or get one from the head at my new school? I am still an NQT and will be until July/August. Other thing... in the UK it's soon to become a requirement for teachers to have a Masters Level qualification. Is this also the case in Australia? I'm about 1/2 way through my MA and will be 2/3 through when I apply for my skills assessment, how would I put this on the application if I don't yet have the full award? Lastly, this is for my brother as well, do we need our GCSE and A Level certificates? Arghhhhh my heads all over the place! :arghh:
  23. My husband has been offered a job in Melbourne, and as i will be newly qualified as a Teaching Assistant, i wondered if they were crying out for that sort of person or are they already over run with that profession? Would anyone know where to look for information on the shortage of particular professions that Australia are in need of ?? appreciate any help thankyou.:notworthy:
  24. Hey everyone, happy new year! I know there aren't many teachers on this forum but I'm going to give this a go. I can't apply for my TA Assessment until July because I'm an NQT and need 12 months work experience before I can apply for my skills assessment. I know asking how long anything will take is like asking how long is a piece of string but I was wondering what peoples experiences are with their timelines for TA Assessment. We have an agent, and I am either going on a 175 if I can get enough points or a 176 visa. Many thanks guys :notworthy: Oh, I thouht I'd better add in case it's relevant that I'm a Secondary ICT teacher and by July, I'll also be a qualified Special Needs teacher/SENCO.
  25. My son has just been assessed by Educational Psychologist and we have been told he is now being put on a very long waiting list for help in school. We hope to be in Oz by middle of 2009 and were wondering if help is readily available in the schools over there and how long he may have to wait to get the assistance he needs in the classroom?